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Amy Scalia
Publisher & CEO - Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, is the editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic. Send her an e-mail at From growing up in the cornfields of Harrison and getting a Mass Communications B.A. degree in the bubble of Oxford to now owning a home on the Cincitucky side of the river in Ft. Thomas, Amy Scalia has embraced Cincinnati with her presence. Her major life accomplishments include: being a 2010 "40 Under 40" recipient from the Cincinnati Business Courier, winning the "Best New Product/Service of the Year" Award from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and a national Web-writing award from ASHPE in 2007, a national feature writing award from ASBPE in 2006 and running three Flying Pig Marathons.

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Our Editor-in-Chic checked out the fun eateries listed in the Connect Cincinnati Lunch Club! Watch to learn about the amazing discounts and where to download the app!

Designed by Cincinnati Bell, the Connect Cincinnati app is the first city-wide, free mobile app that connects consumers, businesses and the community. It has TONS of information about things to do, discounts on food/drinks/events and activities all over town, plus it even tells you where all the fioptic free wifi is across the city!
I’m loving all the discounts on the app. They have several different categories for you to find what you’re looking for faster, like dining, shopping, sports, family fun, salon & spa… things like that. But I just noticed this “lunch club” category and I’m loving it because it has a ton of places on there I love going – like Prime, Taste of Belgium, and The Anchor – and LOTS places I’ve been wanting to check out too! 
After a delicious lunch at Prime today where I got $5 off, I hopped over to Sweet Petit in OTR and got a free dessert when I bought two! All you have to do is show them coupon on your app and your discount is applied! Easy peasy! Definitely recommend it!
You can download the Connect Cincinnati app for free in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Pants... under a dress? We're chatting with Styling with Amy to learn about a stylish new dress trend for fall and ideas for how to wear it! Keep watching for more!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at



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Our Editor-in-Chic chats with the fashionista behind Styling with Amy to talk about one of the hottest trends: kimonos! Click here to learn more!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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Common colds, seasonal allergies, sinus congestions, etc., are minor health problems that we all must deal with throughout our lives and while they are mostly short-term inconveniences that do go away after a few days, those few days are never pleasant. This leads us to the question, is there a way to make sure that germs are unable to get us down as often as they do? While complete immunity against the common cold and other similar diseases are not exactly possible, there are definitely ways we can boost our immune system.

A strong immune system not only keeps diseases at bay but it also makes sure that even if you catch something, recovery is fast. Exercise plays a very important role in boosting immunity, but food is by far the most prominent immunity booster of them all. On that note, let’s now take a look at five foods that have the potential to make people forget what it feels like to catch a common cold.

Green Tea

Most of us know that green tea is rich in antioxidants and that is one of the main reasons why the herb is so highly regarded across the world. However, it’s the antioxidant catechin that makes it a superb immunity booster as well. Catechins are extremely potent in fighting off viral infections and when consumed on a regular basis, it builds up the immune system against most strains of viruses that commonly affect us. Drinking green tea while sick will also escalate the recovery process.


Honey is considered to be one of nature’s super foods for multiple reasons. Apart from strengthening immunity by affecting the white blood cells, honey is also effective in soothing symptoms of a cold such as sore throats and coughs.


Garlic is a scientifically proven deterrent for germs in general and not just viruses, but the allicin content in garlic has been found to be particularly effective against the common cold and flu.

Sweet Potato

A potato is not exactly seen as “healthy” per se, but the sweet potato has some amazing properties. Not only is it rich in vitamin C but the combination of vitamin C and vitamin A makes the root so relevant on this list. The nose and the throat are lined with mucous membranes that are our primary protection against microbes and vitamin A is essential for the membranes to work properly.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae, which has so many essential nutrients in it that it basically makes it a super food by default. Just take a look at the algae’s nutrient list to understand what we are talking about here.

• 60 to 70 percent protein

• Iron

• Magnesium

• Calcium

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin K

It reduces inflammation, supplies energy, improves digestion, fights allergies, boosts immunity, and does so much more!

Not only are the foods on this list great for improving immunity but they are also quite effective in helping with recovery once you have been affected by a particular illness. However, if a cold starts to get worse and the patient develops symptoms like strep throat and high fever, a consultation with the physician is necessary. Strep throat treatment is not particularly complicated, but if left untreated it can develop into a very painful situation fast.

A few cups of green tea, mixed with garlic and honey can certainly help alleviate the condition, but you will also need some professional advice if you want to recover fast.

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Fall is fast approaching and those summer nails just won’t cut it anymore. Who wants to be reminded of the sun, sea, and cocktails whilst watching the nights get darker and the weather getting colder? But don’t fret, with each new season comes new nail opportunities and Halloween will also be shortly upon us, with plenty of opportunities for some spooky nails!

Press On Nails

If you haven’t got the time to paint your nails or you just hate having to wait for them to dry, which coincidentally is always the time you need to go pee, then press on nails are a boon. These are an alternative to acrylics that are much cheaper, quicker (stick on in seconds) and much better for your nails because – no glue! There are hundreds of designs and colors to choose at Dashing Diva.

Glitter Wrap Nails

As winter approaches so does the glitter. Christmas time comes and the more sparkle, the better! Why not make your nails look the part for all those Christmas parties with some glitter wraps? These full coverage nails can be applied by anyone at home and are great at finishing off any outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of glitter!

Nail Art

If you’re into something a bit more creative or want some perfectly Instagram-perfect nails there are jewels, stickers, and much more out there! You don’t have to be an artistic genius to do nail art; you can buy stickers that will make people believe you’ve drawn them yourself! If you want to add some personality to your nails, this is definitely the way to do it and is so worth the extra effort.

Halloween Nails

If you love Halloween as much as you did when you were a child (or perhaps even more) then you love to look the part. Finding the perfect outfit and decorating your house is fun, but why not get your nails into the Halloween spirit this Fall? There are many different ideas that you can try yourself with nail polish or you can buy nails that just need stuck on- all the hard work done!

Gel Nails

If painting your nails isn’t your thing but you don’t want artificial nails on (as, FYI, they will ruin your nail underneath) then gels are your best route. They should be done with a base coat, color, then a top coat for optimal results.Using a gel light can speed up this process significantly, but once they are done they can last as long as three weeks. Gel polish gives nails a much more pristine, smooth finish than normal nail varnish and it is definitely worth the investment.

Painting your nails doesn’t have to be a chore, with so many ideas to choose from and amazing patterned nails you can apply in seconds without having to visit your local salon, you can have beautiful nails every day. All these nail trends and polishes plus much more can be found online and in your favorite beauty store.  

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 60% of households in America own a pet. This is great news because there are many proven benefits of owning a pet for both individuals and families. Studies have found that after a few weeks of caring for either a cat or dog, people who previously didn’t own a pet were able to enjoy lower blood pressure and heart rates, less stress, and even stronger immune systems. We’ve listed some of the best reasons why owning a pet is good for your health.

#1. Improved Mental Health

One of the best things about owning a pet is that they will provide you with unconditional love. Whether it’s your dog wagging their tail at you to welcome you home from work or your cat lovingly rubbing their head against your legs and purring at you, there’s little that compares to the type of love that you can get in return for caring for an animal of your own. In turn, this can help to improve your mental health by boosting your self-esteem, helping you to overcome loneliness, and even giving you somebody at home to talk to when you’re feeling down. Most pets are also always up for cuddles, but if your pet is anxious about human contact, Canna-Pet can help a highly-strung pet to calm down and be more comfortable around you.

#2. Better Physical Fitness

For many pet owners, having a pet at home means that their physical fitness can be improved. This is especially true for those who own a dog; walking your dog on a daily basis will help to improve your fitness levels and ensure that you’re getting the recommended amount of exercise, which will, in turn, have a number of great health benefits such as weight loss, reduced blood pressure, stronger muscles, and reduced risks of serious health conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

#3. More Social Interaction

If you’re feeling a little lonely lately then this could have a negative effect on your mental health. One of the great things about owning a pet is that they can break down all sorts of social barriers; if you’re walking your dog in the park then others are more likely to come over and strike up a conversation with you, or you could develop a better relationship with your neighbours by asking them to feed your cat or rabbit for you whilst you are away. Having a pet could lead to some of the best friendships or relationships of your life!

#4. Stronger Immune System

Many studies have shown that children who are brought up around cats or dogs tend to have a stronger immune system than those who are not; children with pets at home tend to take fewer days off from school sick, whilst the same is true when it comes to adults taking sick days from work. Having a pet at home can not only strengthen your body when it comes to fighting off diseases; it can also help to keep allergies at bay.

Can you think of any more health reasons to get a pet? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Our Editor-in-Chic checks out the new My Cincinnati Bell app from Cincinnati Bell! Keep reading to see how it makes life easier!

Between being a busy mom of a two, running a business and planning all our events, I’m on the go constantly. I’m actually rarely in front of a computer any more — I mainly just work from my phone. I love all my different apps and notifications. So that’s why the new My Cincinnati Bell app is awesome. It gives you access to your most important account and services information. You can access and manage your Cincinnati Bell phone, Internet, and Fioptics TV accounts with your Apple or Android smartphone.

The My Cincinnati Bell app allows you to look at your bill and manage account services from your phone.

You can pay your bill in a super quick three steps. You can view billing and payment history, check your current services and available services for your address, and even setup and manage Autopay through the app. You can also setup customized notifications for billing, payments and special offers including upcoming promotions and events. There’s also a great Help Center on the app that helps you find quick answers to your billing, payment and service questions. You can view frequently asked questions and even troubleshoot basic service issues in real time. There’s also an interactive map so you can see the Cincinnati Stores and Payment Centers closest to your location.

It’s really helpful for someone on the go who lives on their phone like me! It’s a free download on Google Play or the Apple App Store if you’d like to learn more or check it out for yourself!

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We chat with Amy Elberfeld from Styling with Amy to hear more about five fashion trends you should be breaking this season! Keep watching for more!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at