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Want to better your health and wellness in the New Year? Learn about a counseling and coaching business that helps to develop empowered women.

In today’s world it’s important to take care of you. That’s what Galia Collaborative is here for. They want to help empower purpose-driven women to develop their mental wellness through therapy, coaching, and content.

“We believe that the impact of women will be elevated when they can take charge of their mental health and wellbeing,” says Galia Collaborative Founder Dr. Ashley Solomon. “We provide accessible services and thoughtful content development by women’s mental health experts.”

Solomon says that she was inspired to launch Galia Collaborative after years of working as a psychologist, business leader, mom, and woman. 

“I spent years in the trenches of burnout culture and recognized that stress and anxiety were eating away at my wellbeing,” she explains. “Even being in the behavioral healthcare field, no one was talking about how we can sustainably manage our mental health.”

Soloman didn’t want to offer traditional therapy, which seemed so removed from what she had experienced in her field, and executive coaching wasn’t something that was available to her. 

“I wanted to take the years that I’d spend developing treatment approaches and programming for women and create a space that addressed the needs of busy professionals in a modern, gender-responsive, and evidence-based way,” she says. “I’ve always been focused on trying to answer how we can elevate the voices and impact of women, and I recognize that empower women’s mental health is key.”

Soloman says that she spent her earlier career in the field of eating disorders before she found that those same women who recovered from eating disorders were still lacking the tools they needed to be fully health in how they approach both life and work. “This and my own journey led me to thinking about how we can create meaningful services and tools to support women who are going to make a difference,” she adds.

Solomon is joined in her practice by clinician Jennifer Burns, a licensed counselor with a background in professional comedy. “She specializes with women who have experienced trauma or are navigating other mental health or life challenges,” says Solomon. There’s also Erin McMenamin, a licensed social worker, who recently joined the team and is offering coaching for women making big transitions.

At Galia Collaborative, you’ll find that the work the team does is action-oriented and designed to create real movement toward the values of clients. “We use evidence-based approaches based on psychological science in both our therapy and coaching work,” she says.

Therapy services offered at Galia Collaborative are for adolescent and adult women both in-person and online. 

“We offer professional coaching for women who are ready to elevate their impact in their careers or are navigating challenges in their work,” says Solomon. “We believe that doing so starts from within and moves its way outward, and our coaching is both introspective and actionable.”

In addition to the services currently offered, Galia Collaborative is in the process of developing talks and workshops for organizations on how to elevate their impact through mental health and wellness.

Solomon says that in the coming year Galia Collaborative is launching Thrive Circles, small groups of committed women who are connecting around a particular challenge or interest. 

“We have two starting early in the year and are accepting registration for those now,” says Solomon. “The first is a mastermind for women service-based business owners, and the other is for your women, ages 23-35, looking to set themselves up for personal and professional success.”

To learn more about Galia Collaborative, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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One local woman’s downtown beauty studio helps you become the most confident version of yourself. Learn more about her unique services that help you look and feel your best.

Omega Beauty offers eyebrow and eyelash services.

In the heart of Pendleton in downtown Cincinnati is a #bosslady you need to meet. The owner of Omega Beauty, Michele Silvers opened her own studio to work with clients to help them enhance their natural beauty. 

“I felt called to start a business where women can meet with a highly skilled and trained professional while feeling relaxed and pampered,” explains Silvers. “My attention to detail helps capture each person’s unique qualities, while bringing the newest technologies in the beauty industry.”

And to do just that, Silvers opened Omega Beauty, a beauty studio that offers flexible hours and a range of services to allow her to provide a unique experience for all clients. 

“My artistic talent and training makes me highly sought after, yet I still work to create and individual experience,” she says. “I want all of my clients to feel beautiful, empowered, loved, and treasured.”

Omega Beauty opened its doors in 2018, and the Pendleton location celebrated its grand opening in November 2019. Silvers holds a degree in both business and marketing, and is the sole owner of the beauty studio. 

Michele Silvers, Founder of Omega Beauty

“I started with a certification in microblading, and expanded my services to meet my broad client base,” says Silvers. “I continue to bring the newest beauty technology and training into my studio to meet my growing needs.”

At Omega Beauty, you’ll find a variety of services including: microblading, microblading plus shading, ombre/powder brows, lash lift and tint, lip blushing, lash extension (classic, hybrid, and volume), plasma skin tightening, and bridal and special occasion makeup. 

