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From skincare and beauty treatments to de-stressing and detoxifying through cutting edge treatments, learn about the local woman who offers it all at her new facility in Mason.

Mason Skin Float Center
Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center uses a holistic approach to heal the body and mind.

Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center takes a holistic approach healing the body and mind, enabling clients to leave their stress at the door. From skincare to body therapy treatments this local clinic has all your bases covered.

Owner and founder, Julie Kline has a passion for beauty that runs much further than skin deep which is why she started this practice eleven years ago. According to Kline, Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center is all about personalized care and this is reflected in their unique and versatile treatment options.

The practice is split into three unique parts; the skin clinic, floatation therapy and infrared sauna detoxification, complimenting each other in order to maximize the benefits of each treatment.

The skincare clinic offers a large variety of services such facials, collagen induction therapy, acne treatments, LED light therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.

Julie, Owner of Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center
Julie Kline, Owner of Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center

A service that is unique to the Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center is floatation therapy. In their customized float room there is an extra-large, enclosed pod with over 1,000 pounds of medical grade epsom salt dissolved in filtered Kangen water that’s heated to 94 degrees. Kline describes the service as “feeling free from gravity and external stimulation that lets you relax in a meditative state as sensation from the outside world melts away. Floating offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. It is safe, all natural and therapeutic,” she says.

Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center’s Infrared sauna is a specialized detoxification treatment room that uses infrared light to turn up the heat which can help rid the body of built up toxins that lead to common illness. According to Kline, this service coupled with float therapy is incredibly helpful for chronic pain and sports injures. She also asserts that infrared sauna detoxification assists with weight loss, improved circulation and reduced blood pressure. New clients receive the first session half off.

For Kline, her entire practice is a dream come true. “I love getting to know our clients on a personal level. I love having a relaxing atmosphere where our clients feel like they are at home. We truly care about their whole health, wellness and skin, she says.

Mason Skin Care and Float Center has a variety of new client specials. They’re offering flotation therapy services at a reduced price, one float for $45 or two for $89, regularly priced at $89 per session. In addition the Skin Clinic is offering new clients a $59 facial service. Another skincare special, not limited to new clients is three facials for $200. You can choose from microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, chemical peels or a microcurrent facial.

Mason Skin Care and Float Center is located at 1066 Reading Road in Mason. To learn more about their services stop by their website. Booking an appointment is easy, just reach out to Julie directly at 513-913-7373.

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Local makeup artist and British import creates romantic wedding looks that rivals the softness and beauty of an English garden.

English Rose Beauty
English Rose Makeup Artistry provides on-site professional makeup services for all occasions.

English Rose Makeup Artistry is an on-site professional makeup service for all ages and occasions that specializes in romantic bridal looks, perfected by Temptu airbrush makeup.

Temptu is a high end brand of makeup that focuses on airbrush products and according to them is widely used amongst Hollywood insiders and is responsible for some of the red carpets most iconic looks.

Owner of English Rose Makeup Artistry, Helen Tropiejko, says she chose Temptu because it works particularly well in the humidity of wedding season. “The benefit of any airbrush foundation is staying power” Tropiejko explains. “I like to apply a fine mist over a layer of thin foundation applied with a brush. Thin layers always outlast one thick layer.”

According to Tropiejko, she is often sought out for her soft and romantic style of bridal makeup but she also offers makeup sessions for photoshoots and beauty sessions as well. Tropiejko also offers makeup lessons to assist clients in perfecting their everyday makeup application.

English Rose Makeup Artistry specializes in romantic makeup looks including bridal makeup.
English Rose Makeup Artistry specializes in romantic makeup looks including bridal makeup.

When it comes to bridal, Tropiejko offers the trial session at her home studio and is on location for the big day. She acknowledges the choices for bridal makeup looks can be overwhelming so she is always ready to consult and customize with her client. It’s all about finding the right look for you, she says.

“There are so many beautiful looks and it totally depends on the individual and feel of the event,” Tropiejko adds, “but I love to leave her looking like herself only enhanced, glowing and radiant,.”

