Pugs on Parade

Pugs on Parade

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The Cincinnati Pug Meet-up Group hosts “The Greatest Pug Show on Earth” Sept. 22


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, prepare to witness “The Greatest Pug Show on Earth.” That’s right, the Cincinnati Pug Meet-up Group encourages you to throw your dog a bone and attend the sixth annual Pugfair charity event on Saturday, Sept. 22.


“All well behaved dogs and humans are welcome,” says Deborah Tolle, Event Planner and Group Organizer of the Cincinnati Pug Meet-up Group. “We love all breeds but celebrate the ‘awesomeness’ of the pug.”


This year’s circus-themed Pugfair will feature live music, local vendors, food, raffle drawings and a variety of activities such as a pug costume contest.



Pugfair, formerly known as Pugfest, was started in 1999 by Stan and Glenda Hertzman, a Hyde Park couple who celebrated the birthday of their two pugs, Buddy and Betty. The purpose was simply to have a party in the dogs’ honor and to raise money for pug rescue.


“Word spread each year until the event got so large the city could no longer allow them to have it in Hyde Park at the square,” Tolle says. “In 2006 The Cincinnati Pug Meet-up Group took over, changed the name to Pugfair from Pugfest and moved it to Stonelick State Park.”


The Cincinnati Pug Meet-up Group is an Internet-based group that meets the first Saturday of every month to socialize and give their pugs a play date. Tolle joined the group after falling in love with the pug breed and became the group organizer two years later.


After learning about Pugfest, Tolle teamed up with the Hertzmans to carry on the tradition of what would soon be known as Pugfair. Changing the name and venue helped the event become the success it is now. Stonelick State Park provides the rapidly growing celebration with the openness and parking space it needs to accommodate the canines and their families.


Just as the Hertzmans intended, all proceeds to The Ohio Pug Rescue, a nonprofit organization that provides a foster care and placement program for all needy Pugs in Ohio.


“My husband and I have totally fallen in love with the pug breed,” Tolle says. “This is my way of giving back to a breed that has made us so happy.”


Pugfair 2012 will be held this Saturday at Stonelick State Park from 11a.m. to 4p.m. Admission is free. Vendor and food sales will last all day. The festivities will conclude with The Parade of Costumed Pugs, followed by an awards ceremony and announcing of costume contest winners.


Directions and additional event information can be found at www.pugfair.org. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or vendor, contact pugfaircommittee@PugFair.org.