Real Estate: Summertime Home Sales

Real Estate: Summertime Home Sales

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SELLERS:Are you thinking about selling a home over the summer? Many people look to get moved and settled before school starts back. This means many buyers searching for a home are going to have children in tow. Kids can make or break a deal in seconds. If the kids hate the house, you are pretty much done. If they love it, and it is at least close to fitting the budget, it could be a slam dunk on the spot.


So, here’s the secret to selling a home this summer: Get the kids to love it! This shouldn’t be too hard. Kids usually hate being dragged around in the car for hours on hot days, especially toddlers and those who are finally on a break from school. Perhaps stage your home with swings in the back yard, setting up a video game system with large screen TV inside or have a few strategically placed very cool toys is all you need to seal the deal. Watch their parents try to drag them out then. Cookies, juice boxes, little bottles of water – whatever it takes to appeal to the potential buyer’s children. This is especially important if your realtor is holding an open house for you.


Lastly, be sure to use an agent who will provide details on local schools and local attractions the kids will love. If you sell the kids on the house and neighborhood, it helps the parent(s) to make a supported decision.


BUYERS: What a great time to buy! Agents have the ability to do finite searches within the Realtors MLS. Of course number of bedrooms and bathrooms is an easy search for anyone to do on the internet. But what about the considerations of the yard, neighborhood (ie: sidewalks, urban living or suburban in a pool community), amount of street traffic, proximity to school(s), HOA rules (no swing sets or playhouses). Be sure you are using someone willing to go the extra mile to research for you and not just researching houses. Your agent should know the area inside and out to help you make an informed decision.


Moving into a new home over the summer months gives your children a chance to make new friends in their new neighborhood prior to starting school. This takes away a lot of stress for the first day at a new school.