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Melissa Kirkpatrick is a Transformational Coach and Motivational Speaker. She’s been featured in Cincy Magazine , CincyChic online magazine and is the author of the impactful self-help book “5 Steps to Your Own D.R.I.V.E.” Melissa offers one-on-one services, motivational speaking and hands-on workshops, allowing individuals and teams to shift their drive from stuck to unstoppable. To learn more, visit or email

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Our life coach columnist explains why an accountability partner is the secret to success for bringing your goals into reality!

Accountability is when you are willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviors, and actions. You know what you want and how to get there, you just lose focus and drive. You’re not alone. 

You set the goal 

You make a plan

You take a deep breath 

…and nothing happens

Why does this keep happening? Perhaps, you:

– allow the excuses to outweigh your desires
– lose motivation and excitement over time
– think giving up is easier than finding a way to plow through 

Being committed to change and taking the necessary action doesn’tcome ease when starting something new. Whether you are up leveling your business, building better relationships, losing weight, or a career change, they all require goals with a vision, strategy, and most importantly accountability!

What would it look like if you had daily accountability by having to share your progress? 

I know personally it is a game changer.  Having someone track your results, offer daily inspiration, celebrate your wins, and keep you focused on your vision is the motivation that will allow you to stay committed and accomplish your goal!

Here are a few ways to get the accountability you need to leap into the next version with confidence and clarity in all area of your life.

– Stop trying to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Write out what you are doing to accomplish the goal and take inventory to see if it’s working or how you could adjust your action plan.
– When you get derailed, one of the biggest challenges with any goal, find your way back by saying up until now I would have failed, BUT today I press on.
– Make a committee with a friend or family member (or a coach) to have a daily check in. Share your intentions and desires each day with someone who can allow you see your progress and keep you focused on your vision. 

The big “why” for being accountable for your actions is to create a habit of valuing your work, increase your skills, and grow your confidence.

Personal accountability will eliminate the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior, while keeping you jazzed and excited to keep working towards your goals. 

Ready to be held accountable and crush those goals!? Join the 2021 Vision boarding workshop December 17th to kick off your vision and learn how to include personal accountability opportunities for rapid results.

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Mommin’ ain’t easy, especially when you have to share your energy and time with your career. Our life coach columnist has a message for those mamas who may need some extra encouragement right now.

Unexpected illness or situations that has you leaving work early, calling off work, desperately trying to find a sitter, sick kids, all happens more times than you’d like.

All the emotions that come with being a working mom from “am I doing enough, how can I juggle all of the needs of my family, or how can I show up fully in my greatness”, among other things running rapidly in your mind on a daily basis.

For my family, I’ve always worked even when I enrolled in college at age 30 to earn my teaching degree, I worked full time, went to school full time, and attended all my boys’ school and sporting events. Challenging and fulfilling because I created a plan so I would be fully emerged in each moment.

Here’s what allowed me to focus and manage the role as mother, wife, businesswoman, home and finance manager daily:

Quality Over Quantity

You know that feeling when you lose track of time because you are so engrossed in the moment that time stands still? Children want that feeling when they are with you. Even if it is for a brief moment be sure to fully engage in the moment as if time stands still.  The other things can wait, promise.

Schedule Non-Negotiable Time

You know your work schedule and what needs to be done, so block time in the schedule for the kids including things like play dates, outings, or just sitting in their room reading and playing.Allow them to choose what they want to do and just go with it.Have fun and laugh often.  

Love Unconditionally by Fill Your Own Cup

Refuel and rejuvenate your own energy.  Again, plan for time to get that bath, a trip to the spa, out with girlfriends, or taking a nap (when they nap).  Filling your cup brings calmness and love which is spilled over into your child’s life. They just want you to hear them and see them so taking care of you first will open your eyes, ears and heart to be fully connect with them.

Lastly, remember, no matter how tired and frustrated you feel, this too shall pass.  Time moves quickly and before you know those children are adults and they will only remember how their working mom was there when they needed her most.

PS – If now one has told you lately — You Rock Working Momma!

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The holiday season is here and our life coach is sharing how you can fill your own cup in a year that's been anything but normal.

Ready or not! The holidays are now upon us. Thanksgiving is in a few days. But the energy and excitement this year isn’t as strong as years past. 

This is the time of year when you celebrate and spend time with family, friends, co-workers and new acquaintance in homes, restaurants, and party venues. But this year it’s mostly virtual. 

To be honest with you it just doesn’t have the same energy and high vibe like it does when you see someone in person and can give them a big hug and just be in the presence of others.

Having just conducted the Growing Through Gratitude webinar and talking about the different ways that you can expand on your gratitude practice by using the deeper why method, an evidence journal, and the pay it forward practice what a perfect time for you to really lean in and do the things that bring you joy.

We’re so busy taking care of others and their needs that sometimes you forget yourself in all the responsibilities and distractions. And emotionally that can be exhausting.

Start with YOU. Plan sometime fun that only you will enjoy. What’s your favorite movie, what book have you been anxiously awaiting to read, update your music playlist, light some candles.  

What about buying a new nightgown, even bra and panties, or your favorite scent for bath salts. 

It’s time that you step back into taking care of you.  Doing those little things will recharge you and bring joy. 

Even if it’s going in the kitchen and whipping up a big batch of pancakes, or my favorite French toast, even if you no longer eat carbs, go for it, unapologetically.  Enjoy every bit and savor the flavor.  

Ignite inside of you again what’s been missing. Turn inward and find the magic. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Live your best life now in this moment in time.

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After this year, it might feel difficult to feel thankful this season. Our life coach columnist offers tips to find joy and gratitude through the cloud of chaos.

Do you find yourself in a place of uncertainty especially now in 2020? Are you seeking peace, a way to let go of the chaos and frustration, and be able to find your joy? You’re not alone. 

We are all struggling to understand what’s next, feeling a bit ofemptiness inside, knowing things are different. With all the events of the world it becomes a challenge to focus on gratefulness when your mind is racing to understand and process all of the world events and evolution. 

Let me offer you the opportunity to find your way back to center using the tools for Growing Through Gratitude. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what better time to learn a new way to practice thankfulness.

The process of Growing Through Gratitude begins with a deeper connection for what you are thankful for. 

“I am thankful for electricity.” Going deeper is the AND “I am grateful for the person who had the idea, the technology to support the invention, the ability to have it available everywhere, the multiple uses, etc.” Use a journal to being this practice to explore and tap into how you feel grateful beyond the person, place or thing by writing out all the “whys.”

Then start an evidence journal. This is where you can track your growth in gratitude. Be the good finder I like to say.  Perhaps you see repeated numbers, find money on the ground, or out of the blue opportunities begin to show up. This is part of the “evidence” that you are conspiring on behave of the cosmic kitchen to receive that which you desire for your life. Write these in a notebook as well.

Pay it forward! This is where the magic happens.  Gratitude is a form of being grateful for what you can be, do, and have so to amplify these gifts, by paying it forward, is your exchange to the Universe acknowledging all the goodness you’ve called into your life through gratitude. This can include buying the persons meal behind you in the drive thru, bring flowers to a loved one, or volunteer in your community. 

Remember, your thoughts become things, your actions create a reaction, and when you know how to apply the three keys to practicing for gratitude, you really can create your life by design and have more joy, abundance, and prosperity.

Cheers to a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and to living the life you deserve.

Learn more this Thursday — here’s the RSVP link: — where I will be teaching a webinar on Growing Through Gratitude. You will learn how you can break out of ruts, attract more good, and live your best life.

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Wish you could flip the switch and make your goals and dreams a reality? Our life coach columnist explains how it could be as easy as changing a light bulb.

You know when you flip a light switch, and the light comes on, do you question it before you flip that switch? Or when you get in your car and turn the key and the motor starts, do you question it before you turn the key?

Of course not, you’ve come to BELIEVE that it will come on! Until it doesn’t. What action do you take when that happens? Do you say “Oh, well, it doesn’t work?” and leave the room or get out of the car? Of course not, because you have OPTIONS to find a SOLUTION to the current circumstances and situation.

Your belief system has been created in a similar fashion when it comes to money, health, wealth, and relationships.

When you feel “lack” in these areas it keeps you from being open to receive something more or better. Lack mindset creates stories that you’re not good enough, can’t earn enough, bad at relationships, and can’t stick to a wellness program, etc.

What if in this moment of your current situation and circumstances you treat it like the light switch? If the light didn’t come on, you’d CHANGE the light bulb.  This is usually the solution to the light not coming on and the outcome you’ve come to believe. 

And if changing the light bulb didn’t fix the problem, you’d call an electrician who can take on the responsibility of fixing the light and you no longer have to worry with “how’s that light going to be fixed”….. you just BELIEVE in the outcome!

