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Girlfriends, glitz, and a glass of vino. Learn about the local business behind the new “Wine and Shine” ladies nights.

Brittany Stadtmiller launched Wine and Shine, a continuation of her other business Gem Steady.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then wine is a close second. That’s why “Wine and Shine” ladies nights launched. It’s a brand new girls’ night out themed party where women design and create their own jewelry pieces using fine silver and 22k gold precious metal clay, while hanging out with friends and drinking wine.

“Wine and Shine” is a continuation of founder Brittany Stadtmiller’s business Gem Steady, which she co-owns with her husband Robert. Through Gem Steady, the Stadtmillers create custom, one of a kind jewelry.

Brittany hand selects the gemstones that get used, while Robert builds the settings for the gemstones.
Every gemstone is hand-selected and includes precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and tanzanite, as well as many semi-precious stones such as amethyst, citrine, uniquely faceted pyrite, and moldavite. The Stadtmillers’ goal is to make the customer happy whether that is making something elaborate or something simple. Since 2012, they have even managed to get their jewelry in demand worldwide including Hong Kong, Australia, France, Canada and Brazil.

With the success of Gem Steady, Brittany started the Wine and Shine parties in February 2015 as one of three new DIY workshops introduced to the Gem Steady business. “Everyone is always so interested to see how everything is made,” Brittany says, “so these parties are the ultimate hands on way to dive head first into the craft of jewelry design and fabrication.”

“The Wine and Shine parties are not un-similar to the group painting classes that seem to be all the rage recently, but will allow for a bit more creative freedom,” Brittany explains. There will be a base project using precious metal clay in either fine silver or 22k gold and Brittany will guide each person step by step as they create their own ring, earrings, necklace or other pieces of jewelry. Each person has the opportunity to choose to do the project exactly as Brittany plans it, or they can put their own creative spin on it using the materials provided. Each piece is then fired in a kiln for a few minutes, then sanded and polished and finally it’s ready to wear. “Of course, a ladies night party isn’t complete without wine,” Brittany says, “so there will be plenty of that!”

Brittany plans to host birthday parties, bachelorette, sorority functions and other fun ladies night gatherings in their new studio, located in the Oakley-based Brazee Street Studios.

Brittany is most excited about interacting with new people and giving them an inside look into different ways that jewelry is made. She hopes to develop a loyal following where she and clients can both develop their skill levels together and move on to even bigger, more advanced jewelry projects. “The sky is not even the limit here,” she says. “If you can dream it then it can be created!” To learn more, click here.

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See what happens when 10 local fashion-focused bloggers join forces to create one site where you can find their posts about style, decor, recipes, how-to videos, and more.

(left to right) Thread Cincinnati contributors Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Preeti Chaulk, from Ninesto5; Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles;
(left to right) Thread Cincinnati contributors Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Preeti Chaulk, from Ninesto5; Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles (Photo: Ida Street)

Whether you’re a fashionista looking for style inspiration or a business looking for a brand ambassador, look no further than Thread Cincinnati.

This recently launched network of fashion-focused bloggers, enthusiasts, and advocates of Cincinnati has one main purpose: To advance the fashion and blogging community of the Greater Cincinnati area by providing a collective site of like-minded bloggers.

Starting with social media, 10 women came together noticing an audience for a collection of blogs focusing on all things entertainment and fashion. Preeti Chaulk, blogger of Ninesto5, and one of the Thread Cincinnati founders says, “We [saw] similar ‘blog societies’ out there and thought it would be nice to have one for our blossoming community.”

In addition to Chaulk, Thread Cincinnati contributors include Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles; Alice and Karen from blanc X noir; Natalie Folchi from CincinNatalie; Annie Butler with Ida Street; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Liz Urso from 26 & Counting; and Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist.

”I think it’s great to have a unified place for all the fashion bloggers in Cincinnati,” Johnson says. “There’s a great fashion scene here, and we’re helping showcase that.”

With these women taking on different roles to get the site up and running, Thread Cincinnati was made possible. Some took on more behind the scenes roles with getting the site live and others took on more managerial or administrative roles, like answering emails and initiating connections with local vendors that aligned with the mission of Thread.

“In the blogging world, people collaborate a lot. Sometimes it’s just for a projection, sometimes it’s for a series, but usually that is that,” Butler says. “That’s why I love Thread so much. It’s awesome to be surrounded by such a supportive group of women and offer our continued collaboration to the Queen City. We all have very different styles and lead unique lives, so to come together like this is pretty amazing.”

Across the board, Thread Cincinnati bloggers cover a variety of topics, including: fashion, decor, DIY projects, recipes, socializing, how-to videos, and more. It also provides an access point for businesses who are looking to work with locals and subsequently their audiences.

“We hope to work amongst ourselves and the community to uncover and promote various brands and companies we feel passionately about,” Chaulk says. “Thread is unique because we have a range of personalities and styles, but can work together as one collective voice. We love being able to create and distribute content that represents us and hopefully inspires those who read and follow us.”

Thread Cincinnati is currently working on a launch event and building their brand by partnering with local and national businesses that embody their goals. Going forward, they will also look for opportunities to provide the Cincinnati fashion and social scene with tips and trends for living in the Queen City.

“Thread brings like-minded women together,” Folchi says. “Our personal styles might be different, but our goal is the same: to put the Queen City on the map, one post at a time. We want to make an impact in our city, and show residents and out-of-towners that Cincinnati has something offer.”

To learn more, visit

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See how two native Cincinnatians give back to the state that they so proudly call home through fashion and philanthropy.

Thread Cincinnati bloggers stylin' their Clothe Ohio shirts. (photo courtesy of Ida Street)
Thread Cincinnati bloggers stylin’ their Clothe Ohio shirts. (photo courtesy of Ida Street)

Clothe Ohio was fashioned around the co-founders’ three greatest loves: Giving back, fashion, and their love for Ohio.

Dustin and Elliott Fisher created Clothe Ohio to “give when you get.” Every order placed is custom made for the person that orders it. Then, with every order, an item is given to an Ohioan in need or an Ohio-based charity.

After 10 years of being in the apparel industry and running their first company, DT Fashion, the Fishers decided to take on a new challenge. The idea of Clothe Ohio came to them several years ago, and they officially launched January 2015.

According to the Fishers, it wasn’t until then that they felt like they were in the right place and had the right team to make it happen and grow it successfully. They decided that 2015 would be the year they launched to give Ohioans a way to express their state pride through cool, unique, comfortable clothing all while helping out neighbors in need.

“The ability to give is an amazing gift,” Dustin says. “Working with and meeting the organizations, adults, and children that we are directly helping is a reward that cannot be explained. Helping those in need is a huge passion for our organization and we hope to one day, with everyone’s help, literally Clothe Ohio.”

The Fishers just dropped of the first 500 Clothe Ohio t-shirts and sweatshirts at the Homeless Families Foundation in Columbus. Dustin says they’ve been humbled to meet so many amazing people fighting Ohio homelessness, and are more passionate than ever about Clothe Ohio’s mission and its future.

As spring approaches, Clothe Ohio has many new designs that will be launching. Ohioans can keep an eye on the Clothe Ohio Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as Know of an Ohio-based organization in need of apparel assistance? Contact

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One local salon owner launched her own line of natural, organic and vegan hair care. Read on for all the Good Hair Day details.

Cara D’Ambrosio founded her own 100 percent natural hair care line, which is available at Me Salon Studios.
Cara D’Ambrosio, owner of Me Salon Studios

If you work so hard to put natural and organic foods in your body every day, shouldn’t you do the same for your hair?

That’s why Cara D’Ambrosio created her all natural, 100% vegan, organic hair care product line — free of parabens, preservatives, chemicals, sulfates, and gluten — only available at Me Salon Studios.

According to D’Ambrosio, the line has been tested to substantially improve shine, humidity resistance hold, moisture retention for smoothness, manageability and touch-ability. These highly concentrated formulas also put less strain on the environment from their natural product base, as well as amounts needed to generate lather and conditioning. All finishing products also contain sunscreen to further minimize hair damage from sun and heat.

D’Ambrosio brings a bloodline of hair care, and decades of experience into developing this line. In 1992, she began working at her father Pete’s hair salon. Learning all about the hair industry and how to make the perfect cut and color, D’Ambrosio fell in love with the craft, and later took over her father’s salon in 2007.

Just a few of the products available from the all-natural hair care line at Me Salon Studios.
The all-natural hair care line available at Me Salon Studios.

Me Salon has since been recognized as one of the “World’s Best Salons” by Intercoiffure among other awards. To achieve this level of service, D’Ambrosio travels around the world learning new techniques, studying styling trends, and researching the best products.

With those demands, in addition to becoming a mom of twins 20 months ago, D’Ambrosio decided to increase efficiency by moving her business to a Salon Loft space, located at 9285 Governers Way.

“[It] was a quality of life decision. I’m passionate about hair dressing. Running a large salon with several employees meant I spent a large portion of my time on HR, accounting, and insurance,” D’Ambrosio explains. “I wanted to get back to the ‘roots’ of my artistry and spend my work time in the salon, not in my office. Before children, a 60 hour work week was a breeze. I’m an Italian American and family is really important to me. So, I downsized my business, I’m doing what I love and I have more time with my twins. Simple as that.”

To learn more about Me Salon and the Me Salon organic product line, click here.

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Bella Rey Salon is hosting an upcoming event to focus on brows, makeup, skincare and anti-aging. Keep reading for all the brow-raising details.

Amanda Arias, owner of Bella Ray Salon
Amanda Arias, owner of Bella Rey Salon

“I can’t even…” That’s what you’ll be saying when you see the beauty gurus work their magic at the upcoming “Eye Can’t Even” event.

Amanda Arias, owner of Bella Rey Salon in Oakley, is hosting this Happy Hour and Beauty Bar to feature experts from her salon, Nancy Dawson of BRIDEface, and a select line of skincare.

“Clients are always looking for new ways that focus on their faces, specially anti-aging skincare and makeup,” Arias explains. “Bella Rey Salon works closely with Nancy Dawson of BRIDEface – she’s the best in town.”

Nancy Dawson of BRIDEface
Nancy Dawson of BRIDEface

Dawson will be at the event giving complimentary brow lessons to attendees. “Eyebrows are definitely becoming a “thing” that people are concentrating on more,” Arias says. “Nancy personally showed me what I was doing wrong and how to do them correctly and what tools to use. Ever since then, I actually have people compliment my brows. It’s crazy!”

FACEing, the brand of makeup Dawson developed and launched, will be available to purchase, including brow tools used in Dawson’s lessons.

Arias will also feature the Rodan + Fields skin care line at her event. “I’ve dealt with troubled skin my entire life,” she explains. “My friend suggested a product six months ago that changed my life. I bought it and never looked back.”

In fact, she says, it improved her skin so dramatically in three months that she decided to go through the training and become and Rodan + Fields consultant herself. “It has literally been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and now I am fortunate enough to be able to offer these products to my clients as well,” she says. “Everyone is loving their products and their immediate results.”

Arias will have the entire Rodan + Fields line available for purchase at the event. In addition, there will be several giveaways and raffles, including sample and full sized products.

Arias says she recently hosted a similar event, and it was such a success that they decided to have another. “One of the products that I love is the multifunction eye cream. It literally got rid of my crows feet and dark under eye circles in a matter of weeks,” she says. “So, we teamed up with Nancy to really out the emphasis on eyes this month!”

The free event is on Friday March 13, from 6-8 p.m. and includes light food and beverages. To learn more, visit Bella Rey Salon on Facebook for the event link and more information including before and after pictures.


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See how CoreStrong founder Stephanie Tieman turned her passion for fitness into an all-encompassing fitness brand that takes the guess work out of working out.

Stephanie Tieman, founder of CoreStrong
Stephanie Tieman, founder of CoreStrong

One of the most difficult things about working out is all the guess work. Is this the right form? Are these the right size weights? Is my heart rate too high, or not high enough?

That’s why Stephanie Tieman created CoreStrong with a simple mission: Take the guess work out of working out.

Tieman, like many Americans, struggled with weight and food addiction. Even though she knew working out too hard and eating the wrong foods wouldn’t help with weight loss, she did it anyway.

Eventually, she won the battle with weight loss through learning the science behind her workouts. She then launched a business, CoreStrong, so others wouldn’t have to fight the same battle with losing weight that she experienced.

CoreStrong is based on scientific data, leveraging Polar Heart Rate Monitoring and Korr Metabolic Testing, to create and monitor a personalized workout plan. The data shows in real-time on a screen as visual motivation, how many calories are being burned and what heart rate zone you are in with email results after each class.

Metabolic Testing shows:
1) How efficiently your body burns fat for energy
2) Your aerobic threshold, or the maximum level at which you’re still working in your aerobic zone, not anaerobic zone. Aerobic threshold is an intensity you could run at for hours on end.
3) Your VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during intense or maximal exercise.

Polar Heart Rate Monitoring offers the following benefits:
1) Helps you achieve your individual training objectives
2) Increases your motivation with instant visual feedback as well as the training report
3) Combined with Metabolic Testing, can help you pinpoint what zone you need to stay within, to make the most of your work out. This allows you to see quicker more effective results.

A large part of Tieman’s job is meeting with her clients every six weeks to get tested, measured, talk about results, and discuss goals.

Opening its doors on Sept. 2, 2014, Tieman says CoreStrong is a result-based training facility instead of an ordinary gym. CoreStrong has many different workouts you can choose including weight training classes, TRX, boot camp, personal training, yoga, barre, massages and metabolic testing.

CoreStrong is also the only facility in the area that has water rowers. These machines have water as resistance and use 80 percent of your muscles during a cardio activity. They are the only licensed owner of two classes using the rowers which are Indo-Row and Shockwave, which is a high intensity rowing class which incorporates strength exercises.

According to Tieman, her history and experience with exercise, nutrition and overall health, she’s the trifecta of a great trainer and teacher. “This includes passion, knowledge, and absence of judgment,” she adds.

As for the meaning behind “CoreStrong,” Tieman believes in focusing on your core first. “I believe that if your core isn’t strong, then you cannot be strong,” she explains. “But that goes with everything in life. If your core or foundation in life, family, business or fitness isn’t strong than you can’t reach your potential. This is why it is important to be CoreStrong.”

To learn more, visit

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See how a local lady turned her passion for makeup into a prettification business, powered by encouraging words from friends and family.

Lulo Makeup (Mandy Paige Photography)
Lulo Makeup (Mandy Paige Photography)

Encouraging words planted the seed and a passion watered it.

“I helped the bride, mother of the bride, and bridesmaids with their makeup that day. My friend’s mom said, ‘Hey you are pretty good at this, why are you not doing this for a living?’” Sally Scigliulo, owner and artist of Lulo Makeup recalls. “At that moment my mind shifted from makeup being a hobby to a career.”

That’s when Scigliulo began working on the business concept that is now Lulo Makeup. Founded in 2007 with the name “SAS Makeup,” Scigliulo started with doing freelance work for photographers and the occasional wedding.

After her children were born, Scigliulo wanted to focus more on her business. That’s when she rebranded from SAS to Lulo (a play on Scigliulo’s name pronounced Sha-Lou-Lo), launched a new Facebook page and began business relationships with industry professionals.

Lulo Makeup provides services for many different occasions including weddings and senior pictures in the Tristate area with the unique aspect of Scigliulo being a self-taught artist. She assisted with many different artists in Cincinnati as well as attending many workshops in Chicago to learn the tricks of the trade.

“I really learned the art and concepts of color and makeup techniques by reading books like Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin and watching lots and lots of videos on YouTube,” Scigliulo says. “I love watching other artists and am so grateful they allowed me to learn from them.”

As for the future of Lulo makeup, Scigliulo’s goal is to create a makeup class or makeup program focusing on learning different looks and techniques. While many women ask Scigliulo about different products, they struggle with how to use them themselves. She’s hoping to start these lessons to help women with the overwhelming task of this.

Scigliulo also plans on focusing on the bridal portion of her business. “I love being involved with weddings and feel so honored and privileged that I am a part of such an important day in peoples’ lives,” she says.

To learn more, visit

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Julie Ball, owner of Get Creative Photo Booths

As a freelance event and portrait photographer, Julie Ball saw her fair share of photo booths.


While some were lavishly decorated, and others were simple but silly, Ball was inspired by the fun people always had in them. “I loved watching how much fun the guests would have at the booths especially when the group just photographed gathers around the monitor and sees their photo for the first time and they roar with laughter,” she says. “This led me to the idea of customizable photo booths.”


Knowing that launching a business could be a risky and expensive endeavor, Ball took a nine week course with Bad Girl Ventures. With much to learn, she took the past two years to provide photo booths for family, friends, and word of mouth customers. This allowed her to fine tune her business concept, polish up protocol, tweak technological issues, and to strategically plan the launch of her business.


This fall, Ball applied to become a finalist with Bad Girl Ventures and was selected as a top ten finalist. “While I was not selected to win the loan I definitely finished the class as a winner,” she says. “I left with a tremendous amount of business knowledge, connections, mentors and friends that will be a part of my life forever.”


Ball is inspired by her customers and the themes of their photobooths. The backdrops in particular are fun to customize based on the party concept, she says, but she also offers the standard solids, chevron, and seasonal scenes. In addition, Ball offers a living room style booth with open photo frames so guests are a “living portrait” and also a booth that’s a replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom.


Props also differentiate Get Creative Photo Booths from other businesses in the industry, Ball says. Not only does she use durable, high quality props, but they also match the theme of the event and photo booth.


