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Karen Cosgrove is currently training for her 110th marathon, but she never considered herself an athlete.


“I was always the first one cut from any team I tried out for,” Cosgrove recalls. But that changed after reading an article in a popular women’s magazine 33 years ago about walking and running being a great way to get in shape. “This caught my eye because of my sedentary life while being a graphic design major,” she says. “Mostly though, it’s because I learned how to dream.”


Coming from a family of nine siblings, Cosgrove found running as a way to stand out from the crowd and create her own identity.


Trying out for the Olympics twice but just coming shy of qualifying, Cosgrove was devastated. Then, when her brother got diagnosed with cancer and having a 5 percent chance of survival, Cosgrove asked God to give her brother a second chance and if he did she vowed to make a difference with her life.

Karen Cosgrove

Today, her brother is alive and well and Cosgrove has followed through with her promise. Cosgrove worked with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society training people to run their first marathon. Then, in 2008, she founded Miles That Matter, a foundation with a mission to educate and promote health and fitness with an emphasis on enriching every life they touch.


Here’s how it works:
Become a member of Miles That Matter. Sign up for one of their training programs, participate in an event or purchase something from their e-store.
A portion of your purchase will go to the Miles That Matter Foundation.
The Miles That Matter Foundation donates 100% back to its charity partners.


In 18 years of coaching, Cosgrove has guided more than 9,000 people across the finish line and raised more than $10 million for local non-profit organizations.


Cosgrove says she wants people to “listen to your body and don’t ask people their race time. That’s not what’s important. It’s about making people strong.”


As for coaching, she says the goal is teaching people that “more is not better and balance is everything. Fitness should be a life-long activity and done right, it will be.”


Cosgrove believes that money does not make people happy, but instead happiness comes from helping other people. She is grateful now that not qualifying for the Olympics led her to help so many women get healthy through Miles That Matter and now her newest concept: Blessed Not Stressed. “This is a way to take care of yourself and others and about girlfriends coming together to motivate, inspire, and push each other,” she explains. “The first annual Blessed Not Stressed girls night out was on November 21 with 52 women in attendance and $1,500 raised for the Share the Feast, an organization that feeds the hungry.”


In addition, there will be a “Blessed Not Stressed” running and walking team forming in January for the Flying Pig Marathon. Cosgrove’s mentality regarding Miles That Matter, and life in general, is that “Life is not about one-upmanship,” she explains. “It is about supporting each other –teamwork.”


To learn more, visit or contact Cosgrove at

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The team at Sleepy Bee Cafe, including working mom and chef Frannie Kroner (standing)


Frannie Kroner, chef at Sleepy Bee Café, says, “You can tell looking through family photos that I was meant to hang out in the kitchen. My family has countless pictures of me,” she adds, “Once I was old enough to climb up the step latter I was allowed to help my mom in the kitchen. Nothing fancy but I always took it on as my chore of choice.”


Along with her love of cooking, Kroner has always been passionate about serving healthy food that tastes great. “I believe that good tasting food doesn’t have to be bad for your body,” she says. “I have always striven to make food that tasted wonderful and was beneficial versus detrimental to your health. I care deeply in eating and serving quality food.”


Eventually, Kroner decided to make her passion a profession. And having her son Avington, Kroner knew she wanted to continue her passion of creating healthy and tasty food while also being a good mother.


This is when Sandy Gross and John Hutton came to her to discuss the possibility of a breakfast and lunch restaurant. Knowing that her passions aligned with theirs – a healthy, fun, and delicious food experience – she knew she wanted to be a part of Sleepy Bee Café.


Sleepy Bee Café sources their meat, eggs, and seasonal produce from family farms near the Cincinnati area. They also use local artists to enhance their dining room space as another way to keep their café local.


Learning about the recent, dramatic decline of honeybee populations inspired Gross and Hutton to do something about it, and a restaurant was a natural means to do so. “Bees are hard-working, community-focused, efficient, and possess a collective intelligence,” it says on the Sleepy Bee Cafe website. “Without bees and the ecosystems they depend on, our food supply would suffer greatly. It has been said by scientists (including, anecdotally, Albert Einstein), prophets, and philosophers alike that as bees go, so goes the human race. And so, over a locally-sourced omelet, bowl of organic fruit, and steaming cup of fair-trade coffee roasted nearby, we celebrate them.”


They host several bee-themed events and fundraising dinners annually to do their part in the conservation and awareness effort. “I am so excited to be a part of Sleepy Bee and all the potential it holds,” Kroner says.


Check out Sleepy Bee Café at 3098 Madison Road in Cincinnati or at

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Looking for healthy fast food in Cincinnati is quite the task, but Molly Reckman and her sister-in-law, Abby Reckman, decided to change that.


“My sister-in-law and I have always been very health conscious and lead busy lifestyles, as do most Americans,” Molly says. “We would always talk about how there weren’t many options to get quick food that was also truly healthy.”


They knew they found their market in Over the Rhine, where everyone is always on the go. She says, “Seeing this we wanted to provide a place where you know you are doing something positive for your body and your health, but without having to give up your time.”


Happy Belly on Vine officially opened in July 2014, but the idea has been a long time coming. Molly has worked in the restaurant industry for years and has long been intrigued with using food to benefit the body in various ways. Abby has worked in the food industry for nine years. Abby creates the seasonal menus for Happy Belly on Vine as it changes based on what food is in season, which makes Happy Belly on Vine unique.


Happy Belly on Vine has a seasonal menu made with nutrient rich food that will keep your taste buds and belly happy. Happy Belly on Vine includes the macronutrients of the food which is helpful for someone with dietary restrictions. “We don’t have anything with over 1,000mg of sodium and offer ‘clean eating’ foods, which limits the processed foods used and eliminates butter, white flour, and refined sugar in our recipes,” Molly explains.


Happy Belly on Vine’s goal is for people to look and their food and think “What is this going to do FOR my body?” In this way, they aim to paint a picture of how eating good food can make you feel good.


Happy Belly on Vine recently launched Roaming Bison which is their take on “sweet treats.” Again, not using butter, white flour, or refined sugar, these treats are made with chia seeds, nut flours, pure maple syrup, and honey which are natural sweeteners that provide nutritional benefits. These treats are available at Happy Belly on Vine, but will soon be at local farmers markets as well.


In addition, Happy Belly on Vine has expanded to work with a bike delivery service, 53Tcourier. The owners like that this would be a quick and eco-friendly way to deliver food to their customers.


Lastly, the have started catering for businesses in the area. With a days’ notice they can provide food for the entire office with a meal that will keep employees satisfied for the rest of their work day.


While they’re primarily a take-out food service, however they do have a few seats inside for those who want to have a lunch meeting or need a cozy spot to enjoy their meal. Happy Belly on Vine is located at 1344 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45202. “Like” them on Facebook to learn more.

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Kathy Piech-Lukas


Losing her sister to breast cancer, Kathy Piech-Lukas, joined a cause that would not only honor her sister’s memory, but also that it was so close to her wedding day.


Piech-Lukas serves as the Brides Against Breast Cancer city coordinator for the past three years in the Cincinnati and Dayton market. She says, “I lost my sister to breast cancer six months before my own wedding, and the loss of my matron of honor and best friend to this disease is what inspired me to volunteer with this organization.”


Losing her right before this big day, Piech-Lukas still had her sister’s bouquet made and set at the alter by the unity candle table. She believes her sister was still there with her in spirit on her special day and has comfort in knowing that.


Brides Against Breast Cancer has two to three bridal shows in the region every year. Coming up on Sunday, November 23, is the National Tour of Gowns event. The revenue generated by Brides Against Breast Cancer will make it possible to deliver free information and services to thousands of children and adults impacted by cancer as well as $2 million to help people impacted by cancer this year.


The event will be hosted at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati which includes a VIP Event from 11am-1pm which includes light fare, signature drinks, giveaways, and entertainment. This also includes a sneak peak of the inventory of gowns before the general admission begins. Pricing is $25 for the bride plus a guest and $15 for each additional guest before the event and $30 and $17 respectfully at the door.


General admission is from 1pm-6pm and is $5 per ticket or $7 at the door. Brides will be able to browse gowns ranging from $99 to $3,900, available in all styles and sizes 4-18. There will also be the area’s top wedding vendors and many different giveaways. Each bride and guess attending will receive a free picture certificate from Symbolize It of an Acrylic Glass Impression (valued at $200 per certificate) and every bride who purchases a gown at the event will receive a gift certificate for two wedding bands (valued at $600).


Brides can take the opportunity to find gowns for their special day as well as contribute to helping with breast cancer support. For more information, click here.

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Emily Misanik, founder of Misanik Personal Training


Sure, you want to get fit, but who has the time? That’s where Misanik Personal Training can help. They specialize in short, intense training for a full body workout.


Located in the BeneFit Studio on Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, Emily Misanik created her own personal training business in January following a layoff from her previous job. Instead of feeling discouraged, she decided it was the perfect opportunity to pursue her dreams of entering the health and fitness industry.


During job interviews, questions such as “What motivates you?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?” left Misanik realizing she needed to strike out on her own. “The answer back in my mind was always health and fitness,” she recalls, “but I could never say it.”


Inspired to work with and motivate people, Misanik knew this was the right industry to be in. “In turn, I get to be that inspiration towards my clients who never would have imagined they are capable of the things they end up accomplishing,” says Misanik.


With the increasing trend of short, intense workouts, Misanik created a business around that very concept. “With my clients wanting a full body workout, I incorporate cardio, weights, and abs into all her workouts,” she explains.


An example of one of Misanik’s workouts includes starting with thrusters and burpees repeating that two or three times, followed by abs. Then she moves onto strength exercises which includes moves such as chest-flys paired with bicep curls. Lastly, she includes squats to mix strength and cardio.


