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Wish there was a healthy and affordable option for food on-the-go? Get the delicious details about a new business in Oakley that offers just that.

Fit Food Stop is new to Oakley and offers healthy food in a unique setting.

Are you looking for a unique place in the Cincinnati area to find healthy food? Fit Food Stop, located in the Oakley area, is a food shop that provides all things healthy. All of the food offered at Fit Food Stop, from ham and cheese omelets to blackened salmon with vegetables and rice, are gluten free. “Alongside the prepared meals, we also offer healthy snacks and drinks,” says Sally Beiting, Store Manager of Fit Food Stop. “We don’t stop at the food, though, as we also offer personal nutrition guidance and meal plans.”

The shop opened on November 10, 2016, but the concept and recipes have progressed since February. The idea came from the owner, Anthony Maley, who lived in Austin, Texas for five years. While Maley was in Austin, he discovered similar stores in the area and was interested in the concept.

“When he moved back to his native Cincinnati, he realized the need for healthy fast food, and decided to open Fit Food Stop,” says Beiting. Their mission is to allow the Cincinnati community to live a healthy lifestyle, regardless of their work, family and travel schedules.

“So often, people sacrifice a healthy diet because there are more convenient alternatives, like fast food,” she says. “Fit Food Stop strives to be the intersection of quick, healthy, tasty, and affordable so that sacrifice no longer has to be made.”

When someone makes the decision to live a healthier life, Beiting says Fit Food Stop helps to remove barriers so that goal can be a reality. “Times are changing and people are prioritizing their health every single day,” she says. “By selling freshly prepared and portioned meals at a reasonable price, we help people save time and money. With those two factors eliminated, everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life.”

Options at Fit Food Stop include prepared and portioned meals.

The success of Fit Food Stop is defined by helping individuals live healthier lives without it being a hassle to their everyday routine. “Everyone has the right to eat healthy food, and we want to make that convenient for others,” says Beiting. “If we can get people to view healthy eating as a sustainable lifestyle rather than a diet, we have succeeded.”

Beiting gets such joy out of customers coming into the shop. “When people come into the shop and say, “This is fantastic, I am so happy something like this has finally come to the neighborhood,” it makes us feel like we serve a purpose,” she says. “Talking to people who genuinely want to improve their health motivates us to provide them with the best nutrition and advice to help them achieve just that.”

If you want to keep up with what Fit Food Stop is doing, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for food and nutrition tips, which is updated frequently. Also, the shop has a website with a menu and contact information for the shop. You can also email them at or call/text them at 513-546-2555.

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We chat with a local lady who took her father’s small business and grew it to offer a wide variety of promotional products and tools to help businesses market and thrive.

Amanda Arent, Founder of Regency Business Solutions, LLC.

A lot can happen in two years. In that short time, Amanda Arent took her father’s small and simple business into a booming business offering a wide variety of promotional products and business tools.

The business started as Regency Forms with Amanda’s father W. Schuler Arent. In the beginning, “General printing was the only division,” she says. “When the promotional products began to thrive, the name changed to Regency Business Solutions, LLC.” Today, Regency Business Solutions, LLC, located in Loveland, provides general tools for their business, such as promotional products, printing, and office tools. Some of the items offered are apparel, automotive, calendars/planners, awards/recognition, food, home, desk accessories, eco-friendly items, writing instruments, etc.

Amanda is the Managing Member of Regency Business Solutions, LLC, and she manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Amanda’s experience in the business industry started when she was young. “Business has always been in my blood, I started selling Amway door to door when I was probably eight years old,” she recalls. “I do not think it is about knowledge of not knowing but just doing… I do what I can do and try to do it well everyday.”

Ever since Amanda got involved in the business, two years ago, “I have a great inspiration to keep growing the business and seeing it thrive,” she says, adding that she expanded the business through making, building and maintaining relationships with clients. “Our business defines success when a prospect becomes a customer and a relationship is made.”

With the many clients that the company meets with on a regular basis, Amanda says she doesn’t have a typical day. “Business is ever changing and I have to change with it,” she says. Amanda’s favorite aspect of the business industry is “seeing all the changes and rolling with the punches,” she says.

Amanda says her goal is to find the products and tools that will meet her clients’ needs and maximize their success. “Regency helps make their customers’ business successful by exploring their needs and creating a positive and creative solution,” she says. “My need to work, thrive and be successful is what gets me up in the morning,” says Amanda.

To learn more about Regency Business Solutions, LLC, visit

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See how a local executive director is using her marketing experience to nurture female entrepreneurs in Cincinnati and beyond.

