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Learn about a local hair aficionado who aims to bring big city glam to your coif in her quaint salon.

Em & Co
Em & Co is a local salon that promises to have fun with you and your hair.

Emily Vondohre, 20 year beauty industry veteran, opened the doors at Em & Co Salon three years ago. With its a quaint space and staff that’s more like family then friends, Vondohre says she’s pretty much living the dream.

Vondohre’s passion for hair became apparent at a young age, so she attended Eastern Hills Academy of Hair Design as a young adult and hasn’t looked back since. “I think the first time I heard ‘you should do hair’ was from my high school sister’s friend,” Vondohre recalls. “I came home from my rather short stint at Northern Kentucky University to help them get ready for their first high school dance. It clicked after she said it.”

Vondohre’s hair motto is “just have fun with it.” The highest compliment her clients pay her is when they say “your hair never looks the same.” For Vondohre, this is the magic of hair styling. “Hair is the quickest thing a woman can change about herself,” she asks. “Why be stuck to one look?”

Em & Co’s stylist are independent contractors with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking to bring the best hair services to their clients, Vondohre explains. “My salon wouldn’t run without my staff – Jim, Mary, Hope, Melanie, and Brigitte,” she adds. “However, we all agree that our clients make this the place to go!”

Product and color line vary by stylist, but Vondohre’s go-to are Paul Mitchell and Rusk to create the looks her clients want. According to Vondohre, this summers’ hottest trend is beachy waves with lots of fun color. To compliment this look, Vondohre encourages clients to book a sunless tanning appointment with Brigitte, who specializes in this arena. “Sun exposure ages us and as we all know how horrible the side effects are,” Vondohre says. “Why not spend 15 minutes with Brigitte and look like you just went to the beach?”

Em & Co is located at 4500 Forest Avenue in Norwood and is open Monday through Saturday. You can book an appointment with Emily here. Women’s haircuts are $30 and include a shampoo and blow dry. Color starts at $55. You can find Em & Co’s reviews online.

To learn more about Emily & Co visit their Facebook page.

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From Shiseido to Clarins, local makeup artist Shivali Gaba is empowering and strengthening women through the medium of makeup.

Shivali Gaba, Founder and Owner of Vanite Makeup Studio.

For Shivali Gaba, owner and chief makeup artist of Vanité Makeup Studio it’s all about the skin. It’s ground zero, she says, the beginning and end of every makeup session. “Skin is always in,” she laughs.

Skin is the reason Gaba chose Vanité, French for “vanity,” as the name of her business. “The French take such pride in taking care of the skin,” Gaba explains. “The makeup is minimal, fresh and very raw. It allows the actual features to shine and give way into a person’s personality. That’s what I want for my clients.”

It’s no surprise then that Gaba’s signature look is a soft neutral eye, thin winged liner, radiant skin and a classic bold lip. “Very classic, very timeless and everyone can pull it off with minor modifications,” she says. “It will never get old. You can look at those pictures in five, 15, or 50 years. It’s evergreen.”

Gaba’s motto for this summer is equally as timeless “I love mixing my Laura Mercier rose oil with anything I put on my skin! Glow baby Glow!”


Vanité Makeup Studio specializes in weddings, offers on location makeup services and trial sessions in their Mason studio. Gaba says “Vanité is a place for every woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s a beginner or an expert, a teenager or a grandmother. She can walk in, express her vision, and walk out feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Gaba launched Vanité Makeup Studio in 2013 after a successful career working with Shiseido and as a Sales Development Specialist with Clarins at Macy’s. She has extensive corporate training and years of experience with makeup application. Gaba describes herself as a perfectionist, “I only take thirty weddings a year.”

That perfectionism looks like it’s paying off! Gaba is in demand and currently working to expand Vanité Makeup Studio’s offerings to local brides and opening up their calendar to more events.

Education is a core value for Gaba. For her, it’s the mark of a true artist and professional. Ultimately, Gaba would like to “expand training to pro-artists around the city and bring in pros,” she says, “[such as] Kevin James Bennett and Jay Kanojia to do some training workshops locally and open doors for young artists.”

Vanité Makeup Studio is located in Mason. To learn more or to book services, visit their website at or give them a “like” on Facebook. For additional information and reviews, visit The Knot.

