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Learn about the Fort Thomas Woman’s Club and their upcoming shows — perfect for a girl's night out — and the local charities they support.

022315CAREERIf you’re looking for a place to see a thought-provoking performance, check out the Fort Thomas Woman’s Club where the organization’s mission is to “create and maintain an organized center of thought and action among the woman members for the promotion of social, educational, literacy and artistic growth and to promote these interests in relation to the City of Fort Thomas.”

The history of the Fort Thomas Woman’s Club dates back to the early 1900s. The first president of the club was Mrs. Murray R. Hubbard. Today, the club’s president is Ginger Paul, who continues to fulfill its mission.

While the season has been alive and strong since September and will be wrapping up in May, you still have time to catch a show, according to Valeria Amburgey, Publicity Chair for the Village Players of Fort Thomas, a department of the Fort Thomas Woman’s Club. “Typically, our season includes three shows and a Children’s Show in December,” explains Amburgey. “The last show of the season typically includes a charity benefit and the profits from the spring show are donated to an identified charity.”

The current production is called “The Women” and it started on Feb. 20 and will finish up on Feb. 28. Amburgey says the season concludes with “Blood Relations” from April 17 through April 25 and will benefit the Hoxworth Blood Center.

“The Women” is a classic comedy follows a Manhattan socialite who recently discovered her husband is having an affair. After her friends turn out to be less than helpful, the show proves to be a hilarious, satirical look into the lives of “the ladies who lunch” and the world that determines their behavior.

Cast members are Teresa Myers, Anne-Marie Ireland, Julia Hedges, Patricia Mullins, Eylie Lorenz, Renee Maria, Andrianne Underhill, Allison Hinkel, Amy Sullivan, Kimberly Boyle, Monica Weber, Elaine Michael, Peggy Kenney, Sarah Spencer, Jeri Nakamura, Olivia Anderson, Betsy Evans, Rilla Foster, Gaylene May and Lori Bowling.

Upcoming performances will take place on Feb. 26, Feb. 27 and Feb. 28 at 8:00 p.m. at The Fort Thomas Woman’s Club on 8 North Fort Thomas Avenue in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Tickets to the shows are $17 and can be ordered by calling the box office or online.

To purchase tickets, learn more or get involved with the Woman’s Club or Village Players of Fort Thomas, visit their website or call 859-392-0500. Audition announcements are also posted on their Facebook page.

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Art gallery, frame shop, design consultant firm, and event space — learn more about ADC Fine Art and the team behind this art-lover’s paradise.

Elizabeth Davis, Art Gallery Director at ADC Fine Art:
Elizabeth Davis, Art Gallery Director at ADC Fine Art:

Cincy Chic: What is ADC Fine Art?
Elizabeth Davis, Art Gallery Director at ADC Fine Art: Art Design Consultants (ADC) is affectionately known as Cincinnati’s “Gallery in the Sky,” and rightly so! We’re located on the 5th floor of a renovated warehouse on the edge of downtown. We have floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing sweeping views of the Mt. Adams and Cincinnati cityscapes, but most of the time people don’t even make it that far because our 10,000-square-foot gallery space captivates them first. We have everything from luscious traditional landscapes to vibrant, non-representational contemporary artworks to satisfy our every client’s taste. We are first and foremost an art consultant agency and gallery and we love helping our clients choose the best art for their spaces, but we also have an in-house frame shop that does custom and contract pieces and we rent out our space for fantastic events! We can’t wait for Cincy Chic’s Eco Chic Fashion Show on March 26.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind ADC?
Davis: Litsa Spanos is the Founder and President of Art Design Consultants. For more than 20 years she has helped friends and clients – corporate and residential – select just the right, amazing artworks for their space.

Currently, her vision continues to grow with new clients and exciting projects like Art Comes Alive, an annual nationally juried art competition and exhibition that awards over $150,000 to the nation’s top artists, and Blink, a high-end print and online art catalog created to help designers source beautiful art for their projects faster. Her award-winning company currently ranks in the top two percent of all women-owned business in the nation.