Ball is looking forward to the future of Get Creative Photo Booths especially since she is heading into the engagement season in January, as weddings are a huge source of business for her.


For more information, visit

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This Thanksgiving, Jamie Hoffpauir was extra thankful. That’s because her successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign, which ended on Thanksgiving Day, allows Hoffpauir to put $16,000 toward her business concept, pauir athletic apparel.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago, Hoffpauir knew she wanted to keep her active and healthy lifestyle. “Exercising increases a woman’s chance at survival, however, scarring and tissue damage from surgery and radiation, prove to be a challenge and almost impossible for putting on a shirt during this time,” she says. “I knew I wanted to help other women like myself, which led me to create pauir athletic apparel.”

Jamie Hoffpauir, founder of pauir athletic apparel



This specialty athletic apparel line allows women with breast cancer to zip easily into their fashionable workout gear and move just as effortlessly from an athletic to a social scenario. “No more restrictions and exclusions,” Hoffpauir says. “No baggy, makeshift clothes and no more excuses.”


Having successfully funded her Kickstarter campaign, Hoffpauir says she’s using that financial support to shore up startup necessities, such as product design, branding, marketing, legal, “and, most importantly, the production of the first 200 pauir Workout Tops,” Hoffpauir explains. “Pictures have come in from St. Paul — all labor and materials made in the USA — and the manufacturers are as excited as we are! This is the beginning of a brand that will help women undergoing breast cancer treatment survive and give those with any line to cross the support to accomplish just that!”


Next up, Hoffpauir says they are continuing to get the word out locally and nationally, making the pauir athletic Workout Tops available on different breast cancer and athletic sites across the country. “We will also be selling the tops at local running and endurance events, such as the Flying Pig Marathon,” she adds. “Beyond that, we are looking to evolve the product line to include an accompanying Workout Bottom, various color incarnations of the Workout Top and then move into a swimsuit line!”


Hoffpauir says they will continue to explore ways that pauir athletic apparel can bolster not only women aspiring to beat breast cancer but others facing down disease and impairment related obstacles. “Overall, and more importantly, this will be the brand to accompany and help those with ANY line to cross, any barrier before them…to aspire, achieve and succeed,” she says, adding their tagline, “Get to the other side…with pauir!”


To learn more, visit their website, and watch the video below.

pauir athletic apparel Kickstarter Video—introducing the world’s first workout top for women with breast cancer.

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ELMNTL Fitness makes the outdoors your gym for fundamental movements you need to be healthy


Using nature as an inspiration for a gym, Kevin Wimmer opened ELMNTL Fitness three and a half years ago at Woodland Mound Park. The business name was not only inspired by elements of nature, but also, the lack of vowels suggests another important concept of ELMNTL fitness: it’s all about the basic, fundamental movements necessary for being a healthy and fit person.


Wimmer saw an opportunity for this type of “gym” three years ago as he was walking his dog, Sonny, through Woodland Mound. When he got Sonny, he made a promise to take him hiking at the park every weekend, rain or shine. This promise ultimately was what made Wimmer move from his branding job in Cincinnati to this new “job” as a business owner and functional fitness instructor where he gets to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.


According to Wimmer, ELMNTL Fitness is a fundamental circuit of exercises set in the outdoor elements. Fitness in nature is intended to make one mentally and physically prepare for circumstance that may arise in one’s daily life because of the adapting environment in which we live. Wimmer believes that working with these changing elements, instead of against them, will make his clients stronger and more able to adapt to their environment and ultimately their workout.


“Accomplishing a workout at the gym prepares you for a workout at the gym,” Wimmer says. “When you challenge yourself in nature, the workout is different each time. Fresh air, no chemicals or crowds. The sun’s on your face and you feel nature under your hands and feet, which is what ELMNTL fitness is all about.”


Creating balance, agility, and strength in real life and not gym life is the main goal of ELMNTL Fitness. Only 16 people are permitted per session, which allows for personal attention to ensure proper form and safety. This includes a 60 minute session with variations of nine fundamental activities throughout the park including walking, running, jumping, climbing, balancing, pushing, lifting, pulling, and quadrupedal movement.


“I believe being healthy should be fun, challenging and satisfying in a truly unique way,” Wimmer explains. “I believe you should never pay for equipment you don’t use or features you don’t want. I believe you should always get personal instruction while exercising. I believe challenging yourself against the elements creates practical, real world strength and fitness that can be applied every day. I believe if you have fun while exercising, you’ll do it more, and those benefits are immeasurable.”


For more information, visit