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Who knew fashion travels on four wheels? Learn about this new roaming boutique and where it’ll pop up next!


Local Love A Roaming Boutique brings fashion to your doorstep with its fashion truck.

This on-the-go company offers a unique and fun shopping experience that brings fashion right to your doorstep.

Local Love Roaming Boutique is a traveling women’s clothing and accessories boutique in a renovated 30-foot step van, complete with hardwood floors, dressing rooms, and even air conditioning! The boutique itself is own and operated by one woman: Beth Presher, who took a chance with a traveling boutique, and has loved the results.

“I was an event planner for 8 years and began looking for a day job to work with my kids’ school schedule. After being laid off from a financial planner’s office, I decided to start my own business. I mentioned to one of my best friends that I wanted to start a boutique and she got me connected with a boutique owner in Las Vegas. After discussing the overwhelming startup cost for a brick and mortar, she mentioned that she loaded up a trailer and went to people’s homes. I started googling mobile boutiques and found these mobile boutiques in step vans popping up all over the place. That was in December of 2013, we started an llc that day and were open 100 days later,” Presher says.

Beth Presher, Owner of Local Love A Roaming Boutique

Presher chose the name Local Love…a Roaming Boutique because she always wanted loving her community to be a part of her company’s identity and Roaming Boutique became a cute way to describe what it is she does.

The boutique works with a variety of brands to sell “accessible trendy” women’s clothing and accessories, for example, a small line of locally sourced hair ties for little girls. Presher says she travels to market 2-4 times a year to find brands that are great quality, stylish, and also affordable for her customers.

Visiting these markets is one of Presher’s favorite aspects of her job, that and making relationships with her customers. Most of her customers come from Facebook and word of mouth, which makes sense that a lot of the boutique’s events consist of personal home events.

Other than that, one can also catch A Roaming Boutique at food truck rallies, shopping events, and also fashion Fridays where the truck is parked in different lots around town.

Get updates on new arrivals and upcoming events on Facebook. You can also shop online at


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Inspired to get back to nature, a local high-end jewelry designer launched a new collection that’s both haute and healing.


One local lady is helping you connect to your core, one beautiful piece of jewelry at a time.

ADORN USA is a global lifestyle company, launched by Arlene Aranzamendez, with a vision to create handmade, luxurious statement jewelry and accessories. The company consists of several different brands, all owned and operated by Aranzamendez, including the Hyde Park-based ADORN USA Showroom, KONSTANTIN, ADORN USA Bridal, Atelier by ADORN USA, and most recently launched: Chakra Therapy Collection.

Arlene Aranzamendez launched the Chakra Therapy Collection at ADORN USA.

The Chakra Therapy Collection is a new jewelry line designed by Aranzamendez around the bodies’ seven chakras to create balance, peace and harmony. #HealYourself is their tagline.

According to Aranzamendez, chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. Originating from Sanskrit, it literally means “wheel” by association with its function as a vortex of spinning energy. People have seven main chakra centers and each main center is connected to our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Balanced Chakras bring peace and harmony within oneself, as well as in one’s physical reality.

“I was inspired to create the Chakra Therapy Collection jewelry line by a sense of going back to nature. With the busy world we live in, most of us have forgotten that we are part of this beautiful world in which we live,” explains Aranzamendez. “Being a vital part of nature moves us to care about and protect our natural surroundings, leading to a more sustainable world for us all.”

While the brands within ADORN USA vary, something that makes the Chakra Therapy Collection even more exciting is the fact that all the pieces for it are designed and crafted here in Cincinnati.

Those hand crafted and designed pieces for the Chakra collection will have a focus on bracelets, which are designed around the seven main chakras, while Aranzamendez notes she will also be adding Mala necklaces to her next collection.

The Chakra Therapy Collection at ADORN USA focuses on bracelets.

The Chakra Therapy Collection will be a year-round feature; Aranzamendez plans to unveil new pieces ongoing as her company grows. She hints that she also has plans to collaborate with modern yogis and wellness leaders to develop exclusive collections in the years ahead as well.

Pieces from Chakra Therapy Collection can be purchased via email at, in person by booking a styling appointment at Atelier by ADORN USA or at local boutiques such as Three French Hens, Elder-Beerman department stores in the Dayton Mall, Beavercreek and trunk shows. Pieces from the collection range from $34 to $58.

Learn more at ADORN USA’s website and the Chakra Therapy Collection’s Instagram.