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We chat with one local makeup artist who’s been perfecting her craft since the age of 16. Learn more about her on-location services and soon-to-launch classes.

Makeup by Lindsay
Lindsay Devlin, Founder of Makeup by Lindsay, applying makeup to a client. Photo: Ashley Cox Photos

Lindsay Devlin, founder of Makeup by Lindsay, credits her childhood dance career as the spark that started her fiery passion for makeup.

She was the one woman glam squad behind her dance team’s makeup looks. Serendipitously, Devlin’s mother had a successful career in the beauty industry and supplied her daughter with endless products. “My mom was constantly bringing home extra makeup for me to play with,” Devlin recalls. “I definitely had an abnormal makeup collection for someone my age!”

Devlin describes Makeup by Lindsay is “on location glam” for weddings, a night out on the town, special events or professional photo shoots including senior photography portraiture.

Her business began and has primarily been built on word of mouth. “It’s just such a huge honor and compliment knowing that on the biggest day of someone’s life they want you and trust you to make them look their best,” she says.

A deep respect for her craft and the women she serves fuels Devlin. “I do what I do because I love making others feel good about themselves,” she says. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone else light up when they look in the mirror.”

It’s that same respect that has pushed Devlin to understand working with various facial features and skin tones. Devlin says her motto is “creating the look you want and that makes you feel good.”

Devlin customizes to perfectly suit her client. “For me, the eyes are one of the first things I take notice of so that has always been my primary focus. I balance everything around that,” says Devlin. It’s no wonder then that Devlin’s signature look is “one that pops the eyes because a person’s eyes can tell so much about them, so I really like to bring them out when I do makeup” she says. Her most requested look is the smokey eye and nude lip combo.

Devlin’s summer go-to this year is “Anastasia glow kits and Flutter lashes particularly in “Slayla.” They’re the perfect mix of wispy but dramatic,” she says.

On the horizon for Makeup by Lindsay are possible makeup class offerings “I’ve been getting so many requests lately, and it would be so fun to teach my clients how to recreate the look on their own!” she says. To find out more about Makeup by Lindsay and take a peek at her portfolio click here or contact her directly at

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A new local company is facilitating holistic healing through innovative technology. Read on to see how you can freeze your way to looking and feeling your best!

Austin McVety, Co-Founder of Arctic Cryotherapy.
Austin McVety, Co-Founder of Arctic Cryotherapy.

Arctic Cryotherapy LLC is hoping to change the pain game by facilitating holistic healing through innovative technology. Austin McVety, co-owner says “the inspiration behind his new facility, is to bring an alternative treatment to pain management, one that does not include opioids.” However, the benefits of cryotherapy extend well beyond pain management, it also assists athletes with recovery time, treats certain skin conditions and rejuvenates the complexion.

At this point, you may be asking yourself what exactly is cryotherapy? It’s an innovative method of cold therapy that utilizes three minutes of exposure to subzero temperatures ranging from -190°F to -260°F.

This technique that was developed in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatic disease. “It was designed and incorporated as a dynamic treatment for pain and inflammation correlated with a multitude of chronic conditions. Over the course of three decades it rapidly advanced to Europe and other countries as it became renowned for its extensive spectrum of benefits,” McVety says.

Today, patients use whole-body cryotherapy to treat chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, degenerative disease of the joints and spine and to reduce inflammation of the tendons, bursa, and joint capsules.

According to McVety, cryotherapy can also be a beauty game changer. It increases metabolism by raising oxygen levels in your system which assists in removing harmful toxins throughout your body and increasing caloric burn. Cryotherapy also stimulates the production of collagen and revitalizes your complexion.

“There are many benefits to women as cryotherapy can help to treat chronic pain, arthritis, skin conditions, improve sleep, relieve stress, and improve their overall health and well-being. It is currently used by professional athletes and celebrities all over the world,” McVety says.

McVety points out that cryotherapy has become popular among professional and amateur athletes “in order to maximize recovery and performance by boosting circulation, purifying blood, and facilitating soft tissue healing safely and effectively.”

McVety and his business partner Mark Miller are inspired by the work they are doing. “We are excited to offer our whole-body cryotherapy and help our clients achieve exceptional results with their daily activities,” he says.

A single treatment at Arctic Cryotherapy LLC is $45. Packages run from $135 to $360 and they offer a student and military discount. They accept walk-ins and scheduled appointments. Multiple treatments have shown to benefit patients in a variety of ways.

