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When you live well, both your mental and physical health are balanced, allowing you to function well. Psychological and physical health are linked closely, so the other might soon follow if one thing changes. There are many advantages of living healthier, and doing so can give you a better quality of life.

The Advantages of Making Better Choices 

There are several advantages to making better choices. For instance, you might not have as much stress. If you exercise regularly, your body may create hormones that calm both the mind and body. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you set a goal and met it. Many people also find they sleep better when living better as well. When your body is efficient, you are less likely to have sleepless nights. One of the most tangible benefits of making healthier choices is lower life insurance premiums. 

Companies are taking a risk in giving you a policy, so the closer you are to passing away, the higher the monthly payments are likely to be. But suppose you eat right, exercise regularly, and make other good choices. In that case, you have a lower risk of potentially fatal diseases. If you are considering getting a life insurance policy, it is best to do your research. For instance, you might want to research modified endowment contracts to leave a larger tax-free amount to your heirs. These contracts are tax qualifications for life insurance policies whose premiums are higher than federal tax limits.

Increasing Physical Activity Levels

Exercise and physical activity both contribute to a healthy lifestyle. People’s bodies are made to be used, and if you do not, you might not be as healthy. That might result in weakness, obesity, poor health, and a lack of endurance. Regularly exercising might preserve your muscle strength and make you more flexible. For older people, exercise might reduce their risk of falling.

Avoiding Tobacco

It is best to avoid any form of tobacco, and if you use it, now is the time to quit. Otherwise, you might be at risk for several health conditions, such as cancer. It is often hard to stop the habit entirely, especially since tobacco has nicotine in it. It is addictive, meaning many people cannot stop immediately. It is often a lifetime commitment, and many people have to try quitting several times before they are successful. Consider nicotine substitutes, such as patches or gum, and look into counseling if necessary.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

To stay emotionally and mentally healthy, it is critical to have positiveness around you. Of course, you cannot avoid every problem. But when you face an obstacle, having a positive attitude can go a long way toward helping you deal with it. Have encouraging friends who can help you improve your outlook. Start developing a habit of looking on the bright side of things. Even if you are not in a good situation, there is likely still something good about it. You might have to look a little harder.

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We chat with a local physical therapist about mom life and her best tips for keeping a child’s development on track.

Cincy Chic: Why do you love being a pediatric therapist?
Campolongo: I love being a pediatric therapist because the kids I get to work with are amazing and they teach me something new everyday. I cherish the relationships that I have built with my patients and their families. I most of all enjoy watching these children become more independent and succeed so that their personalities can shine.  

Cincy Chic: What’s your biggest tip for parents?
Campolongo: When I first became a mom, I had a delusion that because I work with kids everyday, and grew up with kids, that I was going to have an easy time raising my own kids. Wow, was I wrong!  I thought I knew so much and yet when I brought my daughter home for the first time, I quickly realized just how much more I needed to learn.  You don’t know what you don’t know and everyone is just rolling with the punches. As a mom, I want as much information as I can get so that I can make educated decisions about my child’s care. I appreciate opinions and tips from others that may help make my life easier. I also like to talk with my doctor and peers to get more information. Luckily, there is access to gross motor, speech and occupational therapy checklists through ABC’s website so I can have it on my fridge at home and check things off as my kids are doing things to make sure they are staying on track. I also listen to my motherly instinct. If I feel something is not quite right, I go to the doctor and see if I need to be referred out for further consultation.  

Cincy Chic: What do you do in your free time?
Campolongo: I love to do outdoor activities with my family like going on walks, hiking and going to the park. I also love spending time with my extended family.  

Cincy Chic: Why is ABC the best place for therapy?
Campolongo: I think ABC is a great place to receive therapy because we listen to your concerns and work collaboratively to treat the whole child in order to achieve goals. We work with the family to make a plan of care that is realistic to the family situation and work to problem solve in efforts to help your child make the most progress. Every child is different and unique in their own way which requires an individual tailored plan of care.  I know that when I have questions or concerns about my own children I am able to get reliable, effective information that I can use immediately to help my child conquer a task.