Silvers says what makes Omega Beauty unique is that she helps all of her clients to become more confident versions of themselves. “I believe that when my clients leave my studio, they feel beautiful and empowered,” she says. “I want them to feel more willing to take risks, stand out in the crowd, and be noticed for their talents. Whether it’s center stage at their wedding, in a board meeting with their peers, or waking up every day ready to take on the world – their beauty doesn’t overpower their purpose. Their purpose is accented by their beauty.”

You can find Omega Beauty at 1122 Broadway Street in downtown Cincinnati. 

Omega Beauty has seen a lot of growth in the past year, and is planning to add to its team. To learn more, visit

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Read about a local esthetician who specializes in microblading and powder/ombre eyebrow services.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about EverLily Beauty!
Tavissa Granger, Owner of EverLily Beauty: EverLily Beauty currently offers microblading and powder/ombre eyebrow services.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your business?
Granger: I’ve always had a passion for beauty and art. With a nursing background, I felt I could marry the two and provide excellent services to my clients. When I learned about permanent makeup for eyebrows, I thought this was an amazing procedure because I’ve always had to fill-in my brows with pencil or powder. Not only is it time consuming, but if you live an active lifestyle, makeup can be wiped away easily. Plus, beautiful eyebrows can really balance out your face. That can all be achieved with microblading or powder brows.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind EverLily Beauty?
Granger: My name is Tavissa Granger. I have been a registered nurse since 2015. I have worked bedside for several years but felt like creativity was missing in my life. I also felt like I could add a lot of value to my clients because of my nursing background. That’s when I decided to pursue permanent makeup. 

Cincy Chic: What beauty services do you offer clients?
Granger: At this time, I offer microblading and powder/ombré brows, but hope to expand my services in the new year.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers find EverLily Beauty?
Granger: I’m located in West Chester!

Cincy Chic: What makes EverLily unique?
Granger: With my nursing background I really emphasize education. I want my clients to be able to make the most informed decisions they can regarding treatments and procedures. I want them to love their results, and that’s achieved by educating them on why one procedure may be more ideal for them than another.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for your business?
Granger: My goal is to add microneedling and possibly botox and filler in the New Year.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Granger: You can visit us at 

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    See how one local woman’s sense of wanderlust turned into a unique travel agency that helps everyone - on any budget - travel the world like a local.

    Something ventured is something gained. That’s the motto, and inspiration, that Sarah Baker applies to her full-service travel agency Something Adventured Travel. 

    “Something Adventured Travel is a full-service travel agency that makes the client a priority,” she says. “It takes a client’s dream vacation and turns it into a reality. I offer personalized planning an on-call support should any issues arise during your travels.”

    Baker says that the inspiration behind her business, something ventured is something gained, is applicable especially to travel. 

    “When you get out and see the world, venture outside your bubble, you learn so much,” she says. “You learn about the world you live in, gaining a new understanding of the cultures, people, and yourself. Therefore, Something Adventured is gaining something priceless.”

    Baker’s love for travel has always been a part of her, but it really took off when she and her husband decided to sell everything and live somewhere else in the world.

    “Starting with an exploratory trip to Costa Rica for our 10 year anniversary, we decided that was a great place to start,” she explains. “We wanted to experience a new culture and have an adventure with our young children.”

    The Bakers sold their home, stored everything they wanted to keep in a storage unit, and moved to Costa Rica. 

    “We were fortunate to rent a house located in a coffee field on the side of the Poas Volcano,” she says. “The view was breathtaking. We ended up staying there for about seven months, leaving a little earlier than expected due to a family need.”

    Sarah Baker, founder of Something Adventured Travel

    While their journey in Costa Rica ended early, her desire to continue traveling never slowed down. The family then went to Europe for just over 5 months to stay in southern Spain, France, and England, where they explored and immersed themselves in the culture the best they could.

    “We were able to go anywhere with an internet connection, still working remotely, being digital nomads,” says Baker.

    Eventually they returned home, but the itch was still there. Baker realized that she loved planning trips and enjoyed being able to help others who said they felt overwhelmed in planning their own trips.

    Baker opened Something Adventured Travel in January 2018 and has since been able to help people take trips they were not able to or did not want to plan alone. “I have met some amazing people and formed priceless relationships,” she says. “And my personal bucket list has at least doubled.”

    Baker can help her clients plan trips to anywhere in the world. 

    “From the Caribbean sea to the rivers of Europe, hiking to Machu Picchu, on safari in Kenya, seeing the glaciers of Alaska, or even the glaciers of Antarctica, I can help you explore wherever your heart desires,” she says. “Whether you are looking for a first-class honeymoon to an exotic locations, a family adventure to Universal Studios, or a fun group vacation with your own private, local guide, I can customize your vacation to make it all your own.”

    Sarah Baker specializes in offering tips and opportunities to travel like a local

    With travel comes a price tag, an area in which Baker is well-versed. With her former career in finance, she realizes how important it is to stick to a budget and make small payments leading up to the trip instead of big lump sums. That’s why she works with vendors who allow clients to do a down payment and then pay the remainder of their planned trip closer to the travel date. “Even better, this is at no extra cost to my clients for the flexibility in payments,” says Baker. “The down payment and final payment date vary based on the travel arrangements.”

    Baker prides herself on being able to offer clients perspective on what may be good places to visit, with or without children. “I offer clients VIP service in their travel planning as well,” she says. “As a small business owner, I truly value your experience. Not only do I help you plan your dream vacation, but I can also offer ideas for packing, places of interest in your destination, and amazing value for your desired travel style and destination, many times matching or beating the cost of booking on your own – all the while offering your personalized service that cannot be had with an online booking site.”

    You can find travel inspiration and see what’s going on in the world on Facebook. You can also sign up for the Something Adventured newsletter or start planning your next vacation at

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    A new report on the growth and development of minority-owned businesses in the city is out. Keep reading for all the details.

    The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber has a group dedicated to accelerating and developing minority businesses in the city through its Minority Business Accelerator.

    The Minority Business Accelerator has a goal to help expand the minority entrepreneurial community in the region by helping to accelerate the growth and development of sizable African-American and Hispanic owned businesses. 

    The Minority Business Accelerator does this by providing individually-tailored advisory support and docaching to help Minority Business Enterprises to obtain what they need to be successful while also acting as an extension of another program to connect them with MBE Portfolio Firms.

    Since its inception in 2003, the Minority Business Accelerator has worked to address disparity in the region’s business community to drive economic activity and increase employment in underemployed segments.

    Because the Chamber has a goal of growing the aggregate annual revenues of minority businesses in the region by $1 billion and creating 3,500 jobs by the end of 2022, they want to offer a yearly update on its Minority Business Accelerator with an annual report.

    “This bold vision and plan have galvanized regional and national stakeholders desiring to partner with us to not only accomplish something transformational for Greater Cincinnati, but something that might truly inform and transform this work across the nation,” says Cynthia Booth, Minority Business Accelerator Board Chair. “Our four key pillars to achieve these bold goals, which are to grow our existing portfolio firms, build a robust pipeline, attract larger-scale minority firms to the region, and create new minority firms via acquisition of mainstream businesses, have each enjoyed major developments over the past year, and have collectively served to further elevate and position the Minority Business Accelerator as a national best practice.”

    To learn more about the Minority Business Accelerator at the Chamber, click here

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    Years in the real estate industry led one expert to launch her own coaching business for other real estate agents. Read on for more.

    Monica Weakley spent years in the world of real estate. After a lot of hard work, she was offered the chance to take a leadership position with one of the largest real estate offices in the Queen City. 

    During her tenure, she was the one in charge of coaching and training realtors on a daily basis – and a light bulb went off. “I realized then that this is what I wanted to do,” she says. “Shortly after that, I started my coaching company and began doing one-on-one coaching and group coaching with agents from all over the United States and Canada.”

    Today, Weakley is the founder of My Coach, Monica, a coaching company that helps real estate agents grow their business, and income, by showing them how to turn their relationships into referral-generating machines. 

    Weakley offers three different types of coaching services through her business: One-on-One Coaching, Referral Revolution, and Referral Blueprint.

    The one-on-one coaching is $899 per month, and the Referral Revolution is a membership program that costs $99 per month. Then, there’s the Referral Blueprint, an online digital course that gives participants the system an agent needs to build a lucrative referral business.

    Weakley says that what makes her business unique is that she knows what her strengths are when it comes to helping other real estate agents – and she sticks to it. “My strength is helping agents who want to build a business by referral,” says Weakley. “If you were a real estate agent, how would you like the secret referral formula? That’s what I offer so that agents can create a predictable and steady flow of income to their business.”

    She’s also known for her ability to ask questions. “When I can ask an agent the right series of questions, I can help them self-discover their challenges, their fears, their excuses, and their path to success,” Weakley adds.

    All of the coaching offered by My Coach, Monica, is a system that utilizes the teachings of Hank Avink’s 36 To Life product and expands on it to include even more activities and daily blueprints to follow.

    Weakley says that what she doesn’t do is help agents who only want to cold call, knock on doors, or any other form of what she calls transactional business. 

    To learn more about My Coach, Monica, visit You can also follow along on her personal Facebook page or her business page.

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    One of the first full-service climbing gyms in the Midwest has opened its doors in a new location in Oakley. Keep reading for more.

    It’s been 26 years since Climb Time opened its first location in Blue Ash. Now, in 2019, they’re opening their doors at a second location in Oakley.
    “Climb Time Oakley is a 45-ft tall facility with lead climbing, top roping, speed climbing, and, of course, bouldering,” says Climb Time President Patty Law. “We are open to beginner intermediate, and advanced climbers, and our pro shop offers climbing gear, clothing, books, and accessories.”
    Those who want to get in the rock climbing game or who want to advance their skills can check out the facility that was built from the ground up and features nearly 11,000-square-feet of climbable wall space.
    In addition to the climbing offerings at Climb Time, you’ll also find other amenities including a Tension board, a campus board, a rowing machine, kettlebells, and free weights. 
    “Yoga classes and fitness clinics are something that we will have in our offerings in the near future,” says Law. “Our location, which is within walking distance of MadTree Brewing, had its grand opening on August 31 and saw a massive turnout with a line of patrons that wrapped outside around the corner.”
    Law says that those who want to turn their passion for climbing into a competition can try out the competitions that are held at Climb Time, including the famed circuit America Bouldering Series that was born in Climb Time in the late 90s.
    Climb Time Oakley is located at 4460 Orkney Avenue in Cincinnati. 
    To learn more about Climb Time, visit You can also follow along on Facebook.

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    A boutique in Old West Chester gives women size small to 3X a golden opportunity to feel like a million bucks in cute clothes without spending it.

    A boutique in Old West Chester helps women brighten up their wardrobe, regardless of their size or budget.

    Golden Day Boutique sells “Women’s comfy, affordable, fun clothes sizes small-3X,” says Caron Armstrong, owner of Golden Day Boutique. The boutique originally opened five year ago in the Grand Antique Mall in the Reading/Evendale area. They recently opened their current location at: 9035 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Old West Chester, Ohio, two weeks ago. 

    The inspiration behind starting Golden Day Boutique came from Armstrong’s passion for retail. “I managed Victoria’s Secret for 13 years in Nashville, managed Pottery Barn Kids for five years… then opened the Pandora Store in Franklin, Tennessee,” she says. “Moving back to Ohio, I decided to take a leap of faith and see where God would take me.” The name of the business came from a voicemail that she had for years that said “Have a golden day.”

    The boutique has a wide variety of products that they sell, including: clothing, jewelry, ornaments and other items. “My boutique doesn’t feel like anything else we have locally,” Armstrong says. “It’s definitely got a southern flair.”

    The boutique’s mission is “To help all women feel confident and beautiful in their own eyes the way God sees them in His,” she says.  Golden Day Boutique doesn’t just care about the way you look in your clothes. Armstrong defines success by “Women coming back over and over because they wore something that made them feel special,” she says. “My boutique isn’t just about buying a shirt or sweater, it’s about a feel. I want you to feel special.”

    As for the future of the business, she doesn’t know thing are going to go, but she trusts that God will provide. “I will say, He wants us all to Dream Bigger, so I know He will take me there,” Armstrong says. 

    Her favorite moment of the business so far is taking out money from her retirement. “Taking money out of my retirement to start a 10 x 10 spot in my husband’s Antique Mall. Trusting and walking in faith, even when people said ‘everyone sells boutique clothes, people can just buy online, etc.,’ didn’t get to me because I knew not everyone has my passion and it drives me,” Armstrong says. “Now having my own building! I purchased my friend’s Montessori school last October and it was perfect timing for both of us to grow!”

    If you want to keep up with what Golden Day Boutique is doing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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    A locally-loved, trendy children’s clothing store just moved from Kenwood to OTR. Keep reading to learn more.

    Cincy Chic: What is Hutch Baby?
    Alexus Hight, Owner of Hutch Baby: Hutch Baby is a children’s clothing store that features hand-picked brands that offer sustainably sourced clothing ranging in size from newborn to youth 14-16. Hutch Baby also carries infant accessories and natural skincare products for babies and children.
    Cincy Chic: Tell us about your new location in Over-the-Rhine!
    Hight: Hutch Baby got its start in the Kenwood Towne Centre back in 2014. We then moved into a temporary space at 1432 Elm Street before finding our permanent home at 1209 Vine Street. 
    Cincy Chic: When does the new location open?
    Hight: Our permanent space opened on November 29, Black Friday, where we celebrated with lots of discounts.
    Cincy Chic: What makes Hutch Baby unique?
    Hight: Our new space features a play area for children in the back, which keeps them entertained while parents shop. We also have a lactation room for mothers so they can pump breast milk or nurse in privacy and comfort. We want customers to have a personal, interactive experience, and we want to help our customers out as parents. We’re watching the kids grow as we grow as a business.
    Cincy Chic: When can readers stop by and visit the store?
    Hight: Hutch Baby’s regular hours are 11am to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday. 
    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Hight: Visit our website at We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

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      After a life-changing trip to Indonesia, one local woman wants to make a difference in the world selling Fair Trade jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Click here to read the inspiring story and how you can help one beautiful buy at a time.

      Mandy Nagel is on a mission. She wants to expand the global marketplace of hardworking people in developing countries. 

      “By designing and selling Fair Trade accessories, apparel, and jewelry, we offer products handmade from natural and sustainable resources,” says Nagel. “Each purchase represents a building block for constructing a business that provides income to people who need it most.”

      When people choose to shop Fair Trade, the styles those customers purchase help to transform real lives in real ways while also reusing upcycles and eco-friendly materials.

      “The artisans who craft these styles are inspiring women who have found steady and rewarding work through this sustainable venture,” adds Nagel. “Fair Trade items take on a whole new value of living a life with greater meaning. By practicing conscious consumerism, the question of what you want to own is actually a reflection of how you want to live your life – your purpose becomes giving others a purpose.”

      Nagel, who was inspired to launch I Thought of You after a trip to Indonesia, says that she felt her brand was “meant to be” because of its start based on circumstance and coincidence. 

      While in Indonesia, Nagel met a woman selling handmade jewelry at a local market. The woman, named Yulia, was selling pieces that had a unique beauty and undeniable craftsmanship about them. “I bought roughly 20 pieces and returned home with the, excited to show off my new ‘collection’ and to share Yulia’s story,” she says.

      When people began commenting on her pieces purchased in Indonesia, Nagel knew that she needed to build a fashion brand that was there to support artisans and makers like Yulia. 

      From there, the rest was history. “Our story began from the experience of this trip,” says Nagel. “We wanted to creative positive change so we set out to make it happen. We’re a small but powerful team of five and we just celebrated our 5th birthday this November.”

      Nagel says she enjoys being able to help artisans from around the world and making a positive impact on the lives of the women with whom she works. 


      “The choices you make when you shop reflect your intentionality in creating a lifestyle that leads to substantial impacts,” says Nagel. “What you own can also stand for something truly significant. These impacts are what drive us to always be a company for good.”

      There are a range of modern styles available at I Thought of You that range from accessories, apparel, jewelry, and sunglasses. “Because each and every product is handmade, they will always be one-of-a-kind,” says Nagel. “When you buy our products, you are truly buying something that is uniquely yours.”

      Products in-store include:

      While I Thought of You is online-based at, you can also find them popping up at local events in Cincy, around Ohio, and beyond.

      Nagel is excited about the future of I Thought of You because of the work she gets to do with artisans from all over the world. 

      “This January, we will be releasing a whimsical collection of accessories and apparel handcrafted in India, Indonesia, and Peru,” says Nagel. “These new products will feature one-of-a-kind fabrics, semi-precious stones, and real shells. From hues of pink to bright pops of red, these styles will be perfect for thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifting.”

      Then, in March, I Thought of You will celebrate the arrival of spring with statement tassel necklaces, glitzy glam backpacks, new designs of some of the store’s best-selling upcycled fabric headwraps, and more. 

      “Keep your eyes peeled later in March when we introduce Zoo Babies, a collection that has been more than a year and a half in the making,” she says. “This collection will feature the daintiest, miniature animal earrings made from ceramic and polymer clay. You can’t help but go wild for these adorable styles.”

      To learn more about I Thought of You, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. There’s also an Insiders Facebook Group for others to join as well.