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The lockdown cannot last for long. Many psychologists and sociologists agree that this was an excellent time for many people to understand themselves better and to harmonize communication with family members.

In fact, this was also the time for people to try something new or to grow professionally within individual spheres through online courses and projects. Statistics claim that the number of people applying for a class on, say, Coursera came up. Those who were not interested in getting theoretical knowledge applied for numerous pieces of training and courses. 

One of the most popular requests was cooking. Newcomers aimed at learning how to make each dish delicious, more experienced ones tried to improve their knowledge.

Dishes from foreign countries and recipes with unusual ingredients became popular as people had more free time to look for some unusual foods like cbd wax on the Internet. Moreover, this has become a kind of entertainment for them, but cheap products were the priority.

In fact, it would have been strange if a person wanted to buy not very cheap cbd wax when the whole world is suffering from crisis, the unemployment rate is springing up, and many companies are getting closed. Also, most of the dishes are made for personal consumption and people try not to overshoot the budget.

What is CBD, and why is it popular?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of the elements of the cannabis plant. In the plant, it is combined with other active and inactive ingredients, the collective effect of which can be either positive or negative for a human body. CBD is said not to be psychoactive, though its interaction with the brains has not been totally studied yet.

The fact is that CBD does not make a person high, which means it can cause no psychological addiction as THC – the other cannabis element – does. In addition, its relaxing, anti-inflammatory, calming, and pain-relieving properties make it a great tool at struggle with side effects of such serious diseases as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, and more.

Firstly, CBD has gained its popularity after doctors started using it for therapeutic purposes. However, only with the rising popularity of vaping devices, cbd wax – the substance for vaping that includes CBD has become popular. As a result, the Internet reeks with advertisements like ‘cbd wax for sale’ and ‘cbd wax legal’ nowadays.

Cannabis-infused foods are not popular nowadays, but its fame is rapidly growing. In fact, CBD manufacturers have understood the threats of vaping and know that the more people change to a smokeless lifestyle, the fewer they will buy cbd wax. Simultaneously, they know that people seek relaxation tools in this ‘rat race’ life, so CBD-infused food is about to go over big.

3 Top CBD recipes

1. Guacamole

Nowadays, guacamole is one of the most popular dishes worldwide. The reason is that its main component – avocado – is rich in lean fats. Lean fats are essential for proper body metabolism. Besides, the recipe is quite easy, and even inexperienced in cooking, people can prepare this dish. CBD-Infused Guacamole is a new trend for those who are eager to try something new and choose to use CBD in order to relax and get calm. For an average portion, you will need:


  • One medium ripe avocados,   


  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • ½ tsp salt


  • ¼ tsp ground cayenne pepper
  • ½ small onion
  • One small tomato
  • ½ garlic clove
  • 1 tbsp fresh cilantro leaves
  • ½ jalapeno pepper
  • 1 mL of CBD Oil

 Step 1. Prepare the ingredients. Peel, halve and seed an avocado. Dice an onion. Seed and dice a tomato. Mince garlic clove. Chop fresh cilantro leaves and jalapeno pepper.

 Step 2. Mash an avocado in a bowl with a pestle and add the salt, cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper, cilantro, onion, jalapeno, tomatoes, and lime juice.

 Step 3. Stir everything so that it looks like a smooth paste and top the mixture with CBD oil.  

 Step 4. Stir again.

 Step 5. Cover the bowl with a plate and let it draw for 2 hours at room temperature.

 Note!  Even the best cbd wax for vaping cannot be used instead of CBD oil used for food.


2. Banana Cream Pudding Parfait


 Banana Cream Pudding Parfait infused with CBD is the sweetest position in our rating, but not less savory as the others. Banana is a universal sweetener. The majority of people are tolerant of bananas. Therefore plenty of dishes include this fruit. Pudding is one of the best desserts that a person can prepare in half an hour. The ingredients include:


  • 1/3 cup flour


  • ¾ cup of sugar


  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • 2 large egg yolks


  • 2½ cups milk


  • 2 tbsp. butter
  • 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp. banana extract
  • 3-4 ripe bananas, sliced
  • 1 tbsp. Banana Flavored CBD Oil

Step 1. Put all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, and salt) into a bowl.

Step 2. Whisk in lightly beaten egg yolks with the milk.

Step 3. Put the bowl on a medium fire and 2 tablespoons of the butter. Heat until the substance starts boiling. Slowly whisk while heating until the substance gets thick and remove from the heat.

Step 4. Whist in banana and vanilla extracts. Add CBD oil as well.

