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    A star-studded local entrepreneur just penned a new book that will empower modern women with wild dreams and full plates to connect with the same feeling of ease and certainty she's found along the way. Read on for all the page-turning details.


    Jocelyn Cates is an ambitious woman who aims to help other modern mommas find balance through her new book “Easy Now.”

    Jocelyn Cates is a long-time entrepreneur with a variety of experiences. From raising venture capital to running several businesses and even planning celebrity events featured in People Magazine and People Style, she’s always been a highly-driven, ambitious woman.

    While ambition runs through her veins, she has another reason for all that she does: her family.

    “At the heart of everything I do is my family,” she says. “I’m about as family-centric as you can possibly get.”

    While she’s had a number of professional experiences, there’s one thing that kept calling her – writing a book. As someone who believes in doing what you feel compelled to do, Cates knew she needed to put pen to paper and empower other women.

    When it came to writing her book, “Easy Now,” Cates says that she was inspired by “a sense of knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and that every experience, good or had, has purpose.” It’s this, she says, that is the essence of “Easy Now.”

    “It’s my purpose to share with as many women as possible that we can make big things happen,” says Cates. “We can make our impact on the world. And we can do all this while being 100 percent committed to raising a deeply connected family.”

    “Easy Now” will release on August 8.

    Cates says that she hopes “Easy Now” will not only empower modern mothers with wild dreams and full plates, but that she can also help them connect with the same feeling of ease and certainty that has inspired her life.

    “Easy Now” is a unique book that was written in two parts and is all about reflecting on your purpose while also finding your flow and raising a connected family.

    “In Part One, we focus on mini-meditations for personal reflection, digging deep into what’s next, and inner-work that empowers you to honor your purpose and live with meaning,” says Cates. “In Part Two, we focus on all things connection at home, practice for our children to embrace, being intentional with our family time, and learning to let is be easy. Sometimes I think we all need a reminder that life doesn’t have to feel so hard.”

    To complement her book, Cates also has her Easy Now Tribe. It’s a free, private Facebook group of like-minded women that want to live their best lives without sacrificing their sanity or their wellbeing.

    “In this group, I’ll be offering personal guidance, mini-meditations, advanced excerpts of ‘Easy Now,’ and exclusive book bonuses prior to release,” says Cates. “It’s all about reflection, connection, and flow in this blossoming community.”

    “Easy Now” will officially release on August 8, and Cates couldn’t be more excited. “This book release is one of my wildest dreams come true,” she says. “What excites me most is not that this dream of mine has been realized, but that I know ‘Easy Now’ will impact lives. I’ve used and adapted the tools and practices in this book for the past 20 years and I know them all to be incredibly transformational. And that’s really what matters most!”

    You can learn more about Cates at There, you can also connect with her on social media or via her Easy Now Tribe. To order her book, “Easy Now,” visit her website.


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    This week's episode of Styling with Amy and Amy is all about shoes! Watch our latest video to see this summer's hottest shoe trends!

    Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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    From fuller brows, eyes and lips to speeding up your morning routine, there are many reasons why this local nurse-turned-permanent-makeup-maven is passionate about her profession. Keep reading to learn more.

    Imagine how much time you spend each day applying and removing your makeup. That’s just one of the reasons why Barbara Rahn, RN, BSN, CPCP, decided to get her permanent makeup done.

    Turns out, she loved her results so much, it inspired her to do the same for others. Today, she’s the proud owner of Enhanced Beauty Permanent Makeup and Pigmentation, located at 11147 Montgomery Road.

    This new inspiration and career shift came at a good time for Rahn. After having two major spinal fusion surgeries, needing to find something that was easier on her back. After having her own permanent makeup done by an RN in St. Louis, Missouri, Rahn says she was so intrigued with the business that she immersed herself into making it happen.

    Eyebrows are just one of the services offered at Enhanced Beauty.

    “I began researching and found that there were schools that offered training,” Rahn says. “I decided to go to Orlando, Florida and train at Nouveau Contour. I decided to turn a room in my home into a tattoo shop and do permanent makeup procedures on every friend and relative that trusted me. After about 40 procedures, I returned to Nouveau Contour for advanced classes.”

    Rahn can create areolas, various eye liner looks, lip colors and fuller looking eyebrows by adding tattoo coloring to these areas to create the look you want and makes your morning routine effortless. “I do permanent eyeliner and love this procedure. I get many referrals from the doctors at the Cincinnati Eye Institute since my husband is an eye doctor there,” Rahn explains. “I have had the luxury of his advice and assistance in providing a safe eyeliner procedure for my clients. Obviously, it is wonderful to wake up and have your makeup already in place. It is especially nice for older clients who may be losing their vision or may suffer from ‘dry eye syndrome.’ These are the kind of patients I get from eye doctor referrals.”

    Barbara Rahn, Owner of Enhanced Beauty

    While creating an eye look that is unique to her patients, Rahn says she is happy to also tattoo areolas onto breast cancer survivors, or remove any tattoos as well. “I especially enjoy doing a 3D areola tattoo on patients that have survived breast cancer and breast reconstruction,” Rahn says. “I do scar correction and camouflage and while these procedures are very rewarding, tattoo removal is a big part of my practice. I do removal of body tattoos and a large number of poorly done brow tattoos.”

    While having her own practice in the Cincinnati area, Rahn also has an office in Atlanta Georgia and works with talented tattoo artists on a regular basis for regulated training. While prices vary, Rahn says permanent makeup is there to enhance natural beauty and she wants every client to enjoy a fresh take on a timeless eye look. “I think my practice is more appealing to clients and patients because they know that I am an RN,” says Rahn. “They know that they are safe in my office.”

    To learn more, visit


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    Inspiration, collaboration, and growth. That’s what a new co-working space that’s coming to Rookwood plans to offer. Click for details!


    Fueled Collective is a social and workspace membership club currently in development at the Rookwood Exchange.

    Fueled Collective is a social and workspace membership club being developed on Edwards Road at the Rookwood Exchange in Cincinnati. The franchise aspires to be the entrepreneurial and co-working center of the city, and the space is set to open in October 2017.

    The co-working space exists to provide members from various backgrounds a place to work, collaborate, and inspire. “Members could be start-ups, attorneys, small companies, creatives, as well as people working for large companies that need to utilize meeting and conference space,” says Betsy Hodges, vice president of business development at Fueled Collective.

    Membership in the club comes in various levels. There will be 1,000 social memberships available. These memberships include everything from hourly to as much as unlimited monthly access to the space. Some of these memberships will allow 24/7 access, but hours vary per membership. 

    The building will have 220 work desks, numerous conference rooms, and a variety of other meeting spaces, including a full bar and lounge. It will consist of two floors and take up 25,000 total square feet, according to Hodges.

    Many amenities will be offered to members, such as free parking, Italian roast coffee, cold brew, assorted teas, snacks, beer, high-speed internet, printing, and more.  

    Co-working is the perfect option for those looking to get work done efficiently, start and grow businesses, collaborate with other start-ups, and host meetings and conferences, Hodges says. “Co-working solves an immediate need for people who need a place to work, that can entertain, hold meetings, and get inspired,” she adds.

    Fueled Collective Cincinnati will be located in the Rookwood Exchange at 3825 Edwards Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit, like them on Facebook, or call (513) 207-1135.


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    It’s an online shop with vintage roots and a bohemian vibe. Plus, the owner is based right here in Cincinnati. Click for all the fashionable details.


    Maker & Sage sells vintage and bohemian clothing and home decor.

    Maker & Sage is a bohemian shop with vintage roots. Owner of Maker & Sage, Stephanie Ress says the core of her business is vintage clothing and home décor, inspired and intrigued by a bohemian life style.

    While it’s mainly a one-woman-shop, she does get by with a little help from her friends. “When I sell at local markets like, The OFF Market and City Flea, my wonderful boyfriend, Zach Madden, helps with the heavy lifting and he is a fantastic sales man! He’s been my partner in the success of the shop,” she says. “We hit up the flea markets on the weekends and he loves to go treasure hunting with me. He’s also fantastic at finding some of our best and weirdest t-shirts. Anything with a wolf or a band shirt, he’s behind it.”

    Ress says one of her best friends inspired the idea to start the business. “Maker & Sage came from the idea of building this brand with my best friend Meagan Martin. She is an amazing artist and a muse of mine. She started her company, Meagan Martin Maker, and sells her own designed ceramics. We met in art school, at DAAP, and instantly became best friends,” Ress explains, adding that she always dreamed about having our own studio someday. “We always called it, M&S Studios. We planned to build the brand together but unfortunately she and her fiancé moved to South Carolina so she hasn’t been able to be apart of the shop like we planned. But I still feel like she is a part of my shop and that’s why I decided to keep her a part of the name.”

    That’s why she called the business Maker & Sage, M for Meagan and S for Stephanie. Plus, Ress says, she likes the meaning behind each word. The maker’s craftsmanship of vintage pieces, and sage meaning, having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom. “The pieces I collect inspire the fashion trends of today,” she says. “I love following trends in fashion and home decor, but they are always inspired by the original trends from 20+ years ago.”

    Ress was able to go her own way and build this brand based on what she loves: thrift store shopping and trash picking. “It’s so much fun to me! It’s a thrill to jump into a mess and come out finding gold. When City Flea started I went to every market, and I always shopped from the vintage vendors. They always have the best finds, but I am DIY kind of girl, I like to figure things out and create my own. My shop is a creative outlet for me that gets me away from my computer,” she says. “As a graphic designer by day, I live behind a computer screen, I love being a designer, but I felt I needed something else that was all mine. No one can request edits or tell me I am doing it wrong. Its my shop and I can let my creativity run free with it.”

    That creativity lets Ress continue to be inspired by fashion and home decor trends. She finds those trends walking around Cincinnati and going to concerts, bars, etc. just to people watch; it lets her see what people are wearing and play fashion police in a sense. She’s noticed a few things along the way.

    “The 90s fashion is in, I’ve been rocking my own cut up denim shorts made out of 90s Lee or Levi mom jeans for 5 or more years now. And only in the past year have I seen large retailers sell 90s inspired high waist jeans/shorts,” Ress explains. “I like to find out what trends are going on and get on them before they are big.”

    To learn more, shop online, and follow along, check them out on Instagram and Etsy.



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    A new program is leveraging core character strengths to connect communities and inspire change agents, one person, group, and organization at a time. Read on for more.


    Strong Cincinnati aims to create connect communities through its individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods.

    The Mayerson Academy began by celebrating strengths and inspiring people to reach their full potential, one person, group, or organization at a time. It accomplished this by providing professional learning opportunities for educators, organizations, and communities to help them be their best every day. Today, it’s expanded its base to entire communities with Strong Cincinnati.

    “Strong Cincinnati is an initiative of Mayerson Academy looking to foster strong, connected communities through the activation of strengths within individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods,” explains Carly Rospert, adding that the project lead for the Strong Cincinnati initiative and senior project manager of Mayerson Academy. Since Strong Cincinnati was founded this year, it is starting with one neighborhood: Madisonville.

    “The goal of Strong Cincinnati is foster strong connected communities through the activation of strengths within individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods. We see this looking like deeper relationships within and across communities within Cincinnati that empower neighbors to create positive impact using their strengths. Right now, we support five resident-led strengths projects, host community-wide character strength events, and other smaller community strengths activities.  We are evaluating what will work and will carry on the most impactful strategies into other iterations of the initiative.”

    Strong Cincinnati has many essential partners in Madisonville, such as the Madisonville Community Council, the Madisonville Urban Redevelopment Corporation, and the Madisonville Education and Assistance Center. The lead partner, which has been crucial to Strong Cincinnati’s success, is the John P. Parker School. “John P. Parker has been implementing the Thriving Learning Communities program and has gone above and beyond to use strengths to build deeper teacher and student relationships and transform school culture to one that focuses on strengths rather than deficits,” Rospert explains. “They have been key thought partners in helping us expand the strengths work beyond the school building and into the community.”