Arctic Cryotherapy LLC is located at 3351 Dayton Xenia Road in Dayton. To find out more details visit their website at Make sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and special events.

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Introducing the first and only kids day spa in Fairfield Township that specializes in giving kiddos the royal treatment. Read on for all the delightful details!

The Pink Party Palace offers Mommy & Me packages for you and your girl to get the princess treatment.
The Pink Party Palace offers Mommy & Me packages for you and your girl to get the princess treatment.

According to Carla Bossie and Kellie Adams, owners of The Pink Party Palace, the palace, the services, and the experience is as magical as it sounds. It’s a special place where your little fashionista can let her hair down, take her shoes off, and enjoy a scented sugar scrub pedicure.

Bossie say the inspiration for The Pink Party Palace was to create a safe space for kids to be kids. “We want girls to sing at the top of their lungs, tell silly jokes to their friends, and have fun,” she says. “We play kid-friendly music and enjoy the girls as they sing and dance. Pink Party Palace wants to give girls permission to just be kids and be delighted in it.”

The Pink Party Palace Cincinnati was established in 2015 as a novelty spa that treats little girls like royalty on their special day; whether it be a birthday, girls get together, or quality time with mom – they’ve got you covered.


Packages range from spa treatments to themed birthday parties. The Pink Party Palace also has Girls Day Out, a package for the special girl in your life and her closest friends.


Your daughter and her besties can enjoy manicures and signature Pink Palace Pedicures within the pedicure castle, while wrapped in cotton spa robes. There are chocolate flavored facials at the Hollywood-lit vanity station and add-ons like the Candy Bar, Lip Gloss Station and the Nail Polish Bar where the girls can mix, color, and label their own nail polish. After all this primping, they’re ready to hit the kids’ model runway.

A Girls Day Out or birthday package is a great way to let your daughter spend the day getting pampered with friends.
A Girls Day Out or birthday package is a great way to let your daughter spend the day getting pampered with friends.

Adams and Bossie say their favorite part of owning The Pink Party Palace is watching the bonding time between moms and daughters. “We have a Mommy & Me mani pedi package, which is for any adult and child. We’ve had aunts with their nieces and grandmas with their granddaughters. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your special girl,” Bossie says.

The Pink Party Palace believes in good, clean fun. Products are paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and vegan.

Readers that refer five people get one free manicure! To find out more, visit their website or check out Facebook for upcoming events and special deals.

The Pink Party Palace is located at 5579 Eureka Drive in Hamilton, Ohio. They are open by appointment Monday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This summer they’ll be extending hours for a few walk-in Wednesday events, with details to be announced on Facebook.

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A local lady is bringing a new semi-permanent eyebrow technique to Cincinnati at her new studio set to open in July! Keep reading for all the eyebrow-raising details!

Brow Envy offers
Brow Envy offers the Microblading technique to give clients a natural looking brow.

Amber Harrison, owner of Brow Envy, is a licensed semi-permanent makeup artist and eyebrow expert that has a love affair with makeup. As a child, Harrison hosted sleepovers and being the resourceful entrepreneurial that she is, would encourage friends to bring their makeup. With her new found pallet Harrison would would work makeover magic. For her, it was all about highlighting the unique beauty in each person.

What part of our face is more unique and enigmatic than eyebrows? Who among us has not lusted over a customized full brow that beautifully showcases our eyes? Harrison had the same question and started researching permanent makeup options.

“It dawned on me that brow design is my passion. It’s such a critical part of a person’s face, yet so many people struggle with having sparse eyebrows, drawing them daily, trying to get the right shape,” Harrison says.

Harrison was already threading, filling and designing her friends, family and co-workers eyebrows but she was looking for the best of both worlds: a natural looking brow with more staying power than makeup. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention so Harrison decided to take her research deeper and discovered a more natural looking approach – the Microblading technique.

Amber Harrison, Owner of Brow Envy

Brow Envy solely specializes eyebrow Microblading, a semi-permanent makeup technique, which like traditional permanent makeup is a tattoo but there are some big differences!

The most common type of traditional eyebrow tattoos involves the use of a tattoo gun and a block style brow, which leaves the client with a dark outlined eyebrow and no depth. Harrison says “Microblading by Brow Envy leaves the client with crisp, thin lines that look identical to real hair. After consultation, a selection of pigment is carefully chosen to give depth and shape so that the natural brows and microbladed strokes blend seamlessly.”

