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    See how one woman turned the trials and tribulations of her teen pregnancy into a non-profit organization and mentorship program for young women to build the self-esteem and confidence they need to accomplish their dreams.


    Teresa Washington, Founder of Pure Orchids

    For Teresa Washington, “beauty always blossoms from within.” That’s the motto that she lives by. It’s also what inspired her soon-to-launch nonprofit organization, Pure Orchids.

    “Growing up isn’t always the most fun or easiest experience, and building a young woman’s self-esteem can be one of the hardest part of growing up,” says Washington. “I experienced teen pregnancy and struggled with self-esteem as a teen, and I want to help young women find it easier than I did.”

    Washington began her professional journey in the fashion world as the owner of Paris J. Boutique, based in Cincinnati. Today, she’s the successful fashion designer and owner of Chicago-based Style Room 326.

    To help instill self-esteem in young ladies, regardless of the cards life dealt them, Washington will soon launch Pure Orchids in 2018. “Pure Orchids is a nonprofit organization inspiring young ladies ages 10-16 from all walks of life to uncover their extraordinary inner and outer beauty and embrace their differences while expressing joy, optimism, and gratitude through their words, thoughts, and actions,” says Washington.

    “The goal of Pure Orchids is to offer experience-based lessons through positive mentorship with a 3-week Free Summer Day Camp program that improves self-awareness and build self-confidence while realizing that when they love themselves they will find more joy and love in their lives,” she adds.

    Like many, Washington believes that girls are the future. The media has such a huge impact and influence on young women, that it isn’t difficult to see where the obstacles lie in trying to help the teens and youth of today find a way to love themselves, and that’s what Washington hopes to change.

    “It’s extremely important that our girls have positive role models in their lives as well as organizations such as Pure Orchids that will inspire them while discovering their strength and self-esteem, empowering them to feel confident, whole, and capable to accomplish anything,” she says.

    What makes Pure Orchids unique is its overall mission to reach young girls nationwide, according to Washington. It’s also for young ladies from all walks of life, as Washington says she believes that we can all learn something from one another regardless of our race, background, cultures, or religions.

    “That’s the only way we grow, is learning to accept others’ differences,” says Washington. “We’re all flowers in a garden, we share a common root, the garden is beautiful because it has different colors in it, and those colors represent different traditions and backgrounds.”

    Washington isn’t the only one hoping the change the world one young lady at a time. She has a team of dedicated, positive women who are willing to volunteer their time and services to help make a difference in the lives of each young lady. These women include: Kimberly Sullivan, Stephanie Straughn, Amelia Orr, Dwan Tarrance, and Washington herself – and they are always searching for more volunteers.

    While the beginnings of Pure Orchids dates back to June 2011, the last stretch of finalizing paperwork and becoming a 501(c)3-approved non-profit means the group will officially launch in summer 2018.

    Washington says that she will host several open houses for volunteer opportunities as well as for parents and teens to learn more about Pure Orchids and enrollment for summer 2018, which will accept only 30 teens.

    To learn more about Pure Orchids, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or send an email to


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    After a car accident left one local woman with a brain injury, she used her challenges and time off to launch a natural personal care product line. Read on for more.


    Alexandria Armstrong, Founder of Curious Concoctions

    “Now that I am slowly recovering and accepting my new self, I realize the importance of doing things that truly make me happy; and what makes me happy is to proudly and humbly, hand-make every concoction for you, and this is why I created Curious Concoctions.” Is what brought Alexandria Armstrong, founder of Curious Concoctions, to the beauty industry in 2016.

    In 2016, Armstrong was involved in a car accident, which left her with a brain injury, not allowing her to return to her corporate job for a year. In that time, Armstrong says she became more aware of what she was putting into her body and on her skin.

    After throwing out basically all of my products, I wanted to replace them with natural items that truly made me feel good in at least one way while still being affordable,” Armstrong explained. “I searched for awhile and found some good products, but nothing was giving me that unique experience I was in search of. After doing extensive research and experimenting, I realized that I could make what I was looking for and actually have fun doing it. I first wanted to create oils and balms because I knew there had to be a better solution to address my extra dry skin then what was available to me in stores. For many years, I thought it was normal to have to pump and scoop lotion more times in a day than I could count just to keep my skin from drying out. Now I realize that was not normal — it was madness.”

    While Armstrong creates handmade soaps, lip balms, hair products, beard oils, charcoal and clay facial scrubs and more, she says her body balms are the biggest game changer. “They put the consumer in control of their moisturizing experience,” she says. “The balms allow you to moisturize your body without having to get the palms of your hands unnecessarily oily. This is especially helpful for keyboard users and those who don’t want to leave oil marks on a doorknob, etc. Many men and women I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way expressed the need for a product that soothes their extra dry skin. Unlike the lotions that are available on the mass market, my balms deliver long lasting moisture, preventing you from having to apply multiple times throughout the day. This is because they are anhydrous and made with exotic butters, oils and waxes.”

    Even without a retail store, Armstrong is creating sales and interest daily. “Most of my sales are generated from trade shows which is great because it gives me and my team a chance to demonstrate product usage and meet new people while introducing them to a new experience,” Armstrong says. “Through the exposure at the trade shows, more sales are generated to support my online business. We also generate sales from personal events such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties.”

    Armstrong says Curious Concoctions brings excitement and affordability to the table. Which is why she has an a la carte of $4 body balms, different scents of soaps for $5, assorted flavors of lip balms for $2, dry hair elixir for $7, charcoal and clay facial scrubs for $12 and beard oil for $15. With all of her affordable products comes a recommendation of transparency. “All of my ingredients are ones that the average consumer has either used, can pronounce, or at least heard of before—Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mango Butter, etc— and I understand that natural products are not for everyone,” Armstrong says. “For many years, I did not really care what was natural or chemical laden. It’s a shift (not a change) that happens gradually, which is why I would encourage people to start with my body balms. The body balms are only a $4.00 investment, and with so many scents and combinations, there is one to suit everyone’s personality. It’s time to take control of your moisturizing experience and have a little fun while doing it.”

    Armstrong will be setting up her concoctions on June 17 at the Clippard YMCA in Colerain from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and at the Green Lotus Fest at the Clifton Community Center Nov. 5 from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.

    To purchase items, or to find out more about Armstrong and Curious Concoctions, visit her website here.


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    As apps, social media and sharing photos leave a virtual trail, one local organization keeps families protected through cutting edge news and information.


    Stephen J. Smith, Founder of A Wired Family

    A Wired Family is a website made to help parents and families stay up to date with technology. Filled with collections of articles and short videos, A Wired Family helps parents keep up with the ever changing world of apps and how teens are using them. Often, the website provides a view of these apps and technology well before they are adopted by teens.

    A Wired Family was created and is run by Stephen J Smith, who is currently working at Cincinnati Bell, but is a man of many talents. With over 30 years of experience in different industries, Smith has done a lot in 30 years, some of his favorite past professions include his work as a writer and director of film and video projects while working at NCR Corporation.

    “It was an exceptional opportunity where technology and creativity would intersect. That experience working across the country with so many different people and technologies has helped me in my position today at Cincinnati Bell,” Smith explains.

    That combination of technology and creativity has allowed Smith to also build off A Wired Family, with the SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO program. Connected through his website, this program is about teaching families about how to responsibly use social media and technology.

    “Children today are the first generation that will grow up with much of their every move having been recorded either through their own will- by others or simply through the infrastructure they use. Therefore, their actions at age 15 can come back to haunt them later in life,” says Smith.

    But where did this strong inspiration for family-based technology education come from? Smith explains.

    Both the program and website were inspired by the suicide of a local high school student a few years ago. The young woman had sent an inappropriate photo to her boyfriend and after they broke up, he sent the photo out to many other people, which caused emotional distress for the young woman.

    “After discussing the issue with our management, we felt it was incumbent on our company to help educate our community on the potential consequences regarding the misuse of social media. Following a lot of our program presentations, many parents would come up and ask me “Where can I find more information on these issues?” We thought a website was a perfect tool to continually update parents on the apps teens are using,” says Smith.

    When it comes to the website itself, Smith writes all the articles and videos, with the help of Geoff Torbeck photography who records and edits the videos.

    The content Smith uses comes mostly from what is seen and heard in his community. Smith himself studies technology and teen mental health issues constantly, and has spoken to over 270,000 people on those issues. He admits that his most compelling stories come directly from young people that have had bad, or sometimes great experiences with social media.

    In today’s world though, there is so much content about social media, one might wonder how Smith is able to pick and choose which stories to cover.

    “We have learned through the years that what is going on in other parts of our country is often different than what is actually going on in Cincinnati. To help, we surveyed over 10,000 local students on their use of apps and we use their feedback and discussions to aid in the direction of our material,” says Smith.

    Most of the followers of Smith’s blog happen organically through other social media mentions, or through the result of their physical audience mentioning their program and website to friends and associates. That physical audience has also stemmed and grown from word of mouth.

    The growth of this blog has happened because the audience understands what it is. Smith notes that he wants people to understand this blog isn’t about selling Cincinnati Bell products or services, but is instead his community outreach to help protect families in his hometown.

    “We hope families understand that social media and technology are great tools for this generation. However, when unfettered access to such technology is given to children, the results can be tragic. We are here to help guide you along the way,” Smith explains.

    For more information on the program or website itself, click here.


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    See how a local woman’s personal journey with fitness and nutrition after pregnancy led her to launch a wide range of services to people who want to change their life.


    Dawn Rapp, Founder of D.A.W.N. U Health and Wellness

    Do you want to get in shape and become a brand new you? Starting in 2014, D.A.W.N. U Health and Wellness has been an online business based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The inspiration for the business came from when Dawn Rapp, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Marketing Manager of D.A.W.N U, had her daughter and was on maternity leave from her job.

    “I wanted to stay in shape after pregnancy took its toll and to spend more time with her,” Rapp says. “I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as well, so I wanted to find a way to set my own schedule and earn what I was worth as well.”

    The name of the business came from a Facebook status where she asked people to come up with a name, and the winner of the name choice would get free training sessions. “The winner was “Developing A Whole New U or D.A.W.N.,’ and I added the ‘Health and Wellness,’ instead of fitness so I could cover all topics-mind, body and view!”

    D.A.W.N. U offers a wide range of services to people who want to change their life; including personal training, nutrition, a 12-week transformation program, vacation information, self-development and beauty products. The typical clients that Rapp works with are young adults to middle aged women. “They are mostly from the Cincinnati/Dayton area and are looking to lose weight and tone up after years of low physical activity or post child birth,” she says.

    Over the past three years, D.A.W.N. U has experienced an immense amount of growth. “When it first came about, it was just a name on a sheet of paper, but soon it became a way of life for me. I started taking clients for personal training, while getting educated on the nutrition aspect of fitness,” Rapp says. “This made me realize how important that part was and the whole beginning of this year has been dedicated to creating an online and offline group program to visit every topic relating to health and wellness, focusing on nutrition at the core.”

    Rapp loves what she does. She loves the flexibility and freedom from running her own business. “I love that the doors never truly close and I can help people around the clock, from no matter where I am in the world,” Rapp says. “It’s a unique business that encourages people to be the best version of themselves. ”It was created to inspire others to dream big and do that thing that they’ve been envisioning, and to help others along the way!”

    If you want to keep up with what D.A.W.N. U is doing, follow on Facebook, Rapp’s blog, and email.


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    An upcoming black-tie gala with a “touch of sparkle” will benefit Cincinnati Children’s while promoting health and wellness. Read more about this fashionable affair.


    Victory Wellness and MedSpa’s Magdalena Kerschner

    An evening filled with delicious food, fabulous fashion and the best mixing and mingling in town — all while supporting an important local cause. That’s the idea behind the Unleash Your Sparkle fundraiser at the Kenwood Country Club on Saturday, September 16, from 6:30 p.m. to midnight. Hosted by Victory Gives Back, the fundraising arm of Victory Wellness and Medspa, Unleash Your Sparkle will benefit the Division of Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

    Located in Montgomery, Victory Gives Back is spearheaded by Dr. Magdalena Kerschner, President of Victory Wellness and Medspa. Unleash Your Sparkle is Victory Gives Back’s first charity event of many; according to committee member Nancy Stiefvater, the group is already discussing a golf outing next year. “Dr. Kerschner is spearheading this event in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle,” Stiefvater says. “After many years of practicing traditional medicine and treating illness after it has already developed, Dr. Kerschner realized that preventing disease before it starts results in healthier and happier patients.”

    The Unleash Your Sparkle event, described by Stiefvater as a black-tie gala with an optional “touch of sparkle,” will focus on highlighting health and wellness. “We chose this title for our fundraiser because when we truly do love ourselves and feel our best, then our sparkle is shiny and bright and people can see us shine,” Stiefvater explains. The focus of the event is to highlight health and wellness. The event will feature a cocktail reception, a silent auction, a sit-down dinner, a keynote speaker, and dancing with the Fun Size Band. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Stephen Brewer, medical director of the Canyon Ranch Resort in Tucson, Arizona, a “recognized leader for its comprehensive holistic approach to wellness.”

    The Cincinnati Children’s Division of Integrative Care goes beyond traditional treatments to care for children in body, mind, and spirit. Methods include massage therapy, music therapy, art therapy, energy therapies, yoga instruction, and various additional holistic modalities to help children “optimize their recovery from complex and chronic illnesses” and reach “their goals for optimal health,” Stiefvater explains. With help from the Unleash Your Sparkle event, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will be able to provide to patients and their families receiving care in the inpatient unit wellness sessions that will feature integrative health therapy such as yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, or stress reduction education as well as interactive workshops that highlight healthy eating, creative arts therapies, and other wellness topics, to help families learn and engage in healthy and fun experiences and connect with each other.

    For more information, go to the Victory Gives Back website or the Facebook page.


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    In an age of weight loss gimmicks, one local author published a helpful guide to help you hit your happy size and STAY there! Read on to get the skinny on her book.


    Cincy Chic: Tell us more about your new book, Diets Are Fattening!
    Meg Meranus, Author of Diets Are Fattening: My first book explains in common sense terms, why dieting leads to being more and more overweight over time. I review the diet industry from an “insider’s point of view,” (I managed a Nutrisystem Store back when Nutrisystem had retail outlets, and I taught in the fitness industry as a trainer and a fitness class teacher for 20 years). My follow-up book takes people through the first 12 weeks of ditching their diet mentality in favor of a healthy thin mentality, which leads to permanent, harmonious, and non-traumatic weight loss.

    Cincy Chic: What inspired you to write this book?
    Meranus: There were two things. First, my own journey away from a diet mentality to a joyful, healthy thin mentality and the life-altering benefits of this 180-degree perspective shift. Second, my desire to help others understand that the diet, exercise, and nutrition industries are overwhelmingly motivated by money to make new programs, gadgets, and promises in order to keep you coming back for more.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Diets Are Fattening unique?
    Meranus: Other authors may hold similar views of the diet industry, but frequently they advise people to just accept being overweight. While I would never fat shame anyone, and I fully believe that beauty comes in all sizes, I know that they are many people – including me – who would only stop dieting if a valid alternative that would keep them at their happy weight existed.

    Cincy Chic: Why should readers pick up your book?
    Meranus: People should read my book and do the exercises in my workbook to transition away from the torment of food rules, yo-yo weight loss, and a preoccupation with eating toward a life where food is a joy, and your body is at your happy size.

    Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite part of the book?
    Meranus: The dozens of Health Thin Mentality Mantras at the back of my workbook are my favorite part, because very brief sentences sum up the beauty, wisdom, and joy of reconnecting hunger with eating, which is the essence of a Healthy Thin Mentality (HTM).

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to purchase your book?
    Meranus: The book is available at and on Amazon Kindle.

    Cincy Chic: Are there any other projects on the horizon for you this year?
    Meranus: I am ramping up my YouTube channel – I have a large Facebook presence (44k followers) and I am trying to get my message out on YouTube as well. I’m also on Instagram and recently began a private Facebook group so people can have private discussions.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about you and your books?
    Meranus: Visit where there are over 200 blogs. These blogs will give you a feel for what my message is and how it could help you, along with a little more info regarding me.


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    Our life coach columnist talks stress and the biggest thing you can do to manage it (and your long to-do list).

    Yesterday, I was busy giving a full day presentation on resilience to a group of IT workers. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I was exhausted by the time that I got home. I sat behind my desk and tried my best to focus and accomplish some work. However, no matter how hard I tried, my work output was nonexistent. Have you ever been so drained that you can’t even push yourself? Finally, I made a decision to just stop for today, get a good night’s sleep and start fresh in the morning.

    After working out, I sat down at my desk to make out my to-do list. I had thought about some of the things that I wanted to accomplish for the last couple hours, and the list just kept getting longer and longer. As I filled out my list, I began to feel that anxious feeling when there are just too many things to do at once.

    I was feeling stressed and I didn’t know where to start.

    Now, here’s the thing about making out a to-do list. I did exactly what I tell everyone NOT to do. I made a list of everything that has to be accomplished in my personal AND professional life. I made a list of everything, and I mean everything, that is weighing on my mind and that I have been neglecting.

    It was overwhelming because it was a crazy long list, and it was virtually impossible to accomplish everything in one day.

    In other words, I was setting myself up for failure. There was no way that I could make a dent in that list. And even if I accomplished some of the many items on the list, way too many would still be left unchecked.

    The problem was what was going on inside my head. I was evaluating my success based on my ability to accomplish my COMPLETE list. My expectations were unrealistic, to say the least. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was making one long list instead breaking down the list into separate days with each task prioritized. That would have eliminated the “overwhelmed feelings” that I was experiencing.

    The truth about stress is that it’s all about perspective. It’s not about avoiding or reducing the things that cause you stress in your life. Often, that’s just impossible! It’s more about changing your perspective and expectations as you go through your day. If I could have practiced what I preach and changed the chatter that was going on inside my head, I could have eliminated some stress I was feeling in the last couple days.

    Having the tools to be resilient is the first step. Actually utilizing those tools is the second and most important step. We all fall back into familiar negative patterns now and then. It’s what you do about it that really matters.

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      Trends come and go, but style - especially your own personal style - is forever. That's the idea behind one locally-based fashionista who launched an app to help you cut back on clutter in your closet and create outfits you'll actually wear. Read on for all the details.



      Inspired by a desire to do more with less, a local group of stylists, storytellers, and developers set out to make your wardrobe go digital. Together, this team launched Cladwell, a personal styling app that helps you get the most out of your closet.

      “Our app helps you get dressed everyday, cut the clutter, and shop more intentionally,” says Cladwell CMO Erin Flynn.

      Select clothes similar to what you own and get curated outfits.

      “If you’re like anyone on our team, you’ve looked into your closet and said those dreaded words, ‘I have too many clothes and nothing to wear,’” says Flynn. “So why do we assume going shopping and buying more clothes will help?”

      According to Flynn, the average American owned approximately 36 items of clothing back in 1930. However, in today’s world of over consumption, the average American owns more than 100 items and is always under pressure to buy more.

      That pressure to keep buying when you don’t really need it inspired the team at Cladwell to develop their idea for the app.

      “The inspiration for the idea was based on a simple concept: Small wardrobe. Bigger life,” says Flynn. “It sounds lofts, but we believe that when you cut clutter you make room for more important things. Things that don’t take up space in your dresser drawers. Things that really matter.”

      While developing the app, Flynn and the team at Cladwell wanted you to help get your closet to the point that you love, and actually wear, every item in your wardrobe.

      Cladwell gives you outfit ideas using items you already own, or what you should own to make the most of your closet.

      “Over time our app will help you streamline your closet and make the most out of what you have,” she adds.

      While a closet you love doesn’t exactly happen all at once, Cladwell will provide you with simple, daily steps necessary in order to help you get to that lifestyle of simplicity and intentionality. “It’s a journey, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your style along the way,” adds Flynn.

      The team behind Cladwell knows all too well what it’s like to look into your closet and see nothing but a chaotic mess. “We mix the best of styling and technology, and created an algorithm that delivers hand-curated outfits everyday directly from your closet,” says Flynn. “Regardless of your style, we help you see all the potential your closet has to offer and help you make the most of it. It’s a new way of thinking.”

      This thinking, on your end and the app’s end, is created through teamwork. To help subscribers find these outfits in their wardrobe, there are a few steps to take:

      Erin Flynn, CMO of Cladwell
      • Show off your closet. With a few minutes, you can select clothes that are similar to the ones you own from the app’s massive database, and there’s no need to take photos.
      • Get personally styled every day. The app suggests three new outfit recommendations based on the day’s weather. Or, you can choose from all the outfit possibilities in your closet.
      • Discover what you love. You have the ability to log what you wear, and with each day you can gain more insight into what you love and what you don’t.
      • Remove the rest. After you discover what you don’t love you have the opportunity to cut the clutter to make room for items you do love.
      • Shop smarter. Before you buy an item you can use the app to see how many new outfits it would add to your closet. Give yourself the option of trading impulse buys for items you will wear again and again.

      According to Flynn, and the team at Cladwell, the result of using the app is a streamlined closet that you’re going to love.

      A monthly membership for the Cladwell is $5 and is currently only available on iOS devices, however Flynn says they are working on an Android app next.

      To learn more about Cladwell or join, visit You can also follow along on Instagram.

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      Two local sisters on a mission to save the world launched a line of natural, super-good-smelling products in reusable, returnable, refillable containers. Read on for more!


      Junk Beach: The children of Plaine Producct’s founders on Junk Beach in The Bahamas. It was scenes like this that inspired the sisters to start Plaine Products.

      One day, it hit them. Every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists. That realization changed the course of life for two local sisters, and now they’re hoping they can change the world, too.

      Lindsey Delaplaine McCoy and Alison Delaplaine Webster, sisters and co-founders of Plaine Products, are on a mission to make style sustainable once and for all.

      “For 10 years, I lived in the the Bahamas. While I loved living there, it wasn’t all rum drinks on the beach,” Delaplaine McCoy explains. “On a small island, there’s no first world infrastructure to insulate you from the piles of plastic we are creating. You see plastic on the beaches, in the water, spilling out of the landfills, along the side of the road.”

      She says there’s even a place called “Junk Beach” in the Bahamas that’s full of trash, most of which is plastic waste. “The message that plastic lasts forever, no matter how long we use it, is much more obvious living there than it is here,” Delaplaine McCoy says.

      Sisters and Founders of Plaine Products Lindsey Delaplaine McCoy and Alison Delaplaine Webster

      “Once you start to notice,” Delaplaine McCoy explains. “You realize that single use plastic is everywhere. I was intrigued to be able to provide one solution to the problem. Plastic to me is one of those issues, unlike so many others we face that we can solve, and we can buy less of it.”

      Since most shampoos, conditioners and body washes come in plastic containers (more than 550 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year, to be exact), that’s where the sisters decided to start. They launched Plaine Products, Cincinnati-based company that makes natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash in reusable, returnable, refillable aluminum containers.

