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Hattie Martin
Hattie Martin is an editorial intern at Cincy Chic. She attends University of Cincinnati, majoring in Public Relations and Fashion Studies, complimented with a Creative Writing Certificate. When she is not found writing, you can find her at your local coffee shop or spending time in her hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. Contact her at

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A new local IV therapy studio helps clients feel and look better one drop at a time.

A new business is bringing the new craze of IV therapy business to Cincinnati. Hydration Station provides IV treatments to a multitude of clients to not only make them feel better, but provide a safe and comfortable environment while doing so. 

“My wife and I had the idea for the business several years ago,” says Hydration Station founder Chris Jaeger. “There have been similar services offered in other major cities for years and we saw a gap in Cincinnati. We hopped on the opportunity to provide the city and the Tri-State the benefits of IV therapy.”

The Hydration Station has been in business for a little over a year now and has served hundreds in the area. Jaeger’s team is currently made up of 9 professionally-trained, local medical professionals, with hopes to expand in the future. 

The Hydration Station offers a wide range of IV therapy treatments. Each service is designed with the consumer in mind. “Each package that we offer is created for a different purpose,” says Jaeger. “From anti-aging, migraines, pre and post-workout, etc., we have all needs covered.” 

The Hydration Station offers a menu of pre-designed packages with a custom package option available as well. You can find all of their available packages and items here:

All of the products that are used, such as IV tubing, saline, medicines, etc. are from the same distributor that the hospitals utilize. In order to receive the IV therapy, Hydration Station has created a simple and easy process for customers. Customers can either book their appointment online or call the office, fill out a pre-treatment form and, after approval, the IV session starts. Individuals have the option to either receive the treatment in their home by a medical professional or visit Hydration Station’s brick-and-mortar location in downtown Cincinnati. The treatment typically lasts for 30-45 minutes. 

“As the market and technology continue to expand and develop, we see our service only growing from here. We are so excited to see what the future has in store for Hydration Station,” says Jaeger. 

To learn more, visit call (513) 614-5420. You can also follow Hydration Station on Instagram and Facebook.

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Learn more about a premiere spa experience delivered right to your door.

For the past 20 years, Tracey Piphus, owner and founder of Couture Beauty Showroom and Couture Beauty by Tracey, has dedicated her life to making women feel beautiful and empowered. 

As a licensed Advanced Cosmetologist, hairstylist, instructor, and salon owner, she has seen every single in and out of the beauty industry. “I love to put a smile on people’s faces by making them feel beautiful, the feeling never gets old,” says Piphus. 

Tracey Piphus

Couture Beauty Showroom curates luxurious, high-end products for individuals wanting the spa experience at home.The e-commerce website is set up into different categories: The Lounge, Bath & Body, Brow Products, Lash Products, Beauty Merch and Candles and Scents. Each category houses on-trend products, hand-selected by Piphus.

“Beauty is an inside job and we want our customers to feel luxurious and at home. Women will always need self-care and crave the experience to be pampered. ” says Piphus. 

For the customers who want to shop in-person, Piphus’s storefront, Couture Beauty by Tracey, carries products that are on the website. Couture Beauty by Tracey also offers beauty services, such as eyebrows and lash lifts. The storefront launched three years ago and Couture Beauty Showroom’s site just recently launched, with public launch plans for the end of the month. 

You can shop at the Couture Beauty Showroom by visiting their website at To stay connected, you can follow Couture Beauty Showroom on Instagram and Facebook. You can also connect with Couture Beauty by Tracey by visiting their storefront at 9475 Kenwood Road, Suite 8, Cincinnati, OH and visiting their website at

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Inspired by shameless confidence, two Ohio-based women launched an online boutique and lifestyle blog to help every woman feel and look their best every day.

“Her Distraction“ might be the name of her business, but for co-owner Jasmine Lawrence, she’s not distracted at all when it comes to her mission for curating on-trend pieces for every woman.

According to Lawrence, Her Distraction delivers timeless fashion with online access to the shop and lifestyle resources. This online boutique and blog was started by two women obsessed with all things fashion, style and aesthetic. “Our business was inspired by our owner’s growth into becoming shamelessly stylish,” says Lawrence. “She went from feeling over-dressed into not minding being the one distraction in the room. From there, our Her Distraction was born.” 

