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Learn about a local lady who’s thanking her high school bullies for inspiring her to build a beauty empire that boosts women’s confidence one lash at a time.

La La Lash offers eyelash extensions in Oakely.
La La Lash offers eyelash extensions in Oakely.

They say the eyes are the windows into the soul, and if that’s the case, LT Thompson specializes in window treatments.

She opened her Oakley-based LaLa Lash studio in March 2015 after obtaining her certification. Currently, her service menu is focused solely on eyelash extensions, but she hopes to soon expand into custom eyebrow waxing, lash tinting and brow tinting.

Thompson says she actually began wearing lashes about six years ago after kids in high school made fun of her small eyes. “You know, always caring what people think in high school,” Thompson jokes.

She’s now thankful they did, though. It not only made her discover how lashes could enhance her eyes, frame her face and boost confidence, but it set her on an entrepreneurial path to help do the same for others.

“[Lash Extensions] make your eyes pop and still look like they are yours,” Thompson says. “That is the goal after all, to make it seem like everything you are wearing on your face is natural.”

Thompson says most women want this natural look, but if you’re into a more dramatic look, she says they can achieve a look for that as well.

Natural or dramatic, LaLa Lash has the service options to serve you. From Classic Extensions (one synthetic lash per natural lash) to Customized Volume Extensions (creating a fan out of two or more lashes by placing one fan per lash) to Kim K Extensions (a perfect blend of Classic and Customized Volume), there is an option for all looks. Thompson says Kim K is definitely the most popular services as it a very versatile look. She favors the Kim K or Customized Volume herself. “I really get to show my creative side with these two techniques,” Thompson says.

A set of classic lashes runs $100 with a $55 refill. A full set of Kim K lashes runs $150 with a $65 refill. The dramatic C. Volume full set is $200 with an $85 refill.

Thompson says that aside from the beauty benefits, it also saves on time. “Lashes make it easy to just get up and go,” she adds. “Whether you’re getting ready for work, headed to the gym, or just going to brunch with girls, they make your life so much easier!”

LaLa Lash is located at 4017 Allston St. Cincinnati, OH, 45209. To learn more, visit or like them on Facebook.

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A local lash expert recently relocated to the Reading Bridal District and launched a new app where you can virtually try out lash extensions. Read on for all the lash-batting details.

GLOSS Lash Studio relocated to the Reading Bridal District and launched a new app.

Lash bars are quickly gaining popularity around the country but Tracey Tracy, owner of GLOSS Lash Studio, was ahead of the curve. Tracy opened GLOSS Lash Studio in January 2008 (formally Advanced Permanent Cosmetics) with a main focus on eyelash extension and features like brow extensions and airbrush makeup. Tracy relocated her business to the Reading Bridal District in January 2015 with plans to further expand their current location or add more GLOSS locations.

Tracy says the inspiration for GLOSS comes from as far back as 2nd grade. “I remember as far back as 2nd grade. We were assigned the project ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and I wanted to be a makeup artist,” she says. She loves the inspiration that comes from the services she offers. “I love helping women bring out their best features, empowering them and helping them feeling overall good about themselves inside and out after leaving GLOSS.”

Tracy says their services at GLOSS help women feel like the best version of themselves include eyelash and brow extensions, lash and brow tinting, brow shaping/threading and makeup services. Additionally, they offer training and certification for those wishing to join the field of lash artistry.

Of these services, Tracy answers which is the most popular without skipping a beat – “Eyelash Extensions…they are game changers. No more mascara.” These services range in price from $100-125 (for full sets) and $50 for fill-ins. Tracy says all pricing is available at

As if the move into Reading Bridal District wasn’t already exciting enough for GLOSS, they also just launched an app for their services. This app gives users the opportunity to virtually “try on” the lashes. “It is like looking into a magic mirror,” Tracy says. “It is live, not a still shot. They can blink, turn their head and the lashes stay right on their eyes.”

Tracy says the app is helpful, as many people in the midwest are still hesitant about the safety, cost, and natural look of extensions. “Now with the app, they can select the length and thickness and see the lashes on their own eyes and they are instantly like ‘sign me up,’” Tracy says.

GLOSS is located at 118 W Benson St Cincinnati, OH. To learn more, visit or visit them on Facebook.

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Good hair gets you everywhere and the newest blowout bar in Cincinnati - Blowout Z Bar - wants to help you get to your “there.”

Zamaris Geleszinski (center), Owner of Blowout Z Bar

Good hair. We all want it, but finding the time and patience to achieve it each day is another story. That’s where Blowout Z Bar can help.

With multiple blowout options to choose from, you can choose whether you want to keep your look sleek and sexy or voluminous and fun. New to the area with a very recent opening of March 16, Blowout Z bar is ready to set the Greater Cincinnati’s strands straight (or perhaps a wave, if you prefer).

Zamaris Geleszinski, owner of new Blowout Z Bar, and lover of adventure, exploring, and meeting new people, says that opening her own business seemed like the perfect new adventure to explore. She first discovered the concept when visiting LA with her husband and found that Cincinnati had not yet capitalized on the service and realized she had found her calling.

When asked what makes Blowout Z Bar unique, Geleszinski says it is all in their branding. “I am truly inspired by famous classic women throughout history. If you review our services, the titles are ‘The Jackie’ with direct inspiration from Jackie Kennedy and her style. She was so beautiful, respected, and poised. Other services include, ‘The Sophia’, ‘The Marilyn’, ‘The Farrah’. I aspire to be like these influential women that have left such an impact in our world,” says Geleszinski.

She says she wants her customers to feel as if they also have the power, influence, and great hair, of course, to conquer the world and leave an impact. Of their services offered, Geleszinski says The Jackie (straight with volume) and The Sophia (soft wave) are the most popular, with her personal favorite being The Sophia.

In addition to blowouts, Blowout Z bar also offers a few other services such as makeup application, up-dos, and extensions. In the future, they will also soon offer cut and colors by consultation. In addition, Geleszinski says, they have plans to expand further into other areas in the Midwest.

While Geleszinski says there is no one secret to a perfect blow-out, she says the right stylist and the right products can really make a blowout shine (quite literally depending on the products used). “I guess if it had to be one secret- it’d be dedication from our stylists. As long as you walk out of Blowout Z Bar feeling fabulous- that’s all that matters,” she says.

Blowout Z Bar is located at 3972 Red Bank Road Suite A500 in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit

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What are the secrets to looking and feeling your best? Read on as Kelly Heid of Makeup by Kelly has the answers.

Makeup by Kelly
Makeup by Kelly offers personalized makeup applications and a beauty blog.

Lookin’ good and feelin’ better isnt’ just a saying for Kelly Heid of Makeup by Kelly, it’s her business mantra.

Heid says she knows the variety of makeup products and advice is overwhelming, so she not only provides a beauty blog but also personalized makeup applications.

Heid’s passion for beauty began when she was little, but she says working in a salon is what lit the fire. “Working in a salon and being in that creative atmosphere really sparked something inside me,” Heid says. Things really took off when she did her sister’s makeup (for her own wedding) and friends liked the look and began requesting Heid to do their makeup as well.

At this time Heid’s beauty business is a one-woman show, although she is in the works of bringing an apprentice on to help with some of her larger projects.

Kelly Heid, Founder of Makeup by Kelly
Kelly Heid, Founder of Makeup by Kelly

Currently, Heid is sharing her passion for beauty through public blog posts and personalized private bookings. She says Makeup by Kelly is already a pretty large project on its own, but she hopes to one day own a studio where she could offer classes and host makeup parties. “That is the dream, but for now I’m just doing what I love and feeling really grateful,” Heid says about opening her own studio.

Getting the scoop on Heid’s most tried and true products proved a little difficult as she shares the universal struggle of choosing between the endless amount of options available. Though, when forced to pick Heid says. “I am a mascara junkie and my current obsession is with the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. The brush on that wand is amazing!” But, when looking for effortless and easy everyday picks Heid says that the necessities include a good BB cream, mascara and a cream blush that can be used for both lips and cheeks.

These beauty picks also make it easier to achieve the “no makeup makeup look,” one of the hottest beauty trends right now. says Heid. Although, she warns it’s not always as easy to pull off as people assume. “It’s about flawless skin, a little contour and defined eyes. Lips with pressed in, barely-there color,” she advises. Additionally, to give your eyebrows a little love as Heid says, “a little shaping and creating some definition can go a long way.”

For more information, visit

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A new med spa recently opened in Ft. Mitchell to have you looking and feeling like new with their aesthetic services and medical massages.

Oasis Med Spa offers a variety of services including facials and massages.

Great things happen with the right partnership, and that’s exactly what happened for Mary Jo Dahlhoff and Karen Payne Hill.

The two partnered up last year and opened the doors to Oasis Med Spa, located just over the river in Ft. Mitchell. Dahlhoff is a listened cosmetologist and aesthetician, and she provides all the aesthetic services at the spa. Hill is the licensed massage therapist who focuses on providing a variety of massage services.

“I’ve been working in spa salons for about 30 years now and my dream came true when Karen Hill and I opened Oasis last year,” Dahlhoff says, adding that they offer everything from facials, waxing, brow/lash tinting, body treatments and micro-exfoliations — a favorite of Dahlhoff’s.

