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Watching somebody that you love and care about go through an addiction problem is never an easy experience. However, it’s important to bear in mind that even after you have encouraged them to reach out for help and perhaps even arranged a rehabilitation period for them, along with medical and psychological treatment, being there for them and supporting them does not stop there. For many people who are recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the recovery process goes on for months or even years after they leave the rehabilitation center; for some, it is a lifelong process of working to avoid relapsing back into old habits and routines. Here are some effective things that you can do to support your loved one on their recovery journey. 

#1. Trust Them

First and foremost, it’s important that you try and trust your loved one to look after themselves and stay sober if they have told you that they will. Although you cannot guarantee that this will happen, it’s vital that you give them space and trust that they need to carry on with a journey that is very personal to them. Of course, it can be easy to become overprotective when you are concerned about a loved one. However, this can often have the opposite effect, as they could feel that they have let you down, which can contribute to self-esteem problems. Check in with them regularly, but be sure that you are not overbearing or too protective of them – let them figure it out for themselves and step in if you feel it is necessary. 

#2. Do Fun Things Together

One of the main pieces of advice given to recovering addicts is to find new, healthier habits and hobbies to replace the old routines of taking drugs or drinking alcohol. This is certainly something that you can help your loved one with, and trying out new hobbies and activities with them can also be a lot of fun for you. You can do simple yet fun things together, such as taking your dogs for a walk, going shopping for new outfits, re-decorating a room, taking art classes, cooking together, or even learning a new sport – all of this can help to reintegrate them back into a substance-free lifestyle, boost their self-esteem, and improve their relationship with you too. 

#3. Actively Listen

Keep in mind that after coming out of a rehabilitation program, there may be a lot that your loved one will want to talk about, whether it’s their hopes and dreams for the future, or sharing their experiences of heroin withdrawal with you. As a supportive friend or relative, it’s important that you are there to actively listen to them. Be aware that they may not always expect you to do something to help, but rather just need a listening and understanding ear. Communicate openly with your loved one and ask them if there is anything that you can do to make their journey easier for them. 

With your help, your loved one can enjoy a successful recovery journey to a fulfilling, life of sobriety. 

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Learn about the latest research, unique symptoms for women, and the most important things you should know about stroke.


St. Elizabeth offers signs of a stroke and how to prevent them.

According to the National Stroke Association, more women die from stroke than men. In fact, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in women (compared to being the fifth leading cause of death in men). Surprised? Remember, women generally live longer than men, so they are more likely to live alone when a stroke occurs.

Signs of a stroke

Remember to act FAST when you suspect a stroke. FAST stands for:

  • FACE: Does one side of the face droop?
  • ARMS: Does one arm drift downward when the person is trying to raise their arms?
  • SPEECH: Is the person’s speech slurred or does it sound strange?
  • TIME: If you observe any of these signs, call 911 immediately.

Other symptoms which may be especially unique to women include:

  • Loss of consciousness or fainting
  • Generalized weaknesses
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Confusion, unresponsiveness or disorientation
  • Sudden significant behavior change
  • Agitation
  • Hallucination
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Hiccups

Women also have unique risk factors when it comes to having a stroke:

  • Taking oral contraceptives, especially with additional risk factors including age, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Natural changes in the body during a normal pregnancy can cause increased blood pressure and stress on the heart.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), prescribed to relieve menopausal symptoms, this combined hormone therapy of progestin and estrogen can increase a woman’s risk for stroke.
  • Migraine headaches with aura not only cause debilitating pain, they can increase a woman’s risk of stroke by two and a half times.

Stroke prevention in women

  • If you experience migraines with aura and smoke, stop smoking immediately.
  • Monitor your blood pressure carefully during and after your pregnancy.
  • If you are over 75, get screened for atrial fibrillation
  • If you are starting oral contraceptives, make sure your physician screens you for high blood pressure.