For the past two years, this Cincinnati and Columbus-based company has been serving countless customers. The website is full of new arrivals, sale items and on-trend pieces. 

The unique products include tops, bodysuits, blazers, and dresses. Each product has been carefully picked to allow customers to feel their best self. “We carry chic style, such as our signature off the shoulder blazer that is essential to every wardrobe,” says Lawrence. “Our favorite part about the brand is the women that shop with us daily. Receiving a notification that we have been tagged in a customer’s outfit gets us so excited and makes it all worth it.” 

Her Distraction also has a blog on their website. The purpose is to provide up-to-date trends, tips and information to keep readers informed. 

Customers receive free shipping on all orders. Sign up for their email list and receive 10% off your first order. To stay connected with Her Distraction, shop online at and read their blog. You can also follow and shop along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Learn more about this new company transforming everyday activities that bring joy into stylish t-shirts.

If it brings you joy, you’ll probably find it celebrated on a Remi Tees. Launched in June 2020, the Cincinnati-based company delivers unique t-shirts about the everyday life. 

“Our company was founded on turning a bad situation into something fun,” says founder Nancy Rembold. “Launching in the middle of a pandemic has been a great way to get our creative juices flowing and gave us something to look forward to each day.” 

Each t-shirt has a simple design of one word with an “-ing” at the end. Phrases such as beer-ing, smore-ing, happy hour-ing, and coney-ing are included on their extensive list of designs.“Our brainstorm sessions when it comes to our designs are just about us talking about things we are ‘doing,’” says Rembold. “Whether it be traveling somewhere, starting school or going out with friends, we want to make the simple activities in life more fun.” 

If customers have a specific saying they would like on the shirt, the team is happy to print anything with an additional $3 charge a shirt. Remi Tees is a lot more than just spirited t-shirts, the support behind the company holds a lot of joy. 


“Our grandma goes by ‘Rockin’ Remy’ and we wanted it to be a family company and attract customers of all ages,” says Remold. “We decided to name the company after a family name because our first few ideas we generated were centered around the joyful, simple things we do with our families in our own lives – wine, cocktails and food.” 

You can connect with Remi Tees on Facebook and Instagram. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, you can order through this form or by visiting LouLou’s Boutique. Once the form is completed, Remi Tees will send a confirmation e-mail and Square invoice with order total. Shipping and pick-up are available. Click here to watch a live release of the latest designs from Remi Tees on Sept. 17 at 5:30 with a virtual happy hour on Cincy Chic’s Facebook page. 

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Learn more about a new faith-based community and sustainable streetwear company launched by a recent DAAP grad.

Cincy Chic: What is BINO? 
Niyah Jackson, BINO CEO and Founder: BINO stands for “Be In Not Of” which comes from the scripture John 17:14-15, “I have given them your word. The world hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” As a young adult believer, there is tension between living in this world, not being of it. BINO exists to help aid this tension. It is truly an intersection of faith and culture.

Cincy Chic: What is the inspiration behind the company? 
Jackson: I got the idea for BINO while I still had my fashion blog, Inexpensive Chic, which I ran for nearly 7 years. I noticed myself beginning to write more about my faith, alongside my #OOTDs. I knew I wanted to switch things up. Instead of having a fashion platform where I talked minimally of faith, I decided to create a faith-based community that featured stylistic visuals. The majority of online Christian spaces feel sanitized and cutesy – the BINO community can’t relate to that. We crave something deeper, more real and vulnerable. The same goes with theclothes. BINO is a way for us to hold one another accountable and align ourselves with peers who want to live a life differently than the world does. 

Cincy Chic: What are BINO’s values? 
Jackson: Our values are connection, creativity, authenticity and truth. We want to transform individuals from feeling isolated in their faith, misunderstood and ashamed into feeling confident and actively flourishing in their faith because of the community they are now experiencing. 

Niyah Jackson

Cincy Chic: How does Shop BINO play into the picture? 
Jackson: Shop BINO is a sustainable streetwear company handcrafting one-of-a-kind faith-based apparel for those who choose not to blend in. I take thrifted finds and remnant fabrics and transform them into wearable art. We carry unisex t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and various gift items. You can shop the store at

Cincy Chic: Who is the BINO target audience and shopper? 
Jackson: The target audience for the community is imperfect, young adult believers striving to live Christ-like lives. For the shop, I hope to attract both believers and non-believers. The apparel is intentionally meant to circumnavigate the “cheesy Christian apparel” trope. We want to offer something anyone and everyone who is into one-of-a-kind streetwear would want to wear. 

