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Read about an upcoming event to help you nail down your money personality.

Have you ever thought about why, where and how you spend your money?

SheMoolah believes that by understanding and joining forces with your money archetype, or money personality, you will introduce new riches and lead a more fulfilling life. 

Are you a Maverick, an Alchemist, a Romantic or one of the other 8 money personalities?  How averse are you to risk? How do you feel about giving money to the less fortunate versus investing for future growth?  In order to better manage your money you must first recognize your positive and negative money patterns, find clarity and create a plan to proceed forward.   

“When you understand how money impacts your decision and relationships, you can understand how to make better conscious choices for the future” said Dawn Parks, co-founder of SheMoolah.  “If we can fall in love with our personality, we can identify how we are helping or hurting our ability to achieve life and financial goals.”

Liz Kitchell, co-founder of SheMoolah added “Once we recognize our money personalities, we can have more effective, transparent discussions with ourselves, team members, planners and significant others.”

Take a sneek peek of SheMoolah’s Money Personality event by joining their event on April 14th at 11:30am ET on Zoom. SheMoolah will walk through how each personality type deals specifically with budgeting, money details, accumulation, spending and investing for the future.  

RSVP HERE for free due to the generosity of Paycor.

Learn more about SheMoolah’s classes, offerings and expertise at

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See how two local women are disrupting the money conversation through experiential education, laughter, storytelling and emotional freedom.

Your financial future and truly understanding the value of your money can be stressful, confusing and daunting. SheMoolah is here to help with the tools and support you need to take the reins and be the “SheHero” of your life. 

SheMoolah is a partnership between financial experts Liz Kitchell and Dawn Parks. Together, they have over 50 years of experience, stemming from every angle in the financial industry. When Kitchell and Parks crossed paths a couple of years ago, SheMoolah was born. 

“Together, we saw an opportunity to bring our combined skills and experience together to disrupt the money conversation people have about women and that women have about themselves,” says Kitchell and Parks. A unique aspect of SheMoolah is there focus on disruption through experiential education, laughter, storytelling and emotional freedom when it comes to the topic of money. 

SheMoolah offers a variety of programs, each specific to one’s current financial journey. Their programming takes place on a wide scale, including Zoom, consultations, public speaking events, and conferences. Some examples of their programming include, Understanding Your Money Archetype: 90-minute workshops to introduce participants to the concept of “money personality.”

Embracing Your Money Personality: 4-week, highly interactive Zoom-based program for participants to understand the power of your “money personality” they have developed. Crack Your Money Code: 6-week examination of how your established “money personality” impacts your future. One Day Intensives: 1-day, intensive workshop celebrating important money conversations that provide a strong foundation one’s life. SheMoolah Mastermind: 6-month journey with coaching and peer-to-peer coaching for one to uncover their next steps with the SheStory mindset. For more information on their various programming, visit their website (coming soon) at

“Since starting we have helped hundreds of people at SheMoolah,” says Kitchell and Parks. “We select tools based on what participants want to disrupt regarding their money story. The number of clients and impact we’ve made in previous coaching and consulting is several million dollars in impact.”

Their multi-modal practice includes tools such as meditation, journaling, mind-mapping and many more. “It is so exciting to see women pursue their dreams and find the financial support and guidance they need to get there. When participants step into their own power and create their own dreams, it is an amazing and tremendous award.”

To stay connected with SheMoolah, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their site (coming soon) at