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Melissa Kirkpatrick is a Transformational Coach and Motivational Speaker. She’s been featured in Cincy Magazine , CincyChic online magazine and is the author of the impactful self-help book “5 Steps to Your Own D.R.I.V.E.” Melissa offers one-on-one services, motivational speaking and hands-on workshops, allowing individuals and teams to shift their drive from stuck to unstoppable. To learn more, visit or email

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Our business and life coach shares how being both a doer and a learner empowers you to accomplish more.  

Are you the type of person who is a jump all in and hopes you can figure it out along the way? Or are you someone that needs to be provided an in-depth explanation and information about the process before doing the work? Maybe you’re a little of both.

For me, I’m constantly learning new things, and honestly, I get so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do first, so I jump, hoping I will figure it out.

I especially like the hands-on training; however, after the presentation, being left on your own to implement can often lead to not following through or completing the task.

Sound familiar? You are not alone!

Here’s a couple of ways to effectively use content to take you to the next level:

Listen first, then take notes – Often, when you are learning something, you feel the need to take notes. That is what becomes your focus, often missing out on hearing the process. The key is to listen for understanding and visualizing the instruction in your mind’s eye as a learner. Taking notes is a disconnect from that vision. Try dropping the pen and listen to learn, then write notes 

later. And if that doesn’t seem possible, ask permission to audio record the instruction to reference later. 

Be an Action Taker – Following anything you’ve learned, be sure to repeat it right away so you can see how the pieces fall together – the “doers” mindset! The delay in taking action will only allow you to forget key points and steps for doing the task.  By taking action, you see the results and understand the process, which encourages you to keep taking action. 

Once you begin to see how learning and doing is one of the same, you will soon discover how quickly you will want to learn more. You feel empowered and can accomplish more. Learning is vital when leveling up. You don’t know what you don’t know, so go out there and learn. Embrace the journey and watch all the opportunities that show up for you to expand your knowledge and power so you can live your best life!

Here’s to creating the life you deserve!


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As we enter the month of May, we want to say Happy Mother’s Day. This week our business & life coach columnist shares about the number on human condition when it comes to receiving compliments.

The one thing we all have in common is we arrived here through our Mother!  Relax, we are not going to talk about our Mothers. The intention for this message is to offer you the reflection on how you can best take care of YOU when it comes to receiving compliments.

You have probably heard and know the value in filling your cup first.  You plan to rest, relax, and take time to smell the roses. And you also plan to exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. You know these things to do but often find you aren’t doing them. Why is that?

One of the most felt human condition is “not being enough”.

An example of this is when you receive a compliment such as “wow I love your shoes” or “your hair looks great”. You often will deflect a compliment with a response like “these old things” or “yea, I washed it today.” This response is indicating you aren’t feeling good enough to accept the sweet and kind words (compliment) someone took the time to offer you. 

Point is they didn’t have to say anything; but they did. 

By you not receiving/hearing the compliment, you are cutting off the energetic feeling of good and replacing it with the energy of “I’m not enough.”

What would be a better response? 

“Thank You so Much!” (and stop there). By adding anything more, you are aligning with the “not enough” mindset.

Perhaps you remember your mother saying, “you can get more bees with honey” – and it’s true. The sweeter you are in receiving, the more you attract into your life.

So, the next time someone compliments you:

  1. Reply with Thank you so much!
  2. No additional words are needed. Feel the feeling
  3. Don’t replace their compliment with a compliment back
  4. Pay it forward knowing how good it feels by offering someone else a compliment 

And expect more! That feeling of “I am enough” can come often, raising you into a high energy receptive mode of feeling good, which leads to more goodness. 

Don’t allow deflecting words to cause you to miss out. You are enough, and those compliments are all in service to reminding you of that.

Here’s to creating the life you deserve!


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Owning and operating a business can be challenging! Our business & life coach columnist helps us see where we get stuck and how you can begin to scale your business successfully.

Worried about business revenue, aren’t sure how to market your product/service, need sales help, make the wrong hires or struggle to find clients quickly? Tired of only seeing temporary results

Can you relate? Looking back, I sure can. I know how paralyzing it can feel.

Shooting from the hip while watching others succeed is frustrating. You’re feeling stuck, unsure about your ability to keep your clients, and doubtful about your decision-making abilities while others crush their goals and they started at the same time you did!

It makes you wonder what they have that you don’t?  And why can’t you get you get it together

Running a business is hard no matter who you are.

Are you ready to experience SUCCESS in this area of your life?

Whether you’re a business professional struggling to earn a promotion or an entrepreneur unsure of your next move.  If you’re ready for a different outcome, a new way to live, keep reading.

You don’t lack motivation,

Or willpower,

Or discipline!

You just haven’t known any other way than to struggle through and keep telling the same story over and over.  You can keep reading the books and hoping for the best.  

Imagine being in the same exact spot 5 years from now.  Still struggling, stressed out, wishing, and hoping for things to change.

But you don’t have to.

Time and time again, I’ve seen once struggling entrepreneurs transform with having strategy, support and accountability. 

The result? An empowered woman equipped with the clarity she needs to become a confident and profitable business owner.

If you doubt whether or not you’ve got what it takes, I totally get it. Imposter syndrome is real. Let me reassure you. With the right guidance, you, too, can build the business of your dreams. 

As a coach I have identify the top three obstacles: 

  • Greater self-awareness and a progress mindset to help identify the patterns that keep you stuck and replace them with healthy behaviors.
  • Increased individual performance, productivity, and confidence by understanding the “root cause” of why you’ve struggled.
  • Clarity on what success looks like for you and the steps needed to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

It’s time to get clear, make things happen, and go after what you want to make your business grow successfully. Want to know more? Book a Call.

You Deserve to Live Your Best Life,


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Earth Day is this week so what a great time to recycle your thoughts and limiting beliefs. Our business & life coach columnist reminds us how to manifest your desires and create more abundance, success, and love in your life.

The law of attraction and manifesting came to light when Rhonda Byrne releases the book “The Secret” in 2006, followed by the movie. Soon after, we were flooded with others sharing resources and teaching how your thoughts create all you desire in life.  Simply said, “if you ask; it will be given.”

Many were happy to learn this new tool for creating all the things in life they desired.  While others believe manifesting and law of attraction does NOT work, calling bullsh*t on this way of thinking and acting. 

What’s your experience and belief around manifesting and the law of attraction? 

Do you believe the law of attraction is always working? Take a look around and see if your thoughts, beliefs and emotions didn’t create your reality.  Do you like what you see?

What I know for sure is that the law of attraction and manifesting takes daily practice and some patience.   I’ve not perfected this practice, but I am aware when it’s at work how magical it feels to realize “I called that right in for myself.” Yes, sometimes it’s not what you expect, it just is.  

So, since this week is Earth Day, why not recycle your old limiting beliefs and practice aligning your thoughts to a new outcome using the following guidelines: 

Create the vision and collect images matching the desired outcome and place them on a poster board, Pinterest, or on your phone in an album.

Take inspired action of any kind toward the vision. If you want a new home, buy a painting, or throw pillow you’ll bring to the new house. Want more money? Start putting a dollar a day in a jar. Action will keep the vision of what you want and why at the top of your mind. Be creative. 

Visualize daily playing make-believe games with the vision board. Act as if you already have it.

Be cautious not to give up too fast. All things come in divine timing with manifesting. Seeing it before it appears, along with how it will feel, believing it is well on its way to you with each inspired action toward the desire you take, is your job. The Universe does the rest.

From there as you change your thoughts, you will change your reality. When in doubt, use the mantra “I am open to receive all that my heart desires.”

Cheers to creating the life you deserve!


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Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. In fact, it can be hard! And yet you still decided to become one. Our business and life coach identifies one key way on how to grow successfully.

Too many women business owners lack the clarity and support they need to grow successfully. Doing it all on your own can be like running in quicksand. I’ve run and scaled several companies and know all too well how paralyzing it can feel. 

You are full of great ideas but often have no clear strategy to implement them.

Shooting from the hip while watching others succeed is frustrating. It makes you wonder how they have it, and you don’t? 

The reality is, running a business is hard no matter who you are.

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to win in the marketplace. However, with effort, the right strategy, and the guidance of someone who’s been there, your business can thrive too. 

Time and time again, I’ve seen once struggling entrepreneurs pull in six figures.

There are plenty of tools available to teach you how to successfully grow your business, but it’s the execution of the knowledge and information learned that ignites the magic. The challenge is you’re trying to overcome the overwhelm of growing your business and simply don’t have (or make) time to implement the tools. 

What are other successful entrepreneurs doing to reach their entrepreneur goals? 