To meet project deadlines and awe clients, Litsa relies on her incredibly talented and passionate team comprised of Senior Art Consultant Allison Banzhaf, Art Director Sandy Eichert, Gallery Director Elizabeth David, Master Framer and Artist Kevin Poole, master framers Chris Bungenstock and Matt Estenfelder, Blink Sales Director Chelsea Tucker and Blink Circulation Director Rachael Moore.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind ADC Fine Art?
Davis: At Art Design Consultants, we’re passionate about creating beautiful environments with art that inspires and excites. With art and design, the two truly go hand in hand. A piece will look different in the gallery than it will in your home or office space, and that’s where we come in. We nurture our clients through the art selection process from beginning to end. Art is more than a decorative piece displayed on a wall, it has the ability to transform a room adding both dimension and personality. As art consultants we have the vision to see how art or a custom frame really completes the space.

Cincy Chic: When did ADC Fine Art launch?
Davis: In 1992, Litsa founded ADC out of her basement with only two customers. She was determined to take her passion for art and bring beauty into as many homes and offices as possible. Since then she has taken this passion and established a thriving and vibrant business in Cincinnati’s art market creating beautiful and inspirational spaces for numerous clients.

Cincy Chic: What types of services do you offer customers?
Davis: ADC is a multi-faceted company. We sell fine art, offer free art consulting services for healthcare, corporate and residential clients, custom and contract framing and event venue and most recently we became a publisher.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for ADC Fine Art?
Davis: Yes, there is! In March we’ll be publishing Blink Art Resource! The inspiration behind Blink came out of necessity:

“I was awarded a large corporate project requiring a variety of original works. I needed to find great artists and put together a presentation in less than a week. Sure, there were thousands of artists on-line as well as many around me, but the thought of searching for professional artists and then narrowing them down was daunting. In reality, this meant a lot of time wasted sitting at my computer and becoming overwhelmed by too many options. I had to get exciting ideas and make a great impression on my client fast…If only I had an inspiring art catalogue with everything I needed from paintings to site-specific sculpture at my fingertips.” – Litsa Spanos

And because of this frustration, BLINK was born!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Davis: Readers can go to to learn more and be inspired by beautiful art!

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    Two health coaches. Pay what you want. They want to change the world's health and happiness. Keep reading for a healthy dose of details about Healthy Human and see how it can create a blueprint for a better you.

    Zach Franke (left) and Patrick Hitches (right), founders of Healthy Human

    Zach Franke and Patrick Hitches like to make people feel better. That’s why they launched a new project called Healthy Human.

    Franke is the founder of Health Coach Zach. His business partner, Hitches, is a health coach, yoga studio and gym owner, personal trainer, and fitness entrepreneur.

    They met in August of 2014 and instantly connected. Their philosophies on life, health and wellness aligned so well that creating Healthy Human was the only possible outcome.

    Today, Healthy Human has one mission: have participants wake up every day excited to take on what’s next. Currently, Healthy Human has a 10,000-square-foot location in the Brighton Brewery District near Over-the-Rhine that’s been dubbed the “Healthy Human Compound” complete with a yoga studio, health coaching services, a gym, and more to come.

    “We are creating a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to join a community of individuals striving to better their health,” says Franke.

    According to Franke, Healthy Human is a passion project for both he and Hitches, as both on a quest to become the best versions of themselves while also sharing all that they learn to help as many people along the way as they can.

    “Healthy Human is a place where we can share the truth about what health is and how we can achieve it in our highly stressed, overly busy, nutritionally compromised, sedentary society that the majority of our population unfortunately is stuck in,” he says. “We both utilize our health coaching skills, our personal experiences and our many failures as leverage to help other people on the journey of improving themselves.”

    The vision for Healthy Human is more than just helping others with diet and exercise, Franke says. “We’re creating an abundance of health and happiness across the world,” he explains. “The goal of Healthy Human is to create a comprehensive learning space for anyone and everyone ready and willing to take their health and happiness to a never-before-reached level.”

    When people begin to question the status quo and have access to the tools and resources they need to get healthy, Franke and Hitches believe they are in a position to share their knowledge and help create serious change.