Cincy Chic: Where is BINO located? 
Jackson: We are Cincinnati-based and have a community all over the world since we are made up of both physical and digital meetings.

Cincy Chic: What has been your favorite part about watching BINO come to life? 
Jackson: The testimonies have been the best part! Knowing that the white spaces I saw are actually valid, and that BINO is solving for them makes me happy. I’ve had many people say they’ve been looking for a community of believers their age. I have met some of my

closest friends through this platform God gave me the vision to form. It’s so important to have relationship with others, because choosing this lifestyle can be isolating if you let it, it’s not always easy. 

Cincy Chic: How can readers connect with BINO and Shop Bino? 
Jackson: There are many ways to connect with us. You can follow us on Instagram. You can also view our blogYoutube channel, and website. You can also subscribe via email for our weekly encouragement and updates at

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A new women's boutique with vintage charm is now officially open for business in Crittenden, KY, offering versatility, style, and most importantly, comfort. Read on for all the details.

Liv & Rose Boutique is a modern boutique with a vintage charm, striving to always have a piece of clothing that will fit into everyone’s wardrobe. 

“My dream boutique offers unique apparel for women who value versatility, style, and most importantly, comfort,” says Owner Olivia Juergens. “No matter what style you are interested in, Liv & Rose has something for you.” 

Since 2015, Olivia Juergens, owner of Liv & Rose Boutique, has been investing in a vision for her business. The inspiration behind the company comes from her passion to be confident and comfortable in anything she is wearing. 

“I am a working mother of two small children. I was so tired of having to take my kids out to the store to shop but never finding anything I truly loved. My career as a cosmetologist allows me to stay trendy, but comfort and confidence is key. That is the main focus behind all of our products at Liv & Rose Boutique.” 

After a long time coming, the modern boutique officially launched this past year and Juergens’ vision came to life. The boutique offers products ranging from earrings, jeans, jumpsuits, Brumates, and tops. For the shoppers that want to stick close to home, locally-made products and custom clothing items are also available. 

At Liv & Rose Boutique, there is no one set of target customers. “We want every shopper who is interested in fashionable and comfortable clothing to feel able to shop our website,” says Juergens. “No matter what event or daily activity you have, we have something that you would love.” 

There are two ways to shop at Liv & Rose Boutique: online at or a unique storefront shopping experience in Juergens’ home. The virtual experience with Liv & Rose Boutique offers features such as easy navigation, texts updates with the stage of your order, model measurements, and customer support with any questions or feedback shoppers may have. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, shopping in-person includes a limit on the number of customers in the space, face mask requirement, and a sanitizing station for after try-ons to ensure all products and customers are safe. Contactless pick-up and check out is also available. Liv & Rose Boutique is located at 305 Alexander Road, Crittenden, KY 41030

To stay connected with Liv & Rose Boutique, visit their website at and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for daily deals and new arrivals.

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See how a local children’s theater is launching several virtual programs to keep kids engaged, inspired and educated in the arts.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (TCT) has been creating lifelong memories for families and school audiences since 1919. TCT’s mission is to educate, entertain and engage audiences of all ages through professional theatrical productions and arts education programming. 

Located right in the heart of Cincinnati, TCT continually engages and supports the community by offering many different activities – such as TCT Academy Classes, Summer Camp, and TCT Everywhere. In 2017, 1,200 were enrolled in TCT Academy and that number continues to grow as the arts inspire the next generation. TCT Academy offers performing arts instruction from a professional theatre company, introducing children to all elements of live theater while instilling confidence and life skills along the way. The Educational Team that teach the classes feature national and world-renowned educators and Broadway and Hollywood performers. 

Due to COVID-19, the show must go on! The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati will only be offering online classes for the Fall Session. There are many class offerings that each focus on a different form of theatre. 

Musical Theatre Medley, a 7-week course meeting weekly on Zoom. Throughout this course, students will engage with live training in theatre, dance and music, as well as explore a specific show based on their age group. At the end of the course, the students will perform a section of their selected show for their whole family!