Tropiejko moved to the States 10 years ago with her husband and brought her love of makeup with her. “For as long as I can remember I have always loved makeup, from playing dress up with my mums, to finally being allowed to wear it for parties,” Tropiejko says. “I love the colors, textures and makeup’s ability to enhance your beauty and mood.”

She started her career like many makeup artists, practicing with family and friends but things quickly grew from there. Soon Tropiejko was being asked to do weddings and photoshoots. While she was confident in her skills it wasn’t until she moved to the States that she decided to go pro.

English Rose Makeup Artistry was launched in 2013 and Tropiejko’s approach is all about customization. “Every individual is different and I want to enhance their natural beauty but make sure they still feel like themselves but glamorous. All while having a fabulous time,” she says.

To learn more about English Rose Makeup Artistry you can visit them on Facebook. For booking inquires contact Tropiejko at or reach her by phone (859) 620-8783. Her website will be launching in early 2017.

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A newly renovated downtown salon is giving its clients all the sleek and chic without intimidation or judgement.

The Soapbox Salon recently underwent a facelift
The Soapbox Salon recently underwent a facelift to give it a fresh, new look.

Going to a new salon can be an intimidating experience. But the recently revamped Soapbox Salon hopes to change that.

According to owner Sarah Hunterman, they consider themselves the friendly salon and they’re here to make your dream hair a reality without all the judgment. “We’re a welcoming culture when you walk in the front door you’re met by really nice stylists and we’re open to all clientele needing hair services.”

Established in 2009 as the Hair Art Studio, and now rebranded as The Soapbox Salon, they are nestled in an urban storefront on 4th St. downtown Cincinnati. The salon exclusively offers hair and color services because Hunterman says that’s what they do best. This includes wedding hair and packages as well as facial waxing.

Recently, they did a salon makeover and freshened up the space to make the interior design as welcoming as their staff. Hunterman describes the new look as “bright and earthy.” She goes on to say the environment was purposely designed as a “comfortable space with complementary beverages and free wi-fi, that makes you want to stay beyond your service time.”

Hunterman adds that she and her team want the warmth and comfort of your experience to follow you home. Another goal, she says, is to help you recreate your salon look anytime. “You can always catch a conversation where one of our stylist are teaching their client methods to re-creating the look at home,” Hunterman says.

The Soapbox Salon also works to make the community a better place. Hunterman says that “over the past three years we have hosted two events to raise money for local charities. Starting with the Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati and then this past September fundraising for Bethany House Services. We hope to continue this yearly tradition.”

Booking an appointment is simple. All of their stylists are independent designers and can be contacted directly. If you’re looking for suggestions or making a first time appointment you can call their main line and get set up. Make sure to ask your stylist about new client and referral discounts.

The Soapbox Salon is located at 328 West 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati. They carry Redken, Kevin Murphy, Evo, Paul Mitchell and Joico hair lines. You can visit them online at or follow them on Facebook.

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We chat with the visionary behind the salon that opened in OTR before the revitalization began. Learn about the inspiration behind the concept and what’s next on their hair-perfecting horizons.

Jim Broft Salon Central
Jim Broft Salon Central offers high-end, quality services in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Jim Brofft Salon Central serves Cincinnati’s stylish professionals seeking high-end services in an open, yet minimalist setting. Owner, Jim Brofft after developing his craft with Paragon and Saks Fifth Avenue ventured out on his own. He opened Salon Central’s doors in 2009, bringing over 25 years of experience with him.

Brofft explained that while looking for the space that would become Salon Central he recognized that “Over-the-Rhine (OTR) was on the tip of a major renaissance. I wanted to be on the ground floor of that exciting movement,” he says.

Salon Central located in the American Building, an art Art Deco masterpiece in the booming Gateway Quarter of OTR, is a gleaming example of the growth that Downtown Cincinnati is experiencing.

Whether you’re looking for an update on your current style or a complete makeover Salon Central is designed to deliver the wow factor every appointment. “We can take a client as far out on a limb as he or she would like to go or stay in their comfort zone,” Brofft says.


It’s the consistent results that keep people coming back. “We strike a balance between cutting-edge techniques and up-to-the-minute smart trends with the needs and desires of our clients,” Brofft says.

A big part of the reason that Salon Central is able to deliver great hair, each appointment is the handpicked staff. “The stylists are talented professionals who grow every day in their careers,” Brofft says. A key part of that growth is continuing education and it seems like the stylists at Central Salon take it pretty seriously. Brofft told us one of his stylists just went to New York City for a multi-day training to sharpen her cutting skills.

Brofft is artistic as he is business savvy. A trend he didn’t get swept up in was continuous expansion. “It’s tempting to expand, but often it’s more challenging to keep doing what you do and not lose focus. Meeting the needs of our clients always comes first,” he says.

Since rolling out online booking and expanding their hours setting up an appointment with your favorite stylist is easier than ever.

Jim Brofft Salon Central is located at 305 East Central Parkway in Downtown Cincinnati. To learn more, visit them at or like them on Facebook.

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Find out how this local spa for moms and moms-to-be can make your holidays (and body) feel brighter with new seasonal specials and services.

Becoming Mom is offering seasonal packages to get you feeling primped and primed for the holiday season.
Becoming Mom is offering seasonal packages to get you feeling primped and primed for the holiday season.

For the past 12 years, Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound has offered 3D and 4D ultrasound as well as pregnancy-safe spa services for moms and moms-to-be. This year, they’re ringing in the holidays with new seasonal packages and services.

From now until the end of the year, they’re offering a wide variety of special seasonal-specific packages. Allyson Osborne, general manager of Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, told us a holiday favorite is the Sugar Plum and Mistletoes holiday package. It includes their Peppermint Pedicure and EcoFin moisturizing treatment topped off with a Farmaesthetics’ exfoliating lip scrub and softener.

Another holiday favorite for clients, according to Osborne, is the Alone Time spa package, which includes time for a peaceful nap – surrounded by candle light and soothing music – after services. “Because what mom couldn’t use a little of that this holiday season,” she says. If you’re looking for some alone time with your sweetie, couples massages are on the menu as well.

“As we enter into the hustle and bustle of the holidays it’s important to remember to take care of yourself,” Osborne says. “Many moms never take the time to rest and recharge which makes taking care of everyone else even harder.”

Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound offers massages, body treatments, waxing, facials, pedicures and manicures. Some of which can be added to your ultrasound appointment. Their menu is designed around each stage of the pregnancy journey. And that includes post-pregnancy services like the Goodbye Stretchmarks massage enhancer. While you’re enjoying a spa service, be sure to also browse their pregnancy boutique, which carries a wide selection of products like pregnancy and postpartum support belts, designer diaper bags, skincare and breastfeeding supplies.

According to Osborne, the Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound team is especially excited about the new tea line they’re carrying. “From morning sickness and heartburn to sleepless nights and breastfeeding challenges, we carry a blend of tea to help,” she adds.

If you know someone with a mom or mom-to-be on their holiday shopping list, Osborne says to send them her way. “We love helping people find gifts and services that are perfect for loved ones,” she explains.

Osborne adds that Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound recently upgraded their website to make it easier to buy gift certificates and services online. “You can buy specific services and packages, or by dollar amount,” she says. “These certificates can be sent to you or the recipient, and you also have the option to print them immediately or on a later date – like a birthday or anniversary – so you never miss a special occasion in the future.”

Becoming Mom is located at 5485 Deerfield Blvd., Mason, Oh 45040 in the Deerfield Towne Centre. To learn more, visit

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Goodbye mascara, hello long natural lashes! Learn about a local lash studio giving its clients some impressive eye-batting results.

Lash Spa Studio of Cincinnati provides eyelash extensions for clients.

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul, and Lash Spa Studio of Cincinnati says they deserve the ultimate window treatment. “We provide high quality service to our clients, making them feel beautiful without the need for mascara everyday,” says owner Ashley Ansley.

