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Put a spin on your workout and get in shape with the exciting and alternative form of exercise: pole dancing.

Passion: A Pole Troupe

Back in 2009, Danielle Cain came across a Facebook ad for a pole dancing fitness class and decided to give it a try. Thoroughly enjoying her first class, she researched pole dancing and the elite performers. Cain then uncovered how versatile and acrobatic pole dancing can be, and she pursued a new path, Passion: A Pole Troupe.

As for her own pole dancing, Cain receives her inspiration straight from the music. Having two degrees in music, she finds musicality is a large part of her dancing. “Choosing a song is one of the most difficult aspects of preparing for a performance, but once the right song comes along I just have to get the dance out on stage,” says Cain.

Cain and co-founder, Julia Burks, said they wanted to take pole dancing from the studio to the Cincinnati public sphere. “There are many misconceptions about the accessibility and quality of pole dancing as a performance art, and we wanted to educate and change minds while providing an entertaining experience,” explains Cain.

Classes for Passion: A Pole Troupe are held at Bella Forza Fitness, a women’s-only facility located on 4325 Red Bank Road in Cincinnati. All sorts of women of all ages take their pole dancing classes. Students range in age from 16 years old to over 50 years old and are college students, mothers, engineers and other various professions.

Cain teaches several types of pole dancing: pole fitness, sensual pole dance and lyrical pole dance. Pole fitness is similar to other group fitness classes with its structure and exercises with sets and reps as well as spins and tricks. Sensual pole dance is a cardio workout, but with the sexy side of pole dancing that Cain finds is empowering to the women in the class. Lastly, lyrical pole dance takes modern dance and combines it with the pole tricks helps to improve the “fluidity and musicality” says Cain. Free dancing is also incorporated, which is important for live dancers, such as the women in Passion.

Even without experience, students can expect to have a lot fun, but also be challenged. “In your first experience you will learn how to move gracefully around the pole, how to do a few beginner spins, and get started on the technique of climbing,” says Cain. She advises wearing short shorts and to not wear lotion so that your skin can grip the pole. Cain encourages people to bring a bottle of water and of course, consult a physician before a new physical activity.

Drop-in classes are available so people can try it out without a long-term commitment. “Once you see how fun it is, and how much of a good workout you’ll get, you’ll want to come back for more,” says Cain.

To learn more about Passion: A Pole Troupe, “like” them on Facebook.

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After 17 years in the industry, one local woman’s dream of owning a skin spa is finally taking flight in Northern Kentucky.

Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa will celebrate its one-year anniversary on January 8.

Robin Mallery has been an esthetician for 17 years. Yet, her business — Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa — is just coming up on their one year anniversary on January 8, 2016.

Back in 1998, Mallery had just finished school to become an esthetician, but the best options at the time were working at a day spa or alongside a plastic surgeon. She followed the path of working at a day spa, which she did for 16 years.

After two minor attempts and many hurdles, she now runs her own business, Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa. “Leaving a secure job for the unknown can be frightening,” says Mallery.

However, she says, there is a positive side to starting a business. “Knowing that you are completely responsible for your own success and being invested in every detail brings about the most amazing sense of accomplishment though,” she explains.

Today, she says she follows her heart and inspirations. “I’m inspired by people,” says Mallery. “They inspire me to provide more than the best service I’m capable of, but also a feeling of well-being.”

She says one inspirational person in particular is her father, who was his own boss as a tool distributor for service stations. He was successful, she adds, because he worked hard and treated his customers well. That’s one reason why she loves this Maya Angelou quote and has it front and center on her website: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Mallery says she gained her business knowledge and confidence not through classes, but instead, with help from The Small Business Development Center in Kentucky. She says they offer many resources to aspiring entrepreneurs in the area.

In the upcoming year, Mallery plans to focus more on The Wellness Facial so that the facial can concentrate more on the whole person within the spa’s “caring and loving environment,” she says.

