Have a Beauty-full Birthday

Have a Beauty-full Birthday

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When it comes to birthdays, who wants to throw a party for herself? Throwing a party always comes with a side of clean-the-house stress and prepare-the-food headache, not to mention the cleanup involved afterward. If you take this route, prepare to follow Lesley Gore’s mindset: It’s your party, you can cry if you want to. Or you can evade the tears, relax and let someone else take the stress off your hands (and maybe even your shoulders and back too). Enter The Woodhouse Day Spa.


The Woodhouse offers the perfect solution with their spa parties. You can gather anywhere from one to 100 friends and head off to the spa to relax and actually enjoy your birthday celebration. And the complimentary wine, champagne and birthday cake will help ensure that you do.


Think of those birthday parties you had when you were younger: You and your girlfriends painted each other’s nails as you gossiped about the boy who sat next to you in science class. The Woodhouse can bring back those nostalgic celebrations with a more “grown-up” approach. You and your guests can enjoy any one (or a couple) of The Woodhouse’s 75 different services while you gossip about the man who sits next to you in the office.


From manicures to massages and body wraps to body wax, you can treat yourself to your heart’s desire while your friends treat themselves to theirs. For a spa party, The Woodhouse blocks out a requested period of time for you and your guests, and each person individually chooses their preferred treatment, so everyone can truly enjoy their day at the spa. “We leave it up to the participants rather than saying, ‘You have to get this,’” The Woodhouse owner Chris Mann says.


An added bonus: with a spa party, you and your guests will enjoy a group discount. The size of the discount depends on the size of the group, the services provided and the day of the week. Generally, the more guests and services, the merrier your pocketbook will be, and weekdays are more budget-friendly as well.


Parties can bring in their own food and drink, but if you have a more hassle-free day in mind, The Woodhouse can help. The Woodhouse works beyond their own services to make your day special by working with catering services and restaurants to satisfy stomachs as much as they satisfy souls. The spa can also bring in flatware and glassware to add elegance to your event.


For more information or to set up a spa party for the next birthday bash in your life, call (513) 891-4772 or visit their Web site. It’s your party, but you don’t have to cry. Try relaxing instead!



Photos: Woodhouse Day Spa

Model: Chris Mann