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Stepping outside your comfort zone – whether its jewelry or any other clothing item – is never easy, but it’s almost always exciting! It expands your horizons, lets you see things differently, and gives you a boost of confidence.

With jewelry, it's fairly easy and inexpensive to step outside your comfort zone. There are so many styles out there to try. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Go to Wal-Mart, Value City, even the “teen” accessory store in the mall and just look! Touch anything that catches your eye, especially if it’s not your usual style. Pick it up, hold it and look at it from all angles. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to wear with it… a killer pair of jeans and a fitted white tee could go with it. But don’t stop with just the first piece that catches your eye. Keep the first piece and look for something different than that that still is not in your normal "zone." The more you look touch and play with the different pieces, the more chances you have to find that right one.

When stepping out of your jewelry comfort zone, you want to start simple and small. No major overhauls… it will distract from you and not allow you to really start to feel comfortable in the new zone. If you are not usually a jewelry person, starting small will have a big impact.

The easiest and usually cheapest place to start is with earrings. With the latest trend being towards big, dangly chandelier earrings the options are almost limitless. I usually only wear basic studs. But when I put on a pair of bold, dangly earrings – or sparkly – the change is amazing! And people notice. The earrings draw attention to your face and hair so they are so easy to play up.

Another fairly inexpensive piece to try is a bracelet. Big, bold and colorful are the current trends and the "teen" shops in the malls are full of these. Bracelets will draw attention to your hands and nails, so if you like showing those off, go bolder than what you'd normally wear.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to shake the cobwebs out of your life and see things a little differently. So grab the keys, head to your favorite store and look… touch… play and just have fun!

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Cincy Chic: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you originally from?
Mollie Ferrigan:
I was born in Kettering, Ohio, but I grew up in South Carolina.

Cincy Chic: What do you like most about Cincinnati?
The tremendous opportunity to affect change. I've been able to work with the mayor and help champion projects that are focused on improving Cincinnati, and I think that's so cool. Cincinnati's size affords you a level of civic intimacy and involvement that is truly positive, encouraging and fulfilling. I also love the architecture here. This city is so rich with history, and I think it deserves our stewardship, so get moving!

Cincy Chic: When’s your birthday?
September 4.

Cincy Chic: Is it true what they say about Virgos?
Sort of…Virgos are typically thought of as boring and methodical. I'd like to think that's not true! However, I'm definitely a details person and love to clean. Yeah, I'm a little strange.

Cincy Chic: What college did you attend and what did you major in?
: I attended Clemson University – BA in English – and Miami University – MTSC in Technical Communication.

Cincy Chic: Tell us about BEAM.
BEAM – Be Engaged and Make a Difference – is a young professionals organization that serves Lighthouse Youth Services – an absolutely stellar social services non-profit. We plan fundraisers, service events, and socials so that community members can volunteer their time to Lighthouse clients as well as meet people with similar interests.

Cincy Chic: What attracted you to Lighthouse and the BEAM Program?
I first became aware of Lighthouse and BEAM when I participated in the Lighthouse Happy Holidays Program – a gift drive for Lighthouse clients – in 2004. I was looking for organizations to join because I passionately advocate volunteerism. Once I attended a few meetings and events, I was hooked!

Cincy Chic: What’s next for BEAM?
A lot! With tons of support and visionaries, we've ushered BEAM into a new era. We've planned our calendar through March 2008, changed our engagement strategy and ensured that we're balancing fundraising, service and fun! We have upcoming field trips to various Lighthouse facilities, a Reds game service outing and a sand volleyball tournament (Saturday, June 23 at Back Porch Saloon in West Chester). Be on the lookout for BEAM.

Cincy Chic: How can someone get involved?
So many ways. BEAM doesn't expect folks who are interested to commit to anything they don't want to. You can offer your time for an event or come to a social to get to know the group – hopefully, you'll do both. Contact PR Chair Kimberly Holland ( ) and Volunteer Liaison Tynisha Worthy ( ) for more information.

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Investing in art can be personally satisfying and financially rewarding. These five tips will help you get the best of both worlds!