I encourage all parents to check on their child’s development via: CincyChic – ABC Pediatric Therapy or visit Home – ABC Pediatric Therapy

Cincy Chic: If someone reading this article has a question, would you share your email?
Campolongo:  You can contact me at

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If you have decided to venture into the journey of maintaining a great body shape, then congratulations! It’s not easy to achieve a sculpted body unless you put in sacrifice and dedication. This means no junk food, as well as watching Tv the whole day, and other sedentary lifestyles. The process of maintaining a perfect body shape results in many positive effects that anyone would love to experience. Do you want to begin your journey of a better body shape and a great feel? Here is what you should do.  

Physical fitness 

Get into daily exercises that last from 30 min to at least an hour. However, do not overdo it like running and jogging longer than your body can contain. Start gradually and once your body gets used to the workouts, you can increase the time and exercise intensity. What’s important is moderate exercise at least daily. For instance, take a one-hour walk, jog at intervals, and if you suffer pain in the process, drugs like kratom capsules can help relieve your muscle pains. Also, stay hydrated, and take sufficient proteins to rebuild your muscles after every workout. 

Eat right

You may get the temptation to take candy anytime you feel like it but practice hard to overcome it. Candy has sugar that will only make you get out of shape. One candy bar will lead to another until getting back into shape will take you longer than it should. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables together with exercising to get that great body shape and health. You can take green vegetables like broccoli to help clean the digestive system and keep it running. If you love meat, go for turkey and chicken. However, seafood can be a perfect alternative. Plates of seafood prepare your muscles ready for exercises. 

Watch your daily calorie intake

You should be alert about how many calories you consume daily to help you plan better during your workout routine. Most bodybuilders watch their calorie intake that’s why they have big masses. Also, they know how to manage pain after physical activities with drugs, such as kratom capsules from online shops, like

They plan for healthy meals, as well as balance their calorie intake. But if your goal is to lose weight, you’ll have to put in more effort in your workouts than the calories you take

Get enough sleep

No matter how busy you are, getting enough sleep contributes to perfect health. You need to recharge your body after a long tiring day and you can only achieve it through good sleep. And if you have body pains after work, you can manage it with, such as kratom capsules. At least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day will keep you strong during the day. You can also take a nap in case you feel tired, or didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Amid your schedule, try and find some time for rest before engaging in workouts. Ensure you take short naps so that you don’t lose sleep at night. 

Bottom line

The most important key to maintaining shape is to prepare your mindset. Get to know what’s needed to achieve a healthy and perfect body. It’s not only workouts, but also eating healthy, and managing pains that might arise during exercises with a drug like kratom capsules from online shops like In short, get informed of everything you need to kickstart your journey to a perfect body shape. 

