Chic Spotlight: Thimble Gardens

Chic Spotlight: Thimble Gardens

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From family-friendly to girls night out, a local botanical boutique offers gardening tips, workshops, and products to give anyone a green thumb.

Thimble Gardens offers a botanical boutique and workshops for customers.

Cincy Chic: What is Thimble Gardens?
Celeste Vanover, Founder of Thimble Gardens: Thimble Gardens is a Botanical Boutique. Family owned and operated. Specializing in small urban garden design and beautiful houseplants. We have successfully be involved in producing custom centerpieces and favors for bridal/baby showers and weddings. Thimble Gardens offers multiple type workshops from family friendly to sip and create gardening for adults. Our customer base knows when they order a custom garden they will receive a very individualized piece full of personalized detail.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Vanover: My love for gardening and combining vintage finds brought on the beginnings of Thimble Gardens. We wanted to bring love for using heirloom pieces and turning them into gardens for others. This expanded into having workshops and special events.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Thimble Gardens?
Vanover: I own Thimble Gardens alongside my four boys: Wyatt 12, Lincoln 11 and Garrett and Gavin twin 9 year olds. I am a nurse during the day and use my time in the evenings and weekends to have open shop hours, workshops and host planting parties.

Cincy Chic: What makes Thimble Gardens unique?
Vanover: What makes us unique is our focus on the individual. We carry items from local artists that our customers may use to make their gardens individualized to their taste or the person they are making the garden for. Even our workshops promote the participants to use their creative juices and they leave with a creation that fits their own personality and love. Do not be surprised when you order a custom garden from us that we will want to know the person that is receiving this item interests and decor style.

Cincy Chic: What kinds of garden products do you carry?
Vanover: Thimble Gardens carries botanicals from family owned and run nurseries and odd and unusual handcrafted botanical gifts. Our focus is on the many variety of houseplants, such as air plants, succulents and the hard to find beautiful plant to add fresh air and proven health benefits to your home.

Cincy Chic: Where is Thimble Gardens located?
Vanover: Thimble Gardens is located in the historic district of Lebanon Ohio- 113 East Mulbery Street.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Vanover: Thimble Gardens will continue to provide access for those interested in learning to add urban gardening to their hobby list. We will continue to add workshops allowing creative time for children and adults. Thimble Gardens has been asked to share this passion with the Master Gardeners of Warren County’s lecture series in 2019, we are very excited to be involved with this elite group.

Our web page will be opening soon allowing our customers to purchase and have delivered unique seasonal miniature garden kits and purchase high quality urban gardens at a reasonable cost.

To learn more about Thimble Gardens, click here<>.

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