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Q: “What’s a good well-rounded diet?”

— Jasmine Niernberger, Miss DC Teen USA

A: For the record, I don’t believe in the word “diet.” I think it’s the worst four-letter word anyone could speak, especially young women. The so called “diet” gurus have made a mockery of the wellness world with their utterly ridiculous claims and outright lies to sell what they call a “diet.”

I’m not a registered dietician or licensed nutritionist, so it’s completely beyond my scope of practice to prescribe, or even recommend, an eating plan to you. It would be actually negligent, and I wish it would be criminal for any personal trainer or fitness expert to recommend an eating plan without having the proper credentials like RD after their name.

I can only speak for what I consider a sensible eating plan for myself. My sensible eating constitutes deriving a meal of high water content food. High water content food is any food that has a water base of more than 75 percent of its structural content. In other words, if you were to run the food through a “Juicer,” juice would come out of it. Some examples are carrots, romaine lettuce, peppers, apples, etc. Two thirds of my sensible eating plan is high water content food with every meal, and one portion of concentrated food, which means there is little or no water in the food. Some examples would be beef, turkey, chicken, pasta, cooked potato and cheese. When I plan out my meals, I keep my portions the size of the top of my hand when I make a fist. I try to have at least six moderate meals throughout the day to teach my body to burn food as fuel.

Remember, if a trainer is prescribing or recommending an eating plan, please ask for their degree or credentials. This also goes for the recommending of supplemental vitamins or weight loss products. We are taking your life in our hands and that’s a big responsibility.

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You’re out shopping. You spot it. You’ve got to have it. It’s new. It’s so you!


Wait a minute. Are you sure about that? Before you venture out to spend all your holiday gift cards on clothing, grab a big cup of coffee and open the doors to your closet.


Get Organized

Is your closet full, but you still have a hard time putting together an outfit? Start off the New Year with an organized closet that will make getting dressed simple and fun.


The clothes in your closet should reflect your style and be organized in a way that works for you. Your style would be the type of clothing that you enjoy wearing and that compliments the way you live.


Start by taking all the clothing items out of your closet that you haven’t worn in the last month. Try on each piece of clothing and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it flattering?
  • Does it fit your life style?
  • Does it need repaired or tailored?


Items that don’t fit, aren’t flattering or don’t fit your lifestyle should not – I repeat, not – go back in your closet. Consider donating them to charity, giving them to a friend or pitching them. Decide if the items that need repair are worth the cost of the repair. Then fix it, or pitch it.


Clear Up the Gray Area

Have some items that you weren’t 100 percent sure you should pitch? If in doubt, invite one of your closest (and outspoken) friends over for a mini fashion show. They'll be able to tell you what looks ill-fitting (a.k.a. you're not a size 4 anymore), what is out of style or just plain ugly.


Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Before you start to pack up your closet again, invest in some high-quality wooden hangers. Steel hangers can damage your clothes, so go for ones that are walnut or cedar. Your garments will thank you!


Also, these five steps, developed by, will help you keep that closet simplified and organized to make the perfect outfit jump out at you every morning.


Step 1: Instant Shelving
If you use your light wool and cotton sweaters year-round, keep them neatly folded on hanging canvas shelves – a much cheaper solution than hiring a carpenter to build custom shelves.


Step 2: Shoe In
Trade in your overburdened shoe rack for plastic boxes. They’re shorter and trimmer than standard shoeboxes, so they stack compactly on the shelf. And because they’re clear, you can find what you need with ease.


Step 3: Fold Everything
Limited drawer space can force you to hang clothes you otherwise wouldn’t have – including heavy winter sweaters, which can get stretched beyond recognition. Instead, organize and protect them in large canvas boxes.


Step 4: Proper Padding
Use padded hangers for delicate sleeveless tops and plastic ones (with attachable clips for pants and skirts) for everything else.


Step 5: Clear and Present
Instead of riffling though an old oak bureau to find socks, underwear and belts, use clear plastic drawers. A stack of five is low enough to hang tops above, but 15 3/4-by-19 3/4-by-8 1/8-inch drawers hold even more folded clothes than your bureau will.

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Skin care is an essential step in maintaining truly healthy, beautiful skin. And most women are sticking to their guns, or at least that’s what many may think.


But a recent report published on brings a nasty habit into the spotlight. It may be hard to believe, but a number of women leave out one of the most important steps in a beauty and skincare regimen: Washing off their makeup.


A surprising 40 percent of women surveyed said they don't always remember to wash the makeup off their faces at night and a small but still alarming 12 percent of women surveyed say they were under the false impression that it wasn't necessary to wash off their makeup at night since it came off during the day, according to .


Aside from just being clean, routinely washing off makeup before going to bed has many purposes: Removing your make-up at night not only prevents your skin from blemishes and clogged, black pores, it's also important in maintaining health.


According to , leaving eye make-up on while you sleep can result in redness, irritation and infection of the eyes. For women who continue this bad habit, the only thing they’ll have to work on in the New Year is more skin problems.


According to skin care expert, Chrissy Bright, it shouldn’t just be the New Year that causes women to change their bad habits. “Why would you knowingly give yourself skin problems just because you don’t feel like washing off your makeup? It’s a terrible habit that many women do and it will only make their skin worse, which in turn, will cause them to go out and spend more money on products in vain. It’s so important to make the time to see this final step in skincare through. It’s not hard at all to do.”



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Winter is a difficult time for skin for two reasons: harsh winter weather outdoors, central heating and the effect of wearing extra layers of clothing indoors. But, have no fear; there are several ways to counteract these winter effects.



The Lifestyle

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, preventing and combating winter skin can be accomplished just by making a few lifestyle changes:

  • Bathe or shower in lukewarm – not hot – water. Hot water removes natural oil from the skin, making it dry and itchy.
  • Limit your showers to 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Apply moisturizers to skin immediately after a bath or shower while your skin is still wet. Putting on a cream, ointment or lotion helps trap the water in the upper layers of the skin and decreases dryness and itching.
  • After washing your hands, immediately put on hand cream to seal in moisture.
  • Consider purchasing a humidifier to keep the humidity in your home higher during the winter.



The Products

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant, I’m quite partial to Arbonne products, but I’m passionate about the products for good reason. I use them myself, and they’ve changed the way my skin functions – especially during the winter.



011507BEAUTY_intext2.jpgThe winter weather can play havoc on your skin and not always great for the dry, cracking skin that many of us experience in the winter.



Wake up to healthy, hydrated skin during the long winter months with NutriminCRE9. The NutriminCRE9 body serum contains powerful botanicals that help protect skin against damaging free radicals. The product is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin ready for NutriMinCRE9 REfinish Hydrating Body Lotion.



Severe dry skin in the winter can be a significant problem for many. If you have tried many of the solutions for dry skin and haven’t seen much success, maybe the reason is that your skin does not recognize it as being identical.

NutriminCRE9 is botanically based, so your body recognizes it as being identical. Thus, NutriminCRE9 visibly firms and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



There are nine key elements in NutriminCRE9 that help to strengthen, firm and protect your skin, so you can enjoy visible, firming, moisturizing and corrective benefits. The NutriminCRE9 product line was the first of its kind to address the aftereffects of sun exposure and aging with a result-oriented system of products for face and body.


If you have severe dry skin and have tried a myriad of extreme hydrating lotions that just make you feel greasy, then you should try the Arbonne NutriminCRE9 system. It will work wonders for your skin.



Be Mindful of the Mineral Oil

No matter what products you decide to use, just don't buy products with mineral oil in them. Mineral oil does not hydrate the skin. It acts as a barrier and keeps moisture from the skin as well as traps toxins from escaping. It can be very toxic to the normal skin function. Mineral oil is used as a filler in 85 percent to 90 percent of cosmetics formulated in the U.S. The F.D.A. does not regulate this harmful ingredient. In fact, it is illegal to put mineral oil in Swiss-formulated products.



There are many other ingredients that don't belong on the skin that are found in many products on the market. They are found in the inexpensive, “drugstore” products as well as the very expensive “department store” products.

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    1. Never eat lunch alone.
    2. Write thank you letters. Thank you e-mails don't count. We're talking card, handwriting, envelope and stamp.
    3. Remember your server's name. You want the person handling your food and credit card to like you.
    4. Do housework in your skimpies – you have to do something to make chores more fun!
    5. Manage your stress; don't let it manage you. When you feel stressed, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your "I want to be there right now" vacation spot.
    6. Smile at people on the street instead of looking through them.
    7. Keep a gratitude journal. Write about what you're grateful for before you go to bed.
    8. Don't diet. Make lasting changes to your lifestyle.
    9. Make something homemade with your girlfriends.
    10. Holding a grudge? Let it go today.
    11. Every once in a while, surprise your coworker with a cup of coffee, bottle of water or an apple.
    12. Welcome change – good change, difficult change, destructive change and transformative change.
    13. Throw pennies in fountains.
    14. Talk to strangers in the elevator.
    15. Mentor someone.
    16. Make a monthly resolution.
    17. Invest in monthly massages. Buy the package now, because you'll come up with excuses later. Other than just feeling good, massages can reduce signs of aging, blood pressure and stress.
    18. Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Let those that don’t fall by the wayside, and embrace those that do.
    19. Go to, find an inspiring quote, write it on a Post-It and put it inside your medicine cabinet so you see it every morning.
    20. Fanning an old flame? Don't. There's a reason why he's in the past, and you can't move on until he's fully extinguished.
    21. At work, dress not for the job you have, but the one you want to have.
    22. Go to the mall and have someone show you how to put on eye makeup, and match you for a good lipstick.
    23. Through the good, bad and ugly – remember to laugh.
    24. Do your "Dr. Kegel-recommended exercises." Confused? Look it up.
    25. Pay it forward.
    26. Don't do work in bed. Your sleep will suffer if you do – seriously.
    27. Walk with your shoulders rolled back to exude confidence.
    28. Find a good shoe cobbler to keep for favorite kicks kicking without looking like they're about to kick the can.
    29. Lean in when people talk to you.
    30. Write love letters.
    31. Believe in karma.
    32. Buy a 32 oz Nalgene bottle, fill it up with water and make it a goal to drink two every day.
    33. Get into aromatherapy. Put lavender on your pillow to relax you at night, burn a citrus candle in the morning to wake you up and chamomile at work to relieve stress.
    34. Wear clothes that fit.
    35. Learn about your family lineage.
    36. Invest in a good eye cream – no matter how young or old you are – and apply it with your pinky finger.
    37. Fix your teeth. People look at them. A lot. Just warning you.
    38. Make a point to compliment at least one person every day. It feels good, and it will score you serious popularity points.
    39. Buy those comfy shoe insoles.
    40. Have "date night" with your favorite gal pals. Get dressed up and go to a cute swanky place.
    41. Volunteer.
    42. Invest in a new pair of sunglasses. Prevent those squint-related wrinkles and revamp your look at the same time.
    43. Get up 10 minutes earlier so you can apply your make-up in a well-lit room, not on your drive to work.
    44. Buy a planner and use it daily. Make sure to add address and birthday info.
    45. Send friends birthday cards. Or at least call. Remembering birthdays is beginning to be a lost art.
    46. Work out in the morning. Too many excuses can pop up if you do it after work.
    47. Get measured for your bra size. Time Magazine just reported that 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. You're most likely one of them.
    48. If you have to watch TV, at least do something productive. Stair master, paint your nails, iron tomorrow's outfit. Whatever. Just do something.
    49. Make a list of things you want to do before you die.
    50. Make the necessary plans to cross the first thing off that list.