How Cute Is That

How Cute Is That

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Keep reading to see how two best friends combined their businesses to create something crafty, unique, and filled with love in every detail.

How Cute is That
How Cute Is That combines a passion for two local business owners.

Childhood friends Beth Jacobs and Shannon Milton always bonded over their love of all things cute and crafty and their passion for creative expression. Both women decided to turn those passions into careers. Jacobs previously owned “That’s A Wrap,” an online paper business that sold cupcake toppers and wrappers.

Milton owned “Lollicakes by Shannon,” a business that sold made-to-order cake pop. Both ventures were successful in their own rights, and the two owners recognized that their visions for their businesses were similar and often said that it would be wonderful to combine their businesses and work together to do what they loved. Eventually they decided to make their idea a reality, and in 2012 How Cute Is That, LLC, was born.

Based in Cincinnati, How Cute Is That creates “fun and whimsical products as well as special order items that our customers dream up for us to make for them,” Jacobs and Milton explain. How Cute Is That works vendor events, weddings, business functions, and parties, as well as creating more individual goods. Derived from two dessert-related ventures, How Cute Is That started out as a candy buffet business, and has since expanded to include party favors and gift bags, home décor items, and other personalized items such as monogram stickers, beach cups, and luggage tags. As their official Facebook page says, “If it’s cute, it’s here.” Whatever a customer’s vision may be, Milton and Jacobs love bringing it to life.

Beth Jacobs and Shannon Milton, Founders of How Cute Is That.

Jacobs and Milton say, “Our most favorite part is having a customer see our stuff and say ‘How cute is that!’ not even realizing that is the name of our business. Hard to forget a name like that!”

Milton and Jacobs say that what sets How Cute Is That apart from other similar businesses is their genuine love for what they do, which comes out in the details of their pieces. “Our business is inspired by our friendship,” the two businesswomen explain. “We get to spend time together being creative just like we did when we were kids.”

The headquarters of How Cute Is That is in Jacobs’ home, but you can also buy their products on their website, At the moment the main focus of How Cute Is That is to gear up for the holiday season, but as their business grows, the two hope to move beyond Jacobs’ home and get their own little storefront “that is as cute on the outside as it is on the inside.” To learn more, visit or “like” them on Facebook.