Conversations of a Lifetime

Conversations of a Lifetime

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Hospice of Cincinnati launched a touching program that helps the community come together and discuss advance care planning with each other and experts. Read on for more.


Conversations of a Lifetime brings patients, healthcare providers, and physicians together to talk about advance care planning.

When it comes to preparing for advance care, Hospice of Cincinnati wants to help. In order to create awareness and participation when it comes to advance care planning, the group started Conversations of a Lifetime, a multi-faceted community program made up of community members, physicians, and health care workers.

According to Conversations of a Lifetime Project Administrator Barbara Rose MPH, RN, Hospice of Cincinnati was inspired to launch this program after seeing a need for people of all ages to choose a health care surrogate, or someone who could speak for them when they can’t speak for themselves when it comes to making health care decisions.

“By starting conversations with those you love before a healthcare crisis or emergency arises, we’re helping people know how to direct individual wishes,” says Rose.

Throughout the summer, there were Conversations of a Lifetime events, including an event called “Things You Shouldn’t Wait To Do.”

“We sponsor grassroots community awareness events, communication skill coaching, advance care planning training, and education for health care providers,” adds Rose.

The events often include activities such as taking a headshot, writing on a speech bubble of something you can’t wait to do, and gluing it to a community collage, which Rose says will be on display in the coming months.

Although the events are completed for the summer, Rose says you can continue to follow along with Conversations of a Lifetime on their website, Facebook, and Instagram for future event information.