Cincy Chic on the Streets: Your Beauty Questions Answered

Cincy Chic on the Streets: Your Beauty Questions Answered

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What is the Best Lipstick for My Skin Tone?
Finding the correct lipstick color for your skin tone is a lot easier than youÂ’d think. I love makeup artist Bobbi Brown's simple advice. She says, "I believe a woman's perfect lipstick is one that matches the natural color of her lips."

Look at the natural color of your lips and choose a color close to it. If you don't have much pigment to your lips, look at the color inside your lower lip. It helps to bring a mirror with you when you shop in case you are in a drug store where there aren't any. Use your fingertip to try colors on is best because it has the closest pigment to your lips. You should have at least three colors in your lip wardrobe: One that matches your natural color, the second one in the same family as the first but brighter and the third in the same family but deeper.


What Are the Best Chip-Resistant Nail Polishes?
There are so many technologically advanced formulas of nail polishes on the market it's hard to know where to start to shop sometimes. I love OPI, Essie and Creative Nail. I have found nothing in a department store that stands up to these. They are sold in nails salons all over Cincinnati. These brands are used by professionals because they work. Of course, nothing will keep longer than a day without the proper top coat. I love Out The Door, available at Sally Beauty Supply. It dries in 45 seconds, has UV-blockers to protect against yellowing from sun exposure and is inexpensive.

What Are the Best Blemish Busters?
It really helps to exfoliate your skin if you are prone to acne. If the dead skin builds up and doesn't naturally flake off, you need a gentle scrub to help lift the dead skin cells away. I love Estee Lauder's Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher because it warms up when you use it and leaves your skin super soft. Pond's Fresh Start Daily Exfoliating Cleanser is great for everyday as well as Clarin's Gentle One Step Exfoliating Cleanser. For acne spot treatments, I love Kiehls's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment with 1 1/2 percent salicylic acid to dry up the blemishes fast as well as Clean and Clear's Persa-gel 10. Don't skip giving your thirsty skin its much need moisture just because you are oily; it still needs hydration! Look for moisturizers that are 100 percent oil free. Every skincare line carries them but I love Kiehls' Blue Moisturizer that can go along with your spot treatment.