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Caroline Beckman
Editorial Intern - Caroline Beckman is an editorial intern for Cincy Chic. She attends Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. Caroline dreams of working for a magazine or an online publication. She also hopes to write best-selling novels and hit TV shows. Contact her at

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Read on as this local writer, speaker, and personal coach reveals how she found her path in life and why she devotes her life to helping others do the same.

Cherylanne Skolnicki started her own coaching business called Cherylanne Skolnicki Coaching.
Cherylanne Skolnicki started her own coaching business called Cherylanne Skolnicki Coaching.

Cherylanne Skolnicki had a successful and upwardly mobile career – in sales and then marketing at Proctor & Gamble – but eventually, she realized that she had a different calling in life.

She left P&G to form Nourish, a company focused on helping families eat well. Now, Skolnicki is a writer, public speaker and private coach through Cherylanne Skolnicki Coaching.

She says it’s a mixture of business coaching and personal coaching, and she tends to attract women who want it all, such as working mothers trying to balance their professional aspirations with their desire to be excellent mothers. She describes her career as “the fullest expression of who I am and what I’m here to do.”

“I think my whole body of work up to this point has led me to this chapter,” Skolnicki says of her inspiration. “It took me a while to put the pieces together of how my greatest gifts intersected with what people around me needed most, but once that became clear, this chapter of my professional life was born. Words truly are my gift – especially words used to uplift, encourage, clarify, and inspire – and my work as a writer, speaker, and coach allows me to use words in a way that touches lives and makes an impact on the world around me.”

Skolnicki is on a mission to teach the principles of Life Design, a “process of intentionally designing a life to consistently feel the way you want to feel. It’s about discovering what you’re here to do and doing it. It’s about finding harmony between your professional pursuits and your relationships at home. It’s a method of using simple prototypes and experiments to answer the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ It’s the most direct way out of feeling stuck or overwhelmed that I’ve ever seen and it’s the path to living a highly energized, personally optimized life that you know matters.”

Skolnicki wants to share this message with more people and to help them “know themselves and to design their lives accordingly.” Life Design, she adds, has a plethora of benefits. Subscribers to Life Design “stand out because they are both highly energized AND deeply peaceful. They’re not frantically chasing someone else’s dream. They’re not conflicted and guilt-ridden.”

Luckily for Skolnicki, she has found her path in life. Every day she wakes up excited to go to work, the feeling she hopes to bring to her clients as well. “It’s like you tap a supernatural energy source that’s always with you,” she explains. “So my favorite pat of my job is watching that source show up for my clients. When I see the light return to someone’s eyes – when the answer she’s been searching for comes to her in a moment of clarity and she’s simultaneously energized and peaceful – THAT’S my favorite thing about what I do.”

Skolnicki advises those who want to better themselves to start by carving out some quiet time to evaluate their lives. “Often, the urge to better ourselves is rooted in feeling overwhelmed, and when we quiet the stimulus around us, we can more clearly hear the prompting of what we need to do. The answers are almost always there,” Skolnicki explains. “We’re so busy running that we rarely stop to makes sure we’re still running in the right direction! But the thing we most resist is exactly what we need.”

Skolnicki describes herself as a woman who always believes that the best is yet to come. She is currently exploring options in group coaching so she can serve more people each year, and that’s just the beginning. She is working on her first book. “I’m a lifelong reader and can’t even count the number of times a book has changed my world view, so I’m excited about getting my own ideas out in that form,” she explains. The readership of her block, Let Your Life Shine, is also increasing.

To learn more, visit her website,

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Girls Empowered and Mentored to Success, or G.E.M.S., creates a safe, exciting, and educational environment through several social activities and creative workshops. Read on for more.

G.E.M.S. empowers young girls in the community.

Touted by CEO and Founder, the Rev. Dawn Martin, as “a new way to create girl power,” the non-profit organization Girls Empowered and Mentored to Success (G.E.M.S.) aims to teach girls ages 4 to 16 to “become responsible and respectful women.”

