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Publisher & CEO - Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, is the editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic. Send her an e-mail at From growing up in the cornfields of Harrison and getting a Mass Communications B.A. degree in the bubble of Oxford, to living on the NKY side of the river in Newport and then Ft. Thomas, Amy Scalia has embraced Cincinnati with her presence. Her major life accomplishments include: being a mom of two girls and a boy, a 2010 "40 Under 40" recipient from the Cincinnati Business Courier, winning the "Best New Product/Service of the Year" Award from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a national Web-writing award from ASHPE in 2007, a national feature writing award from ASBPE in 2006, and running three Flying Pig Marathons.

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Click for a sneak peek inside this dreamy English Tudor on the market in O'Bryonville!

Stunning English Tudor on desirable street in O’Bryonville. The home features natural woodwork and hardwood floors throughout. 9 ft ceilings, leaded glass, and French doors. 900 sq ft of living space on third floor per seller, all hardwood floors and full bath. 5+ car garage. Amazing patio and outdoor living area.

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Keeping your skin healthy is a constant struggle. No matter how hard you try using at-home methods like lotions, there comes a time when clinical treatment is a necessity, if you want to continue having healthy looking skin. The question is what type of clinical treatment do you need? You may have heard that lasers offer the best skincare treatments you can get, but is that true? Let’s find out. 


Why Lasers Are Popular Skincare Devices

Lasers are popular. There is no denying that. For about thirty years, skincare specialists have been using them to treat many different skin ailments. One reason for their popularity is their accuracy. Another is their speed. A single laser treatment involves a certified clinician pointing the laser at your in a systematic way. In less than a second, a laser can treat an area about quarter-sized. 


Lasers are also popular because of the number of skin conditions they can assist with. The versatility of lasers for cosmetic procedures is indisputable. There are ablative lasers used to perform laser peels. There are even laser procedures that can spot treat such issues as specific scars or mild wrinkles. Non-ablative lasers are available to revitalize your skin from the inside by triggering higher collagen production rates in your body as well. 


The Convenience of Having Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are also quite convenient. Each one typically takes under an hour to complete. There is also very little chance of serious side effects or any need for time off to recover. With no hospital admittance and limited minor side effects, such as temporary swelling, you can have laser treatment without disrupting your life too much. 


Not Everyone Can Have Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment may sound perfect for every occasion and person, but it is not. Lasers have limits. For example, severe skin sagging requires surgery to correct. Your skin type can also make you ineligible for laser procedures. Lasers produce heat, which can put you at risk for burns when your skin is excessively oily. Having skin that is too thin, too dry or otherwise places you at higher risk for side effects may also make laser treatment a poor choice.


If your skin is dark or you have certain conditions, such as active acne outbreaks, you also may not qualify for laser treatment. Most lasers are better at treating skin that is light. Additionally, dark skin means the laser has the potential to alter your skin pigment. That means you may have discolored skin patches after the treatment is over.


Clinical Skin Treatments That Offer Alternatives to Lasers

There are several clinical skin treatments that offer alternatives to lasers. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Among them are microdermabrasion, chemical peels and intense pulsed light therapy. Sound wave treatment is even an option. However, most of those treatments are milder than laser therapy. Therefore, you might need five or six laser treatments to get desired results, but you might need more of those other treatments to achieve an equivalent goal.


Making a Final Choice About Clinical Skin Treatments

In some cases, it may be difficult to decide which clinical skin treatment is truly best for you. If two treatments seem equally beneficial, consider other factors. For example, they may differ in cost or time investment. Talking to a skincare clinician at your local clinic can also help you decide. After assessing your skin, he or she may have insights you hadn’t thought of. After such a consultation, you should be able to make a clear final decision.


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We're heading down by the river for this week's Listing of the Week! Click for a peek inside!

Check out this beautifully and completely renovated 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom condo with panoramic river views! The home features new windows and double pane sliding glass doors. There is 500+ square feet of deck space. The kitchen boasts Carrara Marmi quartz with new stainless steel Bosch appliances. The oversized master bedroom features a bathroom, laundry, wine bar, walk-in shower, a 15×12 glam closet, and a yoga room. There are separate heating and air conditioning for the first and second floors. All rooms also have new hardwood flooring. The home is listed at $624,900.




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Sneakers can be extremely stylish, as long as you don’t decide to wear them with a gown of course! Nevertheless, the stylish fashionista can pull off a pair of good sneakers at any casualevent, and even some semi-casual occasions effortlessly. In order to do that though, she needs a proper collection of sneakers to choose from, which is why we have this list of five sneakers for five different occasions that you will appreciate.

Veja V10

Veja is a Brazilian brand which prioritizes sustainable production above all. Therefore, you won’t have to feel guilty about wearing their gorgeous, but functional leather Nauticosneakers. While being stylish and of high quality, the V10 sneakers are also perfect for hikes, tennis and light exercise.

Nike Air Max 97

If you know anything about sneakers, you probably knew that this one was going to make it onto the list, because how can a pair that’s so beautifully feminine, and yet athletic in typical Nike fashion, not make it in here? The Air Max 97 is the perfect combination of both, and you need to have it in your collection.

Gucci GG Screener Sneakers

You know you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Gucci sneakers, and sites like SSENSE have the whole collection. Whether you like the Black Ace, the White Ace or the GG Screener we are suggesting here, SSENSE probably has it in your size.

In case you are curious as to why we are suggesting the GG Screener, then that’s because it will add that all essential variety to your collection. Other than that, Gucci sneakers are among the most premium in the entire industry, so feel free to choose any pair that catches your fancy, or that you think would be more appropriate for your needs.

When you want a pair that will attract instant attention due to its sheer brand value, while keeping you stylish and comfortable everywhere, this is the sneaker you just need to have.

Golden Goose Superstar

The Black & White Superstar is a popular choice, but feel free to choose them in a different color combination. The deliberately old-ish look has a subtle charm to it, and the pair looks classy. It would be a unique addition to your sneaker collection and they are quite sturdy.

Converse High Top

Let’s end the list with a pair of sneakers that became extremely popular about three years ago, and is also the most affordable one on this list.

Quite simply put, the Converse High Top is a simple, white sneaker, with the brand logo being the only break in the white. Can it replace any of the sneakers we have mentioned? No, it can’t, but the High Top from Converse still looks amazingpaired with a simple pair of blue jeans and a washed, white top.

Each time you decide to buy a pair of sneakers, make sure that it serves a different function or comes in a different color or design than any of the sneakers you have already. It will give more value to your shoes, and your options for each attire will be much wider.

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Furnishing a new home can be a daunting task. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or a new home, you’re likely overwhelmed with how much furniture is required to fill your space. 

Like any large task, it’s best to tackle furnishing your new home step by step in order to create a cohesive, affordable and comfortable space. Check out the below tips to get started creating a beautiful new home.

Decide on a Style

Before you make any purchases, it’s important to decide on the style and vibe you want for your house. Search through photos on Pinterest, take a look at some interior design magazines, and even take note of what you like and dislike when visiting friends’ homes.

Additionally, take your time to flesh out the style you like so you can ensure you have a consistent theme throughout your space. It may be helpful to create a physical or digital vision board to inspire you as you work.

Recycle When Possible

Take a look at the furniture you already have and decide if any of it fits the design style you desire for your new home. If it does, great. If not, however, can you upcycle anything worth keeping? A fresh coat of paint or reupholstery can completely transform a piece.

Better yet, transforming old materials into something new will help you learn a new skill in the process. Take inventory of what you have and don’t already own, and then move on to actual furniture shopping.

Start with the Essentials

Identify the pieces of furniture that are most important to create a functioning living environment. For example, a dining room table can be bypassed for a few months if you usually eat on the couch. In all cases, though, your bedroom is an integral part of feeling comfortable and at peace in your new home.

