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Love and acceptance go hand in hand, most of the time. We can accept the grumpy attitude and the messiness, but when it comes to style, that’s a variable we can have some input in. Your significant other is an extension of yourself and if you take your style seriously, your partner dropping the ball in that department can feel a little embarrassing.

You obviously don’t love your boyfriend any less because of how he dresses, or that he’s less of a person in your eyes, but sometimes guys just need a little help to reach their full fashion potential. Here is a walkthrough guide to help you to get your man to up his style game without hurting his feelings.

Understand them

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a specific style, chances are he just doesn’t know any better. Many guys just dress for comfort and don’t even think about what it looks like.  You need to understand why he dresses the way he does and ask honest questions about his clothes preferences. 

Questions like ‘what draws you to that outfit?’ or ‘what outfit makes you feel the most confident?’ are good. Be open to his answers, listen and see where the conversation leads. You will learn a lot about why he dresses the way he does. Does finding his own style overwhelm him? Does he truly not care about fashion? Does he just hate shopping?

Buy him clothes as presents

If he doesn’t want to go shopping, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Get the tape measure out and take his sizes and shop at the places that allow returns. Use birthdays and Christmas as an excuse to buy clothes for him. If you decide to buy it at any other time, say that it was just because you were near the shops anyway.

Before you purchase him some clothing, remember to firstly check with him what his favourite clothes are and if they are getting old, find some replacements. Concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity, men look much better in high-quality clothing. Also, ensure it is a style you know he will be comfortable with so that it doesn’t get thrown to the back of the wardrobe and never seen again.

Lead by example

If you look nice and make an effort for your partner, it may make him want to do the same for you. If you want him to have a clear out of his clothes, do one of your clothes and ask if he wants any of his clothes taken to the charity shops also. 

Your man is probably interested in looking good but has no idea how to do it. You can be his educator and help on online clothing shops and find male fashion bloggers to encourage and inspire him. Help him to understand his style mistakes and work together to overcome them.

Pay attention to detail

If you really want a guy that gets a lot of fashion compliments, turn his eye towards the finer details. If he wears a suit or blazer, add in a pocket square or tie bar. It is these little details that round out a man’s look and set him aside from the herd. Accessorising for men is no different to women; it just requires a little bit more subtlety. 

Match his personality, not yours

Another important thing to remember when you are helping to style your boyfriend is that he is not a mannequin. He has his own individual personality and improving his dress sense should be a team effort. Bring out his specific attributes with little touches like jewellery and cufflinks are a great way to put personality into a suit. Visit this website for some stylish cufflinks that are great for a personal statement.

If you are sure to consider how to reflect his inward personality with his outer style, you will end up with a stylish man who is wearing the clothes rather than a man who is letting the clothes wear him. 

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There seems to be a growing pressure on us to stay younger for longer. In part, this is due to the media portraying an image of ever young celebs with comments like “doesn’t he look good for his age”. But, it’s also because we stay fitter for longer and live to be older than in times gone by. 60 is no longer considered old. 60-year-olds are out there having the time of their lives. So, why should they settle for looking old when they don’t feel it? To a degree, this will be down to genetics, which there isn’t anything you can do about. But, here are seven ways to look and feel younger for longer.

Look After Your Skin

Your skin is the first thing to show signs of aging. Often as early as your late 20’s, fine lines start to appear around your eyes and mouth and cellulite will start to show itself. Your skin is only perfect and youthful for a short time, so make the most of it and start taking care of it. Moisturize daily to restore any moisture your skin loses, cleanse morning and night to clear any impurities, and most importantly, apply sunscreen before going out on a hot day.

Take Care of Your Hair

It’s hair that people often notice next. You can’t stop your hair showing the obvious signs of age by going gray or falling out. But, you can correct it. Even home hair dye kits are now incredibly effective at covering the grays and a hair regrowth product can work wonders at covering any bald spots.


You probably already know that if you don’t get enough sleep your skin looks dull, there are bags under your eyes, and you feel grumpy. Do this regularly and this will become your natural look. To look bright-eyed and youthful be sure to get eight hours as often as possible.

Eat Right

Eating well will help your body to look and feel great. The odd treat isn’t going to hurt, but aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet packed with fresh fruit and vegetables for a younger and more glowing appearance.

Drink Water

Water is a powerful thing. Your body is made up of huge amounts of water, some of which get lost throughout the day, so keep it topped up with around eight glasses of water to keep your organs functioning at their best and give your skin extra elasticity.


Exercise will help you live longer and look better as you age. It will help to keep you in shape, keep you strong and improve your posture. Standing straight can instantly improve your appearance and take a few years off.


Smiling is the easiest way to look younger. So, stop worrying, grow old gracefully and enjoy yourself.

For the most part, simply looking after yourself well and having fun is all you need to look younger. So, however old you are, get out there and enjoy life.

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We all have bad hair days from time to time, but most of us pull a baseball cap on or avoid class for the day. One student, however, had a seriously bad hair day after her hair extensions left her looking like a burn victim.

Confidence Boosting Hair Extensions

Holly Jane had some blonde hair extensions put in by a local hairdresser. The hair extensions were a gift from her mother to help her feel more confident, but Holly, who suffers from anxiety, ended up feeling a whole lot worse when the hair extensions matted up and started to fall out.

Holly told reporters that two of the expensive clumps of hair had fallen out within a week. She contacted the hairdresser who told her to leave the extensions alone and everything would be fine. Unfortunately, Holly’s hair went from bad to worse and before long, her hair began to matt up, so her mother was forced to cut the hair out.

Extreme Reaction

Now, Holly has been left with short hair and bald patches and clotted lumps of hair. Holly and her mom say they contacted the hairdresser and asked her to fix the problem, but she refused to help. She told Holly to use Argan oil to repair her hair, but Holly says that just made her scalp worse.

With her hair falling out in clumps and her confidence in tatters, Holly and her mom posted about the incident on social media. The story went viral and the hairdresser had to remove her Facebook business page after receiving threats. The woman denied all responsibility when interviewed by reporters. She said it was Holly’s fault for not looking after her hair extensions correctly, but Holly claims she wasn’t given any advice and nor was her scalp checked for allergy sensitivity.

Adderall Causes Hair Loss in Students

Hair loss is no joke, although Scalp Med can help. There are many causes of hair loss in older people, but in students, hair loss is usually the result of stress, a poor diet, and Adderall abuse.

Many students take Adderall to boost their concentration during exams. Doctors normally prescribe Adderall to patients diagnosed with ADHD, but it has become an increasingly popular drug of choice for stressed students. Many students claim on public forums that Adderall helps them stay up all night studying for exams. They also claim it makes them smarter and better able to cope with their studies. In fact, a recent study carried out by the Bloomberg School of Public Health found that 60% of Adderall users were aged 18-25. What most of these students don’t know is that hair loss is one of the side effects of taking Adderall.

The other main cause of hair loss in students is stress. Extreme stress, which is common during exams, can trigger an autoimmune disorder, which causes patchy hair loss. In most cases, the hair grows back, but in a few cases, the alopecia can spread and affect the whole scalp.

If hair loss is affecting you, it is important to seek medical advice, and if you suspect Adderall abuse is the cause, stop taking it immediately.

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There always seems to be some amount of controversy over whether or not what we are seeing on television and on the Big Screen is actually good for us, but if you look closely, you will see that movies do have a positive effect on our lives in many cases. Yes, there are some cult flicks that lead the unsuspecting astray by glorifying violence, drugs and sex, but for the most part, the really great flicks of our time have had a positive impact on 21st Century living. Here are just five examples of how movies impact our lives in ways you might never suspect.

1) Breaking through Stereotypes

If ever there was a hunky leading man it would be Johnny Depp. Adored by women around the world, Johnny has become one of the most sought after stars of our day. If you think back to the days of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, you’ll remember that practically every leading man, at one point or another, had a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Even the commercials glorified smoking and any ‘manly man’ would do at least one flick in which he smoked. Johnny Depp, in The Tourist, meets Angelina Jolie on a train and what is he doing when she walks up? Vaping! While this may not have led millions of people to go out and buy box mod vapes, it certainly did a lot to bring forward an image of a sexy man vaping in lieu of smoking. A great stereotype to break away from, for sure!

2) Bridging Cross-Cultural Boundaries

Altogether too often we are unable to see other cultures with the same amount of acceptance as our own. Without naming any one particular film, as there are so many, it’s easy to see how all those indies that are so popular these days have had a huge impact on bridging that cross-cultural gap. Some are subtitled and some are in English, but many are filmed in developing nations, giving us a better acceptance of cultures so dissimilar yet similar to ours.

3) Addressing Geopolitical Concerns

On the same token, those indies are often a way to address geopolitical concerns. While Hollywood may not want to take on yet another movie about espionage in Iraq or avoiding nuclear war with Russia, indies are great for addressing these concerns. Many seek to highlight the rampant pillaging of natural resources while others give us a deeper view of the plight of others in third world countries. Perhaps one of the greatest films of our times that gives us a better look at global geopolitical concerns due to militant warfare would be the box office hit and award winning Hotel Rwanda.

4) Greater Tolerance for Alternative Lifestyles

Then there’s Brokeback Mountain, perhaps the first and greatest film to bring an alternative lifestyle to the Big Screen. As a neo western, this film depicted two cowboys who would traditionally have been the rugged ladies’ men but in this film they are star crossed gay lovers, bringing to light an alternative worldview and perhaps one of the biggest ‘advocates’ for gay and lesbian lifestyles. There was a huge amount of controversy at the time, 2005, but this one flick will go down in history as being a prelude to greater acceptance in our culture.

5) That’s Entertainment!

And finally, movies are simply entertaining. With all of the problems life throws at you day after day, it’s nice to get away from it all, even if only for a couple hours. Movies help you relax and unwind and comedies do much to repair broken spirits. Sometimes we just need a good laugh or to immerse ourselves into the life of others, however fictional, to get away from all the struggles we face on a day to day basis. Life can be hard and films help to transport us away from all those worries that get us down. What better way than to forget your own woes than by facing the troubles of others. Your problems aren’t so bad after all, are they?

There are countless other ways in which movies impact our lives, but these are just five examples of why this is a multibillion dollar industry year after year. Yes, it may be a bit costly to pay for a ticket at your local theater but the benefits to be gained by getting away from it all just might be money well spent. While you may not always be happy with the impact movies have on our lives and those of our children, the one thing everyone can agree on is that they definitely do impact our lives.

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Wine comes in an array of varietals, flavors, and colors. It’s becoming more and more the drink of choice for women, so we ask, is wine a girl’s best friend? Certainly yes, we say, and here are our three top reasons why:

It can boost your business

Traditionally, the golf course is where many business people strike deals and where connections are made. Now, career experts say that women are making their business connections over wine more than ever. It’s a great way to spark a new conversation and find common ground even with the most buttoned up client. It’s also important to show a breadth of knowledge and passion that can spark new curiosity and creativity. So, knowing the difference between a pinot noir and a pinot grigio may make a difference in your glass as well as the glass ceiling at work. 

It offers many health benefits

Recent research says wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers. More specifically, moderate drinkers suffering from high blood pressure are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than nondrinkers. Why? Experts say red wine tannins contain procyanidins, which protect against heart disease. So, you don’t always have to fight heart disease at the gym! You can fight it sippin’ on some red wine, from the comfort of your couch, trying your luck at Red Flush online casino if you want! Also, moderate consumption of wine (especially red) cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent. It also helps the brain, as researchers found that brain function declines at a markedly faster rate in nondrinkers than in moderate drinkers. It’s important to note that these health benefits come from moderate wine consumption, defined by the American Heart Association as one to two four-ounce glasses a day. 

And finally, as they say, “in vino veritas.”

This is a Latin phrase that means “in wine, truth”, suggesting a person is more likely to speak their mind after wine is introduced into the equation. Alcohol is life’s social lubricant and sometimes it’s the little boost of confidence you need to let down your guard and speak the truth. Or, in the business world, it might be just what a client needs to open up about what their real goals are for a project, or even what’s secretly coming down the pipeline from corporate that you otherwise might not know about. There’s nothing like a cocktail or two to unlock the jaws of even the most tight lipped client.Also, as a service provider, it’s part of the job to always have answers and be strong in front of the clients, but being vulnerable shifts the power dynamic and creates sympathy and empathy. Same goes for friends. If you’ve been meaning to tell your best friend something, but can’t find the words. Invite her to a glass of wine and see if it’s easier to say after a few sips.

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Stress affects an alarming number of people in the UK and figures show that 488,000 cases of work-related stress were reported between 2015-2016. With figures like this, it is clear that there is a significant problem affecting a large section of the population. The NHS has a very good support system that can help you if you suffer from stress, so always seek your doctor’s advice if you are starting to feel any signs of stress.


To identify the difference between feeling a bit blue and developing stress, the following definition is provided by the Oxford dictionary for stress: “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.”


Stress can have many different symptoms and various causes. Symptoms include insomnia, headaches, upset stomach, the lack of energy, high blood pressure and loss of sexual desire, amongst many others.


Causes of stress are commonly associated with work demands and unhappiness in a person’s career. If you suffer from work-related stress than you are certainly not alone. There are a number of solutions that you can look at depending on your circumstances. Maybe you are ready for a well-earned break if you have been working hard without any time off. You should try and take breaks while in work; don’t work through your lunch, try and take a walk to clear your head. You might be surprised at how effective this can be.


If you are overcome with the responsibilities of your role then maybe you can talk to your manager about it. It might be that they are unaware of some additional responsibilities that you have taken on or they might be able to help you to find more efficient ways of doing things. If your manager isn’t helpful or isn’t available, then you can always speak to your HR department or any advice lines that your company provides.


Stress can also be caused by money problems and if you are struggling with debts then you should seek advice through support networks like Citizens Advice or debt charities. They may be able to help you find a solution and relieve some of the stress that you are feeling.


Common ways to reduce stress levels include exercising more, as the release of endorphins will bring a feeling of euphoria. If you are not a fan of exercise then maybe you could try and make into a social event; join a class where you get to meet new people and enjoy their company.


Other more controversial methods of coping with stress include the use of marijuana in some places around the world. In the United States you can speak to companies that provide services for the dispensing of marijuana such as


If you are struggling with stress, then you should take immediate action, as it will only build up the longer that you try and bury your head in the sand. Seek help today and make your first step on your way to life with limited stress.

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Technology is not just changing the way we communicate online. It has the potential to improve our general health. We are therefore offering the following top five tips on the technologies that have the potential to boost your health and wellbeing.

A Hybrid Smartwatch

There are many hybrid smart watches on the market that are blending fashion with fitness tracking and notification technology. You can therefore look stylish while you track your daily steps to ensure you achieve your activity goals – so you can wear the hybrid smartwatch at work, during exercise, shopping or when enjoying a night out with friends.

Wearable technology has therefore become a popular accessory for health-conscious people looking for ways to track their steps and increase their motivation. So, by tracking your health and boosting your activity levels, you may soon notice a difference to your overall health.

Smartphone Apps

Whether you want to count calories, track your food consumption or diversify your exercises, there is an app out there to help you achieve your goals. So, think about the different ways you would like to improve your health and you can guarantee you will discover the right help to suit your needs. So, take your health into your own hands with a smartphone app.

Social Media

Many apps also allow you to share your progress on numerous social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. As your followers may expect to see an update on your performance, as well as spotting some progress, sharing your stats on social media can be a great motivation tool, because you will feel a pressure to perform.

What’s more, you can join an online community that is dedicated to a particular activity, so you can share tips, advice and learn more from other like-minded community members.

Online Personal Training

The online universe allows personal trainers to connect with people from across the world, developing tailored workout plans to boost their core strength and fitness. You can also keep the trainer updated on your progress via email.

So, if you are struggling to find the right trainer in your local area, you can always go online to communicate with professional trainers who can help you meet your fitness potential and exceed your expectations. With online personal training becoming more affordable, it has never been easier to connect with experienced professionals, using their advice and tips to maximise your performance with a particular exercise or at the gym.

A nutritious diet and active lifestyle has the potential to improve both our physical and mental health. Our health is in our own hands – but technology can place information, advice and motivation at your fingertips. Do not spend time thinking about what you need to do and start using technology to boost your health. So, buy a hybrid watch, embark with off-line or online personal training, use social media as a motivation tool and install one or more helpful smartphone apps that can help you stay on the right track.



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We all want the perfect summer beach body, but most of us leave it until spring, and then panic and attempt unhealthy crash diets. These often don’t work, and even if they do, you put most of the weight back on while you are away. A healthier and more sustainable way to do it is to make simple changes to your lifestyle, starting today. You’ll be fitter, healthier, more energetic, and look great in time for summer. Just remember to keep it up after your holiday.

If you are studying an online respiratory therapy program, like those at the University of Cincinnati, you’ll be aware of just how respiratory problems can affect you in later life, and how important it is to look after your health right now.

Drink More Water

Drinking eight glasses of water a day keeps your body hydrated and working at its best. Water improves your skins elasticity, so you’ll stay wrinkle free for longer. It can also help improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Drinking a glass of water before meals will also help you to feel full faster, making you much less likely to over indulge.

Swap Your Snacks

Eating healthy meals is great, but what about your snacks? Snacking isn’t a bad thing, if you’re eating small meals regular snacking actually helps boost your energy levels and metabolism, and can help you lose weight. Just make sure that instead of fatty treats, you eat things like fruit and fat free yogurts.

Say No to Sugar

Sugar in drinks, both fizzy and hot, is one of the leading causes of obesity. It’s best to cut fizzy drinks all together, but if you do have the odd one, make it sugar free. If you don’t like hot drinks unsweetened, try reducing it slowly. So, go from two sugars, to one and a half, and then the next week drop another half; you won’t even notice a change in taste.


Consider investing in a fitness tracker and try to add some steps every day. As well as going for a long walk, or walking instead of driving places, take the stairs whenever you can, and use the bathroom further away when you are at work or school. You’ll probably find the increased amount of water you are drinking means you need to walk to the toilet much more, too.


As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, do a few stretches. This will kick start your metabolism, as well as improving your posture and circulation. Try some gentle online yoga routines for some guidance.


Change Your Thinking

One of the first things you need to do is change your way of thinking. The perfect body isn’t the body you see in magazines. That isn’t real. Instead, aim to be the best version of yourself, which is healthy, and happy. This is much more important than what you weigh.

Most of us lead exceptionally busy lives. Working, raising a family, or studying a degree, such as an online respiratory therapy degree. This makes the idea of diets or exercise plans daunting and unrealistic. Instead, try to make simple

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If you live in the UK or you are thinking about moving to the UK, there are certain steps you need to take that will ensure that you get the best job possible. In some cases, job applicants may simply need to brush up on their existing skills, while in other situations you may be starting from scratch. Either way, the following tips will increase your career prospects in the UK.

Learn to Drive

Depending on public transport is not always the ideal situation. In many cases, you may need to be able to drive to and from work or during working hours. This is particularly true if you decide to work outside the main UK cities or you will have to visit clients on-site on a regular basis.

However, thanks to driver theory test websites you can begin the process of getting your UK drivers licence. For example, if you check this site out you will find examples of the mock theory tests that will help you to get familiar with the rules of the road in the UK and will prepare you for your driving test.

Education and Qualifications

You need to focus on getting the appropriate qualifications so that you become eligible to apply for the position you are interested in. A wide range of classroom based courses and online courses are available that can help you improve certain skills and will give you the knowledge required to work in a certain area.

Work Experience

Having the appropriate qualifications is an important first step on the road towards a new career. However, many employers are also interested in finding out what work experience you have and how you can help them. If you don’t have any relevant work experience, you need to address this issue quickly and there are many ways you can do this.

Volunteering, working as an intern or freelancing are just some of the ways you can obtain valuable work experience. You may not get paid very much for this work or you may not get paid at all, but being able to add this work experience to your CV will grab the attention of potential employers.

Prepare for the Interview Process

If you believe you have the relevant qualifications and work experience, you now need to convince an employer that you’re the perfect candidate for the role they are advertising. To do this you need to prepare properly for the interview process.

Your CV should look professional, be free from mistakes, and you should emphasise your work achievement to date. If you have not applied for a job in the UK for a while, it’s a good idea to get advice from a careers expert or someone who knows exactly what a human resources department looks for in a CV.

When you are eventually called for an interview, this is the first time your interviewers will have met you in the flesh. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion and clearly demonstrate in the interview that you are interested in the position being offered.

With the proper preparation, you can land your perfect job. However, make sure you address each of the tips above first.

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If you’re in the house, perhaps stuck indoors for the night, there are a few things that you can do to pass the time. Turn off the telly and grab your tablet to get playing some of these spectacular games, they’re perfect for beginners and veteran players alike.

Bejeweled 2

Most people love this game because of the simple yet impressive gameplay that it offers. The grid that you are given in this game is filled with different coloured gems, just switch them around and make winning combos. While this may seem simplistic there’s a load of strategy involved in the game too, so study hard and you’ll be on the road to winning.

Candy Crush

One of the top grossing games of all time, the free to play Candy Crush is a firm favourite of many. Android and Apple users alike can download multiple versions of this game from their respective app stores.

The game has a sweet theme and challenges users to move sweets around to create combos. While this may sound similar to Bejeweled 2, there are a lot of special features within this game to make it more exciting, like exploding symbols and trapped candy.


We see requests on Facebook for Farmville all the time! If you’re interested in finding out why this is then you can download the game for free. While it may appear like a basic game, once you get into the game you’ll find lots of other endeavours to practice. You can start by planting basic seeds and tending to your farm but once you get into the game you can expand your land, discover new plant strains and chat with other players.

This game is so prolific on Facebook because the company behind the game want you to get your friends involved too. When you play with other users you can swap items and give them to others to help their journey. You’ll get perks for giving gifts too, like increased rankings and special achievements. If you want to really do well with this game then you can log in each day to see how your farm is progressing.

Online Bingo

Bingo is popular with many and fortunately, you can now enjoy it from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is find bingo sites that accept PayPal and sign up with them. You can found safe sites in this handy list that you can work with.

You can play all variations of the game on most of the sites and you can also take part in competitions with huge payouts up for grabs. Not sure about the rules? Most sites have a section dedicated to that so read up before playing.

Puzzle Games

There are so many different puzzle games out there that you can use to flex your brain, like these classics. Whether you prefer to do a crossword or play a quick game of Sudoku, you’ll find a place to play. These games have even been proven to be beneficial to your overall mental health, which is a great added perk.

These are some of the best games for a relaxing evening.