As Martin explains, G.E.M.S. works to maintain the personal and social development and education of young women in the communities of Montgomery County and to provide assistance with parents and educators. G.E.M.S. accomplishes its goal to create a safe, exciting and educational environment through several social activities and creative workshops.

The junior version of G.E.M.S. is called the Princess Club. For girls ages 4 to 10, the Princess Club allows bonding time for the girls and the women most important in their lives. “We will have interactive activities that will allow room for growth in the areas of social and educational skills,” explains Martin. “The Princess Club provides the little girls the opportunity to create long lasting friendships and sisterhoods.”

Older girls, ages 11 to 16, participate in the main G.E.M.S. program. This program strives to further introduce etiquette and educational ways to becoming an adult woman by partnering the young women with professionals in the area to serve as mentors and sponsors well into the future, and to give the girls guidance on daily social situations. A similar program, W.E.M.S., extends its message to women of the community and those incarcerated at the Dayton Correctional Institution. The goal of this program is to be the “catalyst from pain to purpose” for participants.

G.E.M.S. preaches three components to success: Reliability, accountability and respect. The three components are identified and taught in three modules administered in seven week increments. After these modules, Martin says, each participant will come to understand that a healthy lifestyle includes mind, body and spirit wellbeing. Participants garner a deeper appreciation of what it means to become their brother’s or sister’s keeper through self-worth and community action.

Beyond its own programs, G.E.M.S. fights against bullying and girl against girl violence. The program is part of the Million T-Shirt March to stand against bullying and has collected over 500 hand stamps from the community to “stand in agreement that this violence against one another is a disgrace to all of us as future leaders of our communities and the world.” G.E.M.S. is also involved in the arts and culture of Montgomery County by attending theatre programs and hosting City Wide Tea Parties and other social events to foster the social development of the girls in the program.

G.E.M.S plans to take its message to schools nationwide. This fall, G.E.M.S. will incorporate youth ministries, after-school programming and juvenile justice programming. G.E.M.S. also plans offer an 8-hour training session for those interested in being a facilitator and teaching the program in their community. To learn more about G.E.M.S. or get involved, contact Martin at or reach out on the G.E.M.S. Facebook page.

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See how ArtReach is inspiring imaginations through programming and education across the Tri-State, and even going on tour throughout the U.S.

From the 2014-2015 "Hansel & Gretel" Tour
From the 2014-2015 “Hansel & Gretel” Tour

The Children’s Theatre has been bringing entertainment and education in the fine arts to the youth of the Cincinnati area since 1947, through programs such as the ArtReach Program. The ArtReach program provides programming and education to children in the area, and Cincy Chic spoke with the producing artistic director, Angela Powell Walker, to learn how the ArtReach Program has made a difference in the community.

Cincy Chic: How long has the Children’s Theatre ArtReach Program been around?
Angela Powell Walker: The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati acquired the ArtReach program and made it a part of our institution in 2005.

Cincy Chic: What was the story and inspiration behind the ArtReach Program?
Powell Walker: We have always looked for ways to inspire the region youth and beyond with Educational Arts Programming and Entertaining, inspiring imaginations.

Cincy Chic: What is the ArtReach Program, for someone who has never heard of it? What does the ArtReach Program do?
Powell Walker: ArtReach is, in essence, theatre on the go! There are four actors that travel all throughout the United States, with a complete set, costumes, sound equipment and props to put on an entertaining and educational show to help with the curriculum of the classroom. At the end of each performance is a question answer period for the kids to learn about theatre as well as the topic matter being presented in the production.

Part Two of ArtReach are workshops designed to have a more one on one, hands on approach, learning opportunity through the arts. Topic matters range from Healthy Eating to Bullying. Instead of a show, the kids interact with our Arts Integration specialist, making the topic more relevant to them personally, thus learning the concepts faster and retaining the information longer.

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to become involved with the Children’s Theatre and ArtReach Program?
Powell Walker: As the incoming Artistic Director of the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, I inherited all divisions of the company with all the rest. The ArtReach division goes hand in hand with the Mission of our organization and it is inspirational to work with all the staff, actors, and teachers to make that mission a constant reality in our region.

Cincy Chic: How has the ArtReach Program made a difference to the community?
Powell Walker: By providing programming that can come to the student, we can service many underserved school programs, that would not be able to come to our Main Stage shows at the Taft Theatre, supplementing their curriculum in an affordable manner.

Cincy Chic: What has been your proudest moment working with the Children’s Theatre and ArtReach Program?
Powell Walker: My proudest moment working with the ArtReach division was when I directed my first show with them. The actors were engaging and eager to learn. They really enjoyed their craft and the opportunity to use their talents to bring to all youth. The more they shine, the more lives they affect and the prouder I become.

Cincy Chic: What’s up next for the ArtReach Program and Children’s Theatre?
Powell Walker: In our 2015-16 season we will expand our tour in two ways. First we are offering six shows instead of the usual five, and we have started a complete second tour of actors to provide programming locally (Tri-State region), expanding our audience reach significantly!

We open with Treasure Island, Little Red Riding Hood, The Elves and the Shoemaker, George Washington Carver, Henny Penny and Mozart’s Sister.

Our local tour will be doing The Elves and the Shoemaker and anchor performances of Coretta Scott King.

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A new production company launched to bring the best beats to your next bash. Read on for all the fine-tuned details.


Whether you’re planning a business party, a fundraiser, back yard bash, or the concert of the year, you’ll want fun music. Ohio Valley Productions, founded in early 2015 by Anne Zimmerman, Dan Varner, Greg Harshfield, and Eric Miller, is your direct connection to national, regional and local acts to fit your vision for your event.

According to founding partner Greg Harshfield, Ohio Valley Productions was born from a dream of a music festival event on the east side of Cincinnati. Varner, frontman of the Dan Varner Band, Harshfield, an entrepreneur, and well-connected Miller, director of the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, realized that a business needed to be created to support such events.

The three realized that they had “similar dreams for a business that would bring together the many aspects of the entertainment industry and event production,” Harshfield says. Varner, Harshfield, and Miller brought in Anne Zimmerman, President of Zimmerman & Co. CPAs Inc., as the business consultant, and the four began brainstorming. “With Dan Varner’s incredible experience and the diverse skills of the other partners,” Harshfield says, “it became obvious that we had something magical that had real potential.”

Though based in Ohio, Ohio Valley Productions offers live entertainment services nationwide. No event is too large or small, Harshfield says, as Ohio Valley Productions brings live entertainment to every kind of event, including major concert events, corporate parties, festivals, fundraisers, and other special occasions. It produces its own event series as well as full event planning, management, talent, and venue resources for other events.

What sets Ohio Valley Productions apart, according to Harshfield, is dedication: “Entertainment is our passion, our purpose and our personal goal for every event that we are involved in. You won’t find the type of service that we provide anywhere else, or with more dedicated people. Ohio Valley Productions has a unique blend of professionals who are experts in their field, and we treat every event as if it was our only event.”

As a company only a few months old, the team behind Ohio Valley Productions has big plans. “As we work toward building the business and our debut events, we will begin to grow our reach into local venues, regional venues and beyond,” Harshfield says. “Connections to resources that can provide local, regional and national talent ensure that growth potential. Building the data behind the business is also key to the overall success, and we have that covered as well.”

Be sure to look out for their debut event, “Rockin’ the Rail,” on August 14 and 15 at Belterra Park. August 14 will feature acts such as multi-platinum headliner Lorrie Morgan. August 15 will feature the Dan Varner Band and Eric Paslay. Contact Ohio Valley Productions at or visit to learn more.