Because in addition to being necessary for a great night’s sleep, buying a beautiful bedroom set is a great starting point to make you feel at home and set the stage for the rest of your design. 

Remember Safety

It’s not the most fun part of furnishing a home, but safety should always be considered when you’re making any and all essential purchases. When moving, always change the locks as soon as possible, as you never know who had a spare copy of the previous resident’s keys.

You should also consider whether pets or children will be around the home, as this may dictate the height of your furniture, whether you need rounded edges and more.

Get Comfortable

While adding the essentials and being mindful of safety measures are most important to furnishing your new home, being comfortable is also key; after all, you’ll want to make your house a home.

In that same vein, don’t shy away from putting up personal photos, grabbing a few throw pillows and blankets, and picking up a few candles. You’ll be happiest in your home when you can enjoy the small pleasures, so don’t feel guilty about adding a few indulgences.

Flex Your Creative Muscle When Making a New House a Home

Instead of thinking of furnishing your new home as intimidating, think of it as an exciting new time to flex your creativity and design a space made specially for you. Taking on the project in bite-sized pieces will make it easy and fun. Your home is all yours, so take your time, personalize it and relax!

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We're heading to Hyde Park for a peek at this quintessential English Tudor style home for this week's Listing of the Week!

This picturesque English Tudor home offers quintessential living in Hyde Park. The home is within close distance to everything you need in Hyde Park while offering gorgeous architectural details through that have recently been brought back to life. The entryway is stunning with a curved staircase featuring wrought iron railing, gleaming hardwood floors throughout, an excellent floor plan, a private pool in the rear, and so much more. It’s a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home listed at $1.09 million.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.


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Choosing the right career can be a tough task. You want to find something that you enjoy and you could see yourself doing for quite some time. The idea is to work to live, not the other way around.


If you’re looking for a career change, that step could be even more daunting than starting a new career. Starting over from zero, or close to it, can be scary. Not only that, but choosing the right career is a big part of your personal health and not going down the right path can be difficult to come back from.


So no matter if you’re just starting out or are looking for a change, you have plenty of options around you.


Amidst all your thinking, have you ever considered a career in medicine?


Why is Now the Right Time?

The medical field has long been considered a male-dominated industry, but the future of medicine is looking more and more female by the day. Around 60% of physicians under the age of 35 are female and while that number evens out the older physicians get, medical schools are also seeing a new trend.


For the first time since 2004, 2018 marked the year where medical schools had more female applicants than men. While the jury is still out on 2019, it seems this is a trend that is likely to continue for the next few years. 


The majority of leadership in hospitals and clinics are still filled by men, but with more and more female physicians coming in each year those changes will gradually even out.


The Process

Chances are, you probably know someone that went to medical school or nursing school. You probably already know the process, but just in case you don’t, here’s a quick recap:


 MCAT (medical school entrance exam)
 Medical School
 Possibly more specialized schooling
 Boards and licenses
 Your first job


That’s a super condensed version and takes the average student around a decade to become a doctor and a nurse about 6-7 years. Despite working in and around a hospital throughout school and residency, you’ll still have to go on the job hunt before starting your first day.


Before you decide to embark on this road, remember to take a look at the long picture before investing the next decade into becoming a medical professional.


The Money Question

You might be wondering about the drawbacks and benefits of pursuing a medical career. Medical school is quite expensive, with most graduates leaving school with well over $200,000 in debt.


That’s a tough hill to climb, but it may calm you to know the average physician salary in the country is $230,000 with the average in Ohio being $203,000. The average nurse will make around $73,000.




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This Mt. Adams home has a breathtaking style, location, and view. Click for a peek inside this week's Listing of the Week!

This Mt. Adams home features million dollar views of downtown Cincinnati. Listed at bargain price of $549,900, the updated 2-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home with a flex room/3rd bedroom option has a large master suite with a walk-in closet and a second floor laundry. It has off-street parking with a 2-car tandem garage and a backyard garden oasis. The home also features hardwood floors, updated fixtures, and a short walk to the entertainment district and stadiums.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.