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Turning their infertility struggles into stepping stones for others, one area couple founded one of the only fertility financial support organizations in the country. Read on for more.


Infertility is difficult. Paying for fertility treatments just adds insult to injury.

It’s a struggle that many face, and it’s one that’s all too familiar for David and Jennifer Bross. That’s why they founded Parental Hope, Inc., a 501 c3 non profit dedicated to providing financial support to people battling infertility by providing grants for treatment at the Institute for Reproductive Health, in Cincinnati.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) estimates the average price of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in the U.S. to be $12,400. They also report that 1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. However, these fertility treatments are rarely covered by insurance.

Parental Hope is one of the only fertility financial support organizations in the country. As a couple that struggled with infertility, David and Jennifer supported each other through three rounds of IVF. Their twins were born January of 2015.

David and Jennifer Bross, Founders of Parental Hope.
David and Jennifer Bross, Founders of Parental Hope.
“We want to give back to others who aren’t as fortunate as us to have our IVF covered,” says David. 85 percent of all fertility patients are self-pay and only eight states mandate that medical insurance cover fertility treatments.

Parental Hope seeks to spread awareness of infertility, help be an emotional support to families, in addition to being a financial support through their Parental Hope Family Grant. The grant will help to cover the cost of one round of IVF treatment for a selected family. “We want to be an organization who really impacts a family’s life,” says David.

The application deadline is Sep. 1. The Board of Directors will consider an applicant’s (and co-applicant’s) financial situation, their infertility medical diagnosis, their essay and interview. The amount of grants available is based upon the financial strength of Parental Hope year-to-year.

Parental Hope has an exclusive partnership with the Institute for Reproductive Health, to support their mission to help alleviate the financial stress of IVF by awarding selected families the Parental Hope Family Grant.

“Never give up hope,” Jennifer says. “Have the hope that one day you will have a family.” She advises couples to lean on each other, and if you’re comfortable enough, tell others what you’re going through, because you are not alone. David says that if others know what you’re struggling with, they may not be so insensitive. 

Each Applicant must meet the following requirements for the grant:

● Applicant must have a diagnosis that meets the definition of infertility according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
● Applicant (and co-applicant) must be citizens of the United States.
● Applicants must be uninsured for fertility treatments, including, but not limited to, IVF.
● All Applicants must agree to receive treatment at the Institute of Reproductive Health in Cincinnati, Ohio.
● Grant award shall be contingent on a satisfactory criminal background check and credit check.
● Grant finalists will be expected to participate in an interview with representatives of Parental Hope.
● Applicant must submit a $50 non-refundable application fee. Payment shall be in the form of personal check or money order and made payable to Parental Hope, Inc. Application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and shall be considered a donation.

In addition to founding Parental Hope Inc., David and Jennifer also donated two embryos to a couple in need. The couple will be welcoming their new child later this summer. 

Parental Hope Inc. will continue to do small fundraisers year-round to help support the grant and hopefully create more in the future. For more information on the grant process, to volunteer or to donate, visit

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Read on to learn about a local entrepreneur’s line of handmade shea butters and body creams that help you glow from the inside out.

Coco Sugar Naturals
Coco Sugar Naturals carries all-natural shea butters and body creams.

Through her life-long battle with eczema, Nichole Maines tried just about every product on the market to tame her condition. When none of them worked, she started making her own.

She knew she was on to something when her handmade shea butters and body creams made from all natural butters and carrier oils began not only soothing her symptoms, but people started asking what she used to make her skin and hair so flawless.

Maines officially launched Coco Sugar Naturals in May 2015, and has been getting the word out by visiting schools, vendor shows and hosting home parties. “I teach self-love through the distribution of my products,” she says. “Showing young girls and boys that it’s not about taming, but embracing, the crown and skin you were given.”

With the mantra “glow from within,” Maines wants people to feel good about themselves and to not be held back. “If you look good, you feel good, so you do good,” she says. “The first things that people see on one another, are their skin and hair so you must take care of those as well.”