Step 5. Layer banana slices with pudding. Repeat until the serving dishes are full.

Step 6. Cover with wrap and chill for 2-3 hours.

Step 7. In case you want. Decorate pudding with chocolate, heavy cream, wafers, or any other topping.

3. CBD Coconut Water Ice Cubes

Coconut Water Ice Cubes infused with CBD gets the first place because this can be a constituent of so many cocktails and refreshing summer drinks, which is extremely topical today. The second point is that it is the easiest recipe ever. All you need is:

  • pure coconut water of the amount necessary to fill your ice cube tray or trays
  • CBD Oil as desired to dose the ice cubes

Step 1. Add a few drops of CBD oil into coconut water.

Step 2. Shake the container to mix.

Step 3. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and put it into the freezer.

To sum up, CBD consumption becomes quite widespread throughout the world. The majority of CBD consumers are those who use cbd wax for vaping devices. Usually, it is one of the ways people find the opportunity to use CBD in their private lives. However, some have heard about CBD because of some illness or even used it as a part of therapeutical treatment.

CBD is effective against some side effects caused by severe illnesses such as epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, and more. Also, some people look for the opportunity to consume CBD after they come back from travels to the countries where CBD is legal. One of the most famous countries with free legal access to CBD is the Netherlands.

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Having happy employees is good for business, as it raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and task accuracy by 90% according to academics  at the Harvard Business Review. Despite this fact, Mercer’s “What’s Working” survey showed that around 85% of Americans are unsatisfied in their current jobs, with top causes including lack of opportunity for growth and progression, being overworked, receiving little feedback and recognition, and having little discretion to make decisions. How can bosses  improve happiness and motivation, leading their teams and achieving a myriad of goals along the way? 
Creating a Safe Space
Before workers can feel joyful at work, they need to have the basics covered. These include having a safe workplace; one in which there are structural and procedural protections set up to avoid accidents, injuries, and other traumas. As stated by workplace safety experts at  JJS Law, catastrophic injuries “can forever change victims’ and their families’ lives. They often require costly ongoing medical care and can have a significant impact on a victim’s emotional state, ability to work, and quality of life.” Offices should also be ergonomic, possess good air quality, comfortable furniture,  and plenty of natural light.
Continued Progression
After a few years in the same company, workers can feel stuck if they are not encouraged to broaden their knowledge through continuous learning opportunities. The  benefits of employee training and development include a 59% lower rate of staff turnover, greater employee empowerment, and enhanced engagement. When managers encourage staff to grow, they essentially help employees feel like part of a ‘family,’ each of which has new and valid contributions to make. Continual training can also keep a company at the top of its game by narrowing the skills gap and keeping staff on top of digital developments. 
Feedback and Recognition
Around  four out of 10 employees disengage when they do not receive feedback. Of course, feedback shouldn’t simply flow in one direction. Employees should also be able to give their honest opinion when asked about a procedural or role change, without fearing the consequences of disagreeing with a manager’s suggestions. The success of feedback ultimately depends on the extent to which employees authentically respect and trust their managers. Part of earning this trust involves taking a non-offensive stance to employee suggestions and giving them due recognition for excellent ideas and hard work.
Employee Discretion
Those who manage teams (large and small) can sometimes lose track of roles and procedures, even though goals can be crystal clear. It is important for communication to flow well between staff and managers, so that useful changes to procedure can be made by employees. Trusted employees should ideally have discretion when it comes to getting their job done, provided that proposed changes enhance or, at the very least, do not interfere with goals. Discretion can extend to aspects such as flexibility and remote work. With studies showing that many employees greatly value working from home, savvy managers can study the extent to which permitting this arrangement can actually enhance the flow and quality of work. 
Keeping employees happy and productive isn’t rocket science. Despite research indicating that happy employees are more productive, many basic flaws still exist in American workplaces — including lack of feedback, discretion, and recognition. Employees who feel that they are growing alongside the company and contributing to refining its procedures also feel more empowered. This is food for thought for results-oriented managers.

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Quick Ways to Instantly Increase Your Career Prospects

If the average person spends over 8 hours every workday, that’s thousands of hours a year dedicated to your job, and nothing else. If you’re going to be giving a third of your career to your profession, it makes sense that you’d want to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to track down the perfect job opportunity. Economic conditions, changes in the marketplace, and countless other factors could mean that you end up wandering down a career path that you’re just not that excited about. If you’re sick of not getting enough out of your job, the following strategies might help. 

