How to Have a Stylish Winter Vacation in the US

How to Have a Stylish Winter Vacation in the US

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Winter is the perfect time to travel. You have the Christmas season right in the middle of it, the promise of snow, and all the fun that comes from bundling up warm and eating all the rich foods that you can handle. When you travel during winter, you say no to the winter blues that could otherwise get you down. You go out and have fun, and, by following this easy guide, you can look incredibly stylish while doing it: 


Get Your Gang Together 

Traveling with friends sounds great in theory but can end up being the perfect disaster. So choose who you go with carefully, and lay down some ground rules in advance so you can all enjoy your trip peacefully. You want to vacation with people who enjoy similar things to you, otherwise this can cause issues throughout and even run the fun. 


Choose the Perfect Winter Destination 

The next step once you have the group together is to choose the perfect winter destination. Start first by narrowing down what trip everyone will be happy going on with, and then look at the great suggestions on VacationRenter. Whether you want a snow-capped getaway, an adventure holiday, or some time in some warm sun for a change, they have all the best destinations compiled together and ready to choose from. 


Find a Lovely Home Away from Home 

Once you know where you are going (and presumably when),all that is left is to choose the accommodation. If you all will not fit into one hotel room, remember to look for alternative options. You can get luxurious vacation homes, for example, that will end up costing less per person than if you opted for multiple hotel rooms. 


Pack Smart with These Top Tips 

If you want to be stylish on a trip stop packing everything you own into a suitcase. This will not help you put together the perfect outfit, but just clog up your suitcase and make it more frustrating to travel. Instead, pack a travel capsule wardrobe. To do this all you need to do is plan out what you want to wear in advance, and to choose items that all go together flawlessly. 


Photography Tips for Stunning Fashion Shots 

What’s a stylish trip without some great photos to later post to social media? Great outfits is the first step, a great backdrop a must, but to really nail your stylish getaway you will need to spruce up on your photo-taking skills. There is so much you can do with photography that will improve your photos together, and understanding the basics of what makes great fashion photography will help immensely – plus, it’s a lot of fun to do with your girlfriends! 


Travel before Christmas to have festive fun, and travel after Christmas to keep the winter season fresh and exciting even when most people are doing nothing more than hiding out in their homes, hoping for spring. You will have fewer tourists to contend with, cheaper rates, and of course, all the possibilities in the world to have fun by yourself, with a partner, or with a big group of friends. 



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