Maines says her products are free from toxins and preservatives. Also, the texture is light and isn’t greasy. “You must first find that ‘it’ product,” she explains. “This can take years, or spend a lifetime searching and misusing unnatural products. What you put on the outside of your body is just as important as the inside. So preservatives and chemicals should be avoided. Coco Sugar Naturals makes for a natural and smooth experience.”

According to Maines, Coco Sugar Naturals products can be used interchangeably as a hair and body moisturizer, specifically targeting those suffering with dryness or irritation. Personally using it to style her own natural hair in twist-outs, braid-outs, and more, Maines says its versatility allows the entire family to use it.

“Interesting to find how many people suffer from extreme dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis and how much they benefit from the products,” says Maines, but she does advise to visit a doctor if an extreme flare up occurs.

  • Popular scents include:
    Carnival (similar to cotton candy)
  • Nag Champa (like the incense…unisex)
  • Ohhh-Natural (unscented)
  • Oshyn (Breezy, Crisp and Clean)
  • Papaya Mango
  • RazziBaby (a raspberry scent)
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Tuscan Sunset (mandarin with a hint of patchouli…unisex)

Items can be made to order as well, Maines says. Each item is $15, or two for $25. To learn more, contact Maines at, 513-521-2732 or “like” them on Facebook.

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See how one local healthcare facility is managing care from two unique ends of the spectrum - from urgent care to medical spa services.


As the only of its kind in the United States, the recently opened Cincy Health Urgent Care and Medi Spa provides urgent care and medical spa services.

As emergency medical trained personnel, the owners saw a niche need in the market and decided to open a facility like no other on the west side of Cincinnati called “Cincy Health Urgent Care and Medi Spa” on Nov. 2, 2015. Co-owners, Dr. Kevin Meyer has been an emergency room physician for 14 years and Sonia Hisset has been a nurse for 25 years and a nurse practitioner the last seven. Hisset is also a professor at Xavier University and Dr. Meyer was recently voted amongst the Top Doctors of Cincinnati Magazine.

Cincy Health provides urgent care services, such as treatment for the common illnesses and injuries, efficient sports and school physicals, and can quickly recognize when an emergency referral is needed. Cincy Health also provides a discounted rate for tattoo removal for patients seeking to join the military. In addition, they work with local fire departments in doing their physicals, assist with some occupational health, help local industrial companies obtain their DOT physical, and are helping to develop a school-based health department. “We 100 percent believe in supporting our community,” says Hisset.

Cincy Health
Cincy Health Urgent Care and Medi Spa offers urgent care and spa services.

Their approach is unique, too. “We are holistic in treating the person [as] we treat the whole person,” Hisset explains, adding that patients are advised and cared for not only in the medical sense, but personnel provides services to help better the patient, as they believe that true healing comes by nourishing the mind, body, and soul.

“This community is underserved,” says Hisset. Cincy Health hopes to not only provide jobs to the community through the construction of their new center, but also by providing the community with a unique range of services. Hisset says they hope to meet the current demand for healthcare and provide access to a primary care physician.

Their medi-spa service menu includes: laser body contouring, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, Botox, weight loss management through Inherent Genetics DNA testing, and Quanta Aesthetic laser services for a variety of skin conditions from acne scarring and age spots to spider veins and leg veins.

Cincy Health is located at 4350 State Route 128, Suite E, Cleves, OH 45002. Hours are Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and Sat-Sun 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Learn more at

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A local makeup artist launched makeup classes designed to help women learn DIY tips along with personalized color and technique recommendations.

Chenese Bean
Chenese Bean offers makeup classes, has a collection of lip products, and owns a booming makeup artistry business.

Makeup has been in Chenese Bean’s blood from an early age. She applied makeup for friends and family as a hobby, and then in 1997 it turned into a side business as she worked as an accountant in the banking industry.

In 2008, she made a career change she could bank on: transitioning into a full time makeup artist. She says it’s a move she’s never looked back on, as she now not only has a booming makeup artistry business, but also a collection of lip products called “Glam by Chenese Bean.”