Build on Your Education

Not everyone looks forward to going to college or university after school. It can be daunting to consider daunting extra years of your life to your academic pursuits. However, the truth is that getting a student loan to further your education could be one of the best investments you ever make. Pursuing higher education gives you a unique opportunity to develop skills in areas that make you much more attractive to the leaders of tomorrow. With a degree, you can boost your chances of being able to apply for jobs that you actually enjoy, rather than just whatever might be available. What’s more, you can pursue things that you’re genuinely passionate about. 

Make a Plan

Making a plan won’t guarantee that you’re going to end up exactly where you want to be five years from now. However, having a strategy for what you’re going to do in the years to come could mean that you’re more likely to accomplish your goals. Sit down with a pen and piece of paper and ask yourself what you want to do with your professional life. Is there a specific job that you would really like to do? If so, what do you need to accomplish to reach that goal? Will you need to start in a different position and work your way up, or can you improve your education and go from there? On the other hand, you might decide that you eventually want to be your own boss. This could mean that you develop a strategy for saving cash until you have enough to invest into your own business. 

Say Yes to Opportunities

Finally, if you really want to get the most out of your career, then you need to make sure you’re not just sitting back and waiting for great chances for growth to come to you. Whenever you have a chance, go out and pursue the things that you want to accomplish. This could mean buying tickets to an industry event that you’ve always been too nervous to go to. Other strategies that could open you up to greater chances of success include networking whenever you can and getting to know people in your field. When your boss asks if you’re willing to take on a new project or try extra responsibilities, say yes. Embracing opportunities may mean you need to work harder at times, but it will also open more doors for you.

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Drug addiction is a problem that affects more than just the individuals that struggle with it. Its effects are also felt by family members, coworkers, and friends. Essentially, the problem is more than the abused substances. Users of prescription and illegal drugs deal with compulsions and cravings. They also face issues like depression and anxiety. 

The Connection between Addiction and Depression/Anxiety 

A person is said to have a dual diagnosis when they have a mental health problem co-occurring with substance abuse. Unfortunately, many individuals with the dual diagnosis do not get treatment because they are prevented from doing so by their mental health issues. What’s worrying is the fact that when a person fails to seek treatment for a mental health condition or addiction, their situation gets worse. 

Nevertheless, individuals with co-occurring disorders can get help by searching for the phrase ‘inpatient drug rehab near me’ online or contact with centers like Inpatient drug rehab is a facility where individuals that are struggling with drug addiction receive treatment and counseling to regain control over their lives. Currently, many rehab facilities provide treatment for co-occurring disorders. This entails treating both substance abuse disorder and mental health problems simultaneously. 

Co-occurring disorders present challenges when it comes to recovery. That’s because each has symptoms that may be difficult to differentiate. What’s more, substance abuse and mental health problems affect each other. As such, their simultaneous treatment is the most effective treatment approach. 

A 2016 survey revealed that there are more than 8.2 million individuals in the United States alone that suffer from a mental health disorder and drug addiction. However, only 7.4% of those with dual diagnoses receive treatment for drug addiction in a professional setting. 

Drug addiction and conditions like depression and anxiety, as well as, relapse are connected in several ways. Their common sources include: 

  • Socializing- In some cases, social anxiety leads to drug use. It also interferes with a person’s recovery from drug addiction. Thinking about attending peer counseling or group therapy sessions can cause anxiety and fear in some people. 
  • Thinking- Difficulty focusing or concentrating can affect the ability of an individual to function, make decisions, and even increase anxiety. Some people can use drugs like addictive amphetamines to counter such symptoms and focus. 
  • Sleeping- Depression and anxiety can cause sleep disturbances. Some people turn to drugs to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, drugs like stimulants can worsen this problem. And, a person can take other or more drugs in an attempt to deal with the problem. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety in Healthy Ways 

Stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions are linked to addiction. That’s why a person may search for ‘drug rehabs near me’ when they feel stressed or anxious and they use addictive substances. Nevertheless, dealing with stress and anxiety requires a person to condition their mind and body. Here are some of the factors that a person should focus on to condition the body and mind to deal with stress and anxiety without drugs: 

  • Activity- Taking deep, repeated breaths is one of the active ways of reducing stress. Others include listening to music, meditating, and getting a massage. Anything that can clear the mind of a depressed person can help. This includes counting slowly to self-distract, talking to a family member or friend, as well as, shooting the breeze. 
  • Mental- Realizing that some of the things that life brings your way are out of your control is an important step in the process of dealing with depression. Perfection might be impossible. However, a person can opt to maintain a positive attitude. Reducing negative thoughts can lower anxiety. Even writing things down can bring solace and help a person deal with triggers of depressive feelings. 
  • Physical- Caffeine and alcohol won’t mix with anxiety. As such, you have to quit using them. You can deal with anxiety and depression by eating healthy foods. This will give you more energy and help you feel better. Ensuring that your body gets vitamins, proteins, and minerals can help you achieve and maintain a stable level of blood sugar. This, in turn, can reduce stress response which is the major anxiety trigger. Avoid consuming refined carbohydrates, sugar, and skipping meals. 