1. Go with your feelings – your first impression and thoughts as you experience the piece… does it give you goose bumps? Do you know that you just can't live without it? Does it “speak to you?" Pay attention to your feelings when you look at… Don't purchase a piece of artwork because it matches or because someone says it's an "important" piece of art. Instead, buy a great piece that you love and build a room around it. If you listen to your own internal and external reactions, you'll know when you find the right piece.
2. Ask questions. Interact directly with the artist. Study the artist's biography. Knowing some fundamental information about an artist can help you gauge their potential for growth and will often provide a deeper understanding of their work. It is also beneficial to get a feel for the artist's personality. Ask questions about the artist's chosen subject, inspiration and technique. If you buy the piece, you'll appreciate it even more.
3. Look for dedication, not education. When looking for a great doctor or lawyer, academic accreditation matters. When looking for great art, however, it is not as important. Artists whose work appreciates the fastest exhibit a strong work ethic and a lifelong dedication to producing great art. Find a unique, consistent style. A contemporary work of art that looks "just like" a Monet or Van Gogh, for example, might have aesthetic appeal, but will not prove to be "valuable" over time. Ultimately, you want to find an artist who can eventually be identified by his or her style (without looking at the signature).
4. Negotiate. If you find an artist whose work falls well within your budget, offer to buy multiple pieces at a discounted price. Alternately, you could suggest buying successive pieces over time for a predetermined amount.

5. Promote "your" artist after the deal is done. There is a direct correlation between the value of artwork and the name recognition of the artist who painted it. By encouraging others to explore "your" artist's work, you help increase the value of your personal collection.

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British humor seems esoteric by nature; to be understood and appreciated by the Brits themselves. Well here is a movie that is British through and through but can make anyone laugh; thanks to the send ups and homage it pays to American shoot em’ up classics such as "Dirty Harry," "Lethal Weapon" and "The Untouchables," among others.

"Hot Fuzz" is a risible film that tells a story ringing true to life. No matter how good one’s intentions are: Nobody likes a showboat. If you continually outdo everyone else; then everyone else doesn’t want to be with you. That is exactly what happens to Police Officer Nicholas Angel.

Simon Pegg who co wrote this script with Edgar Wright plays the altruistic, anal retentive, by-the-book police sergeant. So overly competent is he that his coworkers have the champagne poured and the glasses raised as Sergeant Angel is given his transfer orders to the sedate town of Sanford.

"Hot Fuzz" refers, in particular, to unlikely partners, Officers Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman. Yes, the same popular duo who starred in Britain’s Comedy/Horror spoof Shaun of the Living Dead aka Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Once again they bring a compatibility and rhythm that is irresistible. Simon as Sergeant Angel is athletic and agile compared to Nick Frost’s bumbling Constable Butterman.

Add that chemistry to the supporting cast of characters and a keep you guessing storyline and you have an entertaining film with hidden sight gags and a few of Britain’s finest cameo appearances. (Hint: guess which character Cate Blanchett plays.)

This is an action-packed, go-with-a-buddy movie. A crash 'em! Smash 'em! Stab 'em! Shoot 'em up! It's a showdown! You name it, and this film probably has it. Perhaps that is the only complaint. So many scenes driving home a point make for a very long movie. Warning to parents: there is an extreme amount of gratuitous, graphic violence. Pairing down those scenes and bringing the movie in at less than its 121 minute time frame would have made it more entertaining and less tedious.

All in all Hot Fuzz is good for laughs.

Rating: Three Chic Stars

Jan’s Movie Rating System:
5 – Top notch entertainment
4 – Compelling, Heartwarming, Thrilling, Comical
3 – The a) story b) actors c) special effects saved/made this movie.
2 – If you are bored watch it, or wait for DVD
1 – Don’t bother. Too morose, too violent, too blasé, an enigma.

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“Journaling is one of the most powerful tools we have to transform our lives.”
-Deepak Chopra

Chances are, you kept a diary sometime between the ages of 9 and 15. It may have been pink and fuzzy – like comfy bedroom slippers – or lime green vinyl with purple flowers, but I’ll bet it had a lock and that you kept the key in a very special place where no one (especially your Mom) could find it.

What you may not know is that writing down those feelings has health benefits. Journaling can reduce stress, heal wounds and release creative blocks. It is a way to find your personal truth. And on top of that, it can be a fun, relaxing pastime.

Research from the Dr. James Pennebaker at University of Texas actually shows that writing can heal deep traumas among really diverse groups of people from honor students to the elderly. Other experts, like poet Gregory Orr (Poetry as Survival) and Louise Desalvo (Writing as a way of Healing) agree about the healing power of the writing. Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) is a long time aficionado of journaling to get your creative juices going.

So, it seems like you were on the right track in seventh grade with your fuzzy pink diary. And the good news is that journaling can still be an outlet for expressing your deepest concerns – a place to record triumphs and joys, as well. Instead of crushes on “boy bands” or the cute quarterback in high school, you can write about the bitchy colleague at work who talks behind your back, how the neighbor you thought was a friend turned out not to be such a good one and all the challenges of introducing 3-year-old Ally to a new playgroup (to say nothing of her Mom).

But where to start once your decided to give journaling a try? Local Life Coach, Sally Ray, who counsels women on how to keep their lives on track, offers up a few of her tips on how to go about lifting your spirits and unloading your burdens by writing:

Find a journal you really love. Journaling is all about you and you should love the way your journal looks, feels and even smells (think leather). A journal will be like your best friend for months, so you really ought to indulge yourself and get one you adore. Great sources here in Cincinnati are Joseph Beth Books in Norwood, any Barnes and Noble or Borders. If you really want something extra special try Poeme on Edwards Road off Hyde Park Square for upscale handmade and leather tooled journals.

Find the right time of day. Not everyone is a morning person. If you are, good news – set your alarm 15 minutes early and make a pot of your favorite coffee and pour your heart out. But if you are a night owl, your best journaling time may be 2 a.m.

Make it a habit. Keep your journal in a place where you’ll see it and it will call to you to write. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t journal every day. The key is regularity – even if it’s every three days or once a week. I’m a regular journaler, but let’s face it, I’m busy and I miss some days.

Be creative – tailor your journal to you. Are you artistic? Doodle in your journal to express your feelings. If you like to scrapbook, spiff up your journal with concert tickets and photographs of places you’ve been. If spirituality is key in your life, keep a prayer journal.

Open up your heart and soul. This is really where the healing comes in. Be totally honest in your journal. Get all your negative feelings down on paper…disappointments about not getting that promotion or having the fight with your significant other.

But what, you ask, if someone reads my journal? When you were 13, it was important to keep your diary private and that is just as true now…or you won’t be honest in your journal. Find a hiding spot no one will think of. I know of one woman who has a pact with her best friend that if she dies, the best friend will go in and take all her journals and burn them. That may be a little drastic, but you get the idea…to be totally honest and get the benefits of journaling, you have to feel safe.

So, treat yourself to a pretty journal…even fuzzy pink if you want, and start reaping the benefits. It’ll be the start of a beautiful relationship – with yourself.


  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • Writing As a Way of Healing by Louise DeSalvo
  • Journalution by Sandy Grason
  • Sally Ray, MSW, Life Coach (513) 533-0715

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    Foot Solutions
    Do you tear off your shoes at the end of the day? Don't feel like going out with your friends because your feet are killing you? Want to exercise, but it hurts too much? Visit Foot Solutions in West Chester. They know feet! Foot Solutions in West Chester specializes in attractive, supportive shoes, as well as custom arch supports. Their experts will analyze your needs and make recommendations tailored to you. Your feet will be happy again!

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    Southwest Ohio & Cincinnati Hiking
    Type in “Cincinnati” into a search engine and you'll get the unexpected. You'll get the traditional weather and population information, but you'll also read “138 parks covering more than 5,000 acres.” For those trail-lovers out there, that's music to your ears. But before you trek all over Southwest Ohio in your car trying to find a trail that suits your needs, check out that rates them all for you and provides helpful logistics about each.