Nancy of Bad Girl Ventures
Nancy Aichholz, Executive Director of Bad Girl Ventures

Did you know that there are only 14 business organizations that are solely geared toward female entrepreneurs? Nancy Aichholz is proud to be a part of one – based right here in Cincinnati – as the Executive Director of Bad Girl Ventures.

Aichholz says she’s passionate about making an impact for businesswomen in the Cincinnati area because she is one herself. In fact, she says, it was her entrepreneurship experience as founder of NanCakes bakery that was the perfect “pre-heat” setting for her to now lead Bad Girl Ventures, a Cincinnati-based incubator for women-owned startups.

Bad Girl Ventures was listed as one of the top 10 organizations in the country in Forbes Magazine. The company comprehends what women need and the unique asset they would bring to a startup.

“We are a multi-market education based organization that empowers female entrepreneurs and leads them to successful accessing of capital,” she says. “Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of a female owned startup from idea to exit. A woman can enter our programs at various points along her journey.” The company includes seven employees, one board of directors, an advisory board, two local advisory committees, plus 200+ volunteers and a lot of generous sponsors.

After getting her degree in International Business and Marketing, Aichholz spent some time in media sales.

“That was perfect because I was selling a marketing product to all types of small businesses in order to meet their advertising needs. I spent a lot of time learning about their businesses and how I could solve their problems with media,” she says. Her experience in media sales led her to an opportunity to work for Chiquita Brands, International, which according to Aichholz, “had to be the best possible marketing job on the planet.

I loved that opportunity and am I’m so grateful to have had that experience.” Her experience at Chiquita empowered her to be qualified for her current Executive Director position at BGV.

A “bad girl” is a female entrepreneur who is bold and takes risks. “They are starting businesses in all types of industries and they support one another,” she says. Aichholz is able to bring her experience in corporate marketing, fundraising, starting and running her own successful, small business called NanCakes, and her long history of relationships in the region. Her favorite part of the job is watching women succeed.

“I love to help our entrepreneurs problem solve, believe in themselves, and make the connection that will move them forward. But in my role, I have the added blessing of being able to hire talented women into the BGV organization itself and watch them grow and thrive,” says Aichholz. “I have a passion for women mentoring women along the way. In my corporate experience, women still weren’t doing a very good job of helping each other. I am determined to be different, Success should be determined by talent, passion and drive, not by gender.”

Aichholz loves the business world, but at the same time, she is creative and energetic. “Marketing can be the heartbeat of the organization when it is done right – it isn’t just advertising. Marketing is knowing your product and its target demo, then being sure your product or service is exactly what your target will adopt/ purchase and connect to sustain them and the business,” she says. Aichholz’s inspiration comes from her three children and her faith. “At the end of the day/ end of life, that is really all that matters and if family and faith are on track, all is well,” she says. She comes back to work everyday because she loves to watch her staff develop, shine and she loves knowing her employees are changing the lives of female entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Aichholz and Bad Girl Ventures, you can email, and to subscribe to updates. Or, you can follow along on social media through Facebook and Twitter.

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Read on to learn about a new space in Over-The-Rhine where entrepreneurs can test out their business ideas with a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Brick Pop-Up Shops
Mortar’s Brick Pop-Up Shops in OTR gives entrepreneurs a space to grow their businesses.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a space to grow your business? Mortar’s Brick OTR is a 400 – square foot pop up shop located at 1327 Vine Street in Cincinnati’s Over–the–Rhine neighborhood. “We’re going to be opening another location in 2017! We’re currently scouting locations and taking proposals from additional neighborhoods,” says Allen Woods, Founding Partner and Chief Vision Caster of Mortar. It gives entrepreneurs in the community a chance to thrive. Brick Pop Up Shops started two years ago with the grand opening being Black Friday of 2014.


The mission of Brick OTR is to exist in the redeveloping neighborhoods, so the company uses terms that pertain to development or construction. “Brick represents the growth and development of physical locations,” says Woods. “Mortar represents what holds everything together – for us that is the people who actually live within a community.”

Brick wanted to develop a space for entrepreneurs who can’t find a proper spot to conduct their retail businesses on a temporary basis. It is Woods’s job to establish the creative agenda of Mortar, as well as deciding long – term plans for the company. “What we’ve found is that though Brick works great for retail, it’s also really flexible and works well for art gallery shows, product demos, workshops and other concepts – we even have an innovative virtual reality experience coming up in 2017,” he says.
Brick OTR provides entrepreneurs a testing site for their business plans. The space also provides a variety of necessities in order to run a business, such as a cash drawer and receipt printer, lighting, electricity, heat and air conditioning, remote controlled ceiling fans, WIFI, tables, hangers, garment racks, shelving and more. Along with these amenities, Mortar also has the ability to provide the entrepreneurs with their own workers to help them.