Nevertheless, some individuals need professional help to deal with stress and anxiety. That’s why some people search for ‘drug rehab near me’ online especially when they think addiction is a factor in their depression problem. 

Beating Depression in Healthy Ways 

When depressed, a person can feel hopeless and drained. Turning to alcohol and drugs can’t help a person feel more hopeful and happier. Professional help can help an individual overcome depression. Here are tips that can help a person beat depression without medication. 

  • Keep in touch- Depression makes a person want to isolate themselves from the others. As such, connecting with friends and family can boost the mood of a person and their outlook. Even without a solution, being compassionate and attentive can complement professional addiction help. Therefore, a person should talk, socialize, call, and go out for dinner even when they don’t feel like doing it. 
  • Exercise- Research has shown that exercise can help in alleviating depression symptoms. Working out can boost the energy level of a person. This can counter the fatigue that is associated with depression. Rhythmic exercises like dancing, weight training, and walking can help with depression. A depressed person should focus on activity sensation instead of negative thoughts. Working out in the company of other people can also help. 
  • Get out in the sun- Go for an adventurous hike, lunchtime walk, or just let the natural light in through the window. Being exposed to the sun for at least 15 minutes can increase the levels of serotonin in the body. And this can help with depression. 
  • Challenge your negative thoughts- How a person thinks affects their feelings. Nothing or all thinking can exacerbate depression. Over-generalizing negative experiences, diminishing or ignoring positive thoughts/events, believing how a person feels changes their reality, and jumping into quick conclusions can all exacerbate depression. Having many rules and using personal shortcomings and mistakes to label self can also worsen depression. 

Searching for ‘drug rehab centers near me’ online and undergoing professional counseling might not be enough for some people. A depressed person can also enhance their recovery by doing these things. 

Final Thoughts 

Addiction is related to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. But, some people don’t know this when asking, ‘where do I get drug counseling near me?’ Nevertheless, the best treatment facilities take an integrated approach to treat co-occurring disorders like addiction and depression. This involves encouraging individuals to do the things discussed here to enhance their recovery. 

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When athletes find something that works, they stick with it. When the Farm Bill was enacted in December 2018, CBD became a legal compound that could be used for relaxation and pain relief. After the release of the good CBD news more athletes have come forward and feel comfortable sharing their experience with CBD, including celebrities like Mike Tyson and Jake Plummer. These athletes are using CBD for all kinds of issues including pain relief, encouraging relaxation, soothing anxiety, and reducing inflammation.

1. Mike Tyson

One of the more famous supporters of CBD oil, the former boxing champion Mike Tyson has promoted CBD for years. As he got older, he turned to CBD for pain relief, as he had multiple joints and back issues. He strongly believes in the powerful effects of CBD and knows that they can help athletes or anyone with sore muscles.

2. KC Deane

KC used to be a dual-sport athlete, but his main focus was competitive mountain biking. He was one of the fastest in the country. While he gained fame in the industry for his skills, he has also been recognized for his film, “Blank, the movie.” He has talked about how he uses CBD for pain management after suffering multiple injuries. He also has said that CBD helps him with recovery from these major injuries.

3. Jake Plummer

After being in the NFL for years, the star-studded quarterback Jake Plummer retired and began using CBD oil to manage his joint and cartilage pain. He underwent multiple hip surgeries, which were incredibly painful. Since starting his regimen of CBD, he has become an advocate for the pain reliever and even co-founded the organization Athletes for Care. This organization looks at alternative treatment options for athletes, which include CBD.

4. Nate Diaz

The UFC fighter Nate Diaz has suffered a few injuries in his line of work. He is very open about his usage of CBD oil and how it has helped with inflammation and healing from major injuries. Since he must train rigorously every day, he says that CBD aids in pain management, allowing him to continue intense workouts even when he has pain in his shoulders and back.

5. Jay Williams

The NBA star Jay Williams started CBD after he retired. Throughout his career, he had a few injuries, which resulted in inflammation. However, he says that CBD relieves that pain, and there are many other benefits to using these products besides pain relief. It also has benefits for skin and anxiety, according to Williams.