“This facial was specifically created to benefit the compromised skin caused by various chemotherapy and radiation therapies as well as having nurturing qualities for their emotional health,” says Mallery, who describes the facial as “a gentle approach using ingredients with therapeutic properties nourish, hydrate and soothe while protecting the integrity of the skin.”

Overall, Mallery’s favorite part about owning a spa is getting to know the clients that come in and “knowing they had the peaceful experience” that she intended for them to have,” she says. “I am so thankful for God’s guidance on this continual journey and His help conveying what’s in my heart. The spa would not have turned out the way I had envisioned without Him.”

To learn more about Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa, check out their website.

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This Cincinnati spa is a dream come true for your princess. Learn more about the luxe experience for your littles where head-to-toe pink, sugar scrubs and tea parties are just the beginning.

Simone Wimberly was inspired by her grandmother and daughter to start Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa. Wimberly remembers how bored she would be as a young girl spending her weekends and summers at her grandmother’s salon in Chicago. There was nothing for a girl her age to do in the salon.

Then, when Wimberly would take her own daughter to the salon, she realized she had no control over adult conversations and again, there was not much for her daughter to do. Wimberly set out to create a place to be all about little girls. “I wanted to create a place just for girls to go and be pampered,” says Wimberly.

The name, Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa, comes from the kinds of little girls that come into the spa. “I believe every little girl shines and dazzles in her own way, and every little girl loves to play dress up or play in mom’s nail polish and make-up because she wants to look like her own Barbie dolls,” says Wimberly. Therefore, each girl is a Dazzling Doll at Wimberly’s spa.

As soon as you walk into the spa, you know it is meant for little girls. Keeping in mind the clientele who come to the spa, it is designed with “inspiration, sophistication, glamour and elegance,” she says.

Plus, everything is pink head-to-toe! Even with the kid-focused atmosphere, Wimberly wants parents to have the opportunity to spend quality time with their little girl by letting the parent get the spa services alongside with her. Whether it’s a “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Doll” spa package, you’ll both be treated and pampered side by side.

The spa is a little girl’s dream with pink plush spa robes for each girl, pink runways, tutus and even pink candy and cupcakes. Hello Kitty is no stranger to Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa and where else could a girl find cotton candy drinks, tea parties, and endless fun?

Even while being pampered, the girls will not get bored since entertainment is always provided by the spa. Wimberly wants it to be a fun environment for each and every girl there.

Serving as many as 16-18 girls at a time, they can enjoy kid-friendly pedicure fizzies and sugar scrubs that parents can even purchase to have at their own home. From 10 different flavors to choose from, they’re a great idea for a DIY spa day at home for when the kids have a snow day.

When it comes to the best part of owning Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa, Wimberly enjoys “seeing little girls’ faces when they walk into our ‘All Pink Spa’ and hearing them and the parents say they will be back!”

Dazzling Dolls Kids Spa is located at 121 W Kemper Rd. in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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As you’re out shopping on Small Business Saturday, stop by this event to sample some of the most delicious drinks and vegan treats in the region.


Dan Korman first got the idea for Park + Vine back when he was in Chicago. Korman would spend time at Green City Market where he would meet many of the local farmers and food-makers from the area. This sparked his inner entrepreneurial bug to come alive inside of him. Since 2007, Korman has owned and operated Park + Vine and is focused on carrying sustainable goods and makes sure they free of any animal byproducts.

“Park + Vine is one of a handful of small stores nationwide with a range of goods that is entirely vegan,” says Korman. They have been nominated for eight consecutive years by Vegnews Magazine as “Favorite Vegan Storefront.” They were up against other impressive shops across the United States from places like New York, New York; Denver, Colorado; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Seattle, Washington.

This year, Park + Vine will be co-hosting Plaid Friday Hike with Imago; which is only appropriate considering Imago is an environmental organization. Instead of being open for business or having sales on Black Friday like many stores do, Park + Vine has taken an alternative route. Not only do employees get the day off, but it prepares them for Small Business Saturday on November 28.

