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Learn about the local woman behind an internet marketing firm that helps businesses big and small make a profitable impact online.

Founder of
Joanne Westwood, Founder of Westwood Virtual Associates.

In today’s digital world, put simply, “If you are not online, you don’t exist,” says owner of Westwood Virtual Associates, Joanne Westwood. She adds, “My focus and passion is to help local businesses use the global platform to secure local customers. I love watching other businesses flourish and take pride in knowing I had a part in the growth.”

Westwood Virtual Associates is a one-stop-stop for internet and social media marketing. Westwood had been working in the non-profit world when the social media boom happened. Already interested in a career change, Westwood immersed herself in social media for a year before taking the leap to open Westwood Virtual Associates. “Social media leveled the playing field and anyone can harness a reasonable size customer base.” Westwood helps clients harness all the online resources available to them in order to maximize their reach and success.

With so many social media platforms available to use today, Westwood recommends her clients mix and match to determine which ones best fit the goal of their individual businesses. She explains, “[It’s important] to be selective as to which ones will best serve you, or the best ones that your target market uses.”

Westwood Virtual Associates has evolved from just social media marketing to a full integrative marketing firm. Among their services are website creation, social media marketing strategies, SEO and local directory services, and computer generated videos. Westwood explains, “I function as the virtual marketing director or coordinator, making sure that the best options are being implemented and there is no duplication. So many times I see such a dysfunctional process they they never make headway. We have a concerted approach that brings results.”

So where is Westwood seeing the most impact for businesses online today? “Right now I think Facebook Ads offer the best value. Its amazing how fine-tuned you can get so you are only being presented to the audience that could best use your services.”

In the ever-changing digital landscape, Westwood and her team thrive on the fast-paced nature presented by the internet. She explains, “With everything we do, we really need to be sure it is mobile-responsive. Over 50% of the internet usage is now from phones and mobile devices; we [need] to be easily seen and understood.”

Her advice is to start small when first venturing into the world of social media. She advises, “Do the research and find the best platform for your business. Do it first, do it well, then go to the next. It can get overwhelming very quickly if you try to do it all at one time. Don’t get scared. A little can go along way.”
Westwood Virtual Associates operates on a customizable business model, offering flexibility in the way clients use their services. She says, “You can use us a lot, or a little and that can even change month by month. We only charge for what we do!”

To learn more about Westwood Virtual Associates or to schedule a consultation, visit

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New shared entrepreneurial space downtown encourages businesses to grow together. Learn more about it and their upcoming grand opening event.


There are many hurdles to jump in order to get a new business off the ground. A new collaboration for locally owned businesses aims to make that process a little easier. “The Forever Tree is a collaborative workspace located in a downtown storefront,” says Faith Puckett, founder of The Forever Tree. “The meaning behind the name is that we are a collection of small businesses that all grow from the same tree.”

Puckett was moved to create The Forever Tree through the experience of owning a small business herself, Forever Faith Photography. She explains, “I started Forever Faith Photography in 2010 in a small one room studio at The Pendleton Art Center. I have worked with and gained business from so many other small business owners. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. My vision with The Forever Tree is to create a networking and supportive group to teach them all the things I wish I had known when first starting my business as well as to learn from them.”

The Forever Tree is the first of its kind in the Cincinnati community, being geared specifically toward creative businesses. Puckett explains, “[At] The Forever Tree, new businesses are able to “test out” a physical location without all of the typical expenses of a startup, which sometimes leads to failure…I feel that I have been much more successful with partnerships I’ve made with other businesses than I would have been attempting it alone.”12916155_615360975281429_3662807845557107955_o

This unique spirit of support and collaboration fosters an environment where many different kinds of businesses can thrive together. Currently, The Forever Tree is home to photographers, caterers, bakers, massage artists, event planners, and makeup artists. The Forever Tree does currently have openings for more businesses. Puckett explains her plan for the venture moving forward: “Once we are all settled, I’d like to work with the other businesses on guiding them through the steps they might need to take and help them connect with others who can also contribute to the success of their business.”

The Forever Tree’s operating hours are currently by appointment, with hopes to be open daily for regular business hours as the vendors grow. The Forever Tree is located at 132 West Court Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 and the grand opening is June 19. To learn more about The Forever Tree, visit

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Cincinnati’s signature mid-week happy hour, Party in the Park, refreshes with a rebrand targeting young professionals. Read on for all the details that’ll have you wishing it was happy hour.

