Looking for the Ultimate Bachelorette Party?

Looking for the Ultimate Bachelorette Party?

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If you’re trying to organize a party for the girls and you want it to be a night to remember, you’ve probably already had thoughts of Magic Mike flashing in your head. A bachelorette party isn’t a party unless it has pecs, biceps and chiseled six packs. If you’re in charge of the organization then the only way to justify your role as chief organizer is to give everyone the night of their lives.


You want bronzed Adonis’s that will pump and grind your party to the next level. There are lots of male revue companies that claim to give ladies the ultimate entertainment but you should go for a company that has a great reputation so you know it won’t be an anti-climax. Hunks the Show has had amazing feedback from women across the country that have been taken to ecstasy with their performances.


Why not set the scene for your bachelorettes by having a warm up evening; have a few glasses of wine and watch Magic Mike to give everyone a taste of the fun to come. Going to Las Vegas to see the real experience is the thing that only dreams are made of. Channing Tatum and his lean, sexy friends would be the best experience anyone could have the pleasure of. If you can’t get the real thing then there are still lots of very beautiful men out there that won’t be happy until you see their torsos.


Bachelorette parties can be great for all if you get the right mix of entertainment. Some good drinking games to get the party started, some forfeits for people to complete and what happens after that may well bit a bit of a blur. But make sure that is a blur of hunky men, dripping with sweat after an energetic performance.


If you’re looking for some party game inspiration, look no further. Have you thought about setting a dress theme for the party? How about film stars from the 60s/70s/80s? Always makes for some great outfits. Then there’s the sex toy introduction – can you actually have a bachelorette party without a vibrating little friend to embarrass your friend? That wouldn’t be any fun at all now would it?


Cocktail making…. Everybody loves a cocktail and it is great fun learning how to put al of the ingredients together. Obviously the best bit is getting to sample it afterwards, just for quality control purposes obviously! Don’t overdo it with the cocktail drinking because you can hit the clubs later on and have a great night of dancing to all of your favorite tunes.


Whatever you choose for your bachelorette party, make sure that it is a night that nobody will forget for a very long time. If that means having to ogle lots of half naked hunky men then hey, that’s just a sacrifice you’re going to have to make for your friends!