Misanik prides herself on being able to give an excellent workout in 30 minutes. “I consider myself very versatile,” she says. “I am able to change up my workouts each and every time…. you will never get bored!” Plus, she says, by doing this, she pushes her clients to “find their inner athlete.” To learn more, visit

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Kellie and Charlie Colyer brought 9Round to Cincinnati by opening their Blue Ash studio on August 18


Want to get into shape, but only have a few minutes a day to spare? That’s where 9Round can help.


9Round is a different kind of exercise studio because they don’t have class times. Instead, to better accommodate clients’ schedules, the client comes in whenever it’s convenient for them. Each time they come in, they get a different 30-minute workout that consists of 9 circuits, or “rounds.”


Rounds 1 and 2 are strength and stamina training which include jump ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and the like. Rounds 3-8 are fat burning exercises, which is when the kickboxing comes into play with different kinds of bags, including speed and heavy bags, as well as wrecking balls. Round 9 includes core strengthening.


Each round has patrons doing the activity on the board for 2.5 minutes, then the trainer pushes for an elevated level of performance for the last 30 seconds. The next 30 seconds is an active rest that includes burpees, squats, push-ups, etc. while the trainer explains the next round.


Located in Blue Ash, 9Round was bought to the Cincinnati area by Kellie and Charlie Colyer with its grand opening on August 18, 2014. To date, they already have more than 70 members, which is beyond their expectations.


Prior to this, Kellie left her career as an Executive Secretary to raise their two daughters. “They are both grown and do not need me at home, so I wanted something to fulfill my days,” Kellie says. “We started looking into many different franchises and 9Round kept coming back to the forefront.” As for why Blue Ash, “We kind of just fell in love with Blue Ash.”


“The concept is truly like no other gym and that is why we love it,” says Kellie. With a unique and different workout every day, the concept is to stray away from the monotony of working out while getting in a full body workout.


Prior to opening, the Colyers visited the Grove City, Ohio location and later the Greenville, South Carolina location to see if it was truly something they wanted to bring to Cincinnati. They met the staff and owners of each and were immediately sold once they saw the concept in action.


9Round offers a variety of membership levels. There is a $99 startup fee which includes the first month, gloves, hand wraps, key tag and the 9Round Nutrition plan. The 12 month membership plan is $49 per month, the 6 month membership plan for $59 per month, and the month to month membership for $69.00 per month with a minimum of 2 months. There is also single paid in full memberships with 3 months for $178, 6 months for $293 or 12 months for $499, with no additional sign-up fee. Click here for more information.

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Fashion Sweets 85’s signature cupcake
is called “The Phat Farm” which is a
vanilla cake baked with caramelized
bacon pieces, topped with maple
buttercream, and garnished with a
piece of candied bacon

The next time you need a recipe staple – like bread, milk, and eggs – or just crave something sweet, there’s one business in town that can deliver it all to your doorstep.


Fashion Sweets 85 is an online delivery service serving the Tri-State area. They specialize in homemade cupcakes, made from fresh fruit juices and sugar along with organic eggs, flour, and milk. Customers can not only purchase these homemade cupcakes, but can use Fashion Sweets 85’s online grocery store to buy these organic ingredients, as they offer clients the convenience of buying fresh products online without the wait time.


Owner, Brandy Goss started the company this summer after looking for customized cupcakes for her birthday and coming up empty-handed. “As a big online shopper, I realized the potential to get into this kind of market where cupcakes and groceries could be ordered online and delivered straight to the customer’s door without having to wait 3-5 business or without high shipping fees,” Goss says. “By tapping into this market with the ease and convenience of online shopping, low costs, and organic ingredients, we feel we’re are onto something sweet!”


Fashion Sweets 85’s signature cupcake is called “The Phat Farm” which is a vanilla cake baked with caramelized bacon pieces, topped with maple buttercream, and garnished with a piece of candied bacon. They also have special grocery packages such as “The After Party” which includes one loaf of bread, a half-gallon of milk, one pack of bacon, and one dozen eggs — all delivered to your door!


In the future, Fashion Sweets 85 is looking to first and foremost expand their grocery menu in order to reach a larger audience with a wider array of groceries. By expanding their offerings, they plan to reach more people who can take the guess work out of grocery shopping in the convenience of their own home. Fashion Sweets 85 also plans on building relationships with local farmers so that they can purchase produce from them instead of major chains.


By offering fresh fruit and organic products, Fashion Sweets 85 is trying to reach their local customers who cannot find organic products at their local grocery stores or ones who only have convenience stores near them. As they continue to expand their grocery list, they want to make their online presence equally known for their homemade cupcakes as well as the ease of ordering organic produce online.


“We strive to cater toward those who are looking for a little sweetness in life with our cupcakes, but also to promote a healthy lifestyle with the organic groceries we deliver,” Goss explains.


To learn more, visit