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Get a posh peek inside the newest boutique to open in one of the quickest growing areas in town as we chat with the fashionista behind the brand.


Styles by Eunika is a newly opened brick-and-mortar boutique in Westwood that also offers styling services. Launched by Eunika Hisle, she provides customers with fashion consultations, personal styling, personal shopping, closet organization and also acts as creative director for photo shoots and video shoots. The company is designed to help individuals create their own style and be fashionable while doing it.

Hisle originally began doing fashion shows for her first boutique (The Unique Boutique). However, after years of hearing people say her styles were too good for just Cincinnati, she began doing photo shoots and instantly fell in love with styling.

Styles by Eunika offers styling services for customers.

After discovering this was what she wanted to do, the rest came naturally, including the company name. “Well, one day I was thinking I needed a name for the styling company and it was either Styles by Eunika or Styled by Eunika – I choose Styles by Eunika,” explains Hisle. “I liked styles because I’m very versatile in my styling, I can create any look my clients are going for and put my own twist to it, which is why Styles by Eunika fits to me.”

Styles by Eunika runs on an inspiration basis. Full of unique, hip pieces, Hisle shops for all the clothes herself, going off what inspires her and the trends. 

“Most of the time I just pick out what I like and I can see other women wearing,” Hisle says. “Most of my pieces you can dress up or down, which makes it better for customers because it’s a win-win situation for them. Also, as a stylist I do a lot of research on what’s the latest trends in fashion, so that’s helps with my inspiration as well.”

The company currently operates online and in store, in the Styles by Eunika Showroom. This is a place where customers can shop and get an amazing experience. The showroom itself has a glam vibe from the store décor to the clothes, all of which are very unique and fun. The showroom is also a place where Hisle can do consultations and fittings for clients who need personal styling help.

That personal styling is one of Hisle’s favorite aspects of her job. “My favorite part is giving back. God gave me the talent to help others with fashion,” says Hisle. “Some people want to have a high fashion look but just don’t know how to put it together, so I’m here to help, but also teach them so they won’t always need me. Of course I would love for them to need me but it’s bigger than me, it’s about helping others and this is my way to help. I love seeing people confident and happy after their dressed. It’s a blessing to be to make others smile.”

Styles by Eunika is located at 2956 Montana Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211. To learn more, visit or “like” them on Facebook.


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A group of local women launched an up-and-coming studio that produces thoughtfully handcrafted products like no other. Read on for all the designer details.


Pull Club is a design ad printmaking studio in Camp Washington and focuses on bright colors and patterns.

Pull Club is a design and printmaking studio based in Camp Washington, Cincinnati. The studio focuses on bright colors and patterns which are applied to textiles and then transformed into household items that bring joy to everyday living.

Pull Club also makes designs for home decor items.

Pull Club is own and run by three women: Linda Winder, Amy Scarpello, and Chelsey Hughes. The name itself comes from the act of screen printing wherein one “pulls” a print by pressing ink through a tight mesh screen. The women also wanted the name to be something that referred to them being more than one maker/owner and “club” seemed the right fit for their vibe.

Pull Club was created after the women realized how much they missed having a space that allowed them to print and create.

“The initial idea was to just get a shared studio and maybe collaborate on some items. The concept snow balled from there,” says Scarpello.

It snowballed so much that Pull Club now works on not only their own collections, but also making prints for clients.

“We’ve done a number of projects where we are provided with a design to execute in print, which can be a fun challenge. For example, we turned a painting by Chase Melendez into a screen print last year for Wave Pool,” she explains. “This was a challenge because we had to first recreate the painting digitally then process the digital version to retain the original feel of the painting.”

From undergarments to paper prints, Pull Club hopes to be a go-do print studio.

They also produce collections in the studio, Scarpello says. “We create new items and patterns each season and use colors that embody how we feel about that time of year,” she adds. “For collections, we typically have a series of meeting with all of us bringing different ideas to the table. We talk through what we all love and what we think will have a broad appeal and fit the personality of Pull Club. Then we narrow it down to what we have time and means to produce. We try to be really smart with our design and color palettes and work with images that can become any number of items or designs that can be reimagined in a different season.”

Although paper prints are in their expertise, Pull Club does the most with textile printmaking; they feel it has so much versatility and endless possibilities.

Though printmaking has endless possibilities, it also can come with endless challenges. However, while those challenges can be frustrating at times, the women believe working through them is such a rewarding feeling.