6. Rick Upchurch

For many years, Denver Broncos player Rick Upchurch was a lead scorer in the NFL. However, he was diagnosed with leukemia and started chemotherapy in order to treat his disease in 2011. Over the years, he has been through multiple surgeries and began using CBD as a way to relieve pain and get rid of nausea from the medications that he must take. Even though he has beaten leukemia, Upchurch says that CBD is a part of his daily lifestyle now. He said that it was unlike any other medication and truly helped when nothing else would.

CBD Oil Before or After a Workout

You can try both and see what works best for your needs! It could be just the thing you need to stay focused and relaxed during your workout and after your training can help soothe tight overused muscles. You can try adding CBD oil into your physical therapy routine as well after consulting with your doctor to see what’s best for you.

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Coastal cities can be a great place to visit during your vacation, especially if you’re the kind of traveler who looks for a mixture of sandy beaches and small museums. There’s a special kind of beauty to coastal cities that you really can’t find anywhere else.

But with so many stunning coastal cities to choose from, where do you start? After all, you could spend an entire lifetime visiting just the coastal cities of North America.

The good news for you is that this post is all about helping you to address that and to narrow down your shortlist to just a few of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. So if you’ve been thinking about booking yourself a vacation to a coastal city, you’re in luck. Here’s what you need to know.

The World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Cities

1.       Brela
This stunning Croatian city is quiet during the winter and thriving during the summer, with tourists flocking to the famous Punta Rata beach, which has been featured in multiple lists of the best beaches in the world – and for good reason. For an extra special vacation, why not consider a cruise to Croatia? It can be a great way to see the city in a very different way.

2.       Melbourne
Melbourne is known for a lot of things, but Apollo Bay in particular is worth a visit if you’re looking for something beautiful and coastal. There are some fantastic diving spots as well as beautiful nearby wildlife including wild koala bears. Melbourne also benefits from having good transport links to nearby hotspots, and it’s a great place to go if you want to go between chilling on the beach and going out on the town.

3.       California
The west coast state has literally hundreds of coastal towns and cities for you to pick from, and indeed you can have a decent vacation just driving along the coast from town to town. One of my favorite routes is along the Golden Gate Bridge towards Sasusalito, which is the perfect place to do a little shopping thanks to its art galleries, souvenir stores and other boutiques.

4.       Edinburgh
Not everyone realizes that Edinburgh is a coastal city, and while the weather might not be as warm as it is in some of the other destinations on this list, it more than makes up for it with its thriving local scene. If you can, try to time your visit to coincide with the Edinburgh Fringe so that you can check out some live music and other awesome entertainment.

5.       Miami
Who wouldn’t want to visit Miami? This Floridian hotspot is so famous that its beaches alone are easily recognizable from pop culture. It’s a great place to take part in watersports, or for a more relaxing break, just soak up some sun and check out the local restaurants. It has a cracking nightlife scene, too.

6.       Helsinki
The Finnish capital of Helsinki is the most northern European Union capital, which means that you’ll want to wrap up warm if you’re paying it a visit. With that said, the weather can be beautiful in the summer, and it’s really one of those destinations that’s a joy to visit throughout the year.

7.       Venice
The chances are that if you think of destinations which are known for their stunning waters, Venice ranks pretty high on the list. In fact, it’s so coastal that it’s literally built on a string of islands in the Adriatic Sea. Better still, unlike some other destinations which are really only known because of their beaches, Venice is also a hotspot for history, culture and the arts. All this comes together to mean that whatever you’re into, you’re sure to find something to suit.

8.       Rio de Janeiro
Who wouldn’t want to pay a visit to the iconic Brazilian beach city? Rio is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and it also has a friendly culture and a stunning cuisine, as well as plenty to do and see, particularly if you arrive for a festival or a public holiday. If you do get bored of the beaches, which is unlikely, you can also go and check out the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Now that you know everything you need to know about the world’s most beautiful coastal cities, it’s your turn to start planning things in and booking things up. Whether you’re planning a trip to Europe or whether you’re thinking about heading off on a road trip across North America, coastal towns and cities are the way to go.

So now it’s down to you to start planning your vacation and booking restaurants and other facilities so that you can enjoy a coastal city vacation that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Happy travels!

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Cannabis originated in Asia, specifically in Mongolia and Siberia and, according to archaeological studies dating back to 5000 B.C., the Chinese were the first culture to cultivate and consume this plant, besides processing different materials and foods using it as a main element.  

