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Publisher & CEO - Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, is the editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic. Send her an e-mail at From growing up in the cornfields of Harrison and getting a Mass Communications B.A. degree in the bubble of Oxford to now owning a home on the Cincitucky side of the river in Ft. Thomas, Amy Scalia has embraced Cincinnati with her presence. Her major life accomplishments include: being a 2010 "40 Under 40" recipient from the Cincinnati Business Courier, winning the "Best New Product/Service of the Year" Award from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a national Web-writing award from ASHPE in 2007, a national feature writing award from ASBPE in 2006 and running three Flying Pig Marathons.

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This week's episode of Styling with Amy and Amy is all about shoes! Watch our latest video to see this summer's hottest shoe trends!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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For modern women in Cincinnati, a chaotic schedule has become a daily norm. Between rushing to and from work meetings, soccer practices, errands, and more, finding time for anything but the essentials is (at best) a hard thing to accomplish. In the middle of everything, it is easy to lose focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. No matter how busy you are, dismissing the thought of trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be one of the deadliest mistakes you can make.

Consider this: In the United States,the leading cause of deathfor women, and indeed men, is heart disease. Unhealthy lifestyle factors are a leading contributor to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke. Women who appear to be completely healthy on the outside can become a victim of heart disease without any notice.

Looking for ways that you can take care of your heart in the middle of your busy schedule? Review these top tips for staying heart healthy while on the go.

Limit your intake of high sodium fast food

It can be all too easy to skip the grocery store and line up at the nearest drive-thru for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Modern fast food establishments have made it possible to get any meal of the day within minutes. They’ve also made food taste incredibly delicious by adding excess sodium. A diet high in sodium greatly increases your risk of developing high blood pressure, a heart attack, or a stroke. When selecting your quick service meals, be sure to choose options that are lower in sodium.

Take supplements that support heart health

One of the quickest ways to take care of your heart is totake heart health supplements. Adding a daily dose of essential nutrients can support healthy cholesterol levels, proper cardiovascular function, improve circulation, and more. In addition to all of the potential advantages offered by heart health supplements, it takes nearly no effort to reap all of their benefits.

Be sure to get your exercise

When your schedule is packed, finding the proper time to workout can feel next to impossible. However,staying physically active is an essential componentof maintaining a healthy heart. According to the American Heart Association, it is best to get at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times per week.

Make heart health a priority

With so many other things competing for your time and attention, it can be a challenge to add yet another to-do to your priority list. Among all of the things you have to do in any given week, taking care of your health (especially your heart health) should always be a top to-do item. Meetings can be rescheduled, shopping trips can be postponed, but your health doesn’t always get a do-over. With each new day, start adding each of the habits listed above to ensure that your heart stays strong and healthy for years to come.

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Need free and super fast wi-fi while you're out and about? Watch as we used Cincinnati Bell's Connect Cincinnati app to find a fioptics free wi-fi hotspot downtown and see why we gave it two geek chic thumbs up!

Designed by Cincinnati Bell, the Connect Cincinnati app is the first city-wide, free mobile app that connects consumers, businesses and the community. It has has TONS of information about things to do, discounts on fun stuff all over town, PLUS it has a amazing additional feature: it tells you where all the fioptic free wifi is all over town!

And these hotspots are in the most popular and vibrant locations of the Greater Cincinnati area like Fountain Square, Riverbend, Washington Park, US Bank Arena, Findlay Market, and Newport Aquarium- just to name a few.

This app and its hotspots are a dream come true. Whether you need to hop on to do some work between meetings, share some video at a concert, or look up recipes at Findlay Market, you’ll have the speed of the incredibly fast fioptics internet at your fingertips.

Download the free app now to check it out for yourself and learn more about it at

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It's all about the prints this season! Read on (and watch!) as our style guru shares a few must-haves to add to your wardrobe, especially if you're traveling.

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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Learn about a free app that keeps you connected to local businesses, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and savings on things like food, activities and even Cincy Chic events!


Like being in the know about cool places and events in town? Like saving money? Well, then you need to know about the Connect Cincinnati app! It’s seriously AWESOME! Cincy Chic posts ALL its events there, and a little insider tip, we ALWAYS offer a discount code when you find our events through the Connect Cincinnati app!

We’re just one of TONS of other local businesses doing the same — posting about what’s new and exciting, and offering exclusive discounts and offers to check it out that you can ONLY get through the Connect Cincinnati app!

So, here’s what it is. The Connect Cincinnati app is a free mobile app developed by Cincinnati Bell to connect Greater Cincinnati residents with local businesses, community events, and exclusive offers, deals
and sweepstakes. The Connect Cincinnati app also provides users with access to our network of Fioptics Free Wi-Fi hotspots, which can be found at some of the most popular gathering spaces and major attractions around town, such as Riverbend, Fountain Square, Washington Park, Smale Park, US Bank Arena, and many more. Be sure to download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Learn more here.

FYI: This post is sponsored by Cincinnati Bell, but content and opinions expressed are my own!