Musical Theatre Dance, a 7-week course meeting weekly on Zoom. In this course, students will explore musical and theatre dance pieces and learn a new 30-second combo each week. At the end of the course, students will have a strengthened knowledge of dance and choreography memorization skills that can be found in a variety of styles of dance. 

Drama Club, a 7-week course meeting weekly on Zoom. Throughout this course, students will rehearse a script that can be performed virtually, along with basic acting techniques and a warmup every class. At the end of this course, students will learn how to build characters and create scenes that they can perform for their families! 

Living Room Musicals, 4 videos total, delivered bi-weekly, allowing flexibility for when the student attends class. In this course, students will be taught the fundamentals of musical theatre from the comfort of their own home. Each video will include 30-seconds of a song to learn, a 30- second dance combination, monologue and a printable activity. Registration is now open for TCT Academy’s fall classes, starting the week of September 8th.For more information on TCT Academy, visit

TCT will also host Summer Camp online. This will be made up of 3 hours of activities daily Monday-Friday, a bag of supplies and activities, live theatre arts training from TCT Professionals, pre-recorded tutorials and a whole lot of FUN! 

For more information on Summer Camp, visit TCT continues to make an impact in the community, even while at home, through TCT Everywhere. TCT Everywhere is composed of entire shows and clips, activities, Tik Tok’s, and many crafts. 

Fun for the whole family is only a click away by visiting You can stay connected with TCT on their website and Facebook

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Two local experts are teaming up to help entrepreneurs revamp their website, branding, beautiful images, and social media strategy in just one day. Read on for more.

Branding is key for businesses, especially in today’s digital-dependent world. But it’s confusing to know where to start and overwhelming to think about how long it’ll take once you do. 

Enter, the One Day Brand Makeover. It’s a new service that aims to revamp and launch your brand, website, and imagery in a hands-on, one-day makeover. This unique concept is the brainchild of Kaleigh Turner, Cincinnati-based brand stylist / educator, web designer, Certified Showit Design Partner, and Amanda Donaho, Cincinnati-based brand mentor, photographer, and founder of the IlluminareRetreat for female business owners. 

This branding duo originally came up with the concept while taking part in their own one-day brand makeover. “It wasn’t long ago that we sat side-by-side as she created my new branding and website – in a day,” says Donaho. “She (Turner) was able to crawl around in my mind and put to paper the ideas I had but couldn’t express well. The back and forth between us at her computer allowed her to get fast feedback from me and left to amazing branding and web design done in a flash. Together, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the process. We’ve created an experience that will leave no piece of our client’s brand untouched. Head-to-toe, they’ll have a perfect look that truly represents the business they’ve spent so much time creating.” 

What types of services will be included in the day? There are over 15 services that will offered for clients to take part in to revamp their business. Turner and Donaho will assist in: 6-part Brand assessment to refine your message and brand vibe, Designing new custom primary and secondary logo workmarks made with your ideal client in mindleading into your one-day makeover, Color Palette and Font selections, Implementation of your new brand images, Website launch, Modern headshots that represent you and your brand, 3-5 outfits / looks, Fully customized Showit template restyle (from Kaleigh Turner Creative’s high-end templates) Wardrobe consultation, Personalized social media strategy and coaching session, and more. 

For a complete list of services, you can visit their website: The One-Day Brand Makeover will take place five minutes from downtown Cincinnati in Donaho’s new studio space. “For our out-of-town clients, we will send a travel guide prior to their makeover so they’ll be well-equipped with information on the best places to stay, visit, and eat while in the Queen City,” says Donaho.

The journey to watch The One Day Brand Makeover come to life has been a journey for both Donaho and Turner. “For me, it’struly two-fold: I get to do what I love by giving people what they’ve always wanted, a brand that will elevate their business and bring in their dream clients, while working with my ridiculously talented friend, Amanda,” says Turner. “We work really well together and that’s part of what makes this experience so unique – our clients will get both of us, together, side-by-side as we bounce ideas off of each other in real-time.”

“I’m so passionate about helping entrepreneurs break through the noise to dig into their unique skill-set & offer that to the world in a way that attracts their ideal client,” says Donaho. “I love seeing everything come together in one day – and sending someone out our studio doors with not just a beautiful brand, but the knowledge of how to continue to implement their new brand going forward.  Kaleigh and I have a combined experience of 26 years in our respective fields, and the combination of knowledge we bring to the table makes this makeover dynamite.” 