There is also evidence of the first recorded use of cannabis in the area of medicine which was in the time of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, which was used as an analgesic and for other diseases. 

Its rise in those countries led to its spread in 2000 BC to Korea, from there to India in approximately 1000 BC. Then, it arrived to the Middle East in 1400 BC, being cultivated by the Scythians who made it known in Russia and Ukraine and from there it took off in most European countries and Africa, being passed down from one culture to another.

At the beginning of the 19th century, it spread to South America, Mexico and later to the United States. At that time, cannabis was associated with criminal acts, leading to the prohibition of its legal consumption, which criminalized the possession and use of cannabis. 

Some main species can be found throughout history such as: Sativa, Indica and rudelaris, which can be regular, feminized or autoflowering. These can be obtained through the cultivation of seeds, either regular or standard ones.

The standard cannabis seeds stand out because they allow you to obtain feminized plants that by their properties are very strong and resistant to different conditions. They are ideal seeds both for growers who are starting in the cannabis world and looking for high quality products, and for the most experienced ones.

John Herer is a type of feminized seed that originates from the cross between two plants of standard cannabis, a hybrid between the Jack Herer and Og Kush strains that has a THC level greater than 20%.

It stands out for being a plant with a high Sativa content, approximately 70%, that makes it robust and vigorous. You can recognize it by its height, a plant with large resinous buds and large and wide leaves.

Its flowering is similar to that of an Indica plant. It will have 55 to 66 days of flowering before it reaches the stage of maturity, so it is an excellent choice for inexperienced growers. 

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors because it is a plant resistant to moisture and any external agent, which allows it to develop in different types of climates.

One of the advantages of the John Herer seeds is its high production capacity. Indoors, it can reach up to 600 gr/m2 with a height of 70 to 110cm; and outdoors up to 800gr/plant with a height between 2.5 to 3 meters. All these qualities make it a variety of seeds to be taken into account.

Its taste and smell? It has a very intense flavor that is difficult to explain, since it combines spices and incense, typical of the Jack Herer, with a citrus flavor and an earthy base of OG Kush. It has a high level of smoke with a characteristic incense smell.

What effect does the John Herer strain have? If you like to experience strong sensations, this is the ideal choice for you. It has a powerful cerebral effect that will start to awaken your mind, your creativity will be at its peak, with a euphoria that will make you enjoy the moment, and after a couple of hours you will gradually return to reality, you will notice a relaxing sensation, as if you did not feel your body.

If you want to grow a variety of cannabis plant that has physical and mental effects, which stands out for its power, resistance, as well as its high production, both internally and externally, you should opt for the standard cannabis seeds.

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If you are working in an industry or factory, it is very important to protect your body from fire or extreme heat. But it is also important to protect your feet from getting exposed to such an atmosphere or environment. Most industries and their employees might overlook this factor.

The FR work boots help to protect the wearer against burns or explosions caused by harmful chemicals. Also, if you use heavy cutting tools like chainsaws and machinery, that safety footwear protects you from getting injured. 

The hazardous conditions when and where it is necessary to wear FR work boots are enlisted below:

  • When working at Fire Places:

As the name FR itself suggests, i.e., fire resistant or fire retardant, the main motive of these shoes is to protect you from fire. No matter in whichever factory, company, or industry you work, there are fire risks everywhere.

Especially those whose business is to play with fire all day long, for them it is a necessity to protect not only their body from fire but feet as well. Just life the FR clothing/suits, these shoes also provide you time to get away from the hazardous situation and protects your feet from burning by creating a barrier between your feet and the flames.

  • During usage of Heavy Objects:

If you work in a steel or metal industry, then there are 100% chances of hurting your feet very often. As there are possibilities of heavy objects might roll onto your feet accidentally. Well, you might not stop such sudden accidents, but you can keep your feet safe during those times. 

FR steel shoes are designed especially for such people, who work surrounds with heavy metals or objects. You can also surf through several FR outlet steel toe work boots to select the price, type, and design you wanted for yourself or your employees if you own an industry. 


  • In Slipping, Falling, and Tripping Areas:

There are maximum chances to fall, slip or trip over while working in a hurry in a factory. It can lead to a giant accident or cause serious injury not only to you but others as well. Hence, to protect yourself and other fellow employees from such situations, you can opt for FR boots that will help you to stick properly in the ground. So if you work in an oil or petrol industry, then you should adopt those safety shoes that won’t let you flip over.