    For nearly 40 years, Summerfair has been supporting and promoting artists and the arts in Greater Cincinnati. The organization's activities include: supports for individual artists including grants and exhibitions; community-based art activities and events; and a nationally-recognized annual fine arts fair.

    Union Terminal's Omnimax
    Rather experience the outdoors indoors? The Union Terminal's Omnimax is now featuring "The Alps," which gives you the opportunity to follow one man's triumphant journey and personal quest to make peace with a mountain that took the life of his father 40 years earlier.

    Dude Ranch
    Dude, where's my horse? Okay, sorry. We couldn't resist. But all kidding aside, there's a dude ranch near Cincinnati! It's just 10 minutes from Kings Island. This place has horseback riding, western cattle drives, hayrides, roping, and more.

    Love to golf? Check out this site to learn more information about all the local courses, and also snag some coupons and discount codes for your next round!

    Women Outdoors
    A group that says it's okay to hike in heels: Women Outdoors. Check out this national organization that welcomes all women and provides activities for all levels of experience and ambition.

    Other Outdoor Activities
    Cincinnati's Regional Chamber of Commerce provides a collective list of information and links to outdoor attractions and recreation. Learn more about Greater Cincinnati's parks, art, clubs, architecture and historic districts.

    Top Ten Survival Tips:

    1. Always leave a travel plan with someone.
    2. Carry a few basic items in case you do have to spend the night, such as a garbage bag, lighter, whistle, pocketknife and water bottle.
    3. Pack some basic gear along – like a garbage bag – and you can create a quick shelter if need be.
    4. Don't wear cotton. That just holds water and perspiration. Try a wicking material that will wick sweat away from your skin and evaporate quickly.
    5. Get into the habit of carrying at least three fire making sources on you. A lighter in your shirt pocket and a spark rod and Windproof matches in your pants pocket or pack will do.
    6. One of the best emergency fire starters are 100% cotton balls smeared with vaseline (a petroleum product). One of these will burn 4-5 minutes and a batch can be stored in a film canister.
    7. Carry a signal mirror in your pocket. The glimmer from a mirror can carry for miles and a signal mirror can be used on a windy day unlike the smoke from a fire.
    8. Always have a bandanna with you. This helpful item can be used as a water strainer, cap, scarf or water collector.
    9. Know your limits and when it is time to turn back or stop to rest.
    10. Keep your cell phone on you! If you have a Blackberry, turn the email update function off – after all, you are on a getaway adventure – and plus, it prolongs the life of your battery in case you need that phone later.

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    The alarm clock starts beeping. You hit the snooze button as many times as you can, then slowly realize you have to get up. You have to go to work. Problem is you don’t want to go — not just today, but everyday. You have felt this way for a while now, and every morning it’s like fighting with a kid to get up for school. “I need a new job.” Before you take the leap, check out this useful to information to make sure you are making the right choice.

    If you hate your job, you aren’t alone. A national survey conducted this year by Conference Board shows that more than half of the respondents said they dislike their current job. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder we want to quit and move on. Anne Houlihan, HR trainer and founder of Golden Key Leadership, says that women usually “know in their heart” when it is time to move on, and that we plan it out from there rather than up and quit.

    According to Houlihan, the most common reasons/situations that women consider leaving their place of employment are:

    • No growth opportunities
    • No longer challenged
    • Not inspired
    • Become disengaged
    • There is no flexibility
    • Become stressed out
    • Stagnation

    When you have job satisfaction, odds are you are have a sense of commitment to the organization itself, but when you are dissatisfied, more serious problems can arise. Job dissatisfaction can lead to an increase in absences, tardiness, accidents, “strikes” or “occurrences,” even sabotage. There are five major components of job satisfaction:

    • General working conditions
    • Monetary benefits
    • Attitude toward the work group
    • Attitude toward management
    • Attitude toward the company

    It can be said that job satisfaction and your performance go hand in hand, and that one is the result of another. Remember that when you are dissatisfied and your performance and attitude is poor, it can be a red flag that something needs to change before you are the one being handed a pink slip.