Park + Vine has been involved and participated in Small Business Saturday since their first year. Small Business Saturday celebrates small and local brick and mortar businesses all over the country. It encourages people to do their holiday shopping there, rather than big department stores and businesses. For Small Business Saturday at Park + Vine, you can enjoy different complimentary food and drinks from local businesses such as baked goods from Danae Brenner, Kelly Grierson and Grandola Granola. Plus, coffee from La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie will also be available for shoppers to try. All of the samples will be available from 8 a.m. to noon and are available for purchase.

Dan Korman, owner of Park + Vine
Dan Korman, owner of Park + Vine

As for Park + Vine’s store hours on Small Business Saturday, they will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will have lunch available for customers from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s a great opportunity to try their fast-selling sandwiches that they serve at their lunch counter each day.

“Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for our communities,” says Korman. “It’s an important day for small business. It’s typically one of our busiest days of the year.”

When it comes to the value of small businesses in Cincinnati, Korman explains not only are they about service and community, but they are also important to the local business districts.

“They’re the backbone of local business districts, whether it’s Main Street in Over-the-Rhine or Covington,” says Korman. “When you buy products, eat food, and use services at your friends’ and neighbors’ local businesses, your hard-earned dollars go directly back into the local economy in the form of taxes, payrolls, other purchases, and goodwill.”

When it comes to customers and visitors, Korman is appreciative for each and every one of them.

“We’re genuinely thankful for everyone who visits our store,” says Korman. “We don’t take anyone for granted. Every purchase makes a difference.”

To learn more about Small Business Saturday at Park + Vine, check out their Facebook page.

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A local makeup expert now offers makeup classes to teach you all the latest application techniques, all while having fun with friends!

Tequana Colvin, Founder of FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

After a consistent amount of encouragement from her friends and family, Tequana Colvin was inspired to begin FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry here in Cincinnati to do other peoples’ makeup as flawlessly as she did her own. There were many people who asked Colvin to teach a class if she didn’t want to do their makeup.

On August 24th, 2013, she created her own makeup classes titling them “The Flawless Face Affair.” Even after all the seats sold out, people continued to come and requested to stand. This experience excited Colvin. She saw her future in the makeup industry and pursued FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

As a teenager, Colvin became intrigued by makeup around the ninth grade, the year she was permitted to wear it. She wore makeup every day, teaching herself and gathering many different products to use. She has also traveled and taken makeup classes by celebrity makeup artists like Alexandra Butler of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Georgia and Drini of Los Angeles, California. Colvin uses a variety of high-end makeup brands like M•A•C and NARS Cosmetics, OCC (a vegan and cruelty-free line) and Dose of Colors. She also incorporates your everyday Covergirl, NYX and E.L.F. Cosmetics, showing how creative she can be with mixing brands.

Colvin gains a lot of her inspiration from other makeup artists online, the television and social media, especially Instagram. Although she has a vast amount of talent and inspiration that allows her to fulfill requests for full makeup transformations in other cities, Colvin says that Cincinnati clients often request very natural and simple looks.

Colvin describes her best and “most fulfilling experience” as a makeup artist when she did the makeup of her first MTV reality show celebrity. However, Colvin also has amazing experiences when she works with women who have cancer. They want her to help transform them after all they have gone through and how their self-esteem has been destroyed from the cancer treatments causing hair and tooth loss as well as weight loss or gain.

“I cry after they see themselves and feel beautiful again,” says Colvin. Colvin has taken her talents in makeup artistry, whether they are simple or transformational, and shares them with others through her classes. “The Flawless Face Affair” classes are a way to gather together, expand your makeup application skill and take it to the next level.

“My class is more of a social experience,” explains Colvin.

One class can range from covering two topics about makeup application to a private full face three hour lesson. You can go out with your friends for a fun time of bonding, learning and making new friends, or you can take your time and have a personal experience.

As for others who are new and just starting to look into becoming a makeup artist or break into the makeup industry, Colvin suggests practicing endless times on others.

“Doing makeup on yourself and on other [are] two different stages,” says Colvin. “It takes lots of practice.”
To learn more about FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry and their classes, check out their Facebook page.

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Three Cincinnati-based makeup artists are joining forces to create one mega-makeup service company, Moxxie Makeup. Read on for all the beautiful details.

Moxxie Makeup’s Jenny Costello, Sarah Cormier and Jenn Simpson (Photo by: Erin Ewald of Amelia Laine Photography)

Moxxie Makeup caters to brides as well as others who are in need of their makeup being done for other occasions. After working for other companies and being in cosmetic retail, Simpson, Costello and Cormier wanted to start anew with a fresh concept and business plan. Working with makeup never feels like a job for them, and it always opens them up to meeting new people and forming relationships. They want makeup to be a fun and positive experience for everyone, and Moxxie Makeup makes sure of that.

Makeup: Sarah (Photo by: Deogracias Lerma)
Makeup: Sarah (Photo by: Deogracias Lerma)

Their experience working in the makeup industry is what Cormier describes as, “the best kind of training experience.” Cormier worked at MAC while Costello worked at Laura Mercier. Cosmetic retail taught them how to quickly adapt to customers that would sit down in their chairs throughout the day and give them an understanding of the customers’ one-of-a-kind beauty needs and wants. Cormier also had previous experience with applying makeup after years of practice that led her to assisting with the makeup for Academy Award winning actress Shirley Jones, as well as Grammy Award winning Christian artist Rebecca St. James.

Simpson took a different path with her makeup experience and has taken makeup courses in New York. She recently had her work featured on the cover of Polly Magazine, a new arts and culture magazine based in Cincinnati that has just launched this fall.

Together, these three artistic women have a combined experience of more than 20 years in the makeup industry even though they all found and fell in love with makeup at different points of their lives.

The name, Moxxie Makeup, originated from the word “moxie” which means “having courage, character, nerve, or vigor.” They added the extra “x” for their own spin on it.

PHOTO3 CAPTION: Makeup: Jenny Costello (Photo by: Loft 3 Photography) Makeup artists Jennifer Simpson, Jenny Costello and Sarah Cormier are joining forces to create one mega-makeup service company, Moxxie Makeup.
Makeup: Jenny Costello (Photo by: Loft 3 Photography) Makeup artists Jennifer Simpson, Jenny Costello and Sarah Cormier are joining forces to create one mega-makeup service company, Moxxie Makeup.

“Makeup enhances natural beauty and therefore empowers us and gives us courage,” says Cormier. “We’ve had so many clients tell us they felt more confident after working with us; they found their Moxxie!”

Cormier says that Simpson, Costello and herself also encompass the characteristics of the term, “moxie,” and how these attributes are reflected in their work and relationships with their clients.

“It’s a unique partnership strength, talent, and positivity that only the term, ‘Moxxie’ encompassed,” says Cormier. “We bring a reinvented attitude to Cincinnati’s brides and beauty lovers.”

Cormier mentions that in Cincinnati, many brides request natural makeup looks, and Moxxie Makeup adores it.

“There is something about soft, natural makeup that just never gets old,” say Cormier. “My favorite thing to do is provide a natural look for a client, with a little something extra, like a slightly bolder lip, or subtle definition in the outer corner of their eye.”

For those who are looking to becoming a makeup artist or go into the makeup industry, Cormier believes that patience is key because it takes time to build your skill, kit and credibility in the industry. An open mind and continuing to learn are very important attributes to have. “You have to love makeup artistry enough to commit to several years of hard work, dedication, and education in order to be successful,” says Cormier. “We are constantly growing and evolving, so being in it for the long haul is equally beneficial as it is rewarding.”
To learn more about Moxxie Makeup and see more photos of their work, visit their website.

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“Beauty. Business. Badassery.” That’s the idea behind Tyra Banks’ new business Tyra Beauty. We chat with the woman launching it locally to learn more about it.

Cheryl Bulcher is one of the first 200 Beautytainers for Tyra Banks’ Tyra Beauty.

Back in October 2014, Cheryl Bulcher came across a small online advertisement that mentioned how Tyra Banks was looking for new people to assist her with launching her new cosmetic direct sales company.

Intrigued by the advertisement, Bulcher clicked on the link where she was taken to a video featuring Banks talking about how she was searching for the “First, Fierce Beautytainers,” and she needed 200 of them. With 14 years of direct sales experience, Bulcher went ahead and applied. After two phases of questionnaires, she received some exciting news: Bulcher had been chosen out of thousands of applicants to become one of the first 200 Beautytainers.

Bulcher’s mother introduced Bulcher to makeup when she was growing up. Her mother was a “beautician,” as Bulcher describes her, and her mother was involved in makeup samples and reviews. Each month, Bulcher’s mother received makeup samples and would write reviews on why or why not she liked certain products. Her mother was able to keep all these products and would give Bulcher some of the samples as well.

“She would give me some to put in my own little makeup kit,” says Bulcher. “My friends and I would put on plays in the basement for our parents-and I did the makeup!”

Retired, Bulcher puts a lot of her time into Tyra Beauty. She had previously worked at Mary Kay for 14 years, but left to start a new journey as a Beautytainer. She loved everything that Mary Kay Ash represented and their strong vision for all women, but she loved the new and innovative feel of Tyra Beauty. She describes this with the “in a stick” application and Ty Glide Technology, where the innovation is evident. “It’s a cosmetic experience,” says Bulcher.

Bulcher loves being so involved in Tyra Beauty and enjoys hosting parties. At Tyra Beauty, makeovers are called “tyovers” and no party is too small or large. Bulcher makes sure to explain all of the steps and loves to show before and after photos of each person’s transformation. From 13 to 83 years old, she has worked with and transformed all ages and faces.

Bulcher is very excited to start offering classes that can help you learn how to apply makeup and use certain techniques. If there is an attendance fee for a class, a Swag Bag is included that will have full sized products with a value that goes beyond the class itself.

Bulcher recently earned the opportunity to meet Banks in September as a reward for having the second highest personal sales back in March through July. This trip offered Bulcher and 24 other Beautytainers to travel to stay at the London West Hotel. They dined with Banks and were also on her show, The Fab Life.
“It was like a fairytale come true,” says Bulcher. “She is an awesome person! Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!”

Bulcher loves her job, but what is her favorite part about being a Beautytainer? “I would have to say that it is the wonderful feeling of fulfillment from sharing Tyra Beauty and watching the transformation process give so many women more self-confidence; not by making them up, but by merely enhancing their beauty,” explains Bulcher. “I love seeing everyone’s beauty and having them see it too!”

Bulcher will be at the Seasonably Chic Showcase event as a vendor with more information, products and makeup application demonstrations on attendees. To learn more, visit

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Oksana Goodin has a mission to offer safe, toxin-free makeup services that are professional, pure and healthy. Read on to learn more about her new beauty business.

Oksana Goo
Oksana Goodin, Founder of Earthly Glam.

Oksana Goodin began her new business, Earthly Glam, when she found she enjoyed learning about applying makeup using the purest and cleanest methods. After she did research on the how hazardous some cosmetics can be, she really wanted to share everything she learned with the world. Goodin decided to do so by offering cleaner, toxin-free makeup services and options to the public.

In the past, Goodin had been doing makeup for her all friends back in college and enjoyed the whole process.

“It made me so happy seeing them transform, and feel beautiful after the fact,” says Goodin.
After graduating from college, Goodin gained experience as a makeup artist in a photo studio setting by working for Peggy McHale Joseph Photography. Joseph actually inspired Goodin to become a professional makeup artist.

“She truly believed that I would do well and sometimes it just takes one person to believe,” says Goodin.
Afterwards, Goodin pursued her certification to become a professional makeup artist at HEX Art Academy in November 2014. This led her to begin her mission to create her current business, Earthly Glam.

The name, Earthly Glam, was not the first choice for her business, and it took some time before the name fell into place. Goodin wanted the name to be easy to pronounce, yet flow well and fit the mission of the business.

“Earthly Glam is meant to convey a message of health and purity, but without sacrificing the glamorous part of you,” says Goodin.

Goodin uses two different brands of toxin-free makeup: Vapour Organic Beauty and Afterglow Cosmetics. A lot of thought was put into choosing these brands as well.

“Both of the companies,” says Goodin, “have fantastic missions devoted to health and environment, without minimizing the quality of the product and brand.”

Many people would think that Goodin would want to make her own toxic-free makeup line, but the issue at hand is that many driven entrepreneurs are already trying to do the same thing. Goodin wanted to be different and take a separate route. The idea of creating her own toxic-free makeup could be a possibility someday, but she is perfectly content being a makeup artist right now.

As for current makeup trends, Goodin really likes orange-red lipstick, long eyelashes and subtle makeup for the rest of the face. She said is also a fan of “dark, vampy looks.” They are always able to give you a good look for the darker winter months.

Goodin’s best makeup gig was when she was working for Joseph at Peggy McHale Joseph Photography.
“She is just so fun, bubbly, and creative,” says Goodin. “Being on set with her doesn’t feel like work. It feels like playing dress up with your best friend. Hands down, best makeup job I’ve had.”

Goodin believes that each person will go through a different experience if they want pursue the career of becoming a makeup artist. However, she does have a suggestion to help people pursue their goals: “Find your mission, find your passion.”

To learn more about Earthly Glam, check out her website.

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This local fashion coach believes that style comes from within. Learn how she uses her skills and knowledge to help women develop a positive self-image.


Fashion coach
Fashion Coach Lynnae Bussell helps women build their wardrobe to match style and personality.

As a Fashion Coach, Lynnae Bussell teaches women how to dress their best for their body and improves their confidence. She believes that anyone, not just the elite, should be able to access the services that a fashion coach offers so that each woman can establish a wardrobe to reflect her style and personality.

Bussell was inspired to become a Fashion Coach when she noticed that women want to look beautiful, feel confident, and be well dressed in their daily lives. Her years of being a Fashion Coach has taught her that woman find it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, flatter their skin tone, hair and eye color, and understand their overall personal style. Bussell truly enjoys going through the coaching process to help address these issues women face.

“More than helping women to find a new image on the outside, I want them to know that they beautifully created inside and out,” says Bussell.

Outside her life as a Fashion Coach, Bussell is a Christian Image Consultant and Professional Women’s Speaker. Her consultant and speaker roles are very much intertwined with her job as a Fashion Coach. Bussell balances her work life as a mother to two beautiful daughters and has been married to her husband for the past twenty two years. She is also very active in her church and community.

“As a young girl, I struggled with a lot of personal flaws that affected my self-esteem and self-image,” says Bussell. “When I was about 10 years old I gave my life to Christ which gave me hope and renewed confidence. The sense of hope that I received as a child is part of reason I felt called into my coaching business.”

Bussell, Fashion Coach
Lynnae Bussell, Fashion Coach

Bussell took a training course through Fashion Meets Faith. This company is led by Shari Braendel, an author, speaker and America’s #1 Christian Fashion Coach. Bussell completed her certification from Braendel back in November 2011. The program taught Bussell how to complete a color analysis based on a woman’s eye color, hair color and skin tone to match colors perfectly with each.