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A report based on statistics from the US Bureau of Labor reveals that 60% of business car accidents occur during an employee’s leisure time. Only 40% are job-related, according to Insurance Business Mag. On November 11, a truck transporting potassium hydroxide collided with a jackknifed truck on Brent Spence Bridge. When talking to dispatchers, the driver of the Old Dominion semi-truck said he was transporting Hazmat but didn’t know what it was.
By the time officers arrived at the crash scene, the two semi-trucks were covered in flames caused by diesel and the potassium hydroxide hauled in the Old Dominion truck. The damage caused by the fire forced the officials to close the bridge for an extended period. The bridge will reopen on December 23 after several inspections have passed. So, what happens when you get into an accident in a company car? Here are some essential tips to follow.
Prioritize Safety 
While there are several steps to take after a car accident, maintaining road safety should be your top priority. If you’re involved in a minor collision with another car, pull your vehicle over to the side, turn on the hazard lights, and contact the police for further assistance. That way, other motorists will drive cautiously hence preventing traffic jams and other accidents from occurring. However, when moving your vehicle seems hazardous, leave it where it is and get somewhere safe. Make sure to call 911 and emergency services to prevent severe injuries and hazards like explosions and wildfire. 
Contact Personal Injury Lawyer 
Road crashes involving business automobiles are complex. Regardless of how minor the incident might seem, you’ll need the help of an attorney to protect your legal rights. A legal expert will offer professional advice about collecting evidence at the crash scene to help you build a strong accident claim. A lawyer will also deal with insurers upfront to ensure they don’t trick you into admitting fault or agree to a low accident settlement. Based on advice from Lawyers Fasig and Brooks, the last thing you want to think about when recovering from the impact of a car crash is how to handle a legal case. Your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf and ensure you receive the right amount of compensation. For these reasons, make sure to call a personal injury attorney immediately after a car crash.
Determine Liability
Determining liability in a business car accident is a crucial step, as it helps decide who will pay for damages. Ideally, if a car accident is a result of someone else’s negligence, they take liability. If you crash another car due to distractions like reading a text, you carry the blame. However, in instances you’re at fault because of technical issues in the company car, your employer becomes liable. Your employer will also take responsibility if you’re in an accident while performing work-related duties.  
Being in a car accident while driving a business vehicle is stressful and can result in long-term implications. In addition to ensuring safety at the crash scene, seek legal advice. Whether you are at fault or not, you deserve fair justice. And a lawyer can help you navigate the process of determining who’s at fault and who pays compensation for injuries and damages. 

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If you have started college after a few years in the working world, you probably have a good idea of what you want to do with your life. However, if you are like most freshmen, you have just graduated from high school. Now, you are expected over the course of just a few years to know what you want to do with the rest of your life even though you have very little life experience. This can be daunting, and you may genuinely feel that you lack the tools you need to make this decision. The tips below can help.

Know What You Love

Of course, the first place to look when you are deciding on a career is to the things you love. Some people have it easy. They have known since childhood that they wanted to be an astronaut, a nurse or a computer programmer. Most people are not quite this focused, but you can look at the things you enjoy doing and consider whether you might want to pursue it as a career. For example, if you are someone that people have always come to about their problems, psychology might be the field for you. If you love examining data, a career in statistics or data analysis could be fulfilling.

Know What You Need

It’s great to do what you love, but you need to be able to support yourself as well. This doesn’t mean you should choose the career that will make you rich, but you should be realistic about the lifestyle you want after college and what career path will support that lifestyle. For example, you may have taken out private student loans to pay for the high tuition costs of getting your undergraduate degree. This is often in addition to federal student loans. What kind of a salary will you need to pay those off promptly along with housing, utilities, food and entertainment?

Keep Your Perspective

While it’s important to try to make the right choice and get on the career path you want to be on early in life, you should keep in mind that with a very few exceptions, the choices you make do not have to be permanent. In fact, a few career changes throughout a person’s life is more common these days than staying on the same path, and the mid-life career shift is common. Sometimes, you can put yourself into a position in which you become paralyzed if you place too high a premium on the decision that you need to make. If you are feeling conflicted or even panicked, try to keep the focus on the best choice for right now as opposed to the best choice for the rest of your life.

Know Your Resources

One thing you have on your side is that as a college student, there are an enormous number of resources available to you. Your advisor, professors and the school’s career center as well as professional organizations and the alumni network can all be great sources of information and advice. You may also have the chance to intern in an industry that interests you. Remember, if the information you gather points you away from the career you thought you wanted, there is always time to change course.

Cincinnati has ranked among the greenest cities in the U.S., based on the’s report. For business owners in the area, it seems that going green needs to be factored into entrepreneurial decisions to be made. So if you’re aiming to make your Cincinnati business more eco-friendly, there are several effective ways that you can do so.
Utilize Local Waste Drop-Off Points
On average, the municipal solid waste generation of the U.S. comes to about nearly 268 million tons and only 67 million of that gets recycled, according to the EPA. A good way for your business to go greener is by being conscientious of how you deal with your business’s waste. For example, if you generate food waste, you can utilize some of Cincinnati’s recycling and compost drop-off points like Queen City Commons, GoZERO, and The Better Bin Compost Company. Doing so ensures that the waste your business generates is handled in an eco-friendly way.
Tap Into Solar Power
Roughly two-thirds of American consumers prefer eco-friendly businesses, according to IBM. To be an eco-friendly business, you must have a reputation for having sustainable practices. One of the best ways to achieve that is by investing in commercial solar panel systems for your enterprise. Not only will they help you lower your energy costs, but it’s an excellent marketing tool to emphasize that your business is a green one. There are solar panel installation companies around Cincinnati, so if you choose to have them installed, you’ll also be helping out local businesses in your area.
Do Regular Self-Audits
To get a firmer idea of your business’s progress towards being greener, doing a regular self-audit would be wise. Some good places to start is to check how much materials your business consumes, and if they’re sourced sustainably. It also helps to check if there are eco-friendly policies applied towards staff like a carpooling scheme or the use of reusable containers and water bottles. A regular self-audit also provides you with insight on which eco-policies are effective and which ones need further tweaking. For a more comprehensive report, you can look around your area to see if there are third-party auditors.
An eco-friendly business isn’t achieved overnight. It is the result of continued conscious choices starting from the administrative level, all the way down to the employees. So take your time and consider which business greening method fits your particular enterprise.

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Dark underarm skin can be a source of embarrassment to most individuals. The darker armpit prevents some people from dressing in sleeveless tops or any other clothing that exposes their underarm skin in public, and they may also fear participating in sports. Just like discoloration and skin blemishes on other parts of your body, having dark underarms can lead to a lack of confidence and lower self-esteem. Some of the potential causes for underarms becoming darker include; deodorants and antiperspirants, shaving, dead skin cell accumulation, friction smoker’s melanosis, hyperpigmentation, acanthosis nigricans, erythrasma, melisma, and Addison’s disease. A lot of people prefer using natural approaches in addressing the underarm skin problem. Here are some of the ways you can use to whiten your dark underarm skin:

Medical Treatments for Underarm Whitening

Depending on the diagnosis that you require, your dermatologist will prescribe the proper treatment for the dark underarm area. The medical treatments include topical creams or lotions containing hydroquinone, tretinoin, corticosteroids, azelaic acid, kojic acid, laser therapy to remove pigment, and chemical peels with alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids to help exfoliate the skin, dermabrasion or microdermabrasion to cleanse the skin properly. In case you have been diagnosed with the erythrasma, your doctor will likely prescribe topical erythromycin or clindamycin, or an oral antibiotic. You can also find an excellent doctor to guide you at sites such as

Natural Treatment for Underarm Whitening


Lemon is one of the most effective remedies used in skin underarm whitening treatment. It is mixed with most ingredients due to its skin whitening property. The lemon is seen to produce a cleansing effect on the skin; it cleans any sweat and dirt and any remedy that may cause skin discoloration to be washed away. That’s why it is recommended to apply moisturizer after rinsing the treatment to restore the skin moisture. 

Tomato Juice

Raw tomatoes are another very useful in underarm whitening treatment. It also helps minimize sweating, which is the primary cause of the darkening of the armpit area. Like lemon juice, tomato juice consists of bleaching properties, which naturally help reduce discoloration. It would be best if you rubbed a slice of raw tomato in your underarms daily. Applying raw tomato juice overnight is going to help too.


Turmeric is considered one of the essential beauty ingredients that help our skin in different ways, aside from being a rich spice. It has got a chemical compound known as curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant that helps in whitening the skin in the underarm area. It is considered one of the most effective natural remedies for skin whitening. For a great result, mix turmeric with lemon juice to form a paste. Apply it evenly on the underarm for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

Vitamin E Oil

Mostly dry skin results in pigmentation. Therefore, oil is considered one of the most effective lubricants in getting rid of dry skin. The pigmentation is one of the reasons for armpit darkening as well. Applying your skin with vitamin E oil will help your skin remain moisturized and help reduce pigmentation. Remedies such as coconut oil, almond oil, or any oil is beneficial in such situations.

The first step to addressing your underarm issues is addressing the causes first. It would be best if you started wearing loose-fitting clothes, stop smoking, stop shaving, and use either waxing or laser hair removal instead, and you may also decide to change your deodorant brand. Visit sites such as to get more information on how to whiten and prevent underarm goals.

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Old age often comes with inevitable challenges. One of the everyday battles that people keep facing is dealing with a rough face with wrinkles and sagging lines. Don’t get discouraged while facing skin aging problems. Are you aware that high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment can aid in putting all your woes to rest! You can get the ideal HIFU treatments @ a clinic in Singapore and regain your radiant, glowing skin after a successful procedure. Are you worried about how to proceed with seeking the treatment? Are you curious about the intricacies of HIFU treatment? Here’s everything you should know about the HIFU treatment.  

How HIFU treatment works

If you are yet to know how this treatment works, you aren’t alone. It’s a relatively new non-surgical skin tightening treatment. While seeking the treatment, you need to approach a trained surgeon specializing in using high-powered ultrasound beams to correct the skin. It’s a thorough treatment that not only enhances the deep skin structure but also makes the skin glow and plump naturally, thus making it appear supple. It’s a non-intrusive technique that is relatively safe for nay delicate skin.

Benefits of HIFU treatment 

Most people often dread surgical treatment to correct their skin problems. However, you no longer have to go under the blade to enjoy a firm looking skin. You can get choose high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment on eliminating your wrinkles as well as sagging lines. It’s also a chance to get smoother skin with lifting eyelids, eyebrows, and cheeks. Get a better prominent jawline appearance without harming the skin tissues.

Another great benefit of this treatment in is that you’ll enjoy a reduced recovery period as there’s minimal cell damage. The minimally invasive procedure is quite useful, as you can notice its full impacts within less than three months. 

To enjoy the above benefits, you need to prepare for the treatment effect in advance.

Before seeking treatment, you need to schedule an appointment and weigh the options that you’ll have. There’s also more, and you need to inquire in-depth from the skin surgeon on what to do before commencing the treatment.

It’d be best to note that all skin-irritating chemicals have to become avoided as it might affect the treatment’s effectiveness. You also need to keep away from any antibiotics if you want to take the HIFU skin treatment as they often make the skin extra sensitive.

Taking more precaution is a chance to get better results after the treatment. Taking anti-anxiety medication is also useful in making the treatment worthwhile.

The HIFU before and aftercare checklist 

It’s paramount to learn how to care for your body after the non-surgery process. It’ll prevent any complications from arising or reduced treatment gain. When you experience any swelling or redness, you need to consult your surgeon. However, do not panic as they often vanish rather rapidly after the treatment.

If you face skin aging problems, you need to rethink getting the new corrective skin tightening non-invasive treatment. You can enjoy the fascinating HIFU treatments @ a clinic in Singapore and enjoy firmer skin.

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Most people who shop for shoes will enter a store and head right for the shoe they find the most appealing in a visual manner without thinking about how they fit or what they were made for. It can become frustrating when your shoe starts to fall apart just weeks after you’ve bought them. This will happen if you don’t wear them, how they were intended to be worn. You’re making the shoe have abnormal wear and tear. 

How to Find the Right Shoe

If you’re having some trouble finding the right pair of shoes for a certain occasion, then keep reading. You may think it’s a good idea to invest in an expensive pair of shoes for a special occasion because they look nice, but it’s not. There are long-term consequences to your actions. Did you overpay for a pair of Nike shoes that may only last a month? You should think about where you are going to use your shoes. You will want comfortable shoes if you plan to use them for long periods of time for activities such as hiking, walking, and running. 

Characteristics of a Good Shoe

Not all shoes are going to be the same. Some shoes are constructed better than others. Before you buy any pair of shoes, it’s important to try them on first. This allows you to test the fit, how they feel when you walk, and more. They should fit your specific needs. You’re going to be in a long-term relationship with your shoes, so it’s pivotal that they are what you need and not what you want. 


You should also consider the insert in the shoes. Are they removable? This is a great choice if you need a specific kind of in-sole. You can easily swap them out if you prefer orthopedic or memory foam for added comfort and support. 


The durability of your shoe is vital. Depending on what you are using your shoes for, you need to consider either a thinner or thicker sole. Don’t forget to consider the arches of your feet as they need to be properly supported. Pick up the shoe and examine the weight of it and how sturdy they feel. Will they withstand rigorous hiking? Are they flexible and light enough to run in? Leather shoes are more sturdy than other shoes and are an ideal characteristic of a good running shoe.

If you want something cheaper, consider suede. You can apply a layer of Scotchguard to increase its longevity. However, if you are looking towards mesh for a running shoe, remember that even though it’s lightweight and easy to clean, it’s also flimsy and won’t last as long. 

Lastly, I know that there are a ton of choices out there and it can get overwhelming. However, with all the information I have provided you with, it should take some of the stress out of shoe shopping. It can be fun, so make the best out of it!

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Cincinnati is the 14th best city when it comes to female-owned small businesses, with the  highest-earning net incomes surpassing $44,000, according to Volusion. However, being minimally staffed, most of them usually have their  hands full with running the day-to-day. If you are a small business owner, chances are, you might not have thought of building an online presence yet. Check out these 3 major ways small businesses can benefit from an online presence. 
Building A Rapport With Your Client Base
Businesses big and small can benefit from the relationship-building functions of social media and the internet as a whole. People want to interact with entities that they can relate to and see as just as human as themselves. Having an online presence is your prime opportunity to exhibit that your business is made up of people just like them.
Likewise, it’s your chance to get to know your client base. Your clientele can be split into a number of demographics and archetypes. Knowing a bit of basic information on each, such as their likes and dislikes, will help you cater to their needs in a more focused and personal way. 
Marketing And Advertising
Social media also stands as one of the best ways to advertise your services nowadays. People are constantly on social media, so it’s a lot more likely for your ads to reach them there. This goes especially if they’ve searched for similar things before. Managing social media accounts and building your own business website is crucial for giving your customers the information they need to know. This includes product and service details, photos, service areas, and more. With an online presence, that can all be done in a few minutes of browsing, even after business hours.
Those are just the basics of marketing you can do online. You can also arrange special online events where you can showcase new products, host interactive seminars, and do other promotions. That and more can be made possible by a user-friendly,  full-featured virtual event platform. The importance of an online presence in marketing could not be stressed enough.  Around 67% of social media users say they made a purchase after seeing an ad on social media, reports The Manifest.
Making The Sale
Last but not least, an online presence makes it easier than ever for your customer to make the purchase, and for you to make the sale. Even a basic online store on Facebook streamlines the browsing and buying process enough to make it enticing to your clients. We’re all drawn in by the easy buy. It’s why so many people binge-shop on sites like Amazon.
Another thing that attracts customers to online shopping is speedy delivery and customer service. Modern location-sharing services can help you arrange a pickup or deliver products and services right to clients’ doorsteps. Social media allows for fantastic customer service by letting you constantly be online. This way, you can converse with clients and take special care to address their desires.
Online presences are simply another upgrade to add to your business assets. It’s just like trading in an old mechanical cash register for a digital one back in the day. It’s in the nature of businesses to get with the times and become more lucrative.