    Of course there are the typical turmoil’s when it comes to quitting that women face such as having children or following their spouse on a move, but often times we find ourselves struggling with the emotional, more personal reasons that aren’t so cut and dry. “Women often times make the mistake of not looking at the bigger picture,” says Houlihan. “They need to get really clear what they are looking for in a new job or career, otherwise they will arrive at a new company and still be dissatisfied.”

    Another big mistake we chatty women make is telling other co-workers what we are up to. It’s hard not to tell your friends at work that you are looking into leaving, especially when you spend 40 hours a week with them, often times more. As difficult as it seems, don’t say anything until you have officially given the company notice. The rumor mill starts running like crazy, and when so-and-so tells so-and-so, it doesn’t take long to get back to management.

    But what if it’s not the company that is the problem, but instead it’s just your job? Don’t be too hasty in turning in your notice if there is the possibility of transferring departments or altering your job description. Houlihan suggests sitting down and communicating your problems with your supervisor to come up with a solution and action plan. She reminds us to stay positive and try to create a win-win situation for both you and the company.

    So you are really considering find a new job. Before you turn in your two weeks, Houlihan suggests asking yourself these questions:

    • “What am I looking for?” Do you want to work for a large, competitive company, or a small, more laid back business? Things to look at are the differences in pay, benefits, work environments, and structure. Some people like the more structured, “by the book” corporations, where as others like to have the flexibility and casual atmosphere of “the little man” type business.
    • “Will this job be fulfilling? Am I passionate about the work?” Houlihan states that is important to weigh out any commute time, as well as scheduling flexibility. Basically, is the position you are looking at going to be exactly what you want, or do you have to compromise your career desires just to receive a paycheck?
    • “Are there opportunities for growth?” Are you a risk taker, or would you rather stay in your comfort zone? Look at your career goals and compare them to what you are doing now. Are you willing to take on new challenges, or are you the type that is content with just sitting pretty? Houlihan also reminds us to ask ourselves which decision will give us better balance and time with our families.
    • “What kind of contributor am I? What kind of contributions can I make to this new company?” Without getting too John F. Kennedy here, you do need to ask yourself what exactly you can do and bring to the business. Often, we look too much at what the business can give to us, but what good is that theory if you can’t contribute to the success of the company? Look at what and where your strengths are and try to fit the puzzle pieces from there.

    If you are suffering from physical or emotional signs of workplace dissatisfaction, you need to evaluate your career immediately or even make an appointment to see your doctor. Remember, your health should not be compromised for a paycheck. If you just know it’s time to make a change, consider talking to a career counselor, or look into career testing. A few simple questions can make a world of a difference, especially when it comes to where you spend a minimum of 25 percent of your week.

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    Hair tends to be frizzier in the summer with the increase in humidity, so it's best to use a product that is light in weight, silicone-based and humidity resistant.

    If your hair seems to be oily in the summer time, try cutting back on how many products you are using. If your color seems to go flat or dull in the summer, ask your colorist to pump up the shine with a clear glaze or visit your local drug store in the home coloring section and purchase a clear color. Apply as directed and enjoy noticeably shinier, healthier looking hair for up to four weeks!

    Summer is not the time to fight your natural texture. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, let those tresses flow by using a product such as a mousse or curling lotion.

    Head bands are going to be an essential hair accessory this summer. To reduce the stress put on your summer locks by these headbands, try using scarves and ponytail holders with no metal on them. Hats are another summer must. Not only do they help protect your hairs healthiness and color, but they also shade your skin!

    Great Products for curly or wavy tresses:

    • Aveda- Be curly
    • Pureology- Real curl

    My miracle summer product suggestion for those who want straighter, smoother, less fly-aways and humidity resistant hair:

    • Pureology- super straight relaxing serum
    • Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax

    Great deep conditioner to restore and add more moisture into your summer do:

    • Pureology- Hydracure
    • Kerastase Masquintense-this one has different formulas depending on how much hair you have

    Sun Protectant:

    • Frederic Fekkai- Sun protectant spray with shea butter
    • Shiseido- Refreshing Sun protection spray SPF 16 (this is great for all over the body!)