She also learned how to identify and dress different body types and how to use accessories to flatter each shape. A unique skill she also learned from Braendel were speaking techniques that she uses for one day workshops and her other speaking presentations.

In addition to her certification, Bussell also has skin care and makeup application training through her Mary Kay business as well as retail industry experience. All of what she does today leads back to her reading Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson as a young woman. This book launched her interest in color and began her fashion education.

Bussell stays updated in the fashion industry by reading several blogs and attending quarterly training sessions with her trainer and the other image consultants located all over the country. She also goes out into our community and builds relationships with store managers, tries on different clothing to see how they fit and talks to other experts in her field.

“My number one piece of advice is for every person to see themselves as beautiful,” says Bussell. “We all have things that we are working to overcome, but if we create a specific plan to take steps toward designing our own personal style then every women’s outlook will change. The confidence within our heart will begin to shine outwardly.”

To learn more about Bussell, visit her website or check out her Facebook page.

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Erin Neace found her confidence and passion through spray tanning. See how that led her on a journey of weight loss, empowerment and entrepreneurship.


Erin Neace (right) at the Lady of Sun’s grand opening event
Spray tanning had been a part of Erin Neace’s life since high school. It gave her a huge confidence boost by neutralizing out the redness in her face and fair skin tone. As the spray tan industry moved away from machine-operated booths, she began airbrushing her spray tan, which gave her a more natural appearance. “When I would get an airbrush tan, it instantly gave me a confidence boost,” says Neace. “It was a sense of freedom and confidence that I had never experienced.”

Neace prior to her weight loss
Neace prior to her weight loss
After becoming pregnant at 16 years old, Neace dropped out of high school but wanted to provide a better life for her daughter. She pursued her GED and college degree with the dream to start her own business one day. That dream came true when she opened the doors to her new business, Lady of Sun Airbrush Tanning. “The beginning struggles of my life definitely created an ambitious attitude inside me that would eventually lead to the creation of my business and opening of our store,” says Neace.

Before Lady of Sun, Neace was working as a strategic sourcing analyst and coordinator at Christ Hospital. “I oversaw a large portfolio focusing on sourcing in supply chain for medical/surgical goods at the hospital,” says Neace. “I loved the job, and the organization, but being an entrepreneur was really something I was starting to think about.” At the time, she had just started her MBA at Northern Kentucky University. Her husband was very supportive of Neace wanting to become an entrepreneur and wanted her to follow her heart and be happy.

Neace preparing to apply an organic spray tan at Lady of Sun
Neace preparing to apply an organic spray tan at Lady of Sun
With years of practice and education about spray tanning and the science behind it, she was asked to join a pro-team for professional spray tanning for the Miss America pageant. She had left her job at Christ Hospital only three months prior in December 2014. Neace and her husband felt as though God was helping them progress in the business. Now, they have a retail location that just opened up on October 1 in the Eastgate Mall.

Neace wanted to focus on organic spray tanning after beginning a lifestyle change. She began reading into the ingredients that are in all of our food and products nowadays and even lost 100 pounds over a course of three years due to everything she learned. Spray tanning was also a safe alternative to UV beds and booth tanning.

Quality service is something she really wanted to focus on, and she began to think of royalty and high-end service for the name of her business. “I thought of myself as the Lady of an extraordinary place, like Lady of Wales,” says Neace. Since the sun is not only a place but also somewhere people want to be, the name, Lady of Sun, was born for her business.

Today, with more than 10 years in the spray tan industry, she uses her education and experience to inform her clients with the best ways to prepare and care for their tan and what not to do. Neace doesn’t only focus on physical beauty, but inner beauty as well. “Seeing the excitement on a first time client’s face when they see their tan- still never gets old,” says Neace. “At the end of the day- we are all the same. We all just want to be loved, be healthy, and feel pretty. No matter who or what you do.”

To learn more about Lady of Sun, check out their website.

Photos by: Anita Johnson