She frequently works with several agencies and production companies to do makeup for their commercial, film and television projects. She’s worked with several reality TV stars, such as Mimi Faust and Ariane Davis, as well as Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders and Bengals coach, Marvin Lewis.

Bean continues to grow her brand, inspired by her clients. That’s why she’s now offering makeup classes, she says, helping women to bring out their own beauty when she’s not around. “My goal for having the classes is to educate women on doing it themselves, what steps to take, what products to use but overall gaining that self-knowledge,” she explains.

Makeup classes will give Bean’s top secrets of the makeup industry while showing products and tools that will assist clients in learning to do their own makeup. “The best part, you get to take everything home with you,” she says.

Clients can decided from a variety of class options. With five types of classes offered, each analyzes the specific need of the client. Bean offers full-face classes which will range from how to contour and highlight to overall accents of the face. From the subtle to the dramatic.


Clients can also focus on specifics with classes catered to false lash application or mastering the perfect smokey eye. For the clients who wish to make it into a party, Bean will come to you. And for those one-on-one sessions, Bean offers a private setting at her studio in the Reading Bridal District. All classes are by appointment only.

Bean has offered makeup classes privately for years, but with the makeup world transitioning, she feels there is a demand to learn how to DIY.

“Classes are to teach women how to become comfortable doing their own makeup…rather it’s a full-face or how to apply false lashes or eyeshadow,” says Bean. Classes cater to a variety of women for a variety of needs, even the DIY bride. Bean hopes to correct makeup myths and assist by adjusting application and color hues. Beans says that making someone feel good is what her job is all about, “Makes me feel good that I am able to enlighten one’s self-esteem.”

As a mother herself, Bean realizes the time constraints and demands of a working mom’s hectic life. Through her classes, she hopes to make it easier for women, especially moms, who are always on-the-go. “A lot of moms don’t have the time for makeup,” says Bean, “but it is something for them to pamper themselves for five to 10 minutes.”

Learn more at

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See how one makeup artist duo is following their passion with two businesses to beautify, educate and style women and kids.

Jami Shell and Jessica Manis, Founders and Owners of J&J Beauty.

Jami Shell and Jessica Manis met in 2004 working as makeup artists. Both have since grown from young girls and artists into developed and passionate business owners, best friends, wives, and mothers.

Not in that order, the joke. In fact, launching the “passion project” of J&J Beauty together came out of wanting to pursue personal passions and maintain individual identities outside of their mother and wife roles.

As part owners of the Cincinnati based company, EyeDo Makeup and Hair, Shell and Manis built a solid name for themselves in the wedding industry. Shell and Manis perform on location makeup and hair styling, with more than 20 years of experience, the two also work as consultants, providing training classes for women to explore and learn how to apply what’s in their makeup bag. They also allow the class to experiment with new products, adding not only to their makeup bags, but their self-confidence.

In an effort to separate the world of weddings and fashion, they opened J&J Beauty Cosmetics as an outlet to creatively express who they are through styling services and editorial work. “Although bridal work is a lot of fun, it is not the end all for this dynamic duo,” they say on their website, adding that the last few years have taken them on a whole new journey.

From editorial hair and makeup to developing their own cosmetic line, the two have been quite busy. Shell and Manis say that they use their hair/makeup services and training classes to bounce ideas off of the women. “We as makeup artist have a completely different view than a consumer would…it allows us to look at things differently,” says Shell, adding that they want to provide the best quality and experience for their customers, and this feedback allows them to do just that.

The hard work is starting to pay off, as they’re earning national accolades and opportunities. Shell and Manis say they are working on a celebrity wedding in July and a possible New York Fashion Week appearance. “It’s like unknown waters…because you’re always pushing yourself and making yourself better,” says Shell. “The day that you stop worrying about being a better artists, is the day that you should just sit your brushes down and do something else.”

To learn more, contact J&J Beauty at (937) 371-5212 or or click here to visit their website.