    “It’s our mission to impact every single human on the planet,” he adds. “We realize this is a lofty mission but one we are confident can and will become a reality. We’re armed with the truth and an extensive ability to distribute this information across the web and into the hands of readers and students around the globe.”

    Healthy Human also has an online presence at to reach those who aren’t in the Cincinnati area and to help meet Franke and Hitches’ goal of a global outreach. Also on the website is an online coaching solution called the Healthy Human Academy that Franke says the duo is really excited about.

    “It’s a video module-based health coaching solution that teaches each student everything they need to know about proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and mindset,” says Franke. “We even explore spirituality in the program.”

    What’s even greater about Healthy Human is that Franke and his partner are using a pay-what-you-want model. Although friends think they’re loopy for using this model, Franke laughs, they believe it aligns with their mission of helping every person on the planet. There are already approximately 40 test clients in the first enrollment class, with some paying $1 and others pay as much as $250 to participate. “It’s been a pretty cool experience so far for us and our students,” Franke says. “There is no barrier to enter the world of Healthy Human, so everyone can have a choice when it comes to living healthier, happier lives.”

    To learn more about Healthy Human, check out their website, like them on Facebook, and follow along on Instagram.

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    This local organization is teaming up with local yoga studios to introduce yoga to beginners. See how Project Yoga can improve your everyday life from the inside out.


    From poses and stances to meditation and breathing, the idea of yoga can be an intimidating one. That’s where Project Yoga Cincinnati can help.

    “We teach to people who have never been exposed to yoga, giving them the chance to experience the emotional and physical wellbeing that can result,” says Project Manager at Project Yoga Cincinnati Amy Banfield. “We assemble a team of certified teachers and provide a curriculum plan for a 6-8 week series of classes.”

    During these programs, the team at Project Yoga Cincinnati alternates lead teacher and assistant roles to allow students the benefit of hearing different voices each week. Throughout the course of a program, Banfield says that Project Yoga teaches students poses, meditation techniques and breathing exercises that will address the needs of the entire group.

    “The common thread in all Project Yoga programs is teaching people how to find the ease in a pose and calm one’s thoughts,” adds Banfield. “We also focus on teaching breathing techniques that aid in stress relief and help to calm the nervous system.”

    Project Yoga’s history dates back to 2008, when it was founded by Katy Knowles and Peter Levin, two of the organization’s current board members. In 2013, Project Yoga was giving official status as a 501(c)3 non-profit. In addition to the board that serves Project Yoga, there are also approximately 30 teachers who work at the different sites teaching yoga programs as well as a Development Team, Fundraising Committee and Program Manager.

    Cincinnati joined Project Yoga in 2014 when four studios became engaged to support four programs. These studios include The Shakti Factory, Modo Yoga, Simply Power Yoga and Move Your Hyde. “These partnerships have added teachers to our ranks and will support and sustain Project Yoga into the future,” says Banfield. “Root Down Yoga has also agreed to play host to Project Yoga class fundraising events in the coming months.”

    There are multiple classes offered at the participating Project Yoga studios in Cincinnati that will help you reach the goals you have when it comes to starting yoga.

    The curriculum for each program is crafted to fit the participants. “We follow a lesson plan, but as the group gets in sync, we have also been known to go off script too,” says Banfield.

    Classes at Project Yoga studios are light-hearted and teachers are there to instruct how each pose can be modified so that everyone can participate at the level they’re most comfortable with. There are also tips shared for those who want to develop a yoga and meditation practice at home.
    “We emphasize that yoga is not a competitive sport – that’s why we call in a ‘practice,’” says Banfield.

    All mats and props are provided, Banfield adds. The team also looks for a room at each facility that has enough clear space to allow participants to practice comfortably, free from people passing through or noisy distractions.

    There’s also a mobile cart that holds all Project Yoga mats and props. Those who are interested in bringing Project Yoga to an event, senior center, school or community program should email

    An added bonus is that Project Yoga classes are free to those who are participating in programs. Banfield adds that there are also special classes and events at partnering studios and locations throughout Cincinnati that are donation-based. The proceeds from those classes and events are then used to help support and grow current and future Project Yoga programs.

    Banfield says that the team at Project Yoga hopes students participating in programs will take what they’ve learned in terms of physical postures, meditations, breathing techniques, stress management, relaxation, compassion and strength off their yoga mats and find a way to incorporate it into their everyday lives. She said Project Yoga also hopes participants will continue their yoga practice beyond their time in the program as well
    As for the future, Banfield finishes by saying that Project Yoga Cincinnati is currently working with several organizations, companies and non-profits in the Greater Cincinnati area to build new and strong projects throughout 2015.

    To learn more about Project Yoga Cincinnati, visit

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    Joshua Johnson found his “fit” when he launched Mindbox Studios to help others right here in Cincinnati and beyond.

    Joshua Johnson, founder of Mindbox Studios
    Joshua Johnson, founder of Mindbox Studios

    Technology is an ever-changing world, but Joshua Johnson is up for the challenge.

    He launched his start-up, Mindbox Studios, in June 2007. Since then, his business has been providing technology services that are crafted especially for building custom web and mobile software for other businesses throughout the country.

    “We approach each project with an agile-inspired methodology, which disciplines the team to build a Minimum Viable Product with frequent iterations based on results and customer feedback,” explains Johnson. “We act as an in-house partner for our clients, focused on using digital technology to grow their business.”

    Johnson says that after the failure of a previous business, he launched Mindbox with a ground of digital agency visionaries and innovators. He and his team also noticed that it was nearly impossible to find a software company that works with innovative entrepreneurs, which encouraged them even more to move forward with the group’s new business plan.

    In the years since Mindbox Studios officially launched, it has grown to more than 20 employees with offices in Cincinnati, Denver and Eugene, Oregon. Some of the businesses’ clients include those from industries such as the government, manufacturing, education and healthcare.

    Some of the services offered from Mindbox Studios include mobile development, website design and development, technical strategy, responsive design, E-commerce, technology integration (also known as API Development) and startup consultation and planning.

    “Our goal is to build a growing, best-in-class technology innovation team,” adds Johnson.

    The team at Mindbox Studios, in addition to their growing client list, has a lot in the works. Johnson says that there are a few projects they’re involved with outside of client work that they’re excited about. “We’re working with a handful of kids, now 18-20 years old, who have grown up in an orphanage in Haiti and have a desire to learn web design and mobile development skills,” says Johnson. “Mindbox is partnering with like-minded companies to develop a program to help them develop those skills and eventually offer their services to U.S. companies.”

    Additionally, Johnson says that Mindbox Studios is interested in seeing more tech and startup activity in low-income neighborhoods and high schools throughout Cincinnati, although the pieces for a project like this haven’t fully come together yet. Johnson believes that if his team can provide access to the resources, skill training and funding these kids needs then they can help support another revolution in tech in the Cincinnati region with job creation and an increase in demand. “That will be good for everyone,” he adds.

    To learn more, visit

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    Add some fashion to your fitness with this Ohio-based Bend Active clothing line. Check out their designs, which are centered around a positive message of living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

    The Italy Legging from the Robert Sturman Collection
    The Italy Legging from the Robert Sturman Collection can be worn in the yoga studio or out with friends

    Cincy Chic: What is Bend Active Clothing?

    Adam Heller, Co-Founder of Bend Active Clothing: Bend Active Clothing is “inspired” fitfashion apparel. Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding performance wear with the highest level of comfort, fit and design.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the business?

    Heller: At Bend, we talk about being Flexible, Strong and Resilient. These adjectives not only speak to us in the physical sense, but they are important for us mentally as well. Our mantra is “Bend, Don’t Break.”

    021615SPOTLIGHT4Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Bend Active Clothing?

    Heller: Bend was founded in Columbus – the home and starting point for several major apparel brands. I, along with my wife, founded Bend Active Clothing and are passionate about sharing a positive message of living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

    Cincy Chic: What types of apparel do you offer?

