Date Deputy Takes Stress Out of Date-Planning

Date Deputy Takes Stress Out of Date-Planning

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Learn about the local lady who launched a new service that takes the stress of finding new and fun things to do for date night.

Danielle Reinhart, Founder and President of Date Deputy.

Between jobs, kids, and other obligations, dating can fall by the wayside for many couples, but studies show that dating is important for couples at all stages. Danielle Reinhart, founder and president of Date Deputy, is here to help.

Date Deputy is a brand-new website that Reinhart describes as “kind of like a concierge dating service.” Daters fill out a quick questionnaire, from which Date Deputy develops creative and fun custom date ideas and then sets everything up and sends the customer an itinerary, so all the customer has to do is show up. “We do it all so the couples can enjoy one another, instead of having to stress about what to do or where to go,” Reinhart explains.

Dating is important. Research shows that when someone is with the same person for an extended period of time, doing the same things over and over again can cause the couple to fall into a rut. Doing new and exciting things is important to spark emotions and enhance the intimacy towards one another. But while actually dating is fun, planning dates can be stressful and time-consuming.

“It’s not that people don’t want to take their spouse on this kind of date, they probably just don’t have the time or may not be blessed with the creativity to plan the date,” Reinhart explains, adding that Date Deputy takes away the stress, leaving the couple with the fun of dating.

“We take it seriously and want to make sure you have a great time and enjoy one another, instead of worrying about all the planning,” Reinhart says. While other similar websites may give ideas for dates, Reinhart emphasizes that Date Deputy is the website that customizes ideas to couples’ needs, relationships, and situations, then sends the idea to the couple for feedback before it’s finalized. The dates are unique not just because Date Deputy tries to add an element of surprise to every date planned, but because the dates are based on the customer.

Date Deputy was officially launched in January 2017, but the idea was brewing as early as 2012, when stay-at-home mom Reinhart’s husband Scott pitched to her the idea of a business based on dating ideas for people who are strapped for time and those who don’t have a lot of ideas of what to do on dates. Since 2007, Scott had been wowing Reinhart with his clever, creative, and thoughtfully-planned dates. Reinhart felt that everyone should have dates like those planned by her husband, so she was fascinated with his idea and began working on it in May 2016.

Beyond using Date Deputy to relieve stress, Reinhart stresses the importance of dating and urges couples to “go on a date with your spouse the same way you dated before you were married.” Among her dating tips are dressing to impress, avoiding topics such as the kids or work, chivalry, and preparing your date for what you’re doing.

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