5:13 is a new concept
5:13 is a new happy hour concept that replaces Party in the Park.

We all know the feeling: It’s a Wednesday afternoon at work and the weekend seems so close, yet so far away. A new summertime weekly get-together is the perfect excuse to get your mid-week hangout on.

Many Cincinnatians are familiar with Party in the Park, the mid-week happy hour put on by the Cincinnati Regional Chamber. According to the Chamber’s Communications Director, Rich Walburg, “[Party in the Park] is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.”

Created in its place is a new take on the same concept, 5:13. “5:13 is a time, a place and an experience,” explains Walburg. Located on the Serpentine Wall every Wednesday appropriately at 5:13 p.m., this newly hatched idea specifically targets Cincinnati’s young professionals.

Walburg explains the planning behind the refresh. “The Chamber has many initiatives for young professionals. We asked [them] what they wanted in a party – and the answer is, they don’t want a party in the middle of the week. They told us they want to hang out with their friends – and visit local bars, afterward.” He continues, “They want Bud Light, but they also want craft beer. They want games, food trucks, signature cocktails, music, seating areas and something uniquely Cincinnati. That’s what 5:13 is.”

Experiences like 5:13 are what brings the Cincinnati community together in unexpected ways. Walburg adds, “It’s a great, authentic environment for everyone to meet and celebrate the growing vibrancy in our region. Also – a cold Bud Light with friends is always a welcome way to end a Wednesday.”

5:13 is sponsored by Bud Light and also features specialty cocktails, food, and music. Each week there is live music supplied by local artists for guests to enjoy. The Serpentine Wall is located downtown at the banks, featuring quintessential views of Cincinnati in the summertime.

5:13 kicked off on May 4 and will run every Wednesday through August 17 from 5-8 p.m. To view the music lineup or learn more about 5:13, visit

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Read on to learn how two local organizations teamed up to cultivate creative entrepreneurs in Cincinnati, specifically reaching out to women in the community.

MORTAR x Indigo is an entrepreneurial incubator that focuses on growing businesses in underserved communities.

Cincinnati has experienced transcendental growth throughout the last decade. A new partnership between two local organizations was created to ensure that women can continue to have an impact on that transformation. MORTAR is an entrepreneurial incubator focused on growing businesses in underserved communities, and Indigo Hippo is a thrift store, gallery, and arts programming organization in Over-the-Rhine. Together, their missions will act as a launch pad for creative female entrepreneurs.

“[Our] partnership came about very naturally,” says Alisha Budkie, Founder and Executive Director of Indigo Hippo. She continues, “We’re thrilled to get to work together in the area where our missions overlap. Getting to work with creative entrepreneurs and remove barriers there combines MORTAR’s focus on making entrepreneurship more approachable and accessible, and Indigo Hippo’s focus on allowing creativity to be more approachable and accessible.”

Allen Woods, Co-founder, Chief Vision Caster & Branding Gladiator at MORTAR explains the how and why behind his organization. “MORTAR was created to address the needs of the people living in redeveloping neighborhoods. As those areas begin to change, becoming more populated and revitalized, we want to make sure that the residents in those areas are equipped to grow with their neighborhoods.” He adds, “Our goal is to change the way that America looks at development. We want the process to be more holistic – developing the buildings is cool but developing the people is a way more lucrative investment.”

MORTAR’s signature program is a 9-week entrepreneurship course, but both Woods and Budkie saw a need to intentionally reach out to women in the community. Budkie explains, “The community has been asking for an all female cohort. In the last two years, nearly 70% of MORTAR graduates have been women – an entrepreneurial trend that is mirrored nationally. We believe in listening to our community, and in the power of women.”

She continues on the importance of cultivating arts in the community, “We are fortunate to live in a city that strongly values creativity. It is important to foster and cultivate an environment that emphasizes the value of the creative process and of creative. We want to show that it is possible to turn your passion into your life path and make a living doing something that feeds you.”

The curriculum for this program will look a lot like MORTAR’s traditional community classes, but “with an additional focus given to building the person behind the business…It’s important for entrepreneurs to view themselves as a very valuable part of their business, and to invest in themselves and their personal growth.”
Aspiring entrepreneurs can apply for this or any MORTAR class on their website at

The program is also looking for female mentors to inspire and motivate their class attendees. MORTAR will be hosting an informational session called VOCAL on Monday, May 2 from 6-8 and an entrepreneurial mixer and wine tasting on May 12 at The Bacchanalian Society.