    Heller: We categorize our apparel as “Fitness Meets Fashion” or FitFashion. This means Bend Active Clothing offerings have the performance capability and the style to be worn casually and for your workout, training session or fitness class. We also offer a line of bamboo fabric items that are very soft with performance qualities such as stretch, moisture wicking and anti-odor. At Bend, you’ll find leggings, capris, tanks, tees and other items and accessories to meet all fitness disciplines.

    021615SPOTLIGHT3Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Bend Active Clothing?

    Heller: We have some exclusive signature product lines coming out with designer Laura Hawk and Dancing With the Stars Champion Witney Carson.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more or purchase Bend Active Clothing?

    Heller: Readers can learn more about Bend on our website, Facebook, or Instagram. We have two stores, one at the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek and another at The Shoppes on Lane Avenue in Columbus.

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    A local business is hosting a night out for local women, featuring everything from wine tasting and networking to Tai Chi and chair massages. Read on for all the details.


    It’s tough for busy women to carve enough time out for networking, socializing, exercising and relaxing. That’s why one local business is bringing all this and more under one roof for a Girl’s Night Out.

    The one-night event, hosted by Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Center, takes place at Centennial Barn on March 24. Apex’s inspiration for planning the event, according to Event Coordinator Barb Pantano, revolves around helping women in the community rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.

    “The goal of the event is to provide women with a fun evening out with friends, enjoying some new healthful activities,” says Pantano.

    Fun and healthy activities will be plentiful during the Girl’s Night Out event, Pantano says. Some of these include hula hooping, Zumba, sound therapy, Tai Chi, yoga for anxiety and chair massages. Additionally, guests attending the event can enjoy NIA (a sensory-based movement practice), SoulCollage, heart-centered hypnotherapy, meditation, aromatherapy, dream works, laughter yoga, Qi Gong and a wine tasting.

    So, whether you’re in the mood to get your dance on, want to relax with a massage, practice yoga to find your inner peace or just want to meet some new gal pals, Girl’s Night Out is the event for you, Pantano says.

    If you wait until the day of the event to purchase your ticket, the cost is $15. Those who pre-register with Apex by March 17 will get a $3 discount. There’s also a nominal fee if you decide you want to participate in the wine tasting.

    The event will be held at Centennial Barn, located at 110 Compton Road in Cincinnati. You can register by calling Pantano 513-931-4300 or by visiting

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      From Project Runway to playdates, see how one local fashion designer was inspired by her newborn to design a new baby clothing and accessories line. Keep reading for all the stylish details.

      Althea Harper and her daughter Lilias, who was her inspiration for a new clothing ling, Lilias & Love.
      Althea Harper and her daughter Lilias, who was her inspiration for a new clothing ling, Lilias & Love.

      Children are a source of love and inspiration for many, including fashion designer Althea Harper. “My daughter, Lilias, is my main source of inspiration,” she explains. “I’ve always enjoyed working with and creating unique prints, and when I began to buy items for my daughter, I felt like I couldn’t quite find what I really wanted, so I set out to make it.”

      She’s no stranger to fashion design, either. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program and being the runner up on Project Runway Season 6, she launched her own fashion line, Althea Harper.

      10646935_294893207387471_3667319493399946110_nAfter her daughter Lilias was born, she realized an issue that many women face – especially mothers of girls. It’s tough to find something that isn’t glittery, pink and covered in bows. It’s even more difficult to find something that’s unique, Harper says, that every other newborn or toddler on the block isn’t already wearing.

      That’s why Harper, a native of Dayton, founded Lilias & Love, a boutique baby-wear line that features leggings, headbands and hats in cute and edgy knits, applique and screen print t-shirts in addition to custom fur vests and dresses.

      All of the items in Harper’s line, which just launched after Thanksgiving 2014, are handmade in Dayton.560184_312215325655259_1079212101461008513_n

      Harper is already expanding her newest clothing line. She says they just introduced a few new prints in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Customers can also expect to see a handful of new prints with each season. “As the weather warms up, we’ll be attending more craft fairs and creating some unique warm-weather custom-order items,” Harper adds.