      “We’re proud to be based in Cincinnati. Both of our parents and all four of our grandparents were born here,” Delaplaine McCoy says. “Even though we’ve lived in other places, Cincinnati is definitely home.”

      It works with a three-step process:

      1) Order products and they arrive at your door in a refillable bottle.

      2) When you’re getting low, order a refill bottle, or subscribe and they’ll send a bottle in a timeframe that works for you.

      3) When your refill comes, put your empty bottle in that box, put on the enclosed return label (they cover the cost of shipping to send it back!), and set it out for your postal carrier to pick up.

      Plaine Products sells environmentally friendly products in aluminum bottles.

      “As far we know, we are the only company that pays for you to send your bottles back to be cleaned, refilled and reused,” Delaplaine McCoy explains. “Once the bottles have gone through several cycles, we’ll send them off to be recycled. The nice thing about aluminum as opposed to plastic, is that when it’s recycled, there’s no loss in quality; It just turns right back into more aluminum.”

      But a reusable and recyclable container isn’t the only reason why Plaine Products is eco-friendly. Their products are are made from all natural ingredients, which are carefully selected from nature’s most nutrient- and vitamin-rich plants, minerals, and renewable sources. They’re vegan, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, kid-safe and color-safe. Plus, they’re blended and manufactured in Florida, specifically for Plaine Products.

      “Plaine Products is a play on our maiden name of Delaplaine,” Delaplaine McCoy says, “although with our goal of keeping our products and our process as simple as possible.”

      An a la carte shampoo, conditioner or body wash are $30 for a 16oz bottle. They have bundle discounts, such as $80 for a set of the three products, and they also offer a 20 percent discount to sign up on their website.

      To learn more, visit their website, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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      A local nonprofit is hosting a fun ladies night out to help families caring for children with life-threatening illnesses. Learn more about the event and cause.


      The Aubrey Rose Foundation will host its annual City Chicks for Charity event on June 21.

      Mark your calendars for June 21, when the Aubrey Rose Foundation hosts its annual City Chicks for Charity event.

      “City Chicks for Charity is our ladies night out event where we have Q102’s Holly Morgan as our emcee for the evening,” says Aubrey Rose Foundation Executive Director Nancy Hollenkamp. “We have wonderful food provided by Jeannette’s Delicacies, desserts by A Catered Affair, we have drinks, a silent auction, and a raffle, plus fashion shows.”

      The event will be held from 6-9 pm at Switch Lighting and Design at 312 W 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati.

      There are a couple of new things for this year’s event, including a different venue, which is something that the team at the Aubrey Rose Foundation is thrilled about.

      “We’re very excited to have this year’s City Chicks for Charity at Switch because they have all kinds of furniture and lighting displays that we are welcome to use in order to make this event bigger and brighter,” says Hollenkamp. “Also, we have a partnership with Adopt-a-Book, and if our guests bring a children’s book to this event they have an opportunity to win a trip to Gatlinburg.”

      “Aside from these new and exciting things for the 2017 event, there will also be a Thelma & Louise Package that will be given away, and has a value of over $1,700 including a trip to Nashville, a car rental for the weekend, purses, scarves, and a whole bunch of other stuff,” she adds.

      When asked what inspired City Chicks for Charity, Hollenkamp says it’s the Aubrey Rose Foundation, which inspires everything they do. “The work that is done with the Aubrey Rose Foundation inspires all of us in everything we do,” she says. “We also love to get together, enjoy each other’s company, and encourage getting involved and giving back because, as we all know, life can change in the blink of an eye.”

      Tickets for the event are $35 when you purchase no later than June 7. After that date, the price goes up to $40. “Most importantly is that all the funds raised from this event will help our many families in need who have children with life-threatening medical conditions,” says Hollenkamp.

      To learn more about City Chicks for Charity, click here<>.