There are four pricing options for people who want to rent out Mortar’s space. The pricing includes: partial week rental (Monday to Wednesday) for $175, weekend rental (Friday to Sunday) for $300, entire week rental (Monday to Sunday) for $450, and the entire month is the best value (starts on a selected date and ends on the same date of the following month) for $1200.

If you are interested in booking your own pop up shop dates, check out, to look at the prices and availability, as well as an application to reserve a spot for your business. If you want to keep up with what Brick OTR is doing on social media, follow @BrickPopUpShops on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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See how this local company - which began with a German immigrant making business cards in an alley - grew and adapted to now be on the cutting edge of the print industry.

SpringDot dates back to 1905 when it was founded by German immigrant Sidney Deutsch.

SpringFrame is a business in the Colerain area dates back to 1905, when it was founded by Sidney Deutsch, a German immigrant.

To get to the United States, Deutsch had to get recommendations from past employers, saying that he was a good citizen and a hard worker. Before he left Germany, he worked in a men’s clothing store as a clerk. When he got to Cincinnati, he found a sponsor in Reading, Ohio named Zigmund. “He answered the door saying, “What do you want?” He wanted nothing to do with Sidney,” says Josh Deutsch, President and CEO of SpringFrame. “Sidney asked for a glass of water, since he traveled all the way out there. He was told there was a hose on the side of the house, and the door slammed. He was on his own then.”121216career

Sidney started living in Cincinnati with a roommate who had Tuberculosis, but the roommate had to move to Arizona in order to take care of his health. After Sidney’s roommate moved away, he bought himself a printing press and started Sidney Printing Works. “Originally, the company printed nothing but business cards in an alley in Downtown Cincinnati,” says Josh. “Sidney would have people write on a piece of paper what they wanted on their card and he would print them… He didn’t even speak English when he started the printing business.”


bgv_ad_2As Sidney Printing Works started to grow in Cincinnati, the business moved around the area three times due to its expansion. He was the only employee until his two sons Frank and Howard got involved with the company. Throughout the years, the company started to expand and technology started to be more advanced. “In 2000, it was apparent that printing had become more than just ink on paper… people wanted to talk more about marketing plans and use the internet and the new “digital” printing. So we decided to change our name to reflect a more evolved print world,” says Josh. “The “Spring” stands for our energy, and the “Dot” stands for the dot of the internet and the dot of printing. The “S” and the “D,” which are always capitalized, stand for our founder Sidney Deutsch.”

Since SpringDot was started by Josh’s family, they have created a bylaw for members who want to be a part of the business. “It states that if any family member is interested in being part of the company, they need to go to college and graduate in four years or less, get a job outside of the business and be promoted twice. “Once these qualifications are met, and an opening arises, they can come into the business,” says Josh.

As SpringDot started to expand, they purchased a large machine for a national customer. The machine cost approximately $1,000. “Due to a major shift of business, that company moved out of town and we had a large opening for new work,” says Josh. After touring a print show, he saw unique material and thought it would make a wonderful addition to the company. Josh’s wife purchased a lot of digital pictures and thought it looked interesting. “Only once we started printing samples, seeing what our machine and this material could do together, did the light bulb go off and SpringFrame was born!”

If you want to learn more about SpringDot/SpringFrame and the history, check out their websites (SpringDot, SpringFrame) and Facebook pages (SpringDot/SpringFrame).

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Check out an OTR-based multicultural, multipurpose boutique that’s helping people experience culture, businesses and events in new ways.

Sweet Sistah Splash gives local Cincinnatians a chance to explore a different culture and shop items from around the world.
Sweet Sistah Splash gives local Cincinnatians a chance to explore different cultures and shop items from around the world.

Are you living in the Cincinnati area and want to experience different cultures? Sweet Sistah Splash, located on Sycamore Street in Over-The-Rhine, has a variety of classes, programs,events, and sells items that represent different parts of the world.

The name of the shop says that they “support women of all businesses, women of color,” says Nzingha Byrd, co-owner of Sweet Sistah Splash. The “sistah” part indicates an ethnic spin, and the “splash” portion of the business has to do with collaboration. “Splash indicates what I do, what she does, coming together, and splashing all over the city, whether it has to do with the programs, different artists and consigners that are on our shelves,” says Byrd. The mission of the business is to empower community and cultural education.

bgv_ad_2Sweet Sistah splash serves as a multicultural, multipurpose boutique. The storefront serves as a consignment shop, where Native American medicine bags and dream catchers, Japanese and Asian-inspired bags, artwork from Jamaica, and a lot of African art, books, attire, and jewelry are sold. Also, local artists are given the opportunity to make money by selling their items in their shop.

It’s also a bookstore where there are books about African experiences and culture, such as health, nonfiction, fiction, relationships, and even a few cookbooks. The shop also opens their doors for community events like a cupcake social, book releases, etc. Additionally, the store hosts regular programs in their space, such as Naughty Networking, where they invite companies like Pure Romance to come in, Belly Dancing, Movie Club With a Purpose, Rhyme A Reason, Open Mic Nights, and Yoga. Yoga, along with a meditation circle, is a part of Sweet Sistah Sundays, which is Byrd’s favorite program. The program is special to Byrd because it started in her living room a couple of years ago with two of her best friends. After a sleepover one night, the three of them decided to meditate, pray together, do some yoga, and then had some breakfast together.

They decided to keep the tradition, and they started to invite other “sistahs” into the space, and it still goes on to this day. “We are always trying to meet the needs of the community through programs and really figure out what the people want and bring it,” says Byrd.

Sweet Sistah Splash is a unique business for the Over-The-Rhine community. It is a personal brand that came naturally from Byrd and her team. Her business promotes individuality of everyone who comes into the space, and believes that nobody is the same. “The programs that we have are a direct representation of who we are as individuals. The programs don’t have a blueprint, a curriculum, or what type of event that we have in our space,” says Byrd. “All of the events that we have, they grow really organically from our heart, from our souls, so everything that we do is fresh and new, nobody else is doing it.”

There is never a typical day at Sweet Sistah Splash because it is based on the program happening. Byrd’s favorite thing about working for the business is the diversity offered through their programs. “It’s cool that we can have events that can really be beneficial and inspiring to the entire Cincinnati community, whether we are focusing on children, healthy relationships, health and wellness, or women that are entering into menopausal age,“ she says. “We cover so many different things in our space and it’s always exciting to see what comes into the space next.”

Sweet Sistah Splash is located at 1218 Sycamore St. in OTR. To learn more, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also contact Byrd directly at: 513-332-1575.

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Read on to learn about a woman who balances being a mother and being president of her new marketing company that’s taking flight.


For Tiffany Barnes, a passion for PR, marketing and entrepreneurship recently led her to fly the coop of the corporate world and launch her own business.

Now the owner and president of Blackbird Marketing, located in Liberty Township, Barnes is the entrepreneur she always knew she was called to be. “Being self-employed is in my blood,” she says. Her mother owned her own company for more than 20 years, and has inspired and championed Barnes her entire life.

Barnes fell in love with two-way communication between a brand, its customers, and the influence the average consumer could have over a corporation’s decisions because of her mother’s influence. “It’s changed the way I view a modern day communication’s professional,” she says. Over the last five years or so, Barnes was inspired and immersed herself into the world of blogging, social media, and digital marketing.

Tiffany Barnes, Founder of Blackbird Marketing
Tiffany Barnes, Founder of Blackbird Marketing

Blackbird Marketing was launched in June 2016. “While blackbirds are not traditionally thought of as beautiful, there is something classic about them, in my opinion,” says Barnes. “In my mind, they seem loyal, a constant, and determined… those are qualities I admire.”

Barnes balances being a mother, along with working in the marketing world. She decided to start Blackbird Marketing so that she could spend more time at home, being a hands-on mother with her kids. Working for Blackbird has allowed Barnes to work from home, pick her kids up from school, and be present in her children ‘s everyday life with less distractions. “It put the balance back into my life and hopefully made me a better marketer in the process,” she says.

There are ways that marketing and being a mother are similar. Today, being in the marketing world involves considering the expectations of today’s audiences. “They expect something in return, they want to feel valued, and they are loyal to brands that leave them feeling heard,” says Barnes. “Isn’t that just like motherhood? Making sure your children feel heard, are loved and doted upon.”