Microblading on average fades over the course of 18 months with normal skin exfoliation. It creates fine hair strokes that don’t blur over time or fade into unusual colors like you would experience with a traditional permanent makeup machine. According to Harrison this makes for very realistic results.

Harrison explains that “Microblading is a tattoo and it requires a lot of practice and education” which is why her studio specializes in eyebrows. For Harrison “brow design is just as important as the service itself. I look at bone structure and the client’s facial features and design a brow that best suits them. This is something that can only be truly perfected with complete focus on this technique.”

Brown Envy, located at 3825 Edwards Road will have its grand opening this July. Microblading starts at $450 but readers who book their appointment for July and August will receive 20% off!

More details about the grand opening and specials will be released on Brow Envy’s website and social media pages later in June. Readers can also see before and after pictures and other news on their Instagram page or Facebook.

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Get your engine revved for a red hot summer event featuring 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon, exotic cars and the FC Cincinnati Men's Professional Soccer Team.

18|8 Fine Men's Salon in Oakley will host the High Performance at 18|8 event with FC Cincinnati players on June 16.
18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Oakley will host the High Performance at 18|8 event with FC Cincinnati players on June 16.

Chris Brown, owner of 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Oakley, believes that when you look better, you feel better, you perform better. This principal is the promise 18|8 strives to deliver on with every guest. It’s also the inspiration for their upcoming event, High Performance at 18|8. High Performance at 18|8 is about providing guests with a high-end experience by top performing brands.

Attendees at the event will receive services from 18|8 and the chance to rub elbows with the FC Cincinnati Men’s Professional Soccer Team. This is all taking place against a backdrop of exotic cars with craft beer and bourbon being served. Complimentary chair massages from Elements Massage will be available as well as unique shopping experiences with local high-end retailers such as Ziv Trading Company.

18|8 Fine Men’s Salon celebrates modern masculine style and will have special pricing on gift baskets and certificates that were put together to indulge dads and grads! Brown explained that the 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon Executive Haircut comes with a consultation, shampoo and conditioning, scalp cleanse, hot towel facial, five-minute neck, and shoulder massage, plus styling.

Top-notch grooming and styling services are just a few of the reasons the FC Cincinnati Men’s Professional Soccer Team chose 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon as their official men’s grooming expert. For Brown, this relationship is “another opportunity to deliver our promise with a group of guys that are at the top of their profession and it’s important that they look good and have confidence when they take the field,” he says.

Brown has certainly seen how everything from a straight razor shave to a style overhaul inspires confidence. “You can tell just by the way they [clients] are walking and carrying themselves, they are feeling better and ready to take on the world. We often will get a positive online review or even just an in-person, on-the-spot compliment back to us that this was the best grooming experience they have ever had,” he says.

The best part about the upcoming event? It’s for a good cause! Proceeds from VIP ticket sales will go to the Dragonfly Foundation, which benefits children with cancer. “My son experienced some major medical issues when he was about 12 months old […] so helping a charity like Dragonfly that is so involved and important in helping the families and children impacted by something as serious as cancer touches my heart,” Brown says.

The event is free to attend, however, $20 VIP tickets gives attendees the exclusive opportunity for autographs and professional photos with FC Cincinnati players, a swag bag of products and gift certificates valued at $200, and 20% off at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon. Tickets can be purchased in advance.

High Performance at 18|8 will be held June 16 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon, 3110 Vandercar Way. For more information about 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon services stop by their website. To be in then know about specials and events follow them on Facebook.

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This Cincinnati based-soapologist aims to nourish your skin naturally. Learn more about her soap and skincare line that’s getting national attention!

Swan Maiden Soap
Swan Maiden Soap is crafted with vitamin-rich oils and are made from sustainable ingredients.

Amanda Nielsen, soapologist and founder of Swan Maiden Soap, fueled by “hours of DIY shows” decided she was going to put her academic background in chemistry to use and make simple, handmade oatmeal soaps for Christmas gifts. That was 2009, fast forward to 2016 and Swan Maiden Soap won City Beat’s BEST OF for independent beauty line.