  • Electrical Hazards:

Getting shocked or injured from electricity is one of the very common accidents that one gets to hear. One might protect their body from open electrical wires by wearing FR clothes, but what about one’s feet? There may be open wire lying in the floor, and one might step on it without unknowingly. Ordinary shoes or boots are unable to protect in such situations. 

In such places, FR shoes are there to protect you from getting indulged in any serious injury. And these are not only for the workers who deal with electrical stuff but for everybody from higher to lower rank employees as high-voltage electricity and wires more or less used in every industry or factory.

  • While using Dangerous Chemicals:

Commonly, there will be thousands or hundreds of chemicals present in a laboratory. And with hundreds of harmful chemicals, there are a hundred percent chances of accidents. FR coats can easily protect you from such chemicals or huge chemical explosions. So as that, the FR shoes take the responsibility of securing your feet from getting burnt or injured from a different type of harmful chemicals.


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Approximately 83 percent of Generation Z prefer to purchase skin care products that are made from  natural and organic ingredients, according to Stella Rising. This is not surprising given that even in hair care, people are opting for healthier alternatives such as coconut oil and jojoba oil to nourish their hair and scalp. This year, we will see more innovative skincare trends that are geared towards making our skin look amazing in a healthier and sustainable way.  
Vegan Beauty Is On The Rise 
Vegan beauty has been gaining traction in the beauty industry, and it seems that we will be seeing more of it this year. According to Mintel, veganism is one of the most popular lifestyle choices recently, which means that the demand for plant-based skin care brands will go up. These products are those that are made mostly from plants with little to no chemical additives included. Labels like cruelty-free and halal are just a few to watch out for when  reading reviews on beauty products
By-Product Beauty Works, Too 
Another skincare trend that we will be seeing more of this year is the  reduction of waste materials in creating skin care products. What this means is that any waste materials from other processes will still be repurposed. For example, discarded coffee grains are now being integrated into scrubs that can help revive dull looking skin. 
Even fruits and other plant-based products that weren’t sold can still be used for their nutritional content or for adding natural scents to serums, lotions, and the like. 
Smart-Tech Personalized Skincare 
This year, bespoke skincare will carve a niche of its own as personalized skin care routines are now done with the help of technology. Atolla is a good example of a skin care brand that uses data science as well as machine learning to come up with a customized skin care routine for its customers. Customers have the option to tweak their monthly products based on the progress on their skin’s condition after using them for a period of time.  
The beauty industry is shifting towards sustainability and technology this year. Aside from seeing more plant-based skin care, manufacturing companies are also reducing their waste by using by-products that are left behind. Bespoke beauty subscription boxes will make a splash as well as companies are aiming for a more personal approach to the consumer’s skin care needs. 

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This week's Doc Talk shares some of the ways you can take better care of your heart through practical steps toward prevention.

As Greater Cincinnati’s Heart Hospital, it is our responsibility to take care of all the hearts of Cincinnati, even before they are sick. See, even though heart disease is the No. 1 killer of both men and women, it is also very preventable.

You likely won’t find two cardiologists more passionate about keeping you out of their office than Wojciech Mazur, MD, and Joel Forman, MD, of The Christ Hospital- Heart & Vascular Center.

Both have dedicated their careers to preventive medicine and truly believe that their patients are in control of their own destinies, and that changing the way one lives can have a huge impact on one’s health.

We sat down with both to talk about the most important advice they give their patients within these three health-forward categories: Diet, Physical Activity and Emotional Well Being.


Dr. Mazur says:

  1. It’s not the bad food that will kill you. It’s the LACK of good food that  will kill you. If you incorporate these good foods  everyday, you will live longer and happier:
  2. Fruits: 1 medium sized  fruit (baseball size), 1h cup  juice, or 1h cup of cooked or chopped fruit.
  3. Vegetables: 1 cup of raw vegetables, 1f2 cup of vegetable juice or 1h cup of cooked vegetables.
  4. Grains:1f2 cup of cooked rice,  pasta or cereal, 1 slice  of bread.
  5. Meat: 2 to 3 oz cooked lean meat or fish
  6. Did I mention nuts? Eat Nuts! One handful of any nuts a day can cut risk of stroke by 50%.
  7. The  three beverages I get asked about  the most are water, coffee and alcohol. Here’s some  strong stats on each.
  8. Water. Water is best. It keeps your tem­perature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, protects your spinal cord and oth­er sensitive tissue and gets rid of waste. IOM liberally recommends a total daily water intake of 15 cups for the average male and 11 cups  for the average female.
  9. Coffee: Rejoice! Women who drink 3 or more cups of coffee a day, decrease their risk of death from  heart disease by 22% and stroke by 30%.
  10. Alcohol. No comment. Too many breweries around here.