Successful entrepreneurs are identifying the obstacles, getting the support of a mentor/coach, and creating a plan on how to overcome them.

The result? An empowered woman entrepreneur equipped with the clarity she needs to be a confident and profitable business owner while being held accountability and supported through each challenge of scaling her business successfully.

If you doubt whether you’ve got what it takes, I totally get it. Imposter syndrome is real. Let me reassure you. With the right guidance, you, too, can build the business of your dreams.

To learn more grab a copy of “The Number One Secrete to Small Business Success” at

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Reading to spice up your routine as we start a new season? Click here to read more from our life coach on how you can find a new niche in your daily routine.

Last week we celebrated the beginning of spring and the equinox when the daylight and nighttime are both twelve hours. Time for spring cleaning, planting, and watching the plant begin to bud and green. Ahh the magic of spring.   

Now I am not a guru when it comes to our moon cycles, but over the years I have come to appreciate the cycle of the moon and how it can have a positive effect when you practice some rituals that allow you to align and receive the magic of the full and new moons.

Three easy things I recommend you consider trying is:

Journal what you do not want to tolerate or experience currently in your life.  As you write, add all the emotions, and be committed to letting them go.  Then take the paper outside with a bit or sage or tobacco and light it on fire. As it burns repeat “I now release you to be recycled over time and space. I am open to receive more. And so, it is”. 

Now this does not mean tomorrow you will see evidence of all that you release being gone, however, if you look for the evidence, over time you will begin to see where you no longer are experiencing the things you let go of. And, if you do, then repeat it again next month.

Ignite the magic of what you do want. This can be a fun time to give your vision board an uplift with new images, or even adding more. You are the creator of your reality so add all that you desire. And remember to feel all your senses when you look at those images knowing you are an abundant receiver, and the cosmic kitchen is conspiring on you behave to create your new reality. 

Other ways to align with the Universe is to mix up a cleaning solution adding a bit of a lemon scented essential oil to the water and use to wipe down items all the rooms offering a cleanse to those items you touch. 

Burn some incense, palo santo or sage to purify the air. Now it may not smell like it is purifying but it will give you a since of peace. This is also known as smudging. 

So, as you continue to find ways to live a better life, consider adding in a new niche to your routine. I have been doing this work for over five years and it just keeps getting better.

Happy Spring!

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Our life coach shares how keeping secrets may not be as helpful as you think.

You know that feeling when you get super excited to share with a friend about a movie that you just saw. Can’t wait to tell. Or perhaps it’s an amazing product that you just purchased, and you don’t know how you lived without it. You can’t keep it a secret. You tell everyone. 

Then there are the secrets you are told to hold in confidence, to later find yourself telling someone so you can have the relief of keeping something so juicy quiet. Later you may feel bad for sharing, but in the moment you felt relieved.

But what about the secrets you keep buried inside vowing to never tell a soul?

Those secrets you’re telling yourself, or holding inside, which over time become haunting, and may appear in illness, unhealthy weight, lack of energy, or not following through with your commitments.

You know the ones. How can you find relief from those secrets?

What I know from my own experience, and working with my clients, is those secrets you are trying to hide will only return so you continue to club yourself over the head when the secret resurfaces.

The best way to get through any challenge like this is to get crystal clear and be honest with yourself. 

Letting go of kept secretes requires work. Try journaling or writing a list to get clarity. Remember the goal is for you to align your energy with a better feeling.  

If the secrets from the past are still haunting you, maybe it’s time to learn how to gently let them go. You can begin by imagining them as a movie that you watched and now leaving the theater. Once you leave the theater you no longer have to recall or share what you saw. 

Ideally, if you can release the fear around the secret, and smile knowing it cannot harm you, the secret is neutralized by taking back the energy you put towards it. In time, you will discover those secrets will lose their hold on your thoughts and behaviors, no longer controlling your emotions.

Control how your thoughts around those secrets. And whether it’s a secret shared or buried; you get to decided how it will impact you moving forward. You have the power within you to let them go.

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Our life coach shares how you can go green in more than one way.

Go GREEN! An environmental decision to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Have you ever stopped to consider that your thoughts, actions, and past could go green? Here’s a technique that I use for myself and my clients.  

Close your eyes and think about the event, situation, or circumstance that you no longer want to disappoint, discourage, or even haunt you.  With your eyes close, imagine a big theater screen and you are in the theater seats holding the popcorn and ready to watch the story. Put on your 3D glasses to protect you from slipping back into the story as a character. You are only an observer. No emotions will come from the viewing. You are safe. 