When you align this thought process with your own personal obstacles, you are more open to receive what you desire and less of what you don’t because you believe in the outcome.  Your thoughts and actions align with your desires, and when you know what you really want, without excuses, you create your life by design.  

Each stumbling block becomes a steppingstone, the setback becomes your comeback, and all the obstacles turn into life lessons for you to navigate and rise into your next season of life. 

So, the next time you flip a light switch or turn the key in the ignition, remember your belief is powerful enough not to question if it will work. And if it doesn’t you can find an outcome simply by believing in the process.  Soon you’ll see how things change for you in all areas of your life.Don’t stop believing in all the infinite outcomes! 

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Just as the foliage moves into a quieter time to prepare for a fruitful year ahead, our life coach columnist suggests ways for you to do the same.

Welcome November. Fall is upon us and the calendar is winding down with only two months of 2020 left. It’s been a year full of challenges, uncertainty, stretching, and life interrupted – your new reality. 

This time of year, one of my favorites, with the cooler nights, cozy sweaters, and the changing foliage, all reminding us to move into the next season of life with grace, trusting you will use this time of hibernation to align with what’s next. 

You may be asking, “how can one align with what’s next?” when there are so many distractions from social media, television, conversations, and uncertainty that it becomes to challenging to find the inner peace.

Leaning into what’s next begins with eliminating distractions and quieting the mind so you can listen. Going within to find the peace begins with the quieter you become the more you can hear.

One way that can help you is to journal.  I know it isn’t always something we want to do but the magic behind the pen is powerful. Journaling can help you with connecting to your own thoughts, beliefs, and truths, without all the judgement and chaos, because it comes from your higher self.  

Here’s a way that might help you to start.

Open your journal and don’t write what you think you want to write, like a story, but allow the pen to take control. Ask the question “what do I need to know about _____”, pause, and then write what you hear. It may not make any sense at first but keep writing. Let it flow. 

When you pause ask the question again and keep asking until you have nothing more to write. 

This practice takes time and ongoing is best. Use it to build the muscle in listening to your higher self to create a deeper connection and to enhance your knowingness or intuition. 

It can be a game changer for managing and dealing with situations that have you stuck, confused, concerned, or even mad. Tapping into your own thoughts and understanding allows for a foundation to be created for finding the inner peace to knowing that all is well.

Give it a try. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Have fun. And no judgement of right/wrong. It’s all good! 

Here’s to creating the life you deserve! Melissa

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Could being stuck in today prevent you from dreaming big about tomorrow? Our life coach columnist explains how to get unstuck and expect more.

Are you limiting what you can be, do, or have because you only see what is available? Are you cutting off opportunities and experiences due to being stuck in the same repetitive story? Don’t you want to have MORE in your life?

This is common when you are trying to create your life by design from a place of what you already know. What you have already created in your life is easier to work with then to look out and beyond of what is possible. 

Do you believe in infinite possibilities?

Allow me to motivate you today and learn to think big AND expect more. That is when the magic can happen.

I find that when I talk to myself about the things that I truly desire, envision it in my mind’s eye, create a vision board, I always add — “I want this or something better.”

You see sometimes the cosmic kitchen has something better in store for you that you cannot even imagine what that might look like because you have not experienced it. 

You may say you only want $1,000 and the Universe was ready to give you $5,000. You may think I don’t know how I could even come up with $5,000 and there was an inheritance that you didn’t expect, a bonus at work, or a winning scratch-off in your stocking. Think big and expect more!

There are many ways that you can really strive to create your future by design.  Begin by allowing yourselves to be open for more using the phrase “or something better” during the process to keep from cutting off other possibilities. 

I encourage you today, when you start asking for those things that you desire, add “or something better” or “something more”and expect it. 

Expanding the mind in this manner will also allow you to start thinking what else is possibly. You may discover there is something better or something more that you want to go after and not limit yourself to what you think you want right now. 

Get excited! Think big and expect more is your new mantra. 

Here’s to creating the life you deserve! Melissa

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It takes motivation to get started and momentum to keep going. Our life coach columnist shares three helpful tips.

Motivation got you there and it’s the momentum that keeps you going.

Remember how making a snowman from a field of snow was so fun. You took a scoop of snow and began to roll it across the ground creating a bigger snowball.  And as it got bigger the momentum got stronger. You wanted that supersized snowball for the base of the snowman. It was the motivation of building the snowman but the size of the snow getting bigger was the momentum that kept you going.