The company provides full-scale services to small startups and medium-sized corporations without the budget of a larger business. With the time and attention Barnes is able to give all of her clients, she provides a variety of different services to help businesses flourish, such as public relations, social media, content marketing, influencer relations, graphic design and branding, and special events. Blackbird Marketing is a unique agency in the Cincinnati area. “Because Blackbird is small – only me and a few of the city’s best freelancers – we are able to take on work that a lot of agencies would pass up based solely on budget,” says Barnes. “We’re able to support the startups and non-profits in addition to the corporations. We feel called to always maintain that ability to support the “little guys” too.”

Success at Blackbird Marketing is different for every company that she works with. There are some clients who are looking for media exposure while there are others who want their sales to increase. “For Blackbird, success is defined by our ability to help our clients accomplish their goals and our ability to continue to love what we do.”

If you want to keep up with what Blackbird Marketing is doing, follow and like them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

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Read on to discover a Cincinnati-based agency’s unique way of approaching the advertising industry.

Anne Chambers & Kara Schwandner, co-founders of woman-owned ad agency Red212

Want to find a unique way for your business to advertise? Red212, an advertising agency located in Fairfax, Ohio, wants to change the way advertising is done.

Red212 comes from the boiling point of water. “At 211 degrees Fahrenheit, water is merely hot. But raising the temperature just one degree to 212, change happens. Water boils. Steam is created with a force so powerful, it can hurtle a locomotive across a continent. That one degree that makes all the difference,” says Katie Normand, Red212’s Social Media Coordinator. “Red212 is the degree of difference that takes brands to their boiling point.”

Red212, which used to be Redna, was originally the in-house creative and video division for P&G. The CEO of Red212, Anne Chambers, was a P&G employee when the company decided to divest the division in 2001. Chambers was an entrepreneur, so she decided to leave P&G and buy Redna, which is now Red212.

As for Normand’s marketing experience with the company, it happened by chance. What started as a Journalism education at the University of Cincinnati, turned into an opportunity to be the Social Media Coordinator at Red212, which is where she has been for the past year. “I really enjoy working in the social media space and being able to analyze the success of my work through the channels’ analytics,” says Normand.


Today, Red212 provides a variety of services like: traditional and digital marketing, branding, and design work. They also own Bare Knuckle Digital, which they integrate into their services. “Red212 is a full-service creative agency, providing services primarily in SEO, content, search, video and email marketing,” says Normand. Red212 uses these services in a strategic way to help a variety of businesses, from small local businesses to large national brands. Before the company starts to work with a business, they meet and see what kind of changes their clients want to make. “We will put together a proposal that is specific to them, based on how we think we can make a difference,” she says. “It is a very customized experience.”

Red212 was established on the idea that businesses can be a force for change. “We’ll tap into our toolbox to change the way people feel about your business and your brand — because isn’t that the root of all advertising?” says Normand. “Red212 takes action and sparks change to take your brand to the next level.” Red212 alters their ad campaigns to the needs and objectives of the businesses they are working with. To Red212, it is about identifying, reaching, and exceeding the goals that their clients make for them. “Our goal at Red212 is to affect change to see our clients’ businesses thrive,” she says.

Red212 is a unique advertising agency in the Cincinnati area. They are different because the company’s employees call themselves Change Agents. “We know at the heart of any advertising campaign, someone has identified something that needs to change. It’s either a need for more awareness, or maybe its lead generation, or something else,” says Normand. “Whatever it is, it’s our job to determine what is needed to make the desired change happen.” There is a need for what Red212 does in the Cincinnati area. According to Normand, the company has some of the smartest marketing minds in the area. “Though we are a small team, we have such powerful influence and capabilities. Our personalized approach and perspective really makes Red212 unique,” she says.

To learn more about Red212, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their website.

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We chat with the dynamic duo behind an event helping to improve and build your personal brand image, from your wardrobe choices to your online presence.

Laura Wize and
Laura Wize and Kim Bolden, Founders of BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC.

Are you a creative professional looking to revamp your image? “Drawing interest to your creative endeavors or your business attraction starts with the eye. Once you’ve caught someone’s eye, you can then begin to communicate your message,” says Laura Wize, co-owner and consultant at BOLD Creative solutions, LLC.

BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC hosted an event called, “Image is Everything: The Basics of Building Your Brand” on November 12 at the Cincinnati Fire Museum, which was the first lecture in a series surrounding the topic of brand image. “We want to continue the conversation on branding and how to effectively use social media,” says Wize.

BOLD Creative Solutions is a consulting and development firm and is the company hosting the event. The company works to enhance the careers of creative professionals and small businesses by administering information needed to expand their brands and enhance their influence.


Wize and Kim Bolden, fellow co-owner of BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC, perform as spoken word artists, so they are creatives themselves and have planned and produced events around the Cincinnati area for seven years. “We started this talk series to create a sense of community with local creatives,“ she says. This was the first talk of the series and speakers covered various aspects of image including: personal image, graphic design, and image on social media. The talk provided a chance to start a dialogue about taking the first steps to becoming a creative professional by carefully thinking about their personal image and branding.

The target audience of the events include creative professionals, performance artists, poets, visual artists, singers, make-up artists, and anyone who plans to use social media as a marketing tool. “This is also perfect for small business owners because establishing a brand image is essential when you are just getting started,” says Wize. “It attracts potential clients and creates rapport with your existing customers.”

Laura Wize, Co-Founder of BOLD Creative
Laura Wize, Co-Founder of BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC

The event also included a panel that gave Wize and Bolden a chance to talk about building an affective image, which is important because it’s sometimes the only thing holding your business back. “When you are starting a business or trying to take your creativity to the next level, you need to be able to communicate without words in a market that is highly influenced by social media and visual marketing,” she says.

Wize’s favorite things about the event is that it creates a new community of people who want to talk about branding. “Cincinnati is starting to buzz with very cool artists and small businesses,” says Wize. “We feel that making connections and networking with each other is the best way to create a market for everyone to be successful.”

The event included a variety of speakers, like Wize, Bolden, Saadia Solomon-Mingo, a makeup artist with a YouTube channel, Annie Winegardner, a marketing manager at Top Golf and writes a blog called “Success on Stilettos,” and Tiffany Stewart, who runs The Virtual Resource Center, which helps businesses to reach social media goals.

To learn more about BOLD Creative Solutions, visit their website.

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Read below to check out how an advertising and marketing agency in Cincinnati is changing the way that people see media.


Have you ever wondered how companies are able to have such a strong presence online? In the rapidly growing world of internet advertising, Brandon Mullins, president of Socially Buzzing, noticed that old, traditional media was struggling and saw the opportunity to create a niche. “The founding team were all freelancers who already did the work, so we combined our skills to provide more value in one space and package the talents for easy consumption by businesses,” he says.

Internet marketing is heavily needed in the Cincinnati area, where there is a lot of competition between businesses. “The problem many times, is people don’t know how great a local business is unless a friend tells them, or they just happen by it,” says Mullins. “We fix that problem and help businesses be in reach of all their potential customers with a simple search on their phone or friendly reminder in their Facebook or Instagram feed.”

Socially Buzzing provides a variety of services based on the needs of businesses in the Cincinnati area. These services include: social media management, visual storytelling, research, content marketing, influencer marketing, reputation management, and responsive web design. The company helps small to medium size businesses, potential customers, and fans who like insider tips and shared content. “Our highest achieving clients are the ones who embrace the fact that the Internet is ubiquitous, participate fully in the strategy and execution of their online advertising, and are willing to be transparent for the sake of their fans,” says Mullins.

Socially Buzzing is not your typical work environment. “We have an open space, no individual offices or cubicles,” he says. “We talk feely, openly, and share interest in each other’s clients and projects.” For the first part of the day, employees at the company set their agendas for the day, and brainstorm for projects. The second part of the day involves account management, maintenance on websites and social media, internal design, and passion projects. The employees’ day never truly ends. “Since the internet doesn’t have an off switch, we bring our work into our personal lives through our phones and tablets to keep our clients humming along, even if we are out to dinner with friends or hanging out at the pool,” says Mullins.

With the laid back environment of Socially Buzzing, the employees get to really utilize their creativity, and make their clients and their businesses successful. There are values that make the company truly unique: creating value, communication, innovation, realism, accountability, strengthening others, and dedication. They partner with their clients’ online marketing at any level. “Compared to traditional media and advertising, the value is through the roof, and the benefits are tangible,” he says. “Getting our clients out there, showing people how great they are, and getting them noticed is our idea of a good time!”

Mullins loves his job at Socially Buzzing because businesses are strengthened and in return, it makes the company stronger. “It feels good to actually provide a valuable service, and enjoy the work you do,” says Mullins. With the variety of companies they work with, they get to be introduced to new challenges on a daily basis. According to Mullins, people who want to have a career in the marketing world have to love change, challenges and putting yourself in other people’s shoes. “If you are open minded, creative, ambitious and empathic, you will find working in marketing a dream job,” he says.

If you want to follow what Socially Buzzing is doing online, check out the links below: Website, Facebook, Google PlusTwitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.