“The moment you pull that print off the press, you forget about all that frustration. You gain experience through every print and you get to take that into your next project,” Scarpello says. “We’re always evolving as printers and that keeps us excited every time step to the press.”

If it can be printed on, Pull Club will print on it.

Their evolution has not only helped them with experience, but also with their customer base. Pull Club has grown over the last two years very organically, always sharing what they do or are working on when they are out and about. Those conversations then tend to lead to new clients for both commercial print, design work, and the product line.

Continuing that growth in the upcoming month, customers can find Pull Club at local craft and artisan markets including the Wave Pool: Car Wash and City Flea on August 19 and the OFF Market on August 26.

As for what’s further on the horizon, Pull Club is happy to announce their exciting process of expanding the physical studio space along with adding a permanent set up for yardage printing, both allowing the ability to host more workshops in the future!

To stay up to date with the latest about Pull Club, visit or follow along on Instagram.

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Learn about a local company that hand-crafts bags that are useful, creative and personalized with the color, fabric and size of your choice.


Ready, Set, Sew creates useful and stylish handmade accessory bags.

Ready Set Sew is a company that creates useful and stylish handmade accessory bags. Best known for their use of colorful fabrics, the company uses unique patterns to sew the bags and locally source the fabric whenever possible.

The company itself is a partnership between Lonna Hill and Megan Marshall, two friends who created the company out of a love for colors and fabric. The original product that got them going was conceptualized by a need for a useful and fun pencil bag for a 4th grader (more on that to come).

“We are a small local business run by two women who love to create something useful, creative, and personalize. We take great care in selecting fabric with unique colors and patterns that make a bag special,” says Hill.

Each bag is personally touched by Hill or Marshall and can be personalized using monogramed names or sayings. With that said, their most popular bag by far is the “Every Little Thing” bag which allows customers to use it for exactly what one would think: every little thing! Not only is it their most popular bag, but was also their first creation.

“We love it and love making it. I made the first bag during a sewing class with my daughter who used it for school supplies. When her friends saw it, they started asking where she got it and the rest is history,” says Hill.

Aside from that bag, Ready Set Sew also has collections of wristlets, make-up bags, and even miniature bags (think coin purses). Each bag is always personalized and can even fit to a theme. In the past they have created bridal shower wristlets, theme party bags, nail party giveaways, nesting bags for teacher gifts, goody bags for birthday parties and graduation sets. Customers are only limited by their imagination.

The “Ready Set Sew” name shows the brand’s fearless ambition to provide a functional and attractive product, says Hill, adding that it represents a challenge for them to be unafraid and to keep moving forward, almost like the saying “ready, set, go!”  

According to Hill, most of their business is generated through bags that have been firsthand designed and created by Lonna and Megan however they have taken fabric suggestions from customers.

“We just added a sports and superhero line of bags. However, we like to keep our fabric pairings unique and unexpected. Every bag can be personalized and every bag has a coordinated inner fabric that gives to a little surprise when you unzip them. Customers always get a cute smile when they look inside the bag!” says Hill.

Seeing that smile from a customer is among Hill and Marshall’s favorite part of running Ready Set Sew. That plus being able to choose fabric and do craft shows, all makes them feel incredibly lucky to have a job they love.

Ready Set Sew is a business driven by the personal touch. Almost all sales are done through personal messages and contacts which is why most of their customers come via word of mouth.

“We think this is the best recommendation. We have a presence on Facebook and Instagram to keep customers up to date on our latest creations and ideas. We also do local and pop up shows. The best way to get in contact with us is directly through Facebook, Instagram, phone or text,” says Hill.

As for what customers and fans can look forward to in the future, Hill says you can stay tuned via Ready Set Sew’s Facebook and Instagram for several craft shows coming up starting in October.

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Learn about a locally-based athleisure fashion designer who’s pushing boundaries while celebrating the daring and independent.


FREEWHEELER is an athleisure clothing brand that encourages customers to step out of their comfort zones.

FREEWHEELER is an athletic clothing brand based on collaboration and pushing the limits of comfort levels. Based around the idea of never wanting to be stagnant or safe, but instead, always trying to push people out of their personal and business comfort zones. FREEWHEELER is a brand for everyone pursuing their dreams, even if it’s not related to athletics or fashion. “We stand for all. And kneel for none.”

The company itself is run by two owners, James Boyd and Ryan Repasky. Boyd has an extensive athletic background including basketball and football, and Repasky has studied art, design, and fashion. Repasky gave us some insight into this blossoming brand and the inspiration behind it.

FREEWHEELER merges high fashion with athletic wear.

“We both knew that we wanted our own business, but we come from vastly different worlds,” Repasky explains. “Merging high fashion with athletics was going to be a bold and daring move. We found the word FREEWHEELER in the dictionary, found that it means a person who lives in an independent and daring way, and mutually agreed that it had the exact definition that we were looking for.”

Being so daring and independent, it only makes sense for FREEWHEELER’s logo to be a crown. “Our logo, the crown, represents many different aspects of life and unifies them in a way that is cohesive and modern.  The logo represents aspects of each of [the owners],” Repasky explains. “The top part of the crown is sharp and structured, representing James, while the bottom half of the crown is smooth and fluid representing Ryan. We wanted the crown to be “melting” which gives it more of a street feel but also represents that power is not a definite thing. It can be faded out, handed over, or even taken, which is a reminder to us to always stay grounded. The concept of power for us comes from the fact that it can be used for good or bad, and our objective is to create a FREEWHEELER empire that not only stays true to us but takes a positive stance in the world.”

Part of what gives this brand so much power is the fact that their collections are always changing. In some ways the collections mimic what the owners and the business are experiencing at the time. The collections are usually launched by season, and each season tends to have a very different look. However, Repasky did admit a consistency within the collections is the color black- it’s a staple and always will be.

FREEWHEELER constantly changes their collection and offers different looks for every season.

“We believe that to have light, you must embrace the dark. So for us, our garments, marketing campaign and overall feel is predominately dark,” says Repasky. “But through this, we strive to do good.”

Those garments are currently screen printed embroidered, and designed all by Boyd and Repasky. With that said, they have collaborated with a local artist this past year where her message and artwork of “Don’t Stay Silent” was placed on an athletic tank in their summer collection.

This collaboration with the local artist is just one example of the sense of community FREEWHEELER strives to build with other businesses and their customers. So far they have also had collaborations with local bars and restaurants, AAU basketball teams, artists and even local producers and dance crews; all of which have continued to get FREEWHEELER’s name out there and build a strong customer base.

As for what’s on the horizon for FREEWHEELER? Well, quite a lot. “We are striving to be not only a brand, but a lifestyle brand that stretches far beyond the realm of fashion and athletics,” Repasky says. “When it comes to athletics, we are currently working on projects providing garments for basketball teams in AAU, basketball camps, and a high school team, as well as collaborating with local dance crews. As far as fashion is concerned, we are preparing to launch our fall campaign where we will be raising money for a local community center as well as working towards our very own fashion show this winter.”

Repasky says FREEWHEELER will be showcased at the Second Sunday on Main next month. Learn more about them online at

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A local lady makes unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry and art from interesting finds in nature, antique malls and thrift shops. Click to see her creations.


Found by Jenn is a jewelry line that’s created from reclaimed and recycled jewelry parts and other unique objects.

Found by Jenn is a line of wearable art created from reclaimed and recycled jewelry parts and unique found objects that creator, Jenn Acus-Smith discovers in antique stores and finds on her travels. These vintage materials bring a richness and history, which the wearer then is able to carry with them. All the jewelry pieces are handmade in Acus-Smith’s Hamilton, Ohio, home studio.

Jenn’s successful business actually started from a compliment. For a while she was making found object assemblages inside old boxes and occasionally making jewelry for herself. One day a local shop owner saw a piece Acus-Smith was wearing made from driftwood and asked her if she would consider selling them at her store. She went home, made a batch for the shop owner, and things have grown ever since.

Jenn Acus-Smith is the artist behind Found by Jenn.

“I have always created art using reclaimed or found materials – I collect natural treasures on walks and find interesting pieces while exploring thrift stores,” she explains. “With no more room to display items in my home, it was time to create! It began with found object assemblage sculptures and eventually became unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.”

Acus-Smith says nature provides her with a great deal of her inspiration and materials, such as unusual stones and shells along the banks of the Great Miami River and driftwood along the beaches of Lake Michigan.

“Recently I brought back some interesting rocks from Anchorage, Alaska! I put all of my findings together on a table in my studio and focus on making unusual combinations,” she adds. “So much of creating for me is just playing and experimenting until something sings. I have to be really organized in some of my other work, so it’s a nice break to just be open and explore ideas freely.”

Although many of Acus-Smith’s favorite materials come from nature, she also frequently hits antique malls, thrift stores and junk shops, looking for things that seem to have a story to them, even quirky things such as tiny skeleton keys, vintage buttons or antique deco drawer pulls. 

Found by Jenn is sold at markets in Hamilton and on her Etsy store.

“I like to purchase vintage jewelry and take apart to reinvent it into something new,” she explains. “Beads are definitely an obsession of mine! It’s also important to me to reuse materials instead of constantly consuming new things. I even keep the clasps and chains to rework into new pieces.”

Along with Acus-Smith’s business growing, so is her customer base. Most of these customers come when they purchase items through the local Hamilton stores or Hamilton Flea where Found by Jenn is sold. She makes a point to sell in places that value handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces, such as Sara’s House and IVY Salon.

“I offer jewelry that feels like wearable art; one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out and tell a story,” she says. “When you purchase from an artist, you are investing in their future creativity.”

As for future endeavors, Acus-Smith just opened an Etsy store and plans to continue to grow her audience through that and selling at new events.

To explore her Etsy page and find out more about Found by Jenn, visit


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It’s an online shop with vintage roots and a bohemian vibe. Plus, the owner is based right here in Cincinnati. Click for all the fashionable details.


Maker & Sage sells vintage and bohemian clothing and home decor.

Maker & Sage is a bohemian shop with vintage roots. Owner of Maker & Sage, Stephanie Ress says the core of her business is vintage clothing and home décor, inspired and intrigued by a bohemian life style.

While it’s mainly a one-woman-shop, she does get by with a little help from her friends. “When I sell at local markets like, The OFF Market and City Flea, my wonderful boyfriend, Zach Madden, helps with the heavy lifting and he is a fantastic sales man! He’s been my partner in the success of the shop,” she says. “We hit up the flea markets on the weekends and he loves to go treasure hunting with me. He’s also fantastic at finding some of our best and weirdest t-shirts. Anything with a wolf or a band shirt, he’s behind it.”

Ress says one of her best friends inspired the idea to start the business. “Maker & Sage came from the idea of building this brand with my best friend Meagan Martin. She is an amazing artist and a muse of mine. She started her company, Meagan Martin Maker, and sells her own designed ceramics. We met in art school, at DAAP, and instantly became best friends,” Ress explains, adding that she always dreamed about having our own studio someday. “We always called it, M&S Studios. We planned to build the brand together but unfortunately she and her fiancé moved to South Carolina so she hasn’t been able to be apart of the shop like we planned. But I still feel like she is a part of my shop and that’s why I decided to keep her a part of the name.”

That’s why she called the business Maker & Sage, M for Meagan and S for Stephanie. Plus, Ress says, she likes the meaning behind each word. The maker’s craftsmanship of vintage pieces, and sage meaning, having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom. “The pieces I collect inspire the fashion trends of today,” she says. “I love following trends in fashion and home decor, but they are always inspired by the original trends from 20+ years ago.”

Ress was able to go her own way and build this brand based on what she loves: thrift store shopping and trash picking. “It’s so much fun to me! It’s a thrill to jump into a mess and come out finding gold. When City Flea started I went to every market, and I always shopped from the vintage vendors. They always have the best finds, but I am DIY kind of girl, I like to figure things out and create my own. My shop is a creative outlet for me that gets me away from my computer,” she says. “As a graphic designer by day, I live behind a computer screen, I love being a designer, but I felt I needed something else that was all mine. No one can request edits or tell me I am doing it wrong. Its my shop and I can let my creativity run free with it.”

That creativity lets Ress continue to be inspired by fashion and home decor trends. She finds those trends walking around Cincinnati and going to concerts, bars, etc. just to people watch; it lets her see what people are wearing and play fashion police in a sense. She’s noticed a few things along the way.

“The 90s fashion is in, I’ve been rocking my own cut up denim shorts made out of 90s Lee or Levi mom jeans for 5 or more years now. And only in the past year have I seen large retailers sell 90s inspired high waist jeans/shorts,” Ress explains. “I like to find out what trends are going on and get on them before they are big.”

To learn more, shop online, and follow along, check them out on Instagram and Etsy.



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Need a fun day out filled with fun, friends, shopping, pampering, learning, giving back and more? Mark your calendar for Sparkle & Sun on July 9 and read on for more!

Sparkle for Good is hosting Sparkle & Sun on July 9 at The Oasis in Loveland.