How many times have you found yourself so motivated to do something but quickly fall short because you lost momentum? You get excited when thinking about saving money for a vacation, wanting to get healthy, run a 5K, tackle a cluttered space, and then you hit the wall of overwhelm and stop before you ever get started.  

Consider the cluttered space. If you can see beyond the clutter and what the space looks like cleaned up that make you feel good. That is the motivation to act. And the goal is to have freedom from the clutter.

Then, it happens. Overwhelm creeps in. Here are a few ways to overcome the desire to stop.

• You start but see no progress. Start with what you know can be removed from the space. Either put into another area outside the space or take straight to the trash.
• You start looking in a box that has not been open in years to discover an hour goes by and nothing is accomplished. Any box you have not opened can stay closed for another time. Put it away in another room and plan to revisit AFTER this space is complete. Something to look forward to on a rainy day.
• You want to get it all done in one day.  Set a timer to allow yourself to work for 30 minutes with a 15-minute break. Go with that momentum and soon you will see progress and want to continue.

Take on your next project or goal in the same manner. See the result and possibilities of what comes next once you complete the task/goal at hand and do not stop until you get there.

Sending love and light,


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Ever heard of ho’oponopono? Our life coach columnist explains how it may help diffuse the next time you feel triggered.

You know that moment when you’re feeling really good about yourself, you’re in a great place, and everything seems to be going really well, and then out of the blue something happens and you find yourself in a tailspin. Or perhaps you find yourself frustrated, angry, or just simply mad for no reason at all. What’s this all about? Something “triggers” you. 

Do you notice that those triggers are related to past stories or situations that you would rather NOT remember?  And they come into your mind at random times.  

The best way to overcome these triggers is to face them head-on. Give yourself permission to replay the event.  Then try using an ancient technique to help clean up those triggers, energetically, so overtime the memory subsides and often releases for good. No more unwanted triggers.

What is the technique? The ho’oponopono mantra, an antient practice dating back to 1970s.

The word ho’oponopono, is Hawaiian, and ho’o means “to make” and pono means “right” – “make it right!”.  The technique of repeating the four statements will create balance and harmony within yourselves.  —the self that is now, the self of your past, the evolving self of your present and the self of your future. The repetition goes like this: 

“I Love You” (self that is now)

“I’m Sorry” (self of your past)

“Please Forgive Me” (self of your present)

“Thank You” (self of your future)

Followed by “please heal it, please clear it, please remove it away”. 

Use this technique anytime something has surfaced in your life (a trigger) and allow the emotional attachment and physical intensity that surges throughout your body to subside by using ho’oponopono.

Sending Love & Light,


To learn more about ho’oponopono with Joe Vitale visit

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Our life coach columnist explains how to overcome fear to enter the best season yet. Read on for more.

The saying goes “keep your eye on the prize,” especially when you are stepping out and starting to create something new for yourself. Maybe it’s a new fitness program, a new job, remodeling your home, or perhaps stepping into a new season of life. To be successful in any area of change requires some inside work. And the best way to begin is to overcome the fear and fall in love with yourself and life.

Overcoming fear is the most challenging.  This is when you know you really desire to make a change to the paralyzing feeling that keeps you stuck. Learning to release fear and replace it with love is the best practice I have learned that helps shift that inner voice.  

Let’s break it down. Fear and Love. Sounds like trying to mix oil and water. And yet, you experience it all the time.  For example, if you’ve given birth. When you learned to drive. Leaving home.  Getting married. The list is endless when you have experienced fear and love together.

My best example is riding a roller coaster. The excitement was soon taken away by the sound of the clicking the cart made going up the hill, thinking “oh no, what if it flies off the track” – hello, fear.  And then that first fall on the other side of the hill was pure bliss. And of course, the screams were the perfect mixture of fear and love. 

What allows you to connect with fear and love? Trust! When you can trust yourself to make the inside connection with your soul, knowing you are safe, and out of any situation good will come, you align with overcoming fear and tapping into the love.

Love is where you connect with your why, visualize the outcome or something better, and bring together excitement and love that neutralizes the fear. 

Don’t you owe it to yourself to stop being in fear and flip your script to loving yourself and life? Join me as I share important tips for you to enter the best season yet with the Turning a New Leaf webinar this Thursday at 8pm. RSVP at: