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Amy Young is the Owner of The Blink Boutique and is a Master Lash Artist. “Blink” is the Tri-State’s first and only “lash speciality” salon, and lash & brow artist training facility. With over 10,000 hours of eyelash extension experience, Amy is a leader in the lash industry, serving as a Director of the American Eyelash Association. In 2012, Amy was awarded 2nd place for "Most Natural Lash" by the Lash Artist of the Year Competition. With Amy’s expertise, and the talent at The Blink Boutique, you can throw away your mascara forever. Learn more at

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The holiday hustle and bustle is about to kick into high gear. Our resident beauty blogger shares four ways to reduce stress, stay on budget and even squeeze in a little you time.

Our beauty blogger shares her tips and tricks for holiday pre-planning.

The holidays are a magical time of year when you share special moments with friends and family. With all the running, planning, and spending, though — it can also be a stressful time for many. Here are a four ways you can reduce your stress, stay on budget and even squeeze in a little you time.

1. Plan. The best way to handle the hectic holidays is to do a little planning ahead of time. Being proactive can be difficult when you already live a very busy life, but it pays off when you need it most. So, my advice is to start now. Yes, it’s a month before Thanksgiving, but Pin a few recipes before bed each night. Next time you’re at the store, grab the non-perishable items you need. That way, you can just run in for the fresh produce and proteins when you need to get cooking. The grocery store is a madhouse during the holidays, so less time you’re in there, the less stressed you’ll feel during crunch time.

2. Pot Luck. It’s easy to sit down and enjoy a piece of pie, especially if you aren’t the one making it! A fun way to involve all of your family and friends during the holiday is to host your big holiday meals as a pot luck! Everyone will bring what you assign them, and you don’t have to worry about orchestrating an entire meal.

3. Schedule your services. Scheduling services for yourself becomes especially difficult during the holidays with everything else on your mind. But this time of year is when salon, spa and boutique services fill up the quickest. Most places can schedule your beauty services like nails, hair and lash appointments months in advance, so, schedule the services you know you’ll want to look and feel your best.

4. Start shopping now. Shopping for deals ahead of time for gift items not only reduces the last-minute shopping stress, but it also spreads out your expenses over a few months instead of a few days or weeks. All you’ll have to worry about now is finding a good hiding spot for everything!

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Our beauty guru shares the top five reasons why she personally loves her lash extensions.

As the owner of the Blink Boutique, I’m a little biased when it comes to lash extensions and could come up with a million reasons why every woman needs them. But here are the top five reasons why I personally love them:



“OMG what am I going to wear? I have NOTHING to wear!” Between shoes, accessories, makeup and clothes, we have got a lot to figure out when getting ready. Having a semi-permanent lashes gives you one less thing to worry about in the morning. Not to mention, preparation time is cut in half.



These lashes from the Blink Boutique aren’t just for date night…They can go everywhere with you: the gym, work, fun times with friends and even out in the rain. When you come in, you select a look from natural to dramatic, fun and flirty, to sporty or professional. We then customize the length, thickness, and curl of the lash extensions to give you the lash look you love.



Unlike drug-store false lashes, it’s amazing how well extensions hold up with proper care and they are perfect for any series of events, like weddings, parties and the holidays. NovaLash semi-permanent lash extensions can last up to 6+ weeks when properly cared for. A client’s natural lashes will continue to grow and shed naturally, so if a client wants to maintain the fullest most luxurious lashes, she will need to get fill-ins or “touch-ups” every 2-3 weeks.



Weddings are an especially fun time to have some long, luscious lashes, for the bride and people attending it! At Blink Boutique, we have a special deal for brides, and their bridesmaids as they all get prepared for the big day. Brides deserve nothing but the best for their wedding. Our certified lash artists here at Blink can bring your lashes from clumped with mascara to long, bold and fabulous without a single drop of mascara.


We have our brides get their full sets on about a month before the wedding just to give them some time to get acclimated to the extensions and their proper care. The best part is, their fill-in a few days before the wedding is free as our special gift to the newlyweds. The lashes will show up beautifully in those candid shots that guests take and the positioned professional shots throughout the night. We promise, they will be the most flawlessly easy part of getting ready for the big day!



Better yet, is the honeymoon right after the wedding? Perfect! These lashes can come with you swimming, to the spa, in the ocean or on any other adventure you could possibly imagine. Heck, you can even look great while you’re snorkeling!


To learn more, and see before and after shots of all of our services here at the Blink Boutique, visit our website or Facebook page.

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A local beauty expert shares her thoughts on mascara, and what she says is her secret to getting long, full and beautiful lashes.


Mascara. The makeup that over-promises and under-delivers. A daily disappointment that every woman knows. It would be virtually impossible to find a woman out there who has never touched a tube of mascara or a curler to help enhance their natural lashes. Thankfully, there is a solution for all ladies out there who struggle with their lashes!

A before and after of a client at The Blink Boutique

The Blink Boutique helps satisfy that burning desire for long, beautiful lashes with lash extensions. Tell us what you want your lashes to say about you, and our lash artists will personalize a set of sassy, classy, but still natural looking lashes. A variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses can give normally lifeless lashes a vivacious second wind. Toss your stock of poorly performing mascaras in the trash and let us give you the lashes you’ve always envied from models in magazines, celebrities and men who have all the luck with long, beautiful lashes.

Women of all ages look drop-dead gorgeous with these lashes, and simple cleansing and brushing is all it takes to keep them looking brand new. The need to grab your curlers, liners and mascaras will no longer cross your mind each day. If you care for your extensions correctly, they can last up to six weeks! They make vacations and holidays a breeze and do nothing but accentuate your natural beauty 24/7. Honestly, once you see them, there is no going back! They are completely healthy for your lashes long term and the extensions shed with your natural lash growth cycle. We suggest that you get them filled in about once a month to keep them looking fabu-lash!

The Blink Boutique offers two styles, Luxurious Classic lashes and our Russian Volume lashes. The Classic style is for clients who want a very natural look, and this is achieved with one extension per natural lash. A lot of women start out with Classic because they are slightly toned down compared to the Russian; however, almost all of our clients come back wanting more extensions that are longer, curlier and thicker! Russian lashes have two to six lashes fused together at the bottom and that fan is attached to one of your natural lashes. Worried about them being too heavy or damaging your lashes? Worry no more… Russian lashes are specially designed to be lighter and fluffier so they don’t hold you back or weigh you down.

All of our Blink Lash Artists have countless hours of extensive training and know exactly how to achieve a certain look. Just like it is with getting your hair cut, you tell them what you want and they will ask you questions about your lash health and routines to effectively give you the lashes of your dreams!

Say goodbye to your long makeup routines and daily morning struggles. These lashes will completely change the way you get ready, not to mention, give you the spunk and self confidence you need to get you through the day. Come visit and let us bring out your inner lash diva!

Check out our website,, or our social media pages to see before and after shots of all of our services. We don’t just stop at lashes. We now have threading, brow tinting and extensions, teeth whitening and tanning! Give us a call at 513-280-6550 or email us at if you have any questions.