Just Try It: Your Guide to Lavish Lashes

Just Try It: Your Guide to Lavish Lashes

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I am going on Survivor and I only get to take two objects I can't live without: My mascara and eyelash curler. Nothing makes your entire face look more alert, awake and open than a full-lash look. There's no way I can be caught on national television without my lavish lashes!

OK, so that was just a dream. But there are some serious rules and tricks to getting our lashes as full and sexy as possible without looking like the queen of clumps.

There’s a reason why Maybelline's little pink and green tube of mascara miracle outsells all others. Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara is under $6 and it lengthens and separates. With multiple coats, it can also thicken your lashes.

Many makeup artists use this brand. There is no excuse for it not being an absolute staple in your cosmetics arsenal. Trust me, you'll thank me later. But if you’re one of those women who can't be caught dead buying drugstore cosmetics, try Lancome Definicils mascara. It's amazing too.

Now that you know which mascara to use, let's talk about the two other must-haves to bring sexy back to your eyes for the New Year. First, lash conditioner. It will make your individual lashes seem like they instantly got three or even four times thicker. My favorite is Estee Lauder Lash Conditioner for $16. I can't find a better conditioner. This product is an addiction once you start using it, so be careful.

The next product you have to own is a good eyelash curler. There are huge differences in these little miracle workers. The best ones are available at Sephora in Kenwood Towne Center. Two models I like are the Shu Uemura for $18 and the Shiseido for $16. Don't be tempted by inexpensive imposters! Sephora’s have mushroom-shaped silicone pads that make it impossible to pinch your lids and take only seconds to get a perfect curl every time.

Now that you have what you need, here's how to get perfect, gorgeous lashes. Step one is to condition. Allow it dry, which takes about five seconds, then curl your lashes. The biggest question I get as a makeup artist is, “Do I curl before or after mascara?” It's before. This is not set in stone, but you can get some clumps and pull out some lashes if you apply your mascara first. Also, I have found that if you curl first and then put your mascara on, it's kind of like running a wet brush through curly hair. Your lashes will just fall back down.

I’m about to hand you the ultimate key to keeping the curl: waterproof mascara. Who knew? Waterproof formulas dry super fast and they hold the curl. Sure, it's a pain to take off and you need special remover, but no pain, no mega sexy eyelash gain.

If you are dead-set on no waterproof, use curling mascara, which dries quickly as well. With this formula, you should apply two coats of mascara for everyday wear and three coats for added drama. This type of mascara is so slick and not thick; you'll know what I mean when you try it.

And don't forget those little lashes on the bottom!

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes Granite Spring Model Home
Model and makeup artistry : Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics