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Whether you are going on job interviews or simply living day to day, the clothes you wear probably tell a lot about who you are. There is something to be said about the psychology of style and so, if you find that you are stuck in a rut where somehow the life you are living just doesn’t reflect who you are as a person, have you stopped to consider that maybe you are following trends in fashion and not those styles that suit who you are on the inside? Let’s take a look at some of the fashion blunders commonly associated with not being comfortable with who you are, especially when out in public.

Flashy Clothes Don’t Make a Fashionista

One of the things you will learn at some point in your life is that flashy clothes won’t make a fashionista of someone who just isn’t comfortable wearing those styles. For example, an ultra-right leaning conservative who would fight creationism vs evolution to the death wouldn’t feel at home in a short, short mini skirt with knee-high boots and a low-cut blouse. That is definitely the outfit of an extrovert. Not to say that conservatives don’t dress stylishly, but it’s the ‘style’ that makes a difference.

There are multi-thousand dollar dresses and pant suits that are highly conservative as there are $10 miniskirts that are fashionable, even if inexpensive. A conservative introvert might even retreat further into herself if uncomfortable with the clothes on her back, so learn the moral of this story. If you aren’t comfortable donning that dress, don’t do it! Wear something that makes you feel ‘right’ and you’ll be so much happier for it.

Tips for Dressing up that Conservative Office Attire

If you have a job that requires you to dress in a more conservative style that you simply feel out of place wearing as your personality is towards the flamboyant, try jazzing it up with some fashionable accessories. No, you don’t need to overdo the bling, but you can always wear a ‘larger than average’ statement piece, wear heels a little spikier than normal and perhaps do your hair a bit more fashionably than required. You can still meet your office dress code but also reflect who you are inside. The point is, if you are uncomfortable in your attire you just might be uncomfortable in your job as well. There has to be a happy medium.

Actually, there is a whole field of psychology that looks at how we ‘dress the part.’ Some high-end fashions even plan their marketing around the psychology of dressing to suit personalities and that’s why some designers tend to be more successful than others. They know how to reach that inner person they are marketing to. Whether you are conservative and wish to dress down a bit or outgoing and bubbly in nun’s attire, there are ways you can accessorize to bring your outfit closer to who you are on the inside. It’s all about being comfortable with who you are, so let your clothes reflect the inner you and you’ll be so much happier for it.

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Every girl loves a good night out and while many of us often meet friends for Happy Hour or Brunch on Sundays, we rarely really hit the nightlife unless we are on vacation somewhere else. We are too busy, too tired or everyone else is too married with children. Believe it or not, Cincinnati has some incredible choices for nightlife. Sometimes, it’s just time to don those heels and that slinky dress cut loose. Then you just have to choose your poison.


Live Music


Live music abounds in the city with places like Arnolds carrying jazz, blues or acoustic almost every night. Other places like Bogart’s, Madison Theatre and the Northside Tavern are almost as frequent, with everything from Jazz ensembles to more modern shows like BoyMeetsWorld or The Clifftones, who played in early December. New Year’s Eve brings the British Invasion Bash at the Southgate House Rivival featuring Just Strange Brothers, The Billy Rock Band and more. Live music arenas that have the addition of dancing definitely call for skinny jeans and boots to command the floor.




If you think you have to go all the way to Las Vegas to throw the dice in a crowded room or put on your poker face, think again. There are almost a dozen casinos in the state of Ohio and the very best one is downtown Cincinnati. Jack Cincinnati Casino was formerly the Horseshoe Casino. Completed and opened in 2013, the 100,000 sq. ft. two-story casino has 2000 slot machines, 85 table games and a 31-table World Series of Poker Room. While slots are a no-brainer, poker requires a little more strategy and if you don’t know the rules, you can easily learn online. That way you can look like a real card shark in your red dress and heels.


Sports Bars & Taverns


Cincinnati has a beer-brewing heritage brought by 19th century German immigrant. That combined with the nearby Kentucky Bourbon influence make for some interesting cocktails and original brews at all the local bars & sports bars. The Famous Neons Unplugged is a very popular joint with millennials as well as the Cocktail Terrace at 21c, which also features an outdoor terrace. The Holy Grail is one of the most popular sports bars and is located down at The Banks. Cincinnati enthusiastically supports its local sporting organizations, so attire is usually team colors all around. And if a game is on and you’re not in team colors, you better speak with a foreign accent.




If you are going to the trouble of having a girls’ night out, a girl’s got to dance! Mt. Adams Pavilion, Scene Ultra Lounge and The Venue Cincinnati all ranked in the top 5 best dance clubs by Cincinnati CityVoter. Mt Adams Pavilion is also doing a New Years Eve Ball, complete with DJs on two floors, champagne toast and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. While the house was built in 1848, the music is definitely from tomorrow. The Venue is having The Great Gatsby Party on the 31st, so if you want to get your flapper on, this is the place to be.


Anyone can go home after work, and as my father used to say, “You can sleep when you’re dead.” So call your best girlfriend up and get out on the town. I’ll see you there.

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When you get to a certain age, you may no longer have any interest in landing a job, but you might want to establish a career that will continue until you reach the threshold for retirement. As many women balance both home life and their careers, there are certain decisions that tend to be made earlier on that can impact the direction of their careers in a counterproductive way. The good news is that taking a course, earning a certification, graduating with an advanced degree and simply getting your hands on experience can help women to jumpstart a career that has been stagnated for years.

With a criminal justice degree, you have the ability to make a major career move that will leave you satisfied, and looking forward to the start of each new day. Here are five of the most fulfilling careers in criminal justice that women in particular may want to pursue.

1. Court Clerk

Clerks in courthouses work in a fast paced environment, helping the general public, as well as judges, lawyers and other professionals, to initiate proceedings, file paperwork and schedule cases. You may work at a window at a courthouse, filing paperwork and talking to those who are completely inexperienced in a courtroom setting. One of the great things about a career as a court clerk is that your work hours are fixed, the benefits are excellent, and your chances for a promotion will be numerous.

2. Paralegal

Every good lawyer has a great paralegal on his or her side. If you are to become a paralegal, you will need a firm understanding of current laws. You can choose to work for a large law firm where you will be aiding multiple lawyers, or you can go for a smaller law office that has only one or two lawyers.

3. Correctional Officer

Being a correctional officer can be tough, but this career can also be very financially advantageous. Correctional officers are paid handsomely for overtime, and if you are open to working at multiple locations, you can basically choose your own work schedule.

4. Private Investigator

For women who enjoy solving puzzles, becoming a private investigator can be extremely personally rewarding. Not only will you work personally with clients looking to gather evidence to help advance their legal cases, you will be able to use all of your investigative tools for good. Tracking targets, performing background checks and researching court records will be a major part of your daily routine.

5. Law Enforcement

As a little girl, did you ever daydream about becoming a detective, always on the lookout for evidence and fresh leads? Although you can train to become a police officer with just a high school diploma, many departments look for officers who have a criminal justice degree when filling roles for sergeants, detectives and department leads.

Employers only want the most dedicated workers who can actively show that they want a stable career. With an online criminology degree, potential employers will know that you are professionally dedicated to your career. If you are looking for a career that will give you many different options, good benefits and the opportunity to be challenged every day, criminal justice is a field that will appeal to you.

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For many young professional women who are hoping to further their career or change careers, attending business school can seem like the ideal pathway to make a transition. Studying for an MBA or online MBA degree provides you with two years to figure out the next career steps you’d like to take, and once you’ve graduated, the best thing about an MBA is that it opens up a wide range of career opportunities in almost every area of the business industry. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of women signing up to MBA programs. We’ve listed some of the main things to consider if you are a woman with your sights set on an MBA.

Define Your Career Goals

Although studying for an MBA program such as an online masters of business administration degree can provide you with a very versatile qualification that will allow you to apply for jobs in many sectors of the business industry, not having clearly defined career goals can make it more difficult for you to land a position once you graduate. Many MBA programs will allow you to choose optional modules and areas of specialty that fit in with your long-term career goals, therefore knowing exactly what you want to do will help you to make the right choices.

Consider an Extra Course

If you don’t have an undergraduate background in business, finance, economics or a degree subject that often naturally leads on to an MBA, you can still be accepted for a masters of business administration program. However, it’s good to keep in mind that if you have no knowledge of quantitative research and statistics, you may struggle to keep up with the work. Taking an extra course in statistics or quantitative research before you enroll on a graduate program can be hugely useful and help to get you up to speed for the type and amount of work that you will need to undertake as part of your MBA degree.

Use Available Resources

Getting more women into the business industry is a huge campaign; therefore women who are interested in studying for an MBA often have a wide range of resources available to them in order to help them succeed. For example, if you are struggling to fund your own education or are currently living on a low income, you may be able to get a grant or loan through financial aid to make it financially easier to complete your graduate degree. On the other hand, there are many networking events that are aimed solely at women in business, whether they are managers, entrepreneurs, entry-level employees, students, or interns. Finding these events and taking advantage of them is a great way to meet like-minded people, find mentors, connect with employers, or even make friends.

More and more women are choosing to go to business school, but as a woman, it’s important to be aware of the unique challenges that you may face when studying for an MBA.

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untitledFor years, you have celebrated the holidays in pretty much exact same way. You hang up the stockings by the chimney with care, buy and wrap gifts, send cards and try to stay awake to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the hundredth time. While these traditions are great and you really do enjoy them, lately you may have found yourself pining for something different during the holiday season. Fortunately, when it comes to starting new holiday family traditions, the only limit is your imagination. For example, check out the following ideas:

Visit a Giving Tree

If you find yourself frustrated with the “gimme” aspect of the holidays, introduce your kids to the magical concept of giving to others. Head to the local mall or church and check out the “Giving Tree,” and encourage everyone to choose one name from the tree. Explain to your kiddos that some families can’t afford to give gifts that your family is going to help them out. Once you all have your tags, give everyone a budget and shop for the person that everyone chose. Then — depending on the rules of the Giving Tree — either drop off the unwrapped gifts with that Giving Tree’s staff, or take the presents home to wrap them before returning them to the tree.

Have a Christmas Tree Slumber Party

After the Christmas tree has been trimmed with all of the ornaments and twinkling lights, set aside a Friday or Saturday night for a family sleepover around the tree. As Tiny Prints notes, bring out your sleeping bags, comfy blankies and pillows and spend the evening watching a holiday movie or two and munching cookies and popcorn. Then, when it’s time to snooze, turn off all of the lights except the tree, get comfy in the sleeping bags and doze off while gazing at the gorgeous colorful branches.

Embrace Take-out Food

With all of the holiday hubbub, it can be challenging to find the time and energy to cook up all of the big holiday meals, especially the one-two culinary punch of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As Parenting notes, it is perfectly okay to give yourself a much needed break and declare that one of these days will be Take Out Food day. Instead of slaving over a hot stove to prepare the perfect roast and pumpkin pies, order some pizzas and garlic bread, put out some holiday paper plates on the kitchen table and enjoy an easy and tasty meal that everyone likes — and that will help save you valuable time. Other great choices include Chinese takeout, Mexican food or sub sandwiches with chips and soda. You might find that you and your kids like the familiar and simple foods even more than the fancy holiday dishes you traditionally make at the holidays.

Go Christmas Caroling

If you and your family adore Christmas songs and carols, consider dusting off your singing pipes and head out for an evening of Christmas caroling. Practice a couple of songs at home first — stuffed animals make for an appreciative audience — and then head over to your neighbor’s house to share your gift of songs. Younger or reluctant singers don’t necessarily have to belt out “Jingle Bells” or “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with everyone else, but encourage them to come along for the walk.



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Over the last decade or so, online education has seen a huge surge in popularity. With an increasing number of colleges offering online programs alongside their regular on-campus courses, online education has made it possible for many individuals to get an education that they otherwise would have found very difficult to obtain. This is especially true of women. Thanks to online education, more moms than ever before have been able to return to college, or even get their degree for the first time. Online learning has also been hugely beneficial to female entrepreneurs, who’ve been able to study for a degree whilst launching or even running their own business. We’ve listed just some of the main ways in which online learning is great for women.


One of the main advantages of online education programs such as the online EDD degree from Maryville University is that they are hugely flexible. This has been a massive benefit for women, especially in the case of busy moms who may not have otherwise been able to go or return to school whilst caring for their children. Even single moms, who must work as well as look after the kids with no help from a partner, have been able to benefit from the added flexibility of online learning and the option to learn from home at times that are suitable for them. With many women today having busy lives and various commitments to uphold, online learning provides a convenient opportunity to get a degree.

Lower Cost

Tuition fees are one of the main reasons that women choose not to go to college. With college tuition coming in at hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, it’s no surprise that many women have decided to try their hand at becoming successful through other means, such as apprenticeships, creative jobs such as acting, art and modelling, or simply through working hard and hoping for the best. However, with online degrees such as an online EDD program available at around a third cheaper than their on-campus counterparts, more women are able to take both undergraduate and advanced degrees that are worth paying for.


Although the gender gap in business is slowly closing, there are still more men working in managerial and entrepreneurship positions. Although it’s true that more women are starting their own businesses than ever before, there is still a lot of catching up before the numbers are truly equal. Online education has made it easier than ever before for women to learn the skills and knowledge needed to pursue entrepreneurship. Although there is no need to have a degree to start your own business, for many women, online learning provides them with the added confidence and inspiration that they need to go ahead and launch their first company.

Online learning has been beneficial for all students, but women have experienced many further benefits of being able to study for a degree remotely. With more flexibility for single moms and improved entrepreneurship chances for women, online study has transformed the way we learn.

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Playing the slot machines is both a mixture of luck and fun, but what if we told you there were some tips you could use that could help improve your chances at winning? That’s right, instead of just pulling the handle or pressing the button, cringing each time you do in hopes that you’ll win, why not improve your odds? This can make playing slots a whole lot more rewarding!

It doesn’t matter if you plan to play the slots in an actual casino, or online such as what you’ll find with Sun Bingo. The tips and tricks apply to all.

The Random Number Generator Works Against You

Most people understand that slot machines use a random number generator computer program to come up with the numbers. This goes for the actual physical machines as well as the online versions. It will stop the wheel at the number that has been decided. There is no rhyme or reason to it, hence the name random generator machine.

Many people think there is a “cold” or “hot” machine, but this really isn’t the case. When you think about the numbers, as some point every machine will either be good or bad for the player if you sit there long enough.

So how can you possibly outwit a computer program that exists in order to keep the slots unbiased? As we said, there are some tips you can use.

Keep Fun in Mind

The number one tip we can offer is that you need to keep things fun. Go in accepting that you may lose or you may win, and you need to be happy with either outcome. Don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with, and don’t tell yourself just $5 more dollars and I’ll win back my money. You may not, so instead pick a budget you can lose and still be okay with.

While this tip doesn’t help you win, it does help keep things fun and light hearted so you don’t leave the casino or online website with a pit in your stomach thanks to the money you lost.

Use Only Your Winnings

Another tip that you can use to ensure you keep winning is to only play with your earned winnings. This means don’t withdraw more money to gamble with. If you’re only playing with your winnings it gives you an excellent idea of how much ahead you are and lets you know when it’s time to stop.

Be Picky About Payout Rates

Another tip is to pick websites or casinos that offer high payout rates on their slot machines. Once you are aware of this trick you’ll be surprised at how much they differ from site to site or casino to casino. If you want to win big, then you need to go where the high payout rates are. As a matter of reference, look for machines that offer a payback rate of 90% or more.

Think Through the Bonus Offer

This applies more to people who are playing the slots online. Often you will be offered a free cash bonus. What this usually means is that the online casino is willing to match your deposit. This isn’t always the case though, check into the casino and see exactly what their “bonus cash” involves. At the same time, there are usually some rules and stipulations if you decided to take them up on the bonus offer. This is where you need to be really clear.

As long as their rules work for you, then it usually works to your advantage to take the free cash. It can increase your odds of winning and allow you to place max bets, which allows for maximum winnings.

Go for the Max Number of Paylines

Another way to ensure that you increase your odds of winning, and increase the winnings themselves, is to make sure you place a maximum bet on the maximum number of paylines. This is a simple adjustment that should start to see some pretty fast results.

Bonus Rounds Work in Your Favour

Another tip that works is to look for those machines that offer bonus rounds of play. These are often called bonus multipliers. It can literally take your winnings and then multiply them in a big way. You may find it easier to win more cash in a shorter amount of time using these machines.

Big Winnings are Possible

While big winnings are certainly possible, as we’ve mentioned it’s wise to look at slots as entertainment. They aren’t meant to be a source of income it’s putting too much pressure on the machines and you as a player. Keep things light, and fun, and use the tips mentioned to increase your odds at winning more often and with higher payouts, something everyone can appreciate.

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While having perfect skin is every woman’s dream, not everyone is willing – or has the know-how – to develop the perfect routine of skin care and beauty treatments. Take a few wrong steps and you’ll start having problems like oily skin or dry spots. Take not enough care, however, and you may not be able to maintain the natural glow and beauty of your skin.

Developing the perfect skincare routine that suits you nicely can be challenging. It takes time to find the right set of products to use and a routine you’re comfortable with. However, these next few tips we are about to cover in this post will help you get started without hassle.

Know Your Skin Type

One of the first things you need to do before you can start choosing the right skin treatments is check the type of skin you have. For example, a dry skin usually appears flaky or a bit rough. An oily skin, on the other hand, is shiny and greasy. These two types of skin have different sets of problems and require different treatments.

You also need to know if you have a sensitive skin. When you use a particular makeup or beauty product, do you get an itch or inflammation? This could be a sign of a sensitive skin, which means you need to be extra careful with your beauty routine.

If you’re not sure about the type of skin you have, you can get it checked. Certain beauty counters have scanners that can help determine your skin type. You can also make an appointment to see a dermatologist for a more thorough examination.

Stick to a Set of Products

It is always fun to try different products and beauty treatments. There are samples you can test when you’re trying to develop the right skincare routine to stick to; most of them are free, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to find the right products to use.

The best way to go, however, is to stick to a set of products from the same brand. Most of today’s best skincare brands like Skin Doctors have a complete product package – or several of them – for each type of skin. You can simply pick the products that suit you best and you then have a good foundation for your routine right away.

Clean Frequently

Beauty products and skin treatments are great, but that doesn’t mean you can skip cleaning your skin properly. Proper and frequent cleaning, as well as the use of a suitable cleaning product, are important parts of your skincare routine.

Choose a skin cleanser that has moisturizing properties if you have a dry skin. The same product can be used for more sensitive skin, especially when you see a hypoallergenic label on the container. You can even get special cleansers from your dermatologist or simply go with the cleaning solution included in the product package of your choice.

Now that you have a good base for a more comprehensive skincare routine, you can start adding more steps and use more detailed products to achieve the best results. Having a beautiful, glowing skin is not as complicated as you think.

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Even though you can certainly take a high quality over-the-counter weight loss supplement, such as one of the many slimming pills that have been proven safe and effective, you can also consume more of the following natural fat burners as you prepare your meals every day if you want to lose excess weight quickly.