To learn more, join us for Women Take Heart: Wine and Watercolor, an event focusing on women’s unique stroke risk. Learn more about stroke and enjoy time with female friends in a fun painting activity. Tuesday, Oct. 10, 5:30-8:30. Learn more at

Editor’s note: Written by Debbie Marques. This is a special advertising supplement, paid for by St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

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Some people are born with thick, voluminous hair that doesn’t seem to get affected by anything, irrespective of what they do with it. However, most of us are not that lucky and the little volume we do have tends to thin out after just a few coloring and styling experiments. The good news is that there are ways to get thicker hair even if your hair is naturally thin and we will now take a look at how to do exactly that.

Pancake Your Braids

Braids themselves are a good way to make thin hair look thicker but you can add even more thickness to your braids by simply pinching and pulling a bit of each loop on one side. This is known as the pancaking technique and it adds volume to every braiding style out there.

Mousse for Thickness

If you are looking for instant thickness, the mousse will do that for you, but you will need to be careful so that you don’t overdo it. Spray some of the stuff onto your hand and then run your comb through it, instead of directly applying it to your hair. Comb from mid-to-end as you don’t want the mousse near your roots. Also, make sure that your hair is damp (not dripping wet) before applying that comb on your hair. 

Cortex Enlarger Spray

The hair thickener spray from ScalpMed is actually a cortex enlarger, which physically thickens the hair shafts and fibers to make hair not just look fuller but more voluminous in reality as well. All you need to do is spray it directly on your hair in the morning and you are good to go. Whether you style your hair or keep it open after that, it will look fuller and thicker for the rest of the day. This is one of the few solutions out there that actually thickens the hair instead of just making it look thick.

Velcro Rollers

Roll two or three Velcro rollers all the way to the top of your head and blow some warm air onto the rollers for half a minute. Now, let the rollers cool for about 10 minutes before taking them out of your hair. Remember to do this only when your hair is dry. If you manage to do it right, your hair should look full, voluminous and fluffy.

Dry Shampoo

An unusual but effective way to increase your hair’s volume is by using dry shampoo in it at night before going to bed. By the time you wake up in the morning, the dry shampoo will have absorbed the oil from your hair, in addition to giving it a much fuller look. Strangely enough, you can also use baby powder for the same effect.

None of these techniques are really hard, but they all work. You can try any or all of them over the course of time. However, taking care of your hair at the root level should always be your priority over styling because the healthier your hair is, the thicker it will look naturally, making any hair thickening method you use all the more effective.

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Though the prospect of having to go through a divorce isn’t one that most women entertain when they get married, the risk is always there. Indeed, Ohio couples who have reached the age of 50 or over arechoosing to divorce more and more frequently, with divorce increasing by a factor of three in Ohio couples over the age of 65. While further analysis reveals that divorce rates in Ohio have fallen in younger couples, most young women are waiting longer before choosing to marry; a factor that clearly affects the context of the data.

More findings of interest relate to divorce and pregnancy in Cincinnati. According to aScottsdale divorce lawyer,“an integral component of any divorce with children is a court enforceable joint parenting plan”.While Ohio law doesn’t officially give any judge the authority to refuse a divorce on the basis of pregnancy, it seems that the system isreluctant to allow couples to divorcewhile the wife is pregnant to ensure that child support will be established and to save the parents from going through a second court action to establish parental responsibility in the future.

Although Ohio is by no means leading the way in terms of high divorce rates – with that present title going to Detroit in Michigan –  it still ranks fairly highup on the list. With this in mind, we’ve decided to share some of the basic features of Ohio Divorce Law with you in this post. Hopefully, it will help to orient you a little during what is bound to be a troubling time full of change.

1. Fault-based divorce

Ohio remains one of the few states in the U.S. that still allows fault-based divorces. This is when either you or your partner chooses to file for a divorce due to the actions of the other. In Cincinnati and across the state, grounds for fault-based divorce can include the following: adultery, extreme cruelty, gross neglect, imprisonment, drunkenness and willful absence which has lasted more than a year. When a fault-based divorce is granted it can impact on property division, alimony and child custody.