Now let’s begin the “go green” process.

While in the movie theater, with your protective 3D glasses on, recall what you want to release from this event. Be specific and clear of why you want this story to stop coming up in your thoughts. 

Perhaps it triggers you with pain and discomfort when you recall the event you want to release that feeling.

Maybe you find you are replaying the event often wishing you could go back and change the outcome but it’s not possible, so you want to let it go.

Or it was so long ago you want to just stop thinking about it.

Whatever you decide, take a deep breath, exhale, and look at the scene and say: 

 “I now release “this story” to the Universe to be reduced, reused, and recycled over time and space. The story no longer serves me, and I am willing to release it with ease. I am safe.” Then laugh to shift the old energy and invite in the new energy.

Repeat the process until you feel you are no longer triggered by the event, situation, or circumstance. Note this may take some additional practice but as you become more aware of how to release what no longer serves you the process will become easier and easier.

Once you feel you are complete with the process, take off your 3D glasses, turn off the theater screen, and leave your seat by opening your eyes. When the thoughts sneak back in just remember and say, “I am safe.” 

You deserve to live your best life,


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Take time out of your day to celebrate all the important moments in your life.

General Foods International Coffee’s tagline “Celebrate the moments of your life” is the brand messaging that says to feel relaxed when things get hectic by sipping on a cup of coffee. They further go on to say it calms things down, pust the world on hold for a little while – from savoring the flavor for a moment – allowing you to feel luxurious before getting back to the day.  

Perhaps you are not a coffee drinker, and that is not the point. The awareness is that the little things in life can be a reason to pause and celebrate.   

Traditional celebrations include weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, holidays, and everything in between, and these events are placed on a day.  

Today, think about all the things you could celebrate that are not on a timeline but are in your everyday life experience.  

The coffee is just one of those moments, and if you really look at your day-to-day you will find ways to celebrate you. You are worth celebrating. 

Here’s how. Align your energy with a good feeling. A moment when you were super happy, in your happy place, your kids, pets, or partner. This is reaching for good feeling. 

This practice is helpful especially when sadness, upsets and disappointment come along, and being able to ease out of that energy and into the more positive one requires you to start celebrating the little things along the way. 

The celebration does not have to be party hats and cake. You pause and notice what is making you feel good and say yes, more please. Using this practice, you will be being to shift your energy quickly from negative to positive. 

Start with at the end of the day pause and think about one thing you would like to celebrate. And even if it is the fact that you got up and made it through your day, celebrate that, and you’ve survived all your worst days. 

For me, I celebrate writing this column, I celebrate that others read it and receive value, and I celebrate that I will get to do it again next week.  

You see, it can be as simple as that. Move into your happy place. Celebrate all things.  

You deserve to live your best life and it starts now. 


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Spring is around the corner and our life coach is helping you find the spark to inspire you in this new season.

All signs point that spring is on its way. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to begin planting seeds both in the ground and in my life.

Not only are we a year into the pandemic, it’s this time of year when we feel those winter blues, and are ready to release what no longer serves us and go excitedly into the spring. What’s next for you?

Spring is such a powerful awakening in so many ways. Not only for the planet but also for you personally – a perfect time for new growth and new beginnings. The flowers come alive, trees are budding, and the color of brown is now awakening to green. 

And you being your own awakening to longer days, warmer temperatures, and infinite possibilities for what’s next. Spring brings us the opportunity to begin again, have a fresh start, or maybe a do-over.  

I encourage you to take a closer look at what the change of season to spring may offer you in all areas of your life: health, money, business, relationships, and spirituality.  

If you’ve been feeling stuck or stalled in any area, this is time to begin again. Think of one area that you really want to focus on and create a “plan” to move forward. Here are some ideas to spark your focus:

A new wellness program to begin to reclaim your health for longevity and vitality

A savings plan for home renovations and/or redecorating

Reaching out to a friend you’d like to reconnect with and catch up

Hiring an organizer to help you get your office organized and out from all those piles of paper and clutter

Plan a summer vacation to somewhere you’ve always dreamed about going

Start by taking some form of action because that will bring more opportunities and clarity you may not see in the moment. What better time to begin than in this magical time of spring while excitement, happiness, and joy is in the air with another new birth of infinite possibilities.

You deserve to live your best life NOW!