Lash Spa Studio provides clients with high quality mink or silk eyelash extensions that far exceed the volume and length that mascara achieves all while maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes. Ansley says “the main difference between the eyelash material is that mink is fur so in certain lighting it doesn’t pick up and reflect light the same way that silk may sometimes.”


Application takes one to two hours depending on a variety of factors and generally you will receive 30 to 60 extensions per eye depending on the number of your natural lashes. Besides the beauty factor is the convenience of eyelash extensions: you can swim and workout without the worry of them falling off and kiss your eyelash curler goodbye. Extensions last anywhere from two to four weeks and Ansley assures that your technician will share tips and tricks which assist in maintaining the longevity of your lashes.

Ansley asserts that what makes Lash Spa Studio stand out is its commitment to the integrity of your natural lashes and the education of their clinicians. “We are always advancing and educating our staff to keep up with the newest trends in lash artistry and to maintain safety.”

Speaking of latest trends, Lash Spa Studio is now offering Russian Volume Lashes, an innovative application technique that creates depth, adds greater volume and texture to your eyelashes. In addition to eyelash extensions, Lash Spa Studio also has a variety of eyebrow related services including waxing and threading as well as makeup and tanning services all designed to frame your new-found lashes.

Before and After photos of a lash extension.
Before and After photos of a lash extension.

Lash Spa Studio is located at 3187 Western Row Road in Maineville. You can book online or call 513-486-3430 to set up an appointment. Ansley says new clients who book a full set of lashes before November 19 receive a 20% discount.

To be in the know about Lash Spa Studio’s latest events and specials, follow them on Facebook. To see before and after shots of recent clients, visit them on Instagram.

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Learn about the local makeup artist bringing big city celebrity glam to the Tri-state beauty scene.

The Art of Makeup Collective offers wedding makeup applications as well as event makeup.

When it comes to one of the most important days of your life, you want to look your best. That’s where Cynthia Crist, founder and chief artist of Art of Makeup Collective can help.

A veteran makeup artist with 16 years experience in celebrity, bridal, beauty, film and editorial makeup Crist describes herself as a “meticulous visionary with a passion for transformation.”

Employed as a MAC makeup artist Crist relocated from Cincinnati to L.A. and had the opportunity to work with some of today’s biggest stars at exclusive events in the entertainment and fashion industry. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with celebrities such as; Carmen Electra, Devon Aoki, Vivica Fox, Pamela Anderson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Marilyn Manson and Dave Navarro,” Crist says. In 2002 Crist began as a makeup artist with HBO, and soon after covered runway for New York City Fashion Week.

The experience of balancing a career in retail makeup with freelancing in the entertainment and fashion industries has earned Crist the reputation of being incredibly versatile. “I am able to do any look. I do everything from extremely natural headshot makeup to extravagant stage quality makeup for rock stars. I am known for my range,” Crist explains.

Cynthia Crist, Founder of the Art of Makeup Collective.
Cynthia Crist, Founder of the Art of Makeup Collective.

Shortly after returning to Cincinnati Crist launched Art of Makeup Collective to bring her breadth of experience to the Tri-state’s beauty scene. She explains her business is a “response to the overwhelming demand for on-location, reputable, personal makeup artists for every occasion.”

However Crist brings more to the table than herself, she has a wealth of connections that are part of a larger tribe of reputable beauty experts in the Cincinnati area “ I also refer to other beauty professionals that possess the same level of expertise and professionalism as I do. I am big on networking and creating a community that can learn from one another, since we all have completely different experiences that we can bring to our clients,” Crist says.

Art of Makeup Collective services range from bridal and wedding party makeup to event makeup applications for a special night out on the town or personal photo-shoots. Tattoo, scar and birthmark coverup sessions are also available as well as private makeup lessons. Prices range from $65.00-$150.00 depending on the event and size of the party.

