Real Estate: Organization = Offers

Real Estate: Organization = Offers

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Picture this…You’re looking at houses with your agent, you enter a nice home and open the foyer coat closet. GASP! So much “stuff” falls out that it is impossible to get it all back in and close the door. Don’t laugh! I have actually had this happen on multiple occasions – we wondered if we were on candid camera!


With that said, sellers, clean and organize your closets. It’s amazing how well a home shows when a closet looks like it’s straight out of Martha Stewart Living. To a buyer, this speaks volumes as if the entire house has been very attentively kept (subconsciously, all maintenance has been attended to regularly).


Take one room at a time; clean and organize. Remove as much extra clutter as humanly possible. A garage or basement with very neatly stacked boxes says, “we’re serious about selling our home”. With the economy crash of the past four years, and the large number of distressed properties on the market, a cluttered home appears more like a distressed sale and sellers receive much lower offers.


While organizing and cleaning your home, don’t forget about the front and back exterior of the home. Get rid of anything laying around or not in use. Exterior clutter is just as bad as interior and it will usually prevent people from wanting to see the inside of the home. Remember, curb appeal! Lastly, plastic tubs for storage is a great way to organize and make things neat and tidy in not only your closets but also your storage areas and garage. I have found Big Lots, Old Time Pottery and Garden Ridge to have fantastic prices on these wonderful tubs complete with lids. Clear or opaque, they stack easily and look great on shelves.


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