National Women’s History Month

National Women’s History Month

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A local woman launched the National Woman’s History Month Festival and is bringing it to Cincinnati for the first time this March. Read on for more.

MUSE is part of the Women’s History Month Festival

Rachel Kramer has been working hard to bring a festival for Women’s History Month to Cincinnati through MUSE, a Cincinnati Women’s Choir, who’s celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary this year. 

After being the Associate Director and Accompanist for MUSE for 17 years, Kramer is expanding her work to build this into a month-long event

She wanted to make sure women of all ages were getting involved, so the idea started here: “We’ve always wanted to get younger girls involved in things MUSE is doing. So, why don’t we have a high school girls sing in? And, let’s tie it to LUNAFEST by calling it Filiae Mundi (Daughters of the world),” Kramer says. 

Then Kramer worked on how to get musicians involved. “Cincinnati has some very influential and active women singer songwriters and they have pioneered the women’s music world,” she says. 

From vocalist to musicians, her ideas continued to spread to writers.  “Why don’t we do a writing workshop for women and girls because I’m still looking to do things with young womenso it made perfect sense to invite Pauletta Hansel Cincinnati’s Poet Laureate?” Kramer recalls. 

Her idea ending with getting crafters and local vendors involved. “If we have writers and we have music then there must also be many women artisans and crafters and vendors maybe they would like to come,” says Kramer. “So, that’s how the whole festival started to take shape.”

Kramer is hopeful for a large turnout for this month-long celebration due to the high attendance at the Women’s March this past January. 

It is my hope and dream that the energy and validation of women’s voices generated at these marches, will carry over into this event, which specifically honors and affirms the beautiful artistry women bring to our entire community and world. We need women to support women in their work and to ‘show up’for these wonderful programs planned to celebrate National Women’s History Month – like never before,” says Kramer. 

According to the website the events are scheduled as following: 

  • Saturday, March 3rdFiliae Mundi High School Girls Sing-I
  • Sunday, March 4th: Dr. Brenda Portman Presents an Organ Recital 
  • Saturday, March 10th– St. Michael’s Street- Musicians, Art and Two Concerts
  • Saturday, March 17th: Dr. Tammy Kemodle lectures on Civil Rights
  • Sunday, March 18th: LUNA Film Festival at Hebrew Union College 

Kramer already has a team planning for the next event in 2019 hoping to include dance and theater expanding into all the arts. “What a better way to tell women’s history than through artistry of women’s voices and talents. Whether that is musical, dance, theater, visual, literary or film, Kramer says. 

Kramer encourages all to get involved. “This is part of every woman’s herstory- young women need to be part of building their herstory, too,” she adds. 

To learn more, visit: for the four events are $40 or $15 for one event.