Eating just a handful of delicious almonds every day will help you burn more fat and lose more weight. A study showed that those who consumed almonds every day for a total of six months were able to lose 18 per cent of their total body fat. Whether you include them in a salad or you have them as a snack, aim to get 22 almonds daily, as that will equate to one serving.


If you already enjoy the sour flavour of grapefruit, you’ll be happy to know that this delicious and nutritious fruit can also help you burn excess fat more easily. Researchers found that when you eat just half of a grapefruit prior to consuming a meal, you are able to lose more weight, even if you continue eating as you always did. This is because of a compound in the fruit that helps to regulate insulin, which is a hormone that affects the storage of fat in the body. Because grapefruit helps lower insulin, it could help you lose weight.

Navy Beans

Resistant starch is a great natural fat burner, and there is plenty of it in navy beans, so incorporating even just ½ cup of these beans into your diet will give you roughly 10 grams of this starch and help you lose weight. You can boost your body’s fat burning capacity even more if you consume navy beans with other foods that are packed with resistance starch. Enjoy these beans in a variety of healthy recipes, as they will also provide you with protein and fibre.


Another delicious fruit that doubles as an effective weight loss food is the pear. So the next time that you pack some fruit to have as a snack at work or you make a fruit salad to enjoy at breakfast, include plenty of pears. A study found that individuals who consume three pears daily will end up eating fewer calories throughout the day, and that will assist with weight loss and fat burning. Plus, pears are high in fibre, helping you to feel fuller for longer.


If you like cinnamon on everything from your breakfast oatmeal to your dessert, you’re in luck because this is yet another natural fat burner that won’t add any calories to your food either. In particular, cinnamon can help the body properly metabolise sugar, and it can even help reduce cholesterol. Aim to get a daily dose of ¼ teaspoon to 2 teaspoons.

Incorporate more of these healthy foods into your diet every day. Not only will they help you lose more weight more quickly because they help your body burn fat, but they’re also packed with nutrients and antioxidants that support your overall health.

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Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable and unwanted aspect of getting older and wiser. Thankfully, there are a few surprisingly simple ways that you can treat your fine lines and wrinkles so you can maintain your youthful appearance for as long as possible.

Shop for the Highest Quality Anti-Aging Products

There are a lot of anti-aging products out there, but they aren’t all created equal. In fact, some of them charge some pretty outrageous prices but simply don’t deliver any results. Stick with products that contain high quality ingredients and that have a solid reputation, such as the many skin care products from the Skin Doctors. The right ingredient combinations will help smooth and tighten your skin, as well as boost collagen production and prevent dryness.

Apply Soothing and Nourishing Oils to Your Skin

If you want to take a more natural route to your skin care routine, you can stick with oils that will soothe and nourish your skin. Having moisturised skin will help prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming, and it will also make existing fine lines and wrinkles less obvious. Try coconut oil, as it contains antioxidants that protect your skin against free radical damage that can cause premature aging. It will also soften your skin, and when applied at night before bed, it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while you’re asleep.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Applying a sunscreen every day before you head out the door will help you prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming, and you’ll also be protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Sleep in the Right Position

In addition to getting enough sleep every night, you also need to make sure that you’re sleeping in the right position. Sleeping on your back will help prevent sleep lines, which are wrinkles that become permanent rather than going away once you’ve been awake for a bit. On the other hand, when you sleep on your side, you increase the risk of wrinkles developing on your chin and cheeks, and when you sleep facing down, you increase the risk of a furrowed brow.

Apply Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to Your Skin

Aloe vera contains malic acid, which is an ingredient that can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles because it improves skin elasticity. All you have to do is cut an aloe vera leaf in order to extract the gel and apply it to your skin. Leave the gel on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash it off using lukewarm water. You can also mix a teaspoon of this gel with the oil from a vitamin E capsule and apply the mix to your wrinkles. Leave the mix on for about 30 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water to reduce wrinkles.

These are a few of the steps you can take daily to reduce the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as treat those that have already become apparent. In this way, you can look your best and have the confidence you desire.