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There’s a new clothing brand on the local fashion scene, and it’s just what you need to add a little sass to your style.


Azure is an online brand based in Cincinnati, OH that carries women’s clothing designed and run by the one and only Briana Davis. Since she was eight years old Davis knew fashion was her calling and ever since, she has been encouraging creativity, individualism, and confidence for women looking to take over the world, and look incredible while doing it. Davis is a busy woman, currently a full time fashion marketing student at the Academy of Art San Francisco while working part time and being full time manager for Azure.

Azure was officially launched April 30, 2016. It was funded with only $1,500 dollars that Davis had saved to invest into her first selection of shoe inventory and accessories, but has grown to much more.

When asked what inspires her collections, Davis explains, “Wanting to create/provide pieces that can truly cater to her lifestyle is what inspires my collections. I know my girl enjoys going out and loves to feel that her outfit is truly one of a kind. I am always inspired by textile and everyday daywear from iconic women.”

Azure itself is shaped off of Davis’ very own personal style. Azure’s style is chic, glamorous, daring, sexy, and expressive.

But where does the name come from? “Azure is the most unusual in the color name group. The name itself is alluring. When I broke the name down. It describes my ideal girl. She’s authentic, she’s zazzy, she’s radiant, and she’s elegant,” says Davis.

Currently, Davis has been working on Azure’s summer collection in which the pieces are made in the USA and can’t be found anywhere else nor will anyone be able to guess where they were purchased. Davis did this on purpose because she feels more connected to her brand when the pieces are unique.

Not only does Davis want to truly connect with her clothing pieces, but also with her customers. She takes a lot of pride in providing excellent customer service and helping her clients put together looks that fit them.

“Azure is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a brand that inspires women to feel confident, and empowered when wearing our pieces. This brand is for women that want to make a statement with pieces that are made of high quality materials and premium craftsmanship. Our online store is very easy to navigate, provides excellent customer service while keeping clients in limited designs to keep them feeling that they’re truly one of a kind,” says Davis.

What’s next on the horizon for Azure? Since her summer collection is out, Davis is currently designing the fall collection, building more awareness for Azure across the world, and still finding time to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing next spring. Talk about conquering the world with flying colors.

For more information on Azure, click here.

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As apps, social media and sharing photos leave a virtual trail, one local organization keeps families protected through cutting edge news and information.


Stephen J. Smith, Founder of A Wired Family

A Wired Family is a website made to help parents and families stay up to date with technology. Filled with collections of articles and short videos, A Wired Family helps parents keep up with the ever changing world of apps and how teens are using them. Often, the website provides a view of these apps and technology well before they are adopted by teens.

A Wired Family was created and is run by Stephen J Smith, who is currently working at Cincinnati Bell, but is a man of many talents. With over 30 years of experience in different industries, Smith has done a lot in 30 years, some of his favorite past professions include his work as a writer and director of film and video projects while working at NCR Corporation.

“It was an exceptional opportunity where technology and creativity would intersect. That experience working across the country with so many different people and technologies has helped me in my position today at Cincinnati Bell,” Smith explains.

That combination of technology and creativity has allowed Smith to also build off A Wired Family, with the SOCIAL MEDIA: YOUR DIGITAL TATTOO program. Connected through his website, this program is about teaching families about how to responsibly use social media and technology.

“Children today are the first generation that will grow up with much of their every move having been recorded either through their own will- by others or simply through the infrastructure they use. Therefore, their actions at age 15 can come back to haunt them later in life,” says Smith.

But where did this strong inspiration for family-based technology education come from? Smith explains.

Both the program and website were inspired by the suicide of a local high school student a few years ago. The young woman had sent an inappropriate photo to her boyfriend and after they broke up, he sent the photo out to many other people, which caused emotional distress for the young woman.

“After discussing the issue with our management, we felt it was incumbent on our company to help educate our community on the potential consequences regarding the misuse of social media. Following a lot of our program presentations, many parents would come up and ask me “Where can I find more information on these issues?” We thought a website was a perfect tool to continually update parents on the apps teens are using,” says Smith.

When it comes to the website itself, Smith writes all the articles and videos, with the help of Geoff Torbeck photography who records and edits the videos.

The content Smith uses comes mostly from what is seen and heard in his community. Smith himself studies technology and teen mental health issues constantly, and has spoken to over 270,000 people on those issues. He admits that his most compelling stories come directly from young people that have had bad, or sometimes great experiences with social media.