For more information, visit

To stay connected with Kaleigh Turner, visit & Instagram and Facebook

To stay connected with Amanda Donaho, visit & Instagram and Facebook

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Learn more about a new gallery boutique bringing a breath of fresh air to New Richmond by showcasing the work of more than 100 local and regional artists.

The Collective is a brand-new gallery boutique that has been a breath of fresh air for New Richmond, Ohio in times such as these. This local shop features the work of over 100 local and regional artists, making it the perfect place to treat yourself or a loved one while supporting a local, handmade and small business. 

The mind and owner behind The Collective is Aly Stacy. “I feel we have built something special with The Collective. I wanted to bring the magic of the art shows that I have been a part of with my other company, KreativeMindz, to a store, while also helping to revitalize my community and town,” says Stacy. “I am hoping The Collective will help make New Richmond a destination, outside of the city, while supporting local and regional artists, along with the handmade and small business movement. It’s home to such unique small businesses and breathtaking views.”

The Collective opened its doors to the public on June 27, 2020. Their unique store holds the work of over 100 local artists, with more being added over the next few weeks. Their product lines range from bath and body, coffee and cottage foods, apparel and jewelry, upcycled and fine art, toys, paintings, pottery and more. There is a special gift for everyone at The Collective. “I had no idea I was surrounded by so many creatives and talent, their work is amazing.”

It has been a unique journey for Stacy to find local artists for the storefront. “In the beginning, I reached out to my favorites and scoured local and virtual markets for new makers. I am looking for a specific quality and presentation, as well as a wide variety of work. Today, we are accepting artist submissions via our website.” The inspiration and creativity of the local artist is the heart of The Collective. While they have only been open for a few weeks, the local shop has brought life to the old German church The Collective now calls home.

“One of my favorite parts in launching The Collective has been watching the hope I have seen it bring to so many customers and artists,” says Stacy. “They are inspired by the space; I see them connecting with a particular pieces and artist statements and brings a smile to their face. With so much goodness under one roof, it is hard not to feel something.”

The Collective is located at 411 Walnut Street in New Richmond, OH. They are open Wednesday – Saturday, 11-6pmand Sunday, 12 – 4pm. 

To connect with The Collective, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and visit their website,

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See how two local women are disrupting the money conversation through experiential education, laughter, storytelling and emotional freedom.

Your financial future and truly understanding the value of your money can be stressful, confusing and daunting. SheMoolah is here to help with the tools and support you need to take the reins and be the “SheHero” of your life. 

SheMoolah is a partnership between financial experts Liz Kitchell and Dawn Parks. Together, they have over 50 years of experience, stemming from every angle in the financial industry. When Kitchell and Parks crossed paths a couple of years ago, SheMoolah was born. 

“Together, we saw an opportunity to bring our combined skills and experience together to disrupt the money conversation people have about women and that women have about themselves,” says Kitchell and Parks. A unique aspect of SheMoolah is there focus on disruption through experiential education, laughter, storytelling and emotional freedom when it comes to the topic of money. 

SheMoolah offers a variety of programs, each specific to one’s current financial journey. Their programming takes place on a wide scale, including Zoom, consultations, public speaking events, and conferences. Some examples of their programming include, Understanding Your Money Archetype: 90-minute workshops to introduce participants to the concept of “money personality.”

Embracing Your Money Personality: 4-week, highly interactive Zoom-based program for participants to understand the power of your “money personality” they have developed. Crack Your Money Code: 6-week examination of how your established “money personality” impacts your future. One Day Intensives: 1-day, intensive workshop celebrating important money conversations that provide a strong foundation one’s life. SheMoolah Mastermind: 6-month journey with coaching and peer-to-peer coaching for one to uncover their next steps with the SheStory mindset. For more information on their various programming, visit their website (coming soon) at

“Since starting we have helped hundreds of people at SheMoolah,” says Kitchell and Parks. “We select tools based on what participants want to disrupt regarding their money story. The number of clients and impact we’ve made in previous coaching and consulting is several million dollars in impact.”

Their multi-modal practice includes tools such as meditation, journaling, mind-mapping and many more. “It is so exciting to see women pursue their dreams and find the financial support and guidance they need to get there. When participants step into their own power and create their own dreams, it is an amazing and tremendous award.”

To stay connected with SheMoolah, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their site (coming soon) at