      All items in Harper’s Lilias & Love line can be purchased on Etsy by clicking here. “Customers can request custom orders through Etsy as well,” adds Harper.

      She says that you can find sneak peeks and adorable pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and, soon, at

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      Learn about a Cincinnati-based pin-up model who founded a charity that raises funds for veteran organizations through a pin-up calendar, featuring authentic WWII military equipment and airplanes.

      Vixens 4 Veterans released its 2015 Pin-Up Calendar to support veterans.
      Vixens 4 Veterans released its 2015 Pin-Up Calendar to support veterans.

      Local vixens are supporting veterans through a first-ever 2015 pin-up style calendar dedicated to war veterans, produced by Vixens 4 Veterans.

      “It features pin up models in military-style settings and various facts on numerous war heroes,” explains Morgan Abercrombie from The Eisen Agency, the PR firm representing the initiative.

      Vixens 4 Veterans is a charity organization that’s based in Cincinnati. Every year, it raises funds for veteran organizations, more specifically for veterans who suffer from PTSD and those who are considering suicide.

      The organization was founded in January 2014 by Cincinnati-based pin-up model BrittanyJean alongside Australian commercial and pin-up photographer Mark Greenmantle.

      The calendar was published in December 2014 and features pin-up photographs for each month of the year, alongside military equipment including airplanes.

      The cost of the 28-page calendar is $20 and 100 percent of the profits are donated to a veteran organization.

      The organizations this year including the following:

      · Boot Campaign, which uses funding to create jobs, housing, wellness, urgent assistance and family support;

      · RuckHQ, a veteran-owned project development and management holding company;

      · Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW);

      · Soldier On, an organization committed to aiding service members with PTSD and other injuries;

      · Mates 4 Mates, an Australian defense service and veterans support organization; and,

      · Legacy Australia, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to veterans’ families.

      In addition to the pin-up calendar, the duo hopes to generate enough sponsorships and endorsements for another Vixens 4 Veterans world tour.

      Not only does Vixens 4 Veterans produce its pin-up calendar but it also sells prints, books, postcards and other merchandise to help generate funding for the veterans organizations its supports.

      To learn more, visit the Vixens 4 Veterans website or like them on Facebook.

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      There’s only one thing better than chocolate: Locally made chocolate. Learn more about this Cincinnati-based business and the passionate chocolate lovers behind it.

      Maverick Chocolate Company is making delectable, locally-made chocolate right in its store.
      Maverick Chocolate Company is making delectable, locally-made chocolate right in its store.

      With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, indulge in a little local love with Maverick Chocolate Company.

      The craft chocolate-making business is owned by Paul and Marlene Piton, who are themselves, passionate chocolate lovers. In their shop, the Pictons produce chocolate bars starting with the cocoa beans and working their way to a finished bar.

      “When we discovered the joys of craft chocolate, we set out to bring that joy to Cincinnati,” says Paul.

      Paul is a mechanical engineer with extensive aviation experience. When Paul was traveling around the world as an engineer, he always returned home to his wife with new and interesting chocolates from around the world. However, he no longer went out on business trips in 2013 and the two no longer had their exotic supply of chocolate.

      When they couldn’t find hand-crafted chocolate in the Queen City, they decided they wanted to go out and start making it on their own. “Marlene is a graduate of the ecole chocolat bean-to-bar chocolate program,” adds Paul.

      After her graduation, the Pictons started making chocolate. Following several rounds of trial and error, they invited friends to come over and check it out. Once the verdict was in and their friends were impressed, the Pictons were encouraged to pursue a career as chocolate makers.

      Maverick Chocolate Company opened its doors to the public in July 2014 and they’re already expanding. Paul says they are not only regularly producing new flavors but they are expanding their front counter and adding seating in order to create a more café-like experience. “We also expect to remain open later into the evening as well,” he says.

      When guests come in to visit Maverick Chocolate Company, Paul says that he wants customers to watch the chocolate being made and asking as many questions that pop into their heads.

      Visit them in the south side of Findlay Market, at 129 W. Elder Street in Cincinnati. Check them out online at or like them on Facebook.