Dahlhoff says their facials are among their most popular treatments. “My anti-aging facial is my favorite to do and see good results,” she says.

Prices for facials run from $38 for an Express Facial to $98 for the Anti-Aging treatment. Derma planing is $58 and $128 with a facial. Massage offerings include deep tissue, sports massage, Microcurrent Point Stimulation, Swedish Massage and Medical Massage. Prices range from $40 for a 30-minute Swedish Massage to $135 for a 90-minute Medical Massage. Packages can also be purchased for discounted package prices.

Oasis Med Spa is located at 2481 Dixie Highway in Ft Mitchell, Kentucky. Call 859-342-7700 or “like” their Facebook page to learn more.

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A designer, consignment bridal boutique just opened in the Reading Bridal District and they’re taking the concept of “less is more” to a whole new level. Read on for more.

LUXEredux Bridal Boutique is a consignment shop-concept for bridal gowns.

Designer consignment shops are popular in the retail world, so why not create the concept for brides-to-be? That’s the question Lindsay Fork asked herself, and the answer made her the owner of LUXEredux Bridal Boutique.

The LUXEredux story began in 2010. As its sister store La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique grew bigger and more mature, the space grew smaller due to an overwhelming amount of dresses. The owner, Fork, attempted a semi-annual sample sale only to be disappointed by the turnout. Sample sales, however, always drew a crowd.

That’s when Fork was inspired to create a store that was a constant sample sale, opening the first LUXEredux Bridal Boutique in Columbus selling samples or dresses that had been gently used. She then upped the ante by launching an e-commerce as well. The results proved to be so powerful that she was prompted to open a second LUXEredux Bridal Boutique location in June 2015 in the Reading Bridal District.

While competition can be fierce, especially in the Bridal District, Fork says their concept separates them from the pack. “The entire concept of LUXERedux when I started it was that brides should not have to compromise on experience simply because they are buying a sample,” says Fork.

LUXEredux’s e-commerce site allows brides to purchase without stepping foot in the store. The bride simply selects her three top gowns, and for a $50 fee, they are sent to her where she can try them on in the comfort of her home.

Right now, they are focused on getting more attention to their store, concept and convenient e-commerce options. In fact, their site allows brides to purchase without ever stepping foot in the store. The bride simply selects her three top gowns, and for a $50 fee, they are sent to her where she can try them on in the comfort of her home.

Which trends are flying off the bridal shelves right now? Fork says it’s all about the sleeves! She calls them “demure, gorgeous, and stylish.” In fact, she says designers are pairing them with sexy low backs and yards of lace capturing three trends in one dress. As far as the bridal party she says the best trend is capturing exactly what the bride wants for the day. “I have seen way too many sad scenarios where you can just tell she is all about making mom happy or sister(s) happy and it boggles my mind,” Fork says. For winter brides she advises you stay warm! – but fashionably so. If sleeves are what you want, go for it, but your Big Day is less about external heat and more about that inner, fiery glow.

LUXEredux is located at 203 W Benson Street in The Reading Bridal District. To learn more, visit

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From high-end art shows and wowing weddings to summer camps for kids and jewelry workshops, keep reading about the local art center that’s hosting all these events and more.

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center is host
The Kennedy Heights Arts Center offers a variety of events and showcase a number of artists.

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center (KHAC) prides itself on the variety of events they offer and the array artists that help make it all happen. Dominque A. Springs, Events and Marketing Manager at KHAC, says the galleries speak for themselves in how truly different they are and how closely it ties in with their overall mission. “As an organization we are truly living up to what we believe in,” says Springs. So what is that? And how are they achieving it?

According to Springs, the KHAC aims to add to their community, which they are doing by holding new events and new artists each week. Springs tells us that neighbors of the community are so impressed by what was a former empty parking lot partnered with an abandoned building.

The KHAC offers gallery show openings, summer camps for children, knitting classes, jewelry workshops, drawing classes and more. Their main focus right now, Springs tells us, is a new program called Celebrations with heART that is being made possible through a grant from Artswave. This program will focus on one-of-a-kind, hand-on activities created and led by artists that will vary from signature arts experiences in visual art, dance, theatre or music. More information on their new program can be found at

While Springs is still getting her feet wet at KHAC (she’s been with the organization since October 2015), that hasn’t stopped her from diving in. Spring says she loves coordinating all events, from corporate to kid-focused, that come through the doors at KHAC, but gallery show openings have been her favorite to produce thus far. “When we have a new exhibit opening we invite the artist or artists whose work is being showcased along with their friends, family, and we also invite the public,” says Springs.