2. Collaborative law

Collaborative law simply offers you and your divorcing spouse the means of reaching an amicable agreement outside of court. It’s a process during which you will both work closely alongside your respective lawyers, which meanschoosing a good divorce lawyer is keyand is one of the options available to you when divorcing in Cincinnati.

3. Will I have to go to court?

Divorces that remain amicable significantly reduce the need to attend court, as lawyers are then able to attend court on their clients’ behalf. However, even if you are in the middle of a no-fault divorce, you will eventually need to appear before the judge and testify to confirm that you are in agreement with the outcome as laid out. If your divorce is less than amicable, however, you may have to attend various court hearings and even be prepared to go all the way to trial.

4. Am I eligible to file for divorce in Ohio?

If you are legally married and you’vebeen living in the Cincinnati area or elsewhere in the state for at least six months, you are eligible to file for a divorce under Ohio state law. These rules equally apply to couples in same-sex marriages, following the Obergefell / Hodges U.S. Supreme Court’s case.

5. Equitable distribution

Under Ohio state law, marital property and assets are divided according to equitable distribution rules. It’s important to clarify that “equitable” doesn’t always mean “equal”. A number of factors are taken into consideration – including financial loss due to gambling, or marital funds that were spent on an affair – before the judge can make a fair decision as to how funds, assets and property gains are to be shared.

6. Children and sole custody

In general, Ohio state law favors joint custody over sole custody. Most courts lean towards offering both parents some share in the parental rights and responsibilities of all children involved. However, sole custody can be awarded to one of the parties if it can be unequivocally proven that this would be in the best interests of the children.

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How to pull off being a great mom and look fabulous while doing it!

You hit your teens wearing the new tight skinny jeans that are all the rage. You hit your 20s, looking fit and fab and finally meet the man of your dreams – well, almost! He may not be 6 foot 5, be in perfect shape, dark and handsome, looking like Marcus Schenkenberg, but he treats you well, proposes, and boom bang, you’re married with three kids.

Now, we all know what being a mom is about – snotty noses, dirty diapers, accidents in public and all the rest that doesn’t need spelling out. I will never forget the episode in “Sex and the City” where Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is in the kitchen and her beautiful daughter places chocolate-smeared hands on her mother’s gorgeous white skirt and she simply explodes. You get the picture! 

It’s simply not easy to pull off looking gorgeous when there is so much playdough, flour everywhere in the kitchen, chocolate and mud-smeared children’s clothes for you to wash. Just running around the house picking up clothes and running around after your toddlers takes its toll on the body and it’s strenuous. It also just makes better sense to jump into a pair of tracksuit pants, loose T-shirt and flip flops to get everything done. What’s the point of wearing your best clothes when you know they’ll get ruined?

But then, wait a minute. What about you? What about the vivacious woman that existed before giving birth who enjoyed shopping for clothes with friends and following the latest trends – or not. What about all those makeup tips and tricks you learned to make you feel pretty. 

This should not be lost just because you’re a mom.

So what to do?

  • If your hair is driving you crazy and all it ends up looking like is a bird’s nest everyday go treat yourself. Get a serious cut that you know you will enjoy wearing. Get a color shampoo, a Keratin treatment and blow-wave, it will automatically make you feel like a million bucks and your hair will be easier to manage. If you notice your hair has fallen out since having children Research Verified’s Hair Growth and  Hair Growth Biotin was made just for you!
  • Don’t stop wearing makeup! There will be many times during the day that you will be looking at your reflection – like all the million times wash your hands in the bathroom peering at yourself in the mirror.  Be proud of the woman that is staring right back at you. Feel good about the way you present yourself to the world – even if it is just to your exceptionally non-judgmental (bless them) children and your husband. Of course you want to keep that spark alive and feeling more beautiful will lead to more confidence. If you feel like your skin is looking dull and needs added assistance looking younger, take a Phytoceramides supplement. This Research Verified review will give you more insight into this. 
  • Forget about the dull grey tracksuit pants and go invest in some gorgeous leggings. There are multitudes of different brands and colors out there. Choose a bunch of your favorite and match with a nice fitting T-shirt. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just nice fitting and makes you look great! 
  • For shoes comfort is key. All the major brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma have such gorgeous choices of footwear these days. Bright pinks and luminous yellows cascading the shelves of sports shops. And if not a sport shoe go for ballerina pumps. If you have to do with flip flops you can buy stylish ones with sparkly, fake diamonds on the straps and sandals reminiscent of Roman times. 

At the end of the day you will feel better about yourself if you make sure you are not totally forgotten. And while it may not be quite like it once was, there are some things you shouldn’t’ let slip – afterall, you are so worth it! You give and you give and you give. You give so much sometimes you get lost in your giving and forget about yourself. You’re a mom, in fact a “Wonder Mom”, you are proud of your children and make sure they look great everyday. Why not invest time in yourself and make sure you look and feel beautiful, too?

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Starting a YouTube channel is easy. In essence, all it takes is an email address to get your account up and running, while content can be created with any prepackaged video editing software. However, running a YouTube channel that is successful is a whole different story. 

Why is it so difficult to turn a YouTube account into a profitable venture? Well, research from 2015 suggested that there are over 17,000 creators possessing at least 100,000 subscribers. This is a number that is constantly on the rise, and these creators are covering every subject you could think of – from travel vlogs to hydraulic presses crushing random objects. In summary, YouTube is saturated. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t break out and triumph on the platform. One way of doing so is by making your YouTube channel more professional, and the following five steps will help in that regard.

1. Use professional equipment

If you’re producing content with obsolete video recording equipment and a microphone which came with your laptop, you are doing a disservice to your videos. Not only will they look amateurish, but it will also impact the number of people that will subscribe and watch your content. So with that in mind, purchase quality video producing equipment. This doesn’t mean spending loads of cash – a current iPhone video camera will do the job, while effective lighting and audio solutions can also be purchased on the cheap. 

2. Invest in high-quality video editing software 

Alongside the aforementioned first-rate equipment, you should also invest in professional-grade video editing software. By invest, this doesn’t mean just purchasing the software either. Read plenty of guides and practice new editing techniques – implementing such techniques will significantly help add that finishing touch to your content. 

3. Enhance your visual imagery

Away from your actual video content, there should be a particular focus on other visual imagery. By visual imagery, that means the likes of your logo and video thumbnails. Even if you’re not the most artistically gifted, there are tools available to help. For instance, a YouTube banner creator will assist in producing a slick, contemporary banner – which is another important part of developing your visual imagery. 

4. Cut out grammar mistakes  

An engaging headline and info-packed description is a great way to add value to your videos. To keep up the professionalism, all of your written words should be error-free. If you really struggle with knowing what words to capitalize in a title, when to use full stops and the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, do not worry: there are professional grammar tools like Grammarly that will correct any mistakes made. 

5. Upload regularly 

For many YouTube creators, the biggest stumbling block is producing and uploading regular videos. This is especially an issue when success doesn’t arrive immediately – which is highly common – because it leaves self-doubt about whether your content is actually any good or not. Make sure to stick at it during those tough early times, upload high-quality videos consistently on a set schedule, and you should benefit in the long-run with a significant increase in views and subscribers. 

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Cincinnati women may be concerned to hear that females are twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS) during their lifetime as their male counterparts. Scientists are still in search for an explanation for the variation, and ultimately a cure for MS, but in the meantime have discovered a possible link between breastfeeding and the reduced probability of developing MS in women. 

The Study

397 women were recruited for the experiment. All of the participants had recently been diagnosed with MS or a condition known as clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), which may ultimately lead to MS. The average age of the women in the group was 37, and results from the participants were compared with 433 women who did not have MS. 

The results of the survey yielded 85 healthy female respondents revealing that they had breastfed for at least 15 months during childbearing and rearing years. Forty-four participants with MS said the same. On the other hand, 118 participants living with MS revealed that they breastfed fewer than four months, while 110 healthy respondents bear witness of the same practices. 

It was also found that women who began their menstruation cycles at or after age 15 were at 44 percent lower risk of developing MS than women whose ovulation cycles began at age 11 or younger. Forty-four healthy women and 27 participants with MS or CIS told the study’s coordinators that they experienced their first menstruation at age 15 or later. Meanwhile, 131 women with MS or CIS revealed that they experienced their first ovulation cycles at age 11 or younger. One hundred and twenty women without the disease declared the same. 

What Does the Research Mean?

Although the development of MS in women may be linked to how early their menstruation cycles begin, none of the evidence presented in the recent study is conclusive. There is also no solid proof of women who choose to breastfeed over formula being completely immune from the disease. The most recent survey does, however, present the possibility of nursing during child rearing years lowering a woman’s chances of developing the debilitating illness. Such research, when substantiated, may prove helpful to industry health insurance providers in coming years.  

A Note About Breastfeeding in Cincinnati

Cincinnati presently faces a health crisis in which infants are dying prematurely. More than 540 babies have died by natural causes in Hamilton county over the past five years, which places the region as one of the worst urban communities when it comes to rearing small children in the United States. Some of the death rates have been due to premature births, but the bulk of the high number comes from poor health. When you think about the nutrients attached to a mother’s breast milk, and how few women in Cincinnati choose nursing over formula, the notion of prevention comes to mind. Could breastfeeding be the cure for both women at risk of developing MS and Cincinnati babies with a higher probability of dying prematurely? The answer to such question has yet to be determined.

For now, Cincinnati women are advised to maintain regular checkups with the doctor and, if possible, choose to breastfeed over formula. Remaining healthy and alert is the way to enjoying a fulfilling life. 

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“Meditations can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger, and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity for healing do the work.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Modern living is hectic. Regardless of your background or stage of life, today’s world defined by overstimulation and a constant demand to perform. While it may seem like a paradox, the only way to keep up with the constant hustle and bustle is to, from time to time, learn to step out of the madness. 

Mediation is all about letting go of external stimuli, and looking inward rather than outward for guidance. While life is all about small goals and achievements, mediation is the reverse in the sense that it is about achieving balance and peace in the moment, not reflecting on the past or running towards the future. 

It is precisely because it is against our instinctive behavior that it is so difficult to do, but the following guide can help you successfully meditate and, hopefully, allow you to incorporate a few minutes of solitude into your life every day!

Prioritize Mediation in Your Schedule

While most people can agree that they can’t spare a few minutes to meditate, the fact of the matter is that if you find it important, you can also find time for it. The calm that meditation brings is proven to improve productivity and focus, and once you view it as a time saver rather than waster, you’ll find space for it in your schedule.

If you feel like you’re not willing to give up any of your daily activities then try cutting just a few minutes from your leisure activities. Whether you enjoy playing slots on your iPad from your couch in the evenings, or like to open your favorite book with a glass of wine, try and cut just a few minutes from your fun activities to make space for meditation.

Health and happiness go hand in hand, and once you set as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day, plan it into your schedule and reserve that time for yourself to let go and relax. Mornings are an ideal time for some, whereas evenings or afternoons suit late day starters better.

Designate a Space for Meditation

Once you’ve committed to a certain amount of time to mediate be sure to choose a spot that you perceive as tranquil. This could be outside or inside, depending on where you feel most comfortable. For obvious reasons avoid areas where you are usually active or where there are too many noises or distractions.

While meditation is about letting go of your surroundings, choosing the right area to let go of will make the process a lot easier. Especially for people new to meditating, it is often tempting to open your eyes if you’re in a place where you are usually doing something else. Being comfortable physically is also important, as it makes the process of introspection and letting go of the physical easier.

It May Sound Strange, But Don’t Think of a Goal

In life, we always do things with a purpose or objective, even when that goal is to let go and have fun. When meditating try to avoid this pattern of thinking and don’t stress about letting go. There is no failed meditation session, and each time you try it the easier it will be to find serenity in that short space of time.

Of course, you will be meditating with the goal of relieving stress and improving your well-being, but try not to focus too much on the end-result as you’ll risk the effectiveness of the present activity. Allow your subconscious to work through your thoughts, and the less your consciousness interferes the better.

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The world of finance and investing, even in this day and age, are often considered to be a realm ruled by males. However, recent statistics show that over 51% of the workforce in the US is comprised of women. Which means that more women than ever before have both spending, and investing power. So why is it that so few women seem to actively participate in financial planning and investment?

Things that Inhibit Women for Investing

There are several factors that contribute to women’s overall reticence to be involved with financial activities. For starters, women tend to lack confidence because they believe that men are just naturally better at managing financial concerns. Another of the major factors is that while it is true that more women than ever are working and making money that they could invest, or use for retirement planning, there is still a significant wage gap. It may be that the pay gap is a contributing factor to the higher amounts of debt that women tend to carry, which is also an impediment for women trying to start good spending and long-term financial planning.

Why Women Should Invest in Their Financial Future

Women can have all the confidence in themselves and their ability to manage their money. Despite the fact that many women feel men are better with money, study after study has shown that to be untrue. While the margins are a bit low to firmly declare one gender better than another in the finance game, the available data does prove that women are at least as good as men at making financial calls. There are also all sorts of tools available for women to use to get their financial management going. Everything from personal loans for bad credit to get things jumpstarted, all the way to financial firms designed exclusively for women.

A Sunny Outlook

Despite the challenges that women may face in regards to financial planning and investment, there is every reason for optimism. With more women advancing into higher paying jobs all the time, it is expected that this trend will continue, likely meaning the wage gap will continue to close. This, combined with more readily available resources to help women get started with financial planning, will likely help with debt levels as well. With women succeeding in so many industries and activities, what’s to stop us from starting down the road today to a more solid and happy financial future?

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With the rising costs of living in Ohio, more and more Cincinnati women are finding themselves struggling with debt. Debt and credit issues can sneak up on you when you least expect it and force you to put at least some of your financial and life goals on hold. Debt and bad credit that stem from bills, student loans, and the costs of raising a family is a problem that plagues many Cincinnati women. While it can put a serious damper on your plans, bad credit does not have to be a lifelong plague. There are many debt solutions especially for women that will allow you to take back control of your finances and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Debt Forgiveness

The most obvious solution for repairing bad credit is to contact a credit repair agency. A credit repair agency is a company that works with clients to remove certain items like late payments, repossessions, and even foreclosures from their credit history and negotiates manageable interest rates with debtors. The most popular credit repair companies for 2017 are Lexington Law, Sky Blue Credit, and One review of Lexington Law found that Lexington had a 9.6 out of 10 customer approval rating, in comparison to’s 9.4 and Sky Blue Credit’s 9.3, signalling that consumers are becoming increasingly satisfied with this legal solution of repairing credit on their individual files.

Debt After Divorce

Many women get into trouble with credit after divorce as they adjust to life on one income. If you have children, the hit to your credit may be even bigger, as single moms are among the highest demographics of individuals living below the poverty line. Rebuilding your finances after divorce is one of the most important things you can do to secure a comfortable life for your family. Once you’ve checked your credit score, it’s time to establish a credit history that is separate from your ex-husband’s. A simple way to rebuild credit is to apply for a credit card from your financial institution. If you cannot apply for a credit card, paying your bills on time will also help you to rebuild damaged credit.

Pay off those Charges

If you have outstanding debts from student loans, your mortgage, or miscellaneous payments, you should work on paying off any debt before you commit to any large financial risks. Outstanding debts account for 30% of your credit score, meaning that getting rid of outstanding payments is one of the fastest ways to raise your credit score and rebuild your life.

Extra Help for Those in Need

If you find yourself seeking additional credit resources, the Cincinnati United Way is a great resource for credit counseling, helping finding work and affordable housing, and support. The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency is another resource for Cincinnati residents on low and moderate incomes to turn to for help paying bills. Both of these agencies specialize in helping those who may be experiencing hard times get back on their feet. While it is easy to feel helpless when faced with financial difficulties, by taking advantage of the many Cincinnati resources, it is possible to get back on your feet and reclaim your life.