Glendale Chamber Beer, Wine, Food & Street Fair

Glendale Chamber Beer, Wine, Food & Street Fair

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Festival season might be coming to close, but Glendale’s Chamber of Commerce has the last big celebration to end your summer with a bang… and a cheers!

Mark your calendars for The Glendale Craft Beer and Wine Festival at the end of September.
Mark your calendars for The Glendale Craft Beer and Wine Festival at the end of September.

On September 23 and 24, in the beautiful and charming historic district of Glendale, the city’s best live music, food trucks, and street vendors hit the village for a two-day celebration.

The Glendale Craft Beer and Wine Festival has a unique history of over 50 years rooted in the local community. According to the president of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Dennis, the festival began in 1965 with merchants providing an annual sidewalk sale. The festival transformed over the years. In the 1990s, the celebration was known as “The Taste of Glendale,” and after merging with the Craft Beer and Wine Festival last year, it now has even more to offer the local community.

“Everyone loves traditions and this being one of the oldest surviving annual events in the area has become a driving force,” says Dennis, “it takes a village to pull together to make it a successful event every year.”

The festival has an impressive line-up of vendors and food to offer. For example, native to the Glendale community, The Bluebird Bakery and Agricola Redesign and Village Gift Shop will be offering amazing food and gifts.

“We have more than two dozen vendors that do crafts, art, food trucks, and other activities,” says Kathy Piech-Lukas, event planner for the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “My personal favorite is Chamoda’s, who has amazing gummy bears.”

However, gummy bears aren’t the only thing to be excited about. Live music on both Friday and Saturday are sure to keep a lively atmosphere for festival-goers. The Whammies, an 80’s pop-rock band will be playing at 7pm on Friday night. Saturday at noon, music provided by Elite Signature DJ’s will kick off the festival, followed by the soulful vocalist Dave Ellington at 7pm.

The Glendale Chamber Beer, Wine, Food, and Street Fair is presented by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, and to expand and grow, additional support from corporate sponsors in the community have been sought out for an even bigger and better festival. With over 4,000 visitors in years passed, the event continues to grow, offering more vendors and attractions for the local community to enjoy.

“The long history of having a festival in the fall always brings back to the square residence and family and friends,” says Diana Agricola, member of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and owner of Agricola Redesign LLC. “It is truly a remarkable sight to see the square fill up with generations of present and past Glendale residents. The event also allows people outside of this historic town to experience the charm and beauty of the square and the history.”

Vendor accommodations for booth spaces and food trucks can all be found at Many volunteers are needed as well for the celebration, with positions such as bouncing, bartending, and booth managing. For those who wish to avoid a line and get a jump-start on the celebration, tickets are also available on their website for $5.