    The foundation of Strong Cincinnati and Mayerson Academy are the VIA character strengths, which “create connections among people and provide the confidence for individuals to become change agents in their community,” Rospert says. Character strengths are the positive parts of one’s personality; there are 24 in all, but people generally have five “signature strengths” that they use regularly. Studies show that when people are aware of and using their strengths they are better able and more likely to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. Neal Mayerson, the chairman of the Mayerson Academy and founder of Strong Cincinnati, wanted to make Cincinnati a hotbed of character strengths, which led him to develop Strong Cincinnati.

    There are four ways to get involved with Strong Cincinnati: Attend an event, volunteer with projects, coach research teams, and partnership.

    To learn more, visit

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    One local lady opened a home decor and gift store in Westwood as the neighborhood experiences an exciting revitalization. Keep reading for more about this new store with unique gifts and custom pieces for your home!


    Lillywood is a boutique in Westwood that specializes in home decor and unique gifts.

    Cincy Chic: What is Lillywood?
    Julie Joseph, Owner of Lillywood: Lillywood is a boutique featuring home decor and gift items in the heart of Westwood’s Historic Business District.

    Cincy Chic: What inspired you to open Lillywood?
    Joseph: We wanted to be part of the neighborhood revitalization efforts by creating a shop that specializes in unique decor and gift items that the West Side was lacking. We want to establish relationships with our customers to offer personalized suggestions that the big box stores do not.

    You can find home decor and furnishings, soaps and lotions, and much more at Lillywood.

    Cincy Chic: When did you open Lillywood?
    Joseph: We opened in February 2017.

    Cincy Chic: Where is Lillywood located?
    Joseph: We’re at 3024 Harrison Avenue, in the heart of Westwood’s Historic Business District.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Lillywood unique?
    Joseph: Lillywood is a beautiful yet relaxed setting where you can get help selecting the perfect item for your home or a gift for someone else. We are also able to custom order items to help solve design dilemmas.

    Cincy Chic: What types of items do you sell in store?
    Joseph: We sell home decor and furnishings, candles, teas, and soaps and lotions.

    Lillywood opened in February and is located in the Westwood Historic Business District.

    Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points?
    Joseph: Our items range from $3 up to several hundreds for the larger pieces. You can find several items under $25.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Lillywood in 2017?
    Joseph: We are developing plans to offer custom furniture and expand our offerings online so that we can offer more options than our small space currently allows. We hope to have the website up by September 2017.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Joseph: You can like us and follow along on our Facebook page.


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      What would you do with $100,000? See how one local woman is turning a once-in-a-lifetime grant into a fashionable dream come true while influencing the Cincinnati creative scene, one connection at a time.

      Tamia Stinson, Founder of Tether Cincinnati, a new community and resource for Cincinnati’s image-makers.

      Tamia Stinson has an exciting year ahead of her. In the past, you may have come across Stinson’s fashion blog The Style Sample, styling for Cincinnati Magazine, or heard her interviews with local artists on her Creative City podcast.

      Her plans for 2017 are different, however, as she plans to focus on something completely new. After being awarded the Haile Fellowship grant of $100,000 from People’s Liberty, she was able to set her ideas in motion for Tether, a new community and resource for Cincinnati image-makers.

      “The community of image-makers in Cincinnati has grown exponentially in the past few years,” Stinson says. “We needed a way to connect to each other and get found so we can get work.” 

      Tether Cincinnati aims to bring agencies and image-makers together.

      The Ohio State University graduate and Cincinnati native knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful image-maker right here in the Queen City. She says she tries to surround herself with the like, but it’s not always easy. With networking being crucial to this success, she finds that it is often difficult for image-makers and agencies to collaborate while staying local. That’s where she plans to help.

