How Online Education Has Been Great For Women

How Online Education Has Been Great For Women

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Over the last decade or so, online education has seen a huge surge in popularity. With an increasing number of colleges offering online programs alongside their regular on-campus courses, online education has made it possible for many individuals to get an education that they otherwise would have found very difficult to obtain. This is especially true of women. Thanks to online education, more moms than ever before have been able to return to college, or even get their degree for the first time. Online learning has also been hugely beneficial to female entrepreneurs, who’ve been able to study for a degree whilst launching or even running their own business. We’ve listed just some of the main ways in which online learning is great for women.


One of the main advantages of online education programs such as the online EDD degree from Maryville University is that they are hugely flexible. This has been a massive benefit for women, especially in the case of busy moms who may not have otherwise been able to go or return to school whilst caring for their children. Even single moms, who must work as well as look after the kids with no help from a partner, have been able to benefit from the added flexibility of online learning and the option to learn from home at times that are suitable for them. With many women today having busy lives and various commitments to uphold, online learning provides a convenient opportunity to get a degree.

Lower Cost

Tuition fees are one of the main reasons that women choose not to go to college. With college tuition coming in at hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, it’s no surprise that many women have decided to try their hand at becoming successful through other means, such as apprenticeships, creative jobs such as acting, art and modelling, or simply through working hard and hoping for the best. However, with online degrees such as an online EDD program available at around a third cheaper than their on-campus counterparts, more women are able to take both undergraduate and advanced degrees that are worth paying for.


Although the gender gap in business is slowly closing, there are still more men working in managerial and entrepreneurship positions. Although it’s true that more women are starting their own businesses than ever before, there is still a lot of catching up before the numbers are truly equal. Online education has made it easier than ever before for women to learn the skills and knowledge needed to pursue entrepreneurship. Although there is no need to have a degree to start your own business, for many women, online learning provides them with the added confidence and inspiration that they need to go ahead and launch their first company.

Online learning has been beneficial for all students, but women have experienced many further benefits of being able to study for a degree remotely. With more flexibility for single moms and improved entrepreneurship chances for women, online study has transformed the way we learn.