For more information on MORTAR or their upcoming events, visit To learn more about Indigo Hippo, visit

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Owner of local consulting firm DiStasi Advisors, Danise DiStasi helps companies thrive through being REALational. Keep reading for more.

Diane DiStassi, Founder and Owner of DiStassi
Danise DiStasi, Founder and Owner of DiStasi Advisors, and her grandchildren.

Danise DiStasi knows the secret to success for business owners and is on a mission to share it. Serving as President and Chief Relationship Officer of the company, she explains, “I began DiStasi Advisors because of the relational gap I’ve witnessed in the business community and I knew I could make a difference.”

DiStasi Advisors is a local business consulting firm whose mission for each company is to “unlock the truth deep within each individual and unleash their hidden talents and gifts,” says DiStasi. She continues, “I am now able to build on my success over the years by helping companies grow. I’ve coached Fortune 500 C-Level executives and their teams on leadership, character development, productivity, performance, and team building solutions.”

DiStasi experienced personal and professional success and wanted to help others reach their potential as well. She grew up in Cincinnati, graduating from Xavier University with a degree in Radiologic Science. She briefly worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist before she began a career selling nuclear medicine equipment for 20 years. She then joined the Ken Blanchard Companies, focusing on leadership development, facilitating, training, and coaching.

“I began DiStasi Advisors because of the relational gap I’ve witnessed in the business community and I knew I could make a difference. It was my relational skills that attributed to my success in selling highly technical medical equipment. Using relational skills was unheard of in the 80’s and 90’s yet that was foundational for a successful career.”

DiStasi and her team offer a variety of services, including REALational Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, REALational Selling, Business Development Process training, Strategic Consulting, and Assessments on cultural, leadership, and character strengths. The company focuses on the aspect of being REALational and the transformative power it has for businesses and their teams.

According to DiStasi, being REALational means, “Being real, authentic and willing to be vulnerable. [Having] the tools needed to build deep relationships personally and professionally based on transparency and truth. Being willing to see our own personal obstacles that together leaders and teams can press through in order to build a better organization, family or friendship.”

DiStasi has written several books to further the reach of her inspirational message. Her newest book Hide and Seek tells the story of a female business owner named Belle who struggles to move past underlying fear and doubt. DiStasi explains, “Readers, especially women in business, will resonate with Belle’s struggles…They will be able to identify in their own life the vicious cycle of feeling insecure, building a façade so that others see what they want them to see and how this leads to our lives being out of balance. All will welcome learning how certain characteristics lead to a more balanced life.”

DiStasi is passionate about cultivating and empowering strong women in business and holds a monthly gathering called Hidden Treasures. She explains, “We hold each other accountable as we’re learning about various characteristics. Over the past year we’ve studied compassion, faithfulness, forgiveness, gentleness, goodness, humility, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, self-control and thankfulness—all from a biblical perspective.”

To learn more about DiStasi Advisors and their services, visit To purchase Danise DiStasi’s book “Hide and Seek”, visit and use the code CN6TJUGQ for 25% off your purchase.

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Learn about a local social media content curator who helps businesses stay buzzing online.

Jus B Media helps clients with social media so they can focus on other aspects of their business.
Jus B Media helps clients with social media so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

In 2016, all walks of businesses need to be present online in order to stay relevant and fresh. With a new social media platform popping up what seems like everyday, it’s hard to keep up among other administrative demands. That’s where Jus B Media saves the day. Owner and “Queen Bee” Jessica Wagner explains.

“I specialize in Social Media & Reputation Management. I keep my clients active and engaged on outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, as well as responding to both positive and negative comments on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google+.” She adds, “Along with social media I also offer photography, videography, and website development. My goal is to make sure my clients are well rounded so they have a lot of valuable content and a clear voice and vision that cuts through all of the noise on the web.”

Wagner saw the need for a business like Jus B Media while working on her thesis project to finish her Communication degree. She says, “I had been doing social media for three clients while in school and decided it was what I wanted to do forever. I created Jus B Media’s branding, mission, website, social pages, business cards, and promo video by June 30th and opened my doors July 1, 2015.”

While Jus B Media will celebrate their first anniversary this summer, it wasn’t Wagner’s first business venture. She explains, “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first business, Exhibit A Models, in my early 20’s and ran that for 7 years. After that, I bounced around a little in offices [and was] not really feeling fulfilled. That’s when I knew it was time to finish my degree and get back to what I love: internet marketing.”

Jus B Media’s goal is to help simplify business-owners’ lives by taking over their digital footprint. “Being a social media manager is not just posting on Facebook. It’s keeping small businesses relevant where people see them most.” She continues, “My sole existence is to help my clients by taking social media off their plate so they can focus on things like inventory, staffing, and day-to-day operations.”

Wagner has become literate in all the true and new social media platforms, from favorites like Facebook and Instagram, to more un-charted sites like Snapchat and Periscope. But no matter what platform she’s using, Wagner always strives for authenticity. “Be yourself. In the voice of my clients, I respond how they would respond to their friends and family. Knowing your audience is key, too. The way one would respond on Twitter or Instagram might not be the same way one would respond on Facebook or LinkedIn.”

Her advice to those who are just dipping their toes into the social media landscape? “It’s not about how many platforms you are on. Pick one that you like, learn it, and do it well.” To learn more about Jus B Media and their services, visit

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Read on to learn how the newest addition to Cincinnati’s food scene works to empower and grow local entrepreneurs through cuisine.

Findlay Kitchen
The Charlotte & Edward Unnewehr Findlay Kitchen is a shared-use, licensed kitchen facility offering local food entrepreneurs the chance to rent one of the 10 kitchens fitted with commercial-grade equipment.

Many know Findlay Market as a staple of Cincinnati’s culture. The local landmark brings the community together through a shared interest in food and fun. A project 20 years in the making, The Charlotte & Edward Unnewehr Findlay Kitchen has the same idea in mind.

Director Marianne Hamilton explains. “Our mission is to build and enable a thriving community of food entrepreneurs, who in turn will be ripe to contribute local food innovation, representative of our dynamic and diverse neighborhoods, and equipped to start, sustain and grow profitable local businesses.”

The Charlotte & Edward Unnewehr Findlay Kitchen is a shared-use, licensed kitchen facility, offering local food entrepreneurs an opportunity to rent one of the 10 kitchens fitted with commercial-grade equipment and ample storage space.

Hamilton continues, “This means being able to use a 60 quart mixer and 16-rack ovens for increasing your production of baked goods…It means making your marinara sauce in 40 gallon batches using our tilting steam kettle so you can spend more time selling your product into local retailers. And it also means you can finally start taking those 200 person catering jobs because you’ll now have the proper equipment and storage space to be able to prep, cook, assemble and deliver your delicious food.”

The Findlay Kitchen is opening with 36 founding members. Hamilton says, “This is almost twice what we had planned, but there were just too many incredible stories, passionate ideas, and delicious foods.” There is also currently a sizable wait list, so potential members are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Not only does Findlay Kitchen offer kitchen supplies and space, but they are also committed to business and entrepreneurial education. Hamilton says, “We are partnering with outside organizations to provide business support services to our Members on topics ranging from marketing and branding to legal and accounting support.”

The organization is also passionate about leveling the entrepreneurial playing field. She continues, “Not unlike the core values of Findlay Market, Findlay Kitchen is a place that we envision will help spur a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are creating an intentional space that is welcoming to all and that seeks out a healthy, diverse mix of people, ethnicities, products and stories. We strive to create a positive social impact in our community through empowerment, partnership and outreach.”

To become a Member, one must submit an application through Hamilton explains, “One must be, or have aspirations of becoming, a food entrepreneur that is passionate about their concept and has a good understanding of the work involved in starting a food business.” From there, an interview is set up to review business plans, enjoy taste tests, and discuss what is needed to start or grow the business. Findlay Kitchen also helps with licensing and regulatory processes and assists with obtaining any additional certifications.

Although Findlay Kitchen’s main priority at this time is to get the ball rolling with their current members, they look forward to community events and partnerships in the upcoming months. Hamilton explains their partnership with ArtWorks and their CO.STARTERS business development program, saying, “We will be hosting the inaugural Kitchen Edition class that is open only to food entrepreneurs and will have a food-focused, 12-week curriculum.”

Looking forward to the summer, Findlay Kitchen will begin incorporating cooking classes and demonstrations, pop-up restaurants, and community and corporate events. They also currently offer Open House Tours every Tuesday at 10 am through April and May which are open to all.

The Charlotte & Edward Unnewehr Findlay Kitchen is made possible by a host of generous community partners including The Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation, The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. / U.S. Bank Foundation, and The Allen Berliant and Jennier Rosenthal Berliant Family Fund.

For more information on Findlay Kitchen and their upcoming events, visit Findlay Kitchen is located in the historic Findlay Market District at 1719 Elm Street.

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Learn about one local graphic designer who puts her simplistic, yet creative, flair to work to help define dreamer’s brands.

Sara Cormier, Founder of Cormier Creative
Sara Cormier, Founder of Cormier Creative

Sara Cormier takes pride in solving her clients’ problems creatively. “I feel very lucky to have a job where I can use my talents to assist my clients in achieving their dreams and their bottom line,” she says.

Cormier created the aptly named Cormier Creative as a one-stop branding shop four years ago this April. Cormier, who is a University of Cincinnati DAAP grad, says she loves how Cormier Creative “helps my clients take their business to the next level through design.”

After interning in artistic hubs such as New York City and San Francisco, Cormier spent seven years as the Advertising Design Manager at Cincinnati Magazine. “I designed ads for [tons] of local businesses,” she says. “However during college and all throughout my professional career, I always worked as a freelancer on the side.”

Cormier decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge when she could no longer balance her full-time job and her overflowing freelance work. “I always wanted to start my own business and after making the decision, I’ve never looked back!” She continues, “My nickname growing up was The Boss, so making this move was obviously bound to happen!”

Cormier Creative comes into play when “[clients] are looking for a more branded, cohesive look to best represent their business,” she explains. Cormier presents an all-inclusive menu to her clients to help them stand out in every way possible, including advertising, packaging, marketing materials, websites, and social media. She explains, “Anything [they] need to move their business forward.”

One of her most popular services is called A New Brand Day, “which is a totally new take on logo [and brand] design,” she says. With this program, Cormier presents options and works with a client intensively for one day to finalize the finished piece. “I get great satisfaction from designing awesome logos for my clients… It’s the most difficult job, but by far the most rewarding,” she says. “The fun parts come after that, when I make a brand identity come to life over time and watch my clients’ businesses take off!”

Cormier is dedicated to helping empower local business owners through her work and collaborations, as “most of my clients are women who own growing businesses.” She also partners with local event planner Rachel Murphy (her “business bestie”) at their shared studio space, The Creative Hookup, to hold events for Cincinnati’s creative types.

Cormier says she likes to keep “the design process simple, fun and friendly. Cleverness, smiles and laughter are just added bonuses,” Cormier adds. “When I get emails from clients who are just checking in to say that business is booming, it makes my day.”

To learn more about Cormier Creative, visit

Meet Sara of Cormier Creative from Sara Cormier on Vimeo.

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One local wedding planner is using her creativity to make dream days come true, and also inspiring local professionals to get creative in their fields too.

Founder of Rachel Lynn Studio
Rachel Murphy, Founder of Rachel Lynn Studios

When a love for helping others comes together with a flair for the creative, Rachel Murphy found her calling. “I love weddings because it combines everything I’m passionate about: helping others, creating an unforgettable experience, bringing people together, flowers, decorations, love, dancing…I could go on and on,” she laughs.

Murphy went to school for art education, “but I pretty much knew before I graduated that I might not love being in the classroom,” she explains. “[However], I’ve always had the urge to teach and/or help others [while] fulfilling my creative, artsy side.”

Wedding planning bloomed out of a gig as a floral designer. Murphy explains, “[We] were expecting our first child and I just wanted to do something fun that I had always had an interest in.” Her friends began requesting her floral expertise for their own special days, which gradually expanded to her now all-encompassing wedding planning services called Rachel Lynn Studios.

Murphy was raised by entrepreneurs, she says, “I’ve never had a clear picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up,” she recalls. “I can say, whatever job I was doing, I would dream about putting on really incredible events.”

Rachel Lynn Studios designs all aspects of the wedding planning process. They are based out of Cincinnati, but have also planned events in Dayton, Columbus and Northern Kentucky. “And if anyone wants to fly me somewhere tropical, I’ll happily plan an event there too,” she jokes.

Murphy says her secret to success is getting to the root of what brides truly want out of their wedding, and their life. “I [always] ask, what are the images that seem to pop up over and over again,” she explains. “Those images tend to be the important stuff and give a good sense of what you want your wedding to feel like.”

Regarding her philosophy on wedding planning, Murphy says, “I believe in shaking things up a bit. Find a few places you can break away from the mold, from how things are always done.” She adds, “Also, I believe in enjoying the whole planning process. There will be some tough decisions to be made, but at the end of the day, we’re literally celebrating love. What’s not fun about that?”

Beyond being the engine of the planning process, Murphy enjoys bonding with brides over their special days. “I find a huge part of my job is just reassuring brides that it’s going to be okay, and to keep focused on the real reason for the wedding,” she says. “The dress, the flowers and the festivities are all just a bonus.”

Murphy also expands her services outside of the wedding realm, including “trainings, dinners, golf outings, birthday parties, donor events, showers or just a good old-fashioned party. There aren’t enough of those these days.”

This past year, Murphy partnered with her “business bestie” Sara Cormier of Cormier Creative to move into a studio space. The space, Creative Hook Up, hosts a variety of events to bring creative small businesses together. “We host chats over coffee for creatives, and we’re also offering different classes and workshops that we think small business owners would benefit from,” she says.

To learn more about Rachel Lynn Studio, visit and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about the Creative Hook Up, visit

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Learn about a local woman who turned her fashion dreams into a stylish reality that brings personalized posh designs to you.

Fashion House
Fashion House is an online-based boutique based in Greater Cincinnati.

We all have dreams that we long to pursue. Nakkiya Groomes, however, was tired of waiting for them to materialize on their own.

“Fashion House was started February this year solely because I became tired of running away from what I was really good at, which is fashion,” says Groomes. Fashion House is an online clothing boutique based in the Greater Cincinnati area. She adds, “My goal is to get women out of their comfort zone.”

Groomes has always had a natural draw to the fashion industry. She forayed into this world several years ago by opening a clothing boutique and nail salon, Charmz Fashion and Nail Boutique, but the cost of upkeep became too much. She explains, “The reality was that the overhead was ridiculously high, and I was just keeping up with the Joneses and making money to pay rent.”

Groomes dove into caring for her three children as a single mom and focused on working for necessity. “I began playing it too safe and forgot all about my dream of becoming a successful business owner.”

That is, until she had a close call with her health. Groomes went in for an early mammogram, as breast cancer runs heavily in her family. “I thought it was going to be an in and out procedure,” Groomes recalls, “Sure enough, they found a lump and immediately suggested it to be cut out.” After a successful surgery, doctors told her that the mass should have, and very well could have, been malignant.

“From that moment on, I regained my confidence and figured that life was too short to not go after what you want.” Groomes gave new life to her fashion business, but in an altered form, as Fashion House is online and in-home by private appointment. This flexibility gives her the freedom to bring style to local women in many different ways.

Shoppers can view and purchase items on the Fashion House Facebook page and through their online store, by calling their phone line, or by scheduling a private fitting and styling session. Another fun way to experience Fashion House is by hosting a Dresses and Drinks party. Groomes explains, “The host provides the drinks and [we] provide the clothing, games, and a sexy fitness routine to keep up the confidence with your new look.”

Groomes hopes her business can help ladies experience fashion in a new and personalized way. She says, “The unique part about Fashion House is that it’s literally a Fashion House… I took one of the rooms in my house and converted it into a small boutique so that local customers could still have the convenience of getting style and fitted in person.”

Fashion House is created for women who, “are the fashion-forward thinkers, the ones who think out of the box, and who love to turn heads when they walk into a room,” says Groomes, “Our customers are classy, sexy, demanding, and chic.” She adds, “My personal fashion philosophy is to dress to impress yourself. If you’re feeling and looing good, that confidence exudes from within and rubs off in a positive way to the people you come across.”

Looking forward, Groomes hopes to take Fashion House mobile by introducing the Fashion House Fashion Truck. Regarding spring trends, Groomes says, “I’m absolutely crazy over the cape trends, asymmetrical skirts, and high-low. These trends are edgy yet classy at the same time.”

On April 8, Fashion House will have a pop-up shop at Cincy Chic’s annual Night in White event. They will also be hosting their first Drinks and Dresses event at Classy Divas Charm School on April 17.

To learn more about Fashion House or to shop, visit them on Facebook or at To learn more about Night in White or to purchase tickets, click here.