Obscura’s Vaportini

Obscura’s Vaportini

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Make a resolution to watch your calories, but not ready to give up your social life? Check out the world’s first calorie-free cocktail offered exclusively at Obscura Cincinnati.


According to Shawn McCabe, Media Relations Director of Obscura and President of McCabe Media, this exclusive concept means you can have cocktails without the calories. “No calories, no carbs, no impurities and the effects of consuming alcohol are immediately felt, making it easier to responsibly imbibe,” he adds.


According to Obscura mixologists, five minutes after the vessel containing the spirits is placed on the base, it is ready to consume. One inhales through the straw and holds their breath for a moment, then exhales. It’s as simple as that. “As for the effects of the Vaportini, they don’t last as long as traditional consumption – but this can certainly be a positive aspect,” says McCabe.


“The New Year’s resolution, health-conscious, true liquor/bourbon connoisseur, share-with-friends, the most social drink, the unique experience, the classy/slick/modern feel of the method are all elements we are proud of,” says McCabe. “The ability of our mixologists to customize the experience with your favorites and guide you on a journey of flavorful, luxurious and breathtaking experiences is second-to-none.”


Sound a little sci-fi? Give it a try, says McCabe, because it’s the future of cocktails. “Considering the nature of the Vaportini approach to the consumption of alcohol, it can be intimidating,” he adds. “However, it is simple, natural and enjoyable.” Another benefit of the Vaportini is that it gives patrons more control. According to McCabe, shortly after exhaling all of the effects of the alcohol consumed are felt, as opposed to the 20 to 30 minutes it takes to feel the full effects of traditionally consumed spirits.


Obscura, located at the corner of Seventh and Walnut Streets downtown, aims to fill a niche for business people, art lovers and those interested in networking using a forgotten classic, “the cocktail lounge,” says McCabe.


Inside, you’ll find a grand space, modeled after a French Chateau that would make even Napoleon proud, with deep wing back armchairs, marble top bistro tables, a grand player piano, floor-to-ceiling window treatments, French Empire crystal chandeliers and white Italian Table lamps.


“The Obscura brand is synonymous with our very high quality expectations and we protect it with the same passion we mix into our drinks,” says McCabe.


Their drink menu is focused on mixology with fresh fruits, spices and unique ingredients. The Vaportini, however, is providing guests with a revolutionary way of consuming alcohol. Inhaled rather than swallowed, the smooth and flavorful vapors are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.


“There is a great tie-in to feature our exclusive bourbon barrel memberships coinciding with delicious Vaportini experiences,” continues McCabe. “This experience happens only in the most luxurious, subtly sexy and refined venue in Downtown Cincinnati amongst the power-brokers of our region and the most fashionable entertainment seekers.”


To learn more, call (513) 421-3800 or visit www.obscuracincinnati.com.