In today’s world though, there is so much content about social media, one might wonder how Smith is able to pick and choose which stories to cover.

“We have learned through the years that what is going on in other parts of our country is often different than what is actually going on in Cincinnati. To help, we surveyed over 10,000 local students on their use of apps and we use their feedback and discussions to aid in the direction of our material,” says Smith.

Most of the followers of Smith’s blog happen organically through other social media mentions, or through the result of their physical audience mentioning their program and website to friends and associates. That physical audience has also stemmed and grown from word of mouth.

The growth of this blog has happened because the audience understands what it is. Smith notes that he wants people to understand this blog isn’t about selling Cincinnati Bell products or services, but is instead his community outreach to help protect families in his hometown.

“We hope families understand that social media and technology are great tools for this generation. However, when unfettered access to such technology is given to children, the results can be tragic. We are here to help guide you along the way,” Smith explains.

For more information on the program or website itself, click here.


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See how a local real estate developer is all a-buzz to give old buildings new life and a new direction.


HIVE brings new ideas and energy into buildings that some may have forgotten.

Cincinnati is home to a booming start-up scene. Fresh, exciting, new businesses are popping up left and right. But Cincinnati is also home to many abandoned, historical buildings and landscapes. That’s where HIVE comes in. A company led by Kent Hardman, HIVE brings new ideas and energy into what some considered already forgotten.

Bella Ray

Growing up and living in Cincinnati his whole life, Hardman knew he wanted to be involved in real estate from a young age. “I grew up in Hyde Park and lived in a beautiful Tudor-style home,” Hardman recalls. “That house really put me down this path of falling in love with architecture and eventually wanting to get involved with real estate.”

After graduating from Miami University, Hardman had his first job as a marketing rep for a manufacturing company. But after two years, he decided to quit and follow a path he was more passionate about. He began buying old apartments and renovating houses. In 2011, one of his earlier projects included purchasing the Jackson Theatre and building it out to become a host to both apartments and salons.

The Marianne Theater, one of HIVE’s projects.

But HIVE is much more than just real estate, Hardman says. “I don’t consider myself just a real estate developer, I’m much more than that,” he explains. “My real passion is renovating old buildings. I target properties that have deep, historical roots in Cincinnati. I really enjoy tapping into that history.”

One might wonder how Hardman masters HIVE all by himself, and when asked, he explains he isn’t really alone at all. The idea of community and togetherness is key, he says, as HIVE is actually more of a family operated business. With support from his father and brother, Hardman is able to successfully run HIVE.

But why call it HIVE? And why pick Cincinnati as its base? The name itself stems from the idea of a bee hive, Hardman explains, adding that he has multiple different kinds of real estate projects going at any given time. These projects, he feels, are similar to honeycombs; they are all different, but together make up one network, or “hive.”

Kent Hardman, Owner of HIVE

As for the location, Hardman picked Cincinnati because it’s home. “I was born and raised here, I will never leave it,” he says. “I’ve become very passionate about the buildings and history involved in the city. I know this city like the back of my hand, so it’s very cool to be involved in the renaissance happening here.”

After living in one city for so long, it makes sense that Hardman wants to do the city justice through his work. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why the motto of HIVE is “building stories.” Hardman doesn’t want his work to be meaningless, he wants people to understand the roots of it all. And along with building those stories, Hardman works to also build communities. It is because of this that most of the buildings he takes on are located on business strips that are a walkable distance for people within that certain town or neighborhood.

Take for example, one of Hardman’s proudest accomplishments, Fireside Pizza in Walnut Hills. Previously an abandoned 19th century historical firehouse, Hardman bought the building from the city for $1 and turned it into a trendy, new eatery, complete with an apartment on the top level.

“I get no more joy than just sitting at Fireside’s bar and watching people come in and seeing their reaction. Seeing people enjoy themselves in a place that I helped bring back to life, is really satisfying,” admits Hardman.

Hardman wants people to enjoy the comfort of their neighborhood in the places he renovates and is constantly on the lookout for the next historical piece of architecture to do just that. He admits a lot of times the buildings “find him.”

“Word has gotten out that I’m passionate about these historical, messy, complicated projects,” Hardman laughs. “But it’s okay because I enjoy that challenge of finding a purpose for tough buildings.”

Hardman gave some insight into his next upcoming project: The Marianne Theatre in Bellevue City, Kentucky. The theatre is an old, art deco building and Hardman will be re-developing it soon. As for what customers can expect, he explains the new theatre won’t just be one thing. It will be a space that will offer live entertainment with a bar and food component and it will also be a space available for rent.

“This project is a very challenging one,” he says. “The goal is to have something that caters to the people of the district and also attracts outsiders.”

To learn more about HIVE, visit


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Who says business and faith can’t go hand in hand? Learn about a local lady who recently launched a faith-driven networking businesses.


Divine Connections is a Cincinnati-based Christian non-profit bringing together young adults through networking and social events.

Divine Connections, launched by Brittany Rogers, is a Cincinnati-based Christian non-profit organization that unites young adults through networking and social events. According to Rogers, these events are designed to promote spiritual, professional and community development.

“Our goal,” says Rogers, “is to assist individuals along their journey towards purpose and co-labor with them in bringing forth a non-conventional revival through the fusion of faith and business, while also making meaningful connections.”

Rogers says she always wanted to be a social worker and change lives in a positive way, especially after she studied social work at the University of Cincinnati. “For a while, I followed that early passion through working with abused and neglected children, as well as their families,” she explains. “I was even fortunate to obtain my ‘dream job.’ However, I still felt unsatisfied, there was an on-going feeling of restlessness that I could not suppress. I decided to investigate it further in prayer. The Lord told me to quit my ‘dream job’ and pursue what was in my heart!”

Brittany Rogers, Founder of Divine Connections

Through attending network events and utilizing social media, Rogers is able to reach out to her audience. As of now, anyone can attend company events, but membership is open specifically for young Christian adults.

“I like to say that we are similar to Chik-fil-A; our organization is friendly and welcoming and built upon Christian principles. Just like Chik-fil-A knows that everyone has the right to eat, we also know that everyone has the right to succeed,” Roger explains.

Guests can attend a variety of events including networking, community, and social. Rogers creates the majority of events herself. Some past events include a Community Service Outreach, a meet and greet, a writing workshop, and a holiday social. A major upcoming event being held, called “Beyond Networking-Creating the Right Professional Network” will be held May 20 and discuss creating and maintaining a power network.

“We are all about fusing business and faith in the marketplace,” says Rogers.  “We believe that our jobs, dreams, and businesses are just another extension of God’s purpose in our lives. Therefore, it is important for us to excel in both areas of business and faith.”

Divine Connection’s events are meant to give people a sense of empowerment and community, letting them walk away with practical steps on how to move forwards in their professional and spiritual lives. Rogers desire is for people to leave one of her events with an understanding of the importance of being Divinely Connected, understanding not only who you are connected to, but also who connected you.

In the future, Rogers says she would love for the Divine Connections concept to go global, and hopes to take steps to do so. For more information on Divine Connection and upcoming events, visit


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A local woman launches a blog to show there’s a little geek in all of us (which is a good thing) and how to channel it.


Shamekko Early-Coleman, Founder of the SNE, LLC blog.

The SNE LLC Blog, launched by Shamekko N. Early-Coleman, is a place where readers can go to find marketing tips from a self-proclaimed marketing geek.

“I call myself a ‘marketing geek’ because I enjoy the subject and its changing landscape,” Early-Coleman explains. “Plus, I have two degrees to show for it (BBA and MBA from University of Cincinnati) and enjoy applying that knowledge in the real world. I’m the type to enjoy the commercials during ‘The Big Game’ more so than the game itself.”

Growing up, she never expected this would be her plan. Early-Coleman always figured there were “enough” blogs out there and didn’t think she could make a difference. But luckily, through conversations with business owners and creative, she realized her voice and perspective do matter, and she couldn’t be more right.

Her blog offers practical advice for business owners regarding marketing and social media. It’s complete with tips, trends, apps, real-life examples, and case studies.

“Through my experiences taking on consulting projects, I’ve noticed that business owners, especially small businesses, lack the time to put together marketing strategies for their goods/services. I like to provide practical advice and actionable tips to help remove the overwhelm,” says Early-Coleman.

Something most people would be surprised to know about this blog is that is actually started as an indie music blog, but changed when Early-Coleman realized her musician friends didn’t understand the basics of marketing. She realized she wanted to help.

Early-Coleman finds most her followers mostly through social media. By posting content on channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, she can tap into specific hashtags to drive readers to her blog.

The SNE LLC Blog is updated on a monthly basis with information derived from Early-Coleman’s personal research and random sparks of inspiration she gets. “My goal is to not be another marketing blog jam packed with think pieces of how this business and that corporation got it wrong,” she explains. “If anything, I want to provide steps on how such public blunders can be avoided in the future.”  

When asked what her favorite part of her blog is, Early-Coleman’s answer might surprise you: “My current favorite is actually the definition of a geek on my About page,” she laughs. “I feel that being a geek has such a negative stigma behind it. I’m speaking firsthand because I was teased in school as a child because I was that geek and started to doubt myself and my abilities. Now as an adult, I’m unapologetically a geek about my favorite subject.”

As for the future of SNE LLC Blog, there are a few things readers can expect. For the blog itself that includes more frequent posts, contributors of the blog, and a variety of perspectives. As for Early-Coleman’s future plans, she would enjoy hosting digital and in-person events that will continue her mission of sharing tips and advice to her readers.

To learn more,

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Learn about one local lady with a new coaching business that’s growing like a weed, all by helping her clients’ confidence blossom.


Erica Holston, Owner of Vine Life Coaching

Vine Life Coaching (VLC) is a new business growing right in the heart of Cincinnati. VLC focuses on helping those who need relationship and/or spiritual coaching. Whether it’s due to confidence issues in a relationship, or confidence issues within themselves, VLC aims to help people discover their inner confidence by asking questions to unlock their true selves.

Erica Holston is the owner of VLC, and has been a natural encourager since she was a teenager.

“VLC got started by me encouraging people, giving others advice, and being a youth leader in different aspects of my life. I saw the impact that I had on adults and youth. It touched me how useful my words were to others and how they were able to apply my words in a positive way. In the midst of this, I discovered my passion to help people by life coaching them and motivating them through empowering speeches,” Holston explains.

Holston has quite the area of expertise, offering life coaching via video, life coaching for relationships, and motivational speaking as part of what VLC offers. “I mainly life coach people in person, but that does not limit VLC to any of its services,” says Holston. “I have been life coaching people to become life coaches themselves, personal branding, losing weight, and having better relationships.”

The process of becoming a client is simple. After being referred or discovering VLC, Holston consults with each client to see if they are a good fit for VLC, she will then schedule an appointment and meet with them in a session.

When asked what the protocol is for coaching sessions, Holston explains that she begins by asking her clients questions, which is followed by role-play used to draw attention to their goals or issues. After discovering a client’s goals, Holston and her client work together to make a customized plan to achieve those goals. Holston then gives clients homework to discover how they can apply their new plan directly to their lives and think about the ways they can improve.

Most of VLC’s clients come through networking, social events, Facebook, or personal connections. Holston emphasizes the idea that she always treats her clients as individuals, letting clients know that she personally sees each of them, and their situations, uniquely.

With all the various ways of how to get in touch with VLC, client’s can come from anywhere.

There is no “how-to” book for a profession like this, so in order to treat each client uniquely, Holston’s job revolves around listening. Truly listening to her client’s stories, goals, and problems, Holston studies them based on how they receive a message and if they ask for advice. Depending on the client, some only want to be asked questions, while other seek to ask their own questions and gain advice from an outsider’s perspective. Regardless, each client is always treated with respect and the hope to help.

“This is my passion to help people live better lives and to use my gift to help people get there,” Holston says. “This is not a job, but a passion for me in which I have created a new business.” In the future, Holston hopes to grow VLC through webinars, workshops, and traveling the world with other motivational speakers.

To learn more about Vine Life Coach, “like” them on Facebook.

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Read on for all the picture perfect details about a local photography company with a desire to simply to document the details.


CsFolio focuses on creating relationships through documentary-style photography.

Csfolio is a Cincinnati based boutique studio whose primary focus is creating relationships through documentary style photography. Founded in November 2016, Csfolio recently opened their first studio in Glendale, Ohio.

The company is run by Sharon Snow and Casey Burns, two women who are in love with photography and the way it can capture a moment. Both artists and photographers themselves, the two women balance each other out through their own unique strengths and ideas for the company.  

But how did they know that this was what they wanted to do? Well, when asking Sharon Snow where the inspiration for Csfolio comes from, she gave a few reasons. “The company was inspired by a shared passion for photography, a shared dream of a boutique style photography business, and a shared desire for giving back and helping others,” says Snow.

That idea of helping others is accomplished when Csfolio gives their clients the happiness of reliving beautiful memories through their photographs. Most of their clients are currently found by referral base and/or social media. Being able to capture relationships and special moments is what Csfolio aims to do, and clients are drawn to the style in which they succeed in that.

This style can include anything from wedding shots to shots of exterior spaces; Csfolio does it all. Below is a rundown of some popular editorial styles they offer:

Headshots and Company Photos. The goal here is to create unique and true to life workplace photos. Csfolio aims for a more candid headshot style, not just the typical stiff shot. They want to give an artistic touch to the picture.

Branding and Stock Imagery. This includes anything from beauty to commercial goods. The goal for these images is to create compelling graphic images for website or social media needs of clients.

Events and Entertainment. If you have a specific event coming up Csfolio is happy to help! From company meetings, guest speakers, parties, or charity events, anything and everything can be covered.

Exterior and Interior Spaces. This style was created because many industries today have a necessity for showing spaces. This includes real estate, interior design, commercial properties, and restaurants, just to name a few.

While there are these specific styles, Csfolio is also always open to unique client opportunities and is always willing to help. If you want to reach out for a quote or just want more information about Csfolio, visit

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This local, female-focused accelerator program is ready for take-off with some exciting new changes. Keep reading for all the high-flying details.


Bad Girl Ventures is now known as Aviatra Accelerators.

Aviatra Accelerators, formerly known as Bad Girl Ventures, decided to roll with change, not be scared of it.

No longer just specified to one type of woman, this company has grown into an established organization with a larger overall mission to help all women entrepreneurs, according to president and CEO of Aviatra Accelerators, Nancy Aichholz.

Changing a brand’s name may seem simple, but along with that comes an entire rebranding process. In this case, the rebranding process began at Northern Kentucky University, where all aspects of the company were broken down and looked into. Aichholz and her team knew at this point where the company could go, and knew the best way to begin that process was through a name change and rebranding.

There are many steps of rebranding. The first and most important step Aichholz was the name change. “Changing the name to a more mature, professional name would meet the woman where she is and stay ahead of her and be a more substantial player in the ecosystem of start up businesses,” says Aichholz.

After looking at the bigger picture at NKU, the company reached out to the Lindner Women in Business at the University of Cincinnati to undertake quantitative research regarding the best way to change the brand name.

Before the name change, people didn’t know what Bad Girl Ventures was all about. “If someone didn’t already know who we were and what we were doing, then they weren’t sure what our organization was,” says Aichholz.

After research at UC came research at a branding firm called Hyperquake, who used marketing research to find a name that would reflect the future of the brand. The solution they came up with? A female pilot, otherwise known as an Aviatrix. The company was drawn to this because of the empowerment that was associated with female pilots. In photos, the women had pride in their faces, standing tall and proud, with their eyes full of passion. That is what the company wanted to embody moving forward: confidence, passion, strength, and drive.

“It was time to take on a different look and give the organization a refresh. This new rebrand will help us attract new clients, potentially new markets, and will encapsulate who we are as an organization and what we provide to the women who are growing their businesses,” says Karen Finan, board chair of Aviatra Accelerators.

Realizing when change needs to happen is an important intuition to have, and after seven years, Bad Girl Ventures remolded to meet the needs of their new clientele.

“Our mission has not changed. Our mission has always been to empower female entrepreneurs; we just need to do it differently now than we did in the past because the woman has changed. The ecosystem has changed. The word “ventures” in our old name was just a part of what we do, but we do so much more,” explains Aichholz.

Falling under that “much more” is Avaitra Accelerator’s new Greater Cincinnati 2017 LAUNCH Class taking place this spring. The LAUNCH class is for female entrepreneurs and business owners who already operate a viable, well-vetted business with an established revenue stream and customer base. Those who participate in LAUNCH seek capital to push their businesses forward because at the end of the LAUNCH stage, each business has the opportunity to compete for up to $25,000 low interest loan from Aviatra Accelerators.

The five entrepreneurs who were chosen to participate this spring are the following:

Black Career Women’s Network. This is a national network that is dedicated to the professional development of African American women by providing numerous tools and communities for their disposal.

Allie’s Walkabout. This is a dog care facility that offers clients doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, and training in a stress free, playful environment.

Core Strong. This unique gym that offers members the chance to improve their mental and physical strength without the distractions of a typical gym setting, located in Covington, Kentucky.

The Healing Kitchen. This company uses the Findlay Market Incubator Kitchen to produce made-from-scratch food using only the best, healthy ingredients from local farmers.

Your Stylist, LLC. Created by Jackie Neville, this company offers personal styling and wardrobe services, assisting individuals to help them look and feel their best.

The LAUNCH class is currently held for these entrepreneurs every Wednesday night from 6-9pm at the Aviatra Accelerators office located at 114 West Pike Street, Covington, KY. For more information about Aviatra Accelerators, click here or here.


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Want to stay on the cutting edge as a business woman in the ever-changing digital marketplace? An upcoming event will help you do just that. Read on for more.


Women in Digital is a rapidly growing organization committed to working with women to further their careers within the digital marketplace. The idea is to help women build powerful local networks that will encourage great power exchanges to happen between members and therefore build a strong future.  

“We strive to create powerful and local networks of women in digital.” That is the motto of Women in Digital. Through their event, the Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference, that motto is able to truly come to life.

The first Cincinnati-based Women in Digital Conference is an event that hopes to inspire and empower the women who attend. The conference is centered around keeping one another knowledgeable about respective digital areas of expertise, to embolden each other to stay strong in the fight towards gender equality, and to affect change in the community.

The Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference is not meant to be a typical networking event, but instead, it’s meant to create a network. Exclusive to women, this event calls on those in both the agent and client side, who have a focus in digital media and marketing and want to further their career. Through various talks and activities, this event brings local women together to find common ground in the digital world.

The day of the event will begin with a talk from Alaina Shearer, who is the mastermind behind Women in Digital. This talk is designed as a “tell-all” where Shearer will explain how she began the company and set the stage. This talk is followed by an empowering discussion on communicating confidence from Kelsey Pytlik, the CEO + Co-Founder of Gild Collective.

After the two main talks, all the attending women will go into one of two groups: the executive track or general track. These tracks will determine one’s schedule for the day. The ideas for both tracks can range anywhere from what’s next in the digital world to how to sway powerful influencers in Cincinnati.

Aside from the great influencing talks, women who attend can also expect lunch in the trendy Findley Market/Over The Rhine area and workshops throughout the day, including a hands-on project with the Gild Collective. These events really give the women a chance to build relationships with one another and have fun. The day will end with a happy hour full of engaging small talk and Rhinegeist’s best brews.

The Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference takes place Thursday, April 6 from 8am-6:30pm at the Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati.

Although early bird tickets for this event aren’t available anymore, more tickets, including general admission, are currently on sale until April 6 and can be purchased here.


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Learn about a new Covington-based incubator kitchen that’s helping local start-ups cook up success.


Looking to start or grow your own food-based business? There’s a new 5,000 sq. ft. commercial incubator kitchen in Covington now available for rent.

Kickstart Kitchen, located in the basement of the CovWorx building, offers a variety of rental options – from hourly to monthly – for start-ups looking for commercial kitchen space.

The idea came to founder Mavis Linnemann-Clark from her first-hand experience launching her businesses. Her first company, The Delish Dish, was launched through the spring class of Bad Girl Ventures. That same year, she joined the Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen and launched her artisan jam line, Made by Mavis. “I started my company from an incubator and I thought it was a great way to start a business,” she says. “Now I want to help others do the same.”

Linnemann-Clark says she offers more than just the kitchen space, too. “As a business we offer commercial kitchen space and complimentary business services for our clients,” she adds, “we offer them a community.”

Mavis Linnemann-Clark, Founder of Kickstart Kitchen.

To many new businesses, Kickstart Kitchen acts as a mentor of sorts and brings these businesses into a community full of people who want to help. People in the community can then grow from each other and their lessons learned.

Linnemann-Clark says the process of Kickstart Kitchen begins with one-on-one discussions between her and potential clients, and then they discuss the rental details and develop a plan that will help the client and their business grow. After that, it is up to the individual to create their own success story.

Kickstart Kitchen is located at 1032 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41011. For more information visit or