Dr. Forman says:

  1. Limit the amount of processed foods you eat.
  2. Make sure you mostly eat  things that come from the earth.
  3. If it didn’t come from the earth, make sure it had a mother that had either feathers or gills.


Dr. Mazur says:

  1. Stand up. A 2015 analysis concluded that prolonged sitting is associated with higher mortality rates from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is regardless of activity level!
  2. Add resistance training to your routine. Adding resistance training to a low calorie diet led  to higher weight loss than cutting calories with aerobic exercise.
  3. Get moving! 30 minutes of exercise a day (including household chores) decreases all cause mortality by 39% and  prevents 60% of dementia.

Dr. Forman says:

  1. Always  strive to sit less.
  2. Tell yourself to “move more.”
  3. Do something for its own sake to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness for 30 minutes at least five times per week.

How to get started

Simple lifestyle changes can make a big im­ pact when it comes to heart health. But getting started doesn’t always feel  that simple. That’s why The Christ Hospital Health Network, Dr. Mazur and Dr. Forman have resources to share with you along  every step of the way.


Dr. Mazur says:

  1. Live with purpose. Higher purpose in life plays an important role in protecting against heart attacks and strokes. Each purpose in life unit increase was associated with a 27% reduction in risk of heart attack.
  2. Get a dog. Owning  a dog reduces the risk of death by 21%, and for  people with  coronary disease, 35%!
  3. Getting mad more than 5 times a day in­creases the risk of heart attack and stroke in a healthy individual by 158 times compared to 4 times for a heavy smoker over a 10 year period. Instead, use one of these relaxation techniques when you feel anger coming on: Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, transcendental meditation, contemplative prayer, and coloring books.

Dr. Forman says:

  1. Get plenty of sleep and exercise.
  2. Consider taking up meditation, yoga, or practicing mindfulness.
  3. Be with people you enjoy and do things that you love.

Don’t forget, throughout the month of February, we are part­nering with gyms and studios around the Tristate to provide free pop-up cardio fitness classes – so there’s something for everyone! Join us for one or all the classes:

Monday, Feb. 24,6:30-8:30 p.m.

The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center -get your groove on at the Cardia Party-0**, an event that’s one-part workout and one part dance party, led by Curvy Cardia owner Morgan Owens, and everybody’s favorite celebrity deejay, DJ Etrayn!

Friday, Feb. 28, 10 a.m.- noon

North College Hill Rec Center- join heart survivor and instruc­tor Nancy Wilkins  for a fun and upbeat line dancing class that willbe sure to get that heart rate going.

We also we encourage you to participate in this years Heart Mini Marathon Walk on Sunday,  March 22, 2020! For any pa­tients who would like to join The Christ Hospital team, please email for a patient discount code to use at registration.

About the doctors:

Wojciech Mazur, MD is a second-generation cardiolo­gist and has been in practice with The Christ Hospital Physicians- Heart & Vascular since 2002. He specializ­ es in cardiac imaging (echocardiography, nuclear car­ diology, cardiac magnetic resonance, cardiac computed tomography) and clinical cardiology. He has published more than 170 research articles, books, abstracts and book chapters in the field of cardiology. Dr. Mazur sees his patients as people, not as a disease or a problem. He focuses on treating each patient well, and with dignity and respect, while learning their stories and under­ standing how each story ties into their health.

Joel Forman, MD, FACC, FASPC has been in prac­tice with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Heart & Vascular since 2005. He is originally from the Cleveland area. His practice interests include pre­ventive cardiology, echocardiography, and stress testing. He stresses the importance of a healthlifestyle in the prevention and treatment of car­diovascular disease. His personal interests include his family, fitness, athletics, music and comedy.

Resource: In 2018, Dr. Mazur and his Re­search Assistant, Stephanie Ambach, created Your Heart Manual, a short book featuring easy-to-understand and  actionable sugges­tions to modify your lifestyle, backed by more than 500 research articles from the past decade. You can  download a free copy online at www.YourHeartManual.Org.

Resource: Dr. Forman is the medical direc­tor of the Preventive Cardiology Program at The Christ Hospital. Through this  unique program, patients work with a team of car­ diology  specialists to make tailored lifestyle changes that will prevent heart disease or stop  its progression, while improving over­ all wellness. Each preventive cardiology care plan includes a nutritional strategy and focused exercise program-both customized for  your individual needs and goals. Our services also include stress testing and peripheral vascular disease rehabilitation.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call513-206-1320.