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Skin care is an essential step in maintaining truly healthy, beautiful skin. And most women are sticking to their guns, or at least that’s what many may think.


But a recent report published on Skincare-News.com brings a nasty habit into the spotlight. It may be hard to believe, but a number of women leave out one of the most important steps in a beauty and skincare regimen: Washing off their makeup.


A surprising 40 percent of women surveyed said they don't always remember to wash the makeup off their faces at night and a small but still alarming 12 percent of women surveyed say they were under the false impression that it wasn't necessary to wash off their makeup at night since it came off during the day, according to Numarklabs.com .


Aside from just being clean, routinely washing off makeup before going to bed has many purposes: Removing your make-up at night not only prevents your skin from blemishes and clogged, black pores, it's also important in maintaining health.


According to WomensHealth.gov , leaving eye make-up on while you sleep can result in redness, irritation and infection of the eyes. For women who continue this bad habit, the only thing they’ll have to work on in the New Year is more skin problems.


According to skin care expert, Chrissy Bright, it shouldn’t just be the New Year that causes women to change their bad habits. “Why would you knowingly