It’s not hard to understand why. Nielsen delivers skincare items and soaps that are crafted with vitamin-rich oils like olive, coconut, grape-seed, avocado and shea butter. All products are free of animal fats are made of sustainable ingredients, like organic no-spray herbs, grains, honey and beeswax.

“I like the creativity involved with playing with new essential oils and natural colorants. I like the science behind it and the quest to make things better by experimenting or tweaking ingredients, processes or tools. And I also like the challenge of dealing with natural ingredients that can be a bit fickle,” Nielsen says.

Swan Maiden’s ingredients are mostly locally sourced“I think where we differ – where we fill a gap – is sourcing locally, making a majority of our products vegan (vegan salves aren’t all that easy to come by), and appealing to everyone,” Nielsen says.

Swan Maiden Soap highly values their local roots but the company has also caught the attention of national retailers such a Remke, Whole Foods, and Fresh Thyme Market. “It might seem weird for our all natural soaps to be in a grocery store that carries all the “big” names in soap, but I’ll gladly take the Pepsi challenge with commercial products. We’ve converted a lot of folks who stood by their Dove but now use our Patchouli soap or swore by their Lava but now use our Mechanic’s bar,” Nielsen says.

According to Nielsen, Swan Maiden’s entire line of soaps and skincare are popular because of the quality but it’s also the finger Nielsen has on the pulse of her customers wants and needs, constantly refining her process and offerings based on conversations with customers. With that in mind, Nielsen does have a few suggestions for those new to Swan Maiden’s line.

Looking for a natural alternative this summer to insect repellant? <b><a>Jitterbug Insect Deterrent <b><a> 100% natural blend of plant essences that deters pests and conditions skin. “I formulated it to deter a wide spectrum of insects and also to feel and smell good.” Nielsen says. It’s available in an 8oz bottle for $10 and 2oz for $6. “It’s been to every continent except Antarctica and I get to hear rave reviews from many world travelers and adventurers.”

Lemongrass Kitchen Soap Nielsen describes as a “harder soap formula, made with lemongrass oil and coffee grounds, that’ll help rid hands of onion and garlic smells after food prep” A store buyer once told me she enjoyed using it on her cutting boards as well! 6oz runs around $6.

While Nielsen is always continuing to perfect the product line she is also working with local retailers to expand her offerings to more locations.

Readers can enjoy shopping online on Etsy or at local retailers.

To see Swan Maiden’s Double Cedar Soap mid pour or the locally sourced spice bush berries used for the custom bourbon Cocoa-Spice Soap visit their Twitter. To find out more about special events and offerings follow Swan Maiden Soap on Facebook and stop by their website.

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See how one local woman turned her struggles with weight into an opportunity to help Tri-State women and kids get healthier with a practical plan for diet and exercise.

STRONG! Fitness encourages women and children to get healthy is a practical plan for diet and exercise.

It was 2009 and Reagan Zugelter, founder of STRONG! Fitness, had given birth to Sadie, her second daughter. She walked into her second pregnancy retaining weight from the first and was now at 200 pounds. Zugelter openly admits that she has always struggled with her weight but this was her heaviest.

Despondent Zugelter fell deeper into the hole by drowning her sorrows in rich foods and decadent drinks.

She arrived at her yearly physical which started with a weigh-in, ended with a good cry and the commitment to make a change. It took Zugelter two years to loose 35 pounds but this wasn’t just about weight, it was a lifestyle change and the drive to set a good example for her daughters. “I am glad it took me that long because I was able to focus on developing long-term healthy habits,” Zugelter says.

A “before and after” transformation of Zugelter.

During this time, Zugelter fell in love with fitness. She became a fitness instructor at the YMCA teaching Bootcamp, HIIT and Insanity classes and found that she had a talent for teaching and passion for helping women reach their fitness goals.

In 2016, Zugelter decided to focus her efforts on women and opened STRONG! Fitness. “I have always been passionate about empowering women of all fitness levels, as well as mentoring kids on exercise,” she says.

Zugelter is deeply familiar with the unique pressures women face in terms of body image. “As women, we can be hard on ourselves and critical of our bodies because we see so many covers of magazines with this ideal image of how women should look like,” Zugelter says.

Zugelter, however, is on a mission to change this perception. “I want to help women realize that they are beautiful and STRONG! You don’t have to be a size two to be healthy,” she says.