      “Tether is focused on creating an infrastructure that makes it easier for local image-makers to connect to each other and to opportunities for work so they can thrive—and stay—here in Cincinnati,” Stinson says.

      After college, Stinson co-opped in London, and here, she became very familiar with Le Book—an online directory of over 50,000 artists and advertising agencies published in New York, London, Berlin, and Paris.

      This inspired the creation of Tether. The site was launched on April 4, and according to Stinson, we can expect the official site to be up and running by July. Signing up for the email list on her website will ensure you’re the first to know when it’s up.

      Shortly after its launch, Tether held its first event, First Forum. According to Stinson, First Forum was a great way to kick off this project. Not only were over 100 photo shoot concepts submitted for the source book, but it also enabled those in attendance to meet and collaborate with others who will soon be part of the growing Tether community. Furthermore, it allowed Stinson to gather feedback about what people would like to see from Tether in upcoming months.

      Tether is unique in that it brings only Cincinnati creatives and agencies together.

      Tether is unlike any other site because it is a database strictly focusing on Cincinnati artists and agencies. “Image-makers didn’t have a uniting organization or local advocate until now,” Stinson says. “Tether fills that gap by creating events for face-to-face engagement, providing a digital platform that shows what our people can do, and creating a print sourcebook that promotes our community and our work.”

      Tether has two groups of users: creative image-makers, and people and organizations interested in working with creative image-makers. The Tether community is made up of professionals who have worked with some of the best brands in the world.

      “We’re looking for talented creatives who love what they do and know how to hustle,” Stinson says. “The people who work with our community are agencies and brands in need of high-quality imagery for print and digital advertising or editorial. They understand the value of what we provide and want to invest in the people who make Cincinnati great.”

      As for the rest of 2017, Stinson’s incredible fashion sense shouldn’t be the only thing you keep on your radar. You can expect to see a series of events for the style savvy and image-making community, Stinson says, as it’s a digital platform that will make it easier to find local talent, and a sourcebook featuring the Tether community and their work for use as a promotional tool.

      Not only will Tether make finding work so much easier, but also it is completely free of charge. For more information on Tether be sure to visit and follow TetherCincy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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      Need a fun day out filled with fun, friends, shopping, pampering, learning, giving back and more? Mark your calendar for Sparkle & Sun on July 9 and read on for more!

      Sparkle for Good is hosting Sparkle & Sun on July 9 at The Oasis in Loveland.

      Mark your cals and grab your gals! On Sunday, July 9, from 12-3pm, Cincy Chic is teaming up with Sparkle for Good to create Sparkle and Sun, a fashionable event at the Loveland Oasis.

      Sparkle for Good is a jewelry boutique run by Michele Carey that features jewelry by Chloe + Isabel, an affordable jewelry line with a lifetime guarantee designed in NYC. Carey was nice enough to give more insight into her company.

      “I created Sparkle for Good over a year ago as a way to provide women with beautiful jewelry while at the same time, give back to non-profits in our community. I pop up all over town- at local boutiques, corporate events, people’s homes, and also Cincy Chic events,” says Carey.

      The event itself was created for a few reasons. First, to support a great cause that helps women have quality jobs that lead to them living happy lives, like Dress for Success Cincinnati, whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence. The second reason is to give local women business owners a “boost” during July, when sales can be sluggish as people travel and tend to be busy. Lastly, the event is to provide the Loveland women a fun event in their own backyard.

      Sparkle for Good also holds a personal meaning for Carey. “July 9th is the birthday of my mom, who passed away 6 years ago. I thought that this celebration of women, for women and by women, was a special way to pay her tribute to her memory acknowledge her many years of encouraging me to be an independent and successful woman. I’m thrilled to have Cincy Chic co-host the event as they are recognized for having the best events for women in our area and have been great about supporting Dress for Success,” Carey explains.

      As mentioned earlier, the event takes place at The Oasis, a beautiful space in Loveland which offers a fun excursion for women who live in the city. For women who already live in Loveland, it brings a taste of some great downtown and Northern Kentucky businesses they may not yet know. Everyone wins.

      The event itself is the ultimate shopping experience with 60 local business who cater to woman. From cute boutiques to female focused services, this event is for women and by women and is meant to support female owned businesses while having fun. Guests are invited to come shop, learn about services that will make your life easier, add a touch of elegance, and help you feel at your very best.

      Specifics of the event include a raffle and a line up of speakers who will run mini-workshops on topics including “planning for progress (not perfection) to achieve your goals,” “re-entering the job market after time away,” and more.

      The raffle is for a beautiful basket filled with items from the vendors. Everyone who purchases a ticket is eligible to win a gift basket (approximately $500), and VIP ticket holders will also be entered in a drawing for an exclusive VIP basket (approximately $800). 100% of the ticket prices go to Dress for Success Cincinnati.

      Come join the women of Cincinnati for guilt free shopping at it’s best!

      Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door, or you can purchase a VIP ticket here (only 100 will be sold). 

      Also, be sure to follow Sparkle for Good on Instagram and Facebook!

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      Hope you’re hungry, local vegans and vegetarians! A new personal chef service is delivering vegan/vegetarian twists on popular dishes right to your doorstep.


      Miss Jessica’s Kitchen offers healthy meals with a vegan and vegetarian twist.

      Do you want to experience healthy meals with a vegan and vegetarian twist? Jessica Daniels, Owner of Miss Jessica’s Kitchen, lives in the Over-The-Rhine area, but provides personal chef services to people around the Greater Cincinnati area. ”Miss Jessica’s Kitchen is a personal chef business that delivers vegan/vegetarian twists on popular dishes,” she says. “Long term, I want to own a food truck and explore other avenues for sharing my food with the world.”

      In April of 2016, Daniels was living in Columbus. “After getting engaged in December, I moved to Cincinnati to be with my fiancé,” she says. “Since then, I’ve been taking steps to get into the Findlay Kitchen Program and rebuild my business in the Queen City. In the mean time, I’m in charge of the kitchen at We Olive and Wine Bar near Fountain Square.” At the moment, Daniels and her fiancé are working for the business on a part-time basis. “He helps me a lot with the business and marketing aspects, which frees me up to focus on what I do best: cooking and entertaining people,” she says.

      Jessica Daniels, Founder of Miss Jessica’s Kitchen

      The inspiration behind the business started at the end of her high school career. “I was accepted into culinary school, but my mom, an educator, thought I should take the more traditional path of a four-year college, so I did. But, I never really found a path that satisfied me. Last April, after continued financial stress, my fiancé and I had a conversation that changed my life,” Daniels says. “Like the scene from the movie, The Notebook, he repeatedly asked me, ‘What do you want,’ until finally I blurted out, ‘I just want to cook and make people happy!’”

      Within a few hours of having the conversation with he fiancé, she found a possible client on Craigslist, and received her first check for week one of services 24 hours later. “Looking back, I probably skipped some important administrative steps along the way (which have since been rectified), but the ball was in motion,” she says.

      There are a variety of services offered at Miss Jessica’s Kitchen.

      Personal Chef/Meal Prep: “Great for an individual, couple or family. I prepare the meals for you, so you can save time and still enjoy a home-cooked meal, Daniel says.

      Cooking Lessons: “A variation of my personal chef services. I’ll come to you and teach you how to select ingredients, handle kitchenware and prepare a delicious meal for yourself or your loved ones,” she says.

      Private Events: “Whether you’re having friends over for a dinner party, or planning a small corporate event. I’ll work with you to plan a wonderful, unique experience,” Daniels says.

      Her favorite part of working for Miss Jessica’s Kitchen is how energized and empowered she gets. “There’s no better feeling than helping other people and being rewarded in the process,” she says. “Also, it seems like the more I put myself out there, the more good things keep happening to me, so I’m excited to see where the journey takes me.”

      If you want to keep up with what Miss Jessica’s Kitchen is doing, follow the business on Facebook, Instagram, or visit her new website at