Mark your cals and grab your gals! On Sunday, July 9, from 12-3pm, Cincy Chic is teaming up with Sparkle for Good to create Sparkle and Sun, a fashionable event at the Loveland Oasis.

Sparkle for Good is a jewelry boutique run by Michele Carey that features jewelry by Chloe + Isabel, an affordable jewelry line with a lifetime guarantee designed in NYC. Carey was nice enough to give more insight into her company.

“I created Sparkle for Good over a year ago as a way to provide women with beautiful jewelry while at the same time, give back to non-profits in our community. I pop up all over town- at local boutiques, corporate events, people’s homes, and also Cincy Chic events,” says Carey.

The event itself was created for a few reasons. First, to support a great cause that helps women have quality jobs that lead to them living happy lives, like Dress for Success Cincinnati, whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence. The second reason is to give local women business owners a “boost” during July, when sales can be sluggish as people travel and tend to be busy. Lastly, the event is to provide the Loveland women a fun event in their own backyard.

Sparkle for Good also holds a personal meaning for Carey. “July 9th is the birthday of my mom, who passed away 6 years ago. I thought that this celebration of women, for women and by women, was a special way to pay her tribute to her memory acknowledge her many years of encouraging me to be an independent and successful woman. I’m thrilled to have Cincy Chic co-host the event as they are recognized for having the best events for women in our area and have been great about supporting Dress for Success,” Carey explains.

As mentioned earlier, the event takes place at The Oasis, a beautiful space in Loveland which offers a fun excursion for women who live in the city. For women who already live in Loveland, it brings a taste of some great downtown and Northern Kentucky businesses they may not yet know. Everyone wins.

The event itself is the ultimate shopping experience with 60 local business who cater to woman. From cute boutiques to female focused services, this event is for women and by women and is meant to support female owned businesses while having fun. Guests are invited to come shop, learn about services that will make your life easier, add a touch of elegance, and help you feel at your very best.

Specifics of the event include a raffle and a line up of speakers who will run mini-workshops on topics including “planning for progress (not perfection) to achieve your goals,” “re-entering the job market after time away,” and more.

The raffle is for a beautiful basket filled with items from the vendors. Everyone who purchases a ticket is eligible to win a gift basket (approximately $500), and VIP ticket holders will also be entered in a drawing for an exclusive VIP basket (approximately $800). 100% of the ticket prices go to Dress for Success Cincinnati.

Come join the women of Cincinnati for guilt free shopping at it’s best!

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door, or you can purchase a VIP ticket here (only 100 will be sold). 

Also, be sure to follow Sparkle for Good on Instagram and Facebook!

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Bringing a style influenced but the fashion and music scene in Atlanta, learn about a mens fashion boutique in OTR carrying select eye-catching pieces.


Ragg Addict specializes in bringing men’s street wear to Cincinnati.

Ragg Addict is a company that specializes in “the flyest, hottest trends in men’s street wear.” What does that include exactly? A wide variety of trendy pieces including men’s shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, hoodies, backpacks, and hats, according to owner Arielle Nelson.

Nelson says she personally uses cutting edge designs and eye catching prints to stand out, and she wants the same for her customer. Celebrating its fourth year, the storefront is located in Over-The-Rhine, and since day one she’s had one mission: carry the hottest, edgiest looks for men.

When asked what inspired the company, Nelson says, “Just being in the fashion/styling and music scene in Atlanta helped play a big part in the direction I chose to go.”

Transplanted to Cincinnati, the different pieces are inspired from Atlanta and various cities she has been to or places that hold meaning to her. The patterns created are more than colors and prints – they are an attitude and edge and demand your attention, she says.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Ragg Addict is that it’s solely a store front – no website, and no online orders – which is unique in today’s digital world. According to Nelson, most customers come from word of mouth, social media, or walk in visits to the storefront. Without a website itself, Instagram is the main way their merchandise reaches customers via the internet. Nelson says she also uses this medium to gauge reaction to her products in real-time, keeping her line fresh.

This way of marketing is meant to tell a story and be unique for each customer, Nelson says, adding that she wants her customers to feel something from her merchandise. “Shopping at Ragg Addict is meant to be an experience: the clothes, the lifestyle,” she explains. “I want people to feel great about what they’re wearing and how they felt while they were shopping.”

Ragg Addict is located at 1416 Main Street in Over the Rhine. To learn more, follow them on Instagram, like them on Facebook, call at (513) 817-9091, email them at or visit them in store.