To learn more about Art of Makeup Collective visit them on the web . You can book online, but at least six weeks notice is encouraged. For more immediate booking you can reach out to Crist directly at 513-571-7998. To keep up with Art of Makeup Collective events join them on Facebook and check out their latest clients transformations on Instagram. Additional reviews of their work can be found on The Knot.

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If you’re looking for a little more twinkle and a little less wrinkle this holiday season, learn about a local medi-spa that specializes in cost effective beauty pick-me-ups.

Cincinnati Aesthetics
Cincinnati Aesthetics offers chemical peels, tattoo removal, and injectables.
Cincinnati Aesthetics is improving health, happiness and aesthetics one client at a time. Whether it’s adding to your natural beauty with injectables, a skin pick me up via chemical peel or removing unwanted tattoos, they’ve quickly become a one stop shop for all things beauty.
Their mission is to “uphold an atmosphere of professionalism, personal attention, and excellence in care,” says founder and board certified physical Dr. Erhan Erdeger
This may be a practice focused on aesthetics but the client care runs much further than skin deep. “We focus on educating our clients on maintaining health, wellness and beauty, and to treat and prevent the signs of aging,” explains Erdeger. 
Dr. E
Dr. Erhan Erdeger, Owner of Cincinnati Aesthetics
Cincinnati Aesthetics’ approach to client care isn’t the only thing that is comprehensive. Their client base and treatment options are as well. “We are an aesthetic medical practice that accommodates people of all ages, genders and stages of their ‘journey’ to a better looking and feeling person. We pride ourselves on engaging with and learning about every single patient’s unique need and goal when they come to see us,” he says. 
Erdeger was inspired to open Cincinnati Aesthetics because he saw the increasing demand for medical based skin treatments but a lack of board certified physicians in the field. Originally a surgeon and then practicing internist he began increasingly focusing on non-surgical aesthetic medicine training with world experts. In 2015 after earning his membership to American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine he opened Cincinnati Aesthetics. “We have a staff that is diverse in training, education and experience,” Erdeger says. 
Cincinnati Aesthetics also has a diverse range of services. They’re the only practice in Ohio that offers natural tattoo removal called Tatt2Away and two distinct skin rejuvenation packages that include a dermal filler injection and IPL (intense pulsed light) age and brown spot removal treatment.
Cincinnati Aesthetics will be celebrating their one year anniversary and the holiday season in style with an open houseDecember 1st from 6-9pm. There will be free giveaways, specials on their iS Clinical skincare products and discounted gift cards that are ideal for gift giving or treating yourself. 
Cincinnati Aesthetics is located at 7558 Central Parke Boulevard in Mason and a free consultation is only one phone call away. To learn more about their practice, consultations and  details on the upcoming holiday open house visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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Read on as we chat with the owner behind the new salon on the west side that’s taking tresses from drab to fab with their customized cut and colors.

Studio Lush
Studio Lush is a new boutique salon on Cincinnati’s West Side.

Everyone looks for a salon and stylist who will treat their hair as if it were their own. The recently-opened Studio Lush was created with just this in mind.

As a new boutique salon on the west side of Cincinnati, their mission is to create the perfect style for each client through precision cutting and custom color. In fact, owner Nicole Stalf Stenger’s motto is “Don’t waste the pretty.”

“Meaning, don’t waste your time, your money, or your own gorgeousness,” she explains. “We want to be a place where clients know and trust us and feel at home and then fabulous when they walk in or out the door.”

Stenger says her salon staff prides themselves on creating a customized look for every client. From cut to color, makeup to nail care, they have you covered on everything from the classics to the latest trends.

Stenger says they stay up to date on these trends through ongoing industry research, education and mentorship. “We travel for continuing education, we study the latest trends in fashion and the hair industry, and attend classes from some of the most sought after artists in the beauty world,” she says.

Studio Lush focuses on
Nicole Stalf Stenger, founder of the new Studio Lush

Opening Studio Lush is Stenger’s life-long dream come true, she says, as she has always wanted to bring this new and creative energy to Cincinnati. “I wanted to create a space that was warm, inviting and definitely unexpected to find on the west side,” she explains. “I was very careful in selecting every piece in the salon. We have a Boho chic, vintage, warm vibe and people who have walked in have been gushing over the decor, and the feel. It definitely doesn’t feel like your typical salon, it’s like a boutique.”

Stenger says a lighter and romantic look has been taking over this fall and winter season. “We’re seeing lots of gradation of color with color melts and balayage still going strong. Cuts are soft, with lots of texture and swingy in style. Flowy tresses kissed with sunlight babylights, dappled colors and fringe are longer, fuller than we’ve seen in the past. Angled bobs are longer in design, and more romantic versus the traditional edge we’re used to.”

Studio Lush officially opened in October 2016, but Stenger still has exciting plans in the works starting with a grand opening party this November. They’ll also be hosting ladies night shopping events with a host of local vendors. Stenger is also excited to bring the whole salon staff to St. Ursla for the 2017 Pantene Beautiful Lengths project benefiting breast cancer awareness.

Studio Lush is located at 6543 Harrison Avenue. To learn more, visit them on Facebook or give them a call at 513-331-LUSH.

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Learn about a clothier who’s bringing his custom shirt and suiting company to Cincinnati, and how it can help a man in your life find, well, The Perfect Shirt.

The Perfect Shirt
The Perfect Shirt offers attention to detail and timelessness in men’s dress and casual wear.

The name says it all: The Perfect Shirt.

That’s what The Perfect Shirt aims to provide. For this custom menswear shirt and suiting provider, it’s all about luxury, customization, timelessness and standing out while remaining true to essential men’s dress and casual wear. According to Robert Bucheit, founder and creative director, The Perfect Shirt can be worn in any setting, by any generation.

“We pride ourselves on possessing a fanatical attention to detail, a unique customer experience, and a premier product,” Bucheit adds. “Our people, the experience and the product distinguishes us in the resurgence of custom clothing.”

Launched in July 2016, The Perfect Shirt has already established itself in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, however Bucheit is returning to his roots by expanding the company to Cincinnati in 2017. “This is an incredible city,” Bucheit explains, “and we believe our mission and perfect shirts fit the trending lifestyle and growth of Cincinnati.”

Bucheit describes shopping The Perfect Shirt as a “simple process that covers complex design.” The Perfect Shirt’s brand consultants will come to you at work or home. “Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul in your wardrobe,” Bucheit says, “we have you covered.”


It all begins with a consultation that targets your needs. Next there is a walk through of the customization process, which includes; measurements, fabric selection with over 300 choices including brands such as Thomas Mason and Cancilini, and finally custom finishes. It takes three to four weeks for shirting and five to six weeks for suiting garments to be completed and delivered.

Bucheit says The Perfect Shirt is inspired by “all the things that one earns in life through hard work, discipline and perseverance. For me, that is our customer; an everyday gentleman who embodies a strong work ethic that not only shows it professionally but also chooses to display a passion for their personal appearance as well.”

Hard work, dedication and perseverance are things that Bucheit is deeply aware of. He got his start in men’s luxury dress wear at The Bananna Republic straight out of college, serving in their wardrobing and management programs. From there Bucheit began specializing in bespoke men’s wear while working under the legendary master tailor Romualdo Pelle of Romualdo’s. After relocating to Texas with his wife Bucheit started with Cadillac in one of their highest grossing stores. “These experiences really honed my understanding of the luxury segment and the expectations of the customers it serves. Now with The Perfect Shirt I feel that we are bringing all aspects of my rich history full circle to deliver not only a luxurious experience but a carefully crafted garment”, he says.

For the ladies wondering about the possibility of their own perfect shirts Bucheit says it’s one of the most frequent questions he asked. “In short we are currently only providing suiting options for women (i.e., blazers, slacks, and skirts). It is my goal to grow this business to help reach new markets and to meet the needs of all in the business world, women included.”

To learn more, visit The Perfect Shirt on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. To set up your consultation for 2017, visit their website,, or reach out to Bucheit directly at