The next exhibit Springs is looking forward to helping open is the Annual Student Art Show: Visions of Creativity which will open March 12 from 2-4 p.m.

KHAC plans to grow even further than the large amount of artistic responsibilities they have already undertaken. Springs says they owe a large amount of their ability to do so to the generosity of donors, their artists and instructors, along with anyone else who makes what they do possible. “We are very structured in what we offer and create and I believe this is why we are also so great. Being the anchor of a diverse, creative community is not easy but we make it possible,” says Springs.

KHAC is located at 6620 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit You can also get a sneak peek of the venue when Cincy Chic hosts its annual Night in White event at KHAC on April 8.

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After wondering who’s behind Cincinnati’s most charitable acts, the “Good Things Going Around” blog author is hosting an event to celebrate what (and who) she discovered.

Lisa is hosting A Night of CINspiration
Lisa Desatnik is hosting A Night of CINspiration to spread the word about important causes, organizations and companies making a positive change.

Lisa Desatnik started her “Good Things Going Around” blog to highlight who’s behind, you guessed it, good things going around.

“Every day, all around us there are people whose actions, speech and genuine humanity are impacting others in the most meaningful of ways. They touch hearts and inspire positive change,” Desatnik says. “It has given me cause to understand that it is among the most basic of human needs, to be included and appreciated. And it has given me strength and confidence to step out of my comfort zone at times and pursue my passions.”

She’s been blogging since 2008 to spread the word about important causes, organizations and companies aimed at making positive change. Now, she’s hosting her very first event, “A Night of CINspiration,” to take this mission from online to in-person.

Desatnik says her goal for the event is to inspire and uplift attendees. While the event will include a happy hour and chances for networking, there will also be a featured CINspirational guest, Nick St. Pierre, otherwise known as the Red’s mascot, Gapper. St. Pierre has since passed on the mascot torch to his son, but he carries on the tear-jerking stories of the people he met during his time behind the mask. St. Pierre’s stories, as are all of Desatnik’s interviewees, are meant to inspire, evoke emotion and a friendly reminder of the good in the world.

“Something my parents have instilled in me is the reminder that we never know about our tomorrow, and we will never have another today,” Desatnik says of her personal inspirations. “It is important to be thankful for what you have in life and the people who give it meaning, and not take any of that for granted.”

The event will take place on Feb. 25, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Tavern on the Hill, located at 1111 St. Gregory Street in Mt. Adams. From 5:30 to 6:30 pm, there will be networking, and then the program will be from 6:30 to 6:50 pm. The event is free to attend, however, pre-registration is required. Desatnik says there will be happy hour specials on drinks, and everyone at the event will receive a 15% off discount on any food order. To learn more and to reserve your tickets, click here.

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One local group is combining the power of flash mobs and random acts of kindness to make a difference for those in need. Read on for more.

Liz Wu, the planner and founder of Random Acts of Kindness, which organizes events like the recent #Kindflash Clothes Drive.

Random acts of kindness aren’t so random for Liz Wu. That’s because she’s the planner and founder behind the “Random Acts of Kindness” group that organizes events such as the recent #Kindflash Clothes Drive.

These clothing drives collect warm winter clothes and accessories for those in need, and then randomly places them around the community through the help of volunteers.

It all started a year ago when Wu says she came across an inspirational message. It prompted her to start a Facebook group to see if anyone would want to join her in helping others in need. “It came together extremely quickly,” she recalls, “and we were able to make a large impact with zero budget and no prior planning.”

Since then, #Kindflash— a flash mob of kindness as Wu describes it— has continued to grow with additional events, as well as an increase in volunteers and donations. “Often, when volunteers are unable to attend in person, they participate by sharing the info and or sending a donation,” she adds.

More than 51 neighborhoods benefitted from the recent #Kindflash event.

In fact, the most recent #Kindflash event, held in Jan. 2016, served more than 51 neighborhoods throughout Greater Cincinnati with 3,784 donations — 2,666 of those being hats, gloves, scarves and socks and the other 1,118 including ear warmers, coats, snacks and more. Wu says her organization is continuing its growth because of the gratifying work they do. ”Every time we hear feedback that a volunteer is continuing to work with a partnering organization, or receive a thank you letter from someone we visited, it is extremely inspiring,” she adds.

They want to keep the growth going, so spread the word, Wu says. “We are looking forward to growing the program and continuing to build new relationships and partnerships in the community,” she explains.

Wu says their volunteers range from all ages, backgrounds and ability levels. “Your activity in the organization is completely up to you and you may be as active as you’d like,” she says.

They’re also looking for donations for their upcoming events, such as a fundraiser for a local youth wheelchair basketball team on March 19. For more information on the event or the organization, visit them on Facebook.