STRONG! Fitness tackles body image issues by focusing on overall health and strength rather than being a slave to the scale. It also teaches women to focus on themselves and honor their needs.

Zugelter today.
Reagan Zugelter, Founder of STRONG! Fitness.

“I understand how hectic life can be for women and how they often put themselves last on the list. I created STRONG! to offer something different for women versus a traditional gym. This isn’t just about working out, I want to build a community of like-minded women that not only exercise together but support, encourage and help one another on their own personal health journeys,” Zugelter says.

STRONG! Fitness is unique in that most classes are outside so clients are able to utilize the elements and keep things fresh.

“I am a big believer in working out doesn’t have to be boring so I strive to make workouts fun by incorporating partner training, games and using unique exercises and equipment. Ladies that attend class and my one on one body program will tell you that they have never done the same workout twice,” Zugelter says.

STRONG! Fitness offers 45 to 55-minute classes that run six days a week, welcomes women of all fitness levels and focuses on gaining endurance, strength and energy.

If you’re looking for a more individualized approach Zugelter offers the STONG! Body program. Each week clients receive a one hour customized workout, custom-tailored meal plan, nutrition guidance, the STRONG! grocery list and a recipe booklet.

STRONG! Workshops also offers nutrition classes that women can host in their home with a group of family and friends to learn the ins and outs of nutrition and meal planning.

A new addition to STRONG! Fitness that Zugelter is particularly excited about is the STRONG! Kids, a summer program starting this June.“This program is a great way to keep kids active during the summer and teach children that exercise can be fun and interactive,” Zugelter says. Not sure if you’re ready to start your summer fitness challenge? Zugelter encourages readers to come for a trial class.

To learn more about STRONG! Fitness and their class schedule visit their website at Connect with Zugelter on Facebook to get free healthy recipes, workouts, a class schedule and other tips.

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A boutique fitness facility in Northern Kentucky is helping to host an event series that’s all about healthy living and shopping... does it get any better than that?

Jennifer Lynn, Founder of Fit Philosophie
Jennifer Lynn, Founder of Fit Philosophie

The Shape-Up & Shop Event, an exciting collaboration between Fit Philosophie and Fort Thomas Central, will be happening every third Thursday of the month throughout the summer starting Thursday May 19th.

Jennifer Lynn, owner of Fit Philosophie and Barb Thomas, owner of Fort Thomas Central are working together to “promote small businesses, shopping, and staying fit,” Lynn says.

Fit Philosophie will be leading the featured event workouts and Fort Thomas Central is providing shopping opportunities.

Lynn started her fitness career after graduating from Xavier University. She attended YogaFit for her 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and holds a Balanced Body University Comprehensive Certification which required 488 hours of training. Lynn is also a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training) certified Personal Trainer.

Lynn describes Fit Philosophie as a “totally fun, cutting edge boutique studio.”

Fit Philosophie is hosting the Shape-Up & Shopping Spree at Fort Thomas Central.
Fit Philosophie is hosting the Shape-Up & Shopping Spree at Fort Thomas Central.

“We differentiate ourselves by offering the most effective, safe, fun and new workouts in the industry. This studio is truly a one-stop shop. We have everything. Our classes offer options for any age and level. We have been the first in Fort Thomas[KY] to offer several the newest programs such as PLYOGA, Shockwave, Tabata Bootcamp, Row and Reform, Row-ga, Barre Above, TRX, Pilates, and more,” Lynn says.

Lynn describes her life as a fitness coach and expert as “full of daily joy.”

“I have met the kindest and most wonderful people through my work at the studio. They have helped me grow my business and grow as a person. I love seeing the changes in them. It’s great to see their personal successes. It makes me so happy,” Lynn says.

Fit Philosophie has a series of outdoor workout events this summer in collaboration with other local small businesses. Lynn partnered with Urbana Cafe to offer Bootcamp and Brews, a Saturday morning series that includes an outdoor workout and coffee. Fit Philosophie is also co-hosting a Bootcamp and Beers series with Midway Cafe and Tower Park.

The Fit Philosophie summer event Lynn is looking forward to the most is Plyoga in the Park which will introduce participants to a new workout that blends plyometrics and yoga together.

Fit Philosophie is located at 911 N Ft Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075. To find out more about their upcoming summer events visit them on Facebook. Readers can visit The Shape-Up & Shop Event to pre-register and learn about special offers.