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A local stylist and blogger can now add a “podcast host” feather in her stylish cap. Learn more about her newest venture and how it’ll help you meet Cincinnati’s finest one podcast at a time.

Creative City
Tamia Stinson, Creator of Creative City. Photo: Tiernae Salley

Shy as a child, Tamia Stinson, creator of Creative City, didn’t talk to people that much. However, her blog, The Style Sample, and working as a stylist for Cincinnati Magazine put her in contact with all sorts inspiring people – retailers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. – who were working on interesting things and launching projects that move our city forward.

“I’ve been a stylist for Cincinnati Magazine for the past three years,” says Stinson. “Before that, I was doing anything from project management for a marketing firm to graphic design for a healthcare company. My background is a little mixed up, but I like to think that all of those things put together helped to get me to the point I am at today.”

Originally from Cincinnati, Stinson decided to return to her hometown after graduating from The Ohio State University – and she got caught up in the creative energy that seems to be going on here. “I love finding out what people’s stories are and how their brain works,” she says. “Not even intentionally, I just always have questions. I’m very nosey. I found that I enjoyed talking to people so much that I wanted to do more of it.”

In her job, she certainly talks to many people who are doing creative things around the city – and they all have stories to tell. Unable to recount these stories to other people, Stinson figured that by recording the actual conversation, people could hear it straight from the source.

“I’m a terrible storyteller and I always forget details,” Stinson explains. “So, I decided to create a podcast. Thus, Creative City was born. It’s a casual conversation between me and somebody else who is doing fun, fantastic and inspirational things here in Cincinnati.”


Since Season 1 launched February 3, Stinson has had the opportunity of sharing many stories through Creative City. Her first guest was Grace Dobush, who started Crafty Supermarket and is a freelance author for publications such as Cincinnati Magazine and Wire.

She has also talked to Micah Paldino of Fallon Thatcher, who created a character called Blaise Bender. In addition, Stinson has spoken with Cincy Chic’s Amy Scalia, Corporate’s Matt Tomamichel, Entertainment Editor Tasha Stewart and AIGA Cincinnati President Ryan Cayabyab. In her most recent podcast, Stinson spoke with James Marable, who owns Original Thought Required in OTR.

“I try to address both people’s professional and personal lives – and that’s been really important to me since launching the podcast,” says Stinson. “It’s really important to know about the person behind the project, and not necessarily what they’re doing, but who they are and what brought them to that point in the first place.”

As for Stinson, she has a ready list of inspirational people that she hopes to get on the podcast. “I actually just talked to Allen Woods of MORTAR, which will be coming up next week,” she explains. “We had a fantastic conversation about inclusion in Cincinnati’s creative community and what it means to people who have come through their program.”

Also coming up on Creative City is Leah Spurrier, owner of HighStreet. “She is a business and creative genius,” says Stinson. “For people who are interesting in design and retail, and basically creating a lifestyle, she would be a fantastic episode to listen to.”

In looking to the future, Stinson’s main goal with her podcasts is to connect people here in Cincinnati. “There are all kinds of people doing wonderful things and every now and then, I’ll see a connection or a possible connection,” she says. “I want to make Creative City an outlet for people to connect with one another and to hopefully work on projects that will further both themselves as well as Cincinnati in both the national and international sphere.”

By showing others the creative things going on here in Cincinnati, Stinson hopes to fuel listeners with inspiration. “Just like you’re a person, they’re a person,” she says. “A lot of people run into ‘but they’re smarter than me’ and that’s not the case. You get to define your own success and you’re able to do so as a human with flaws and still get to the level of those I speak with in my podcasts.”

To learn more about Creative City, visit or click here for e-mail updates. Stinson’s podcasts are also available on iTunes and Soundcloud. Each season is 10 episodes with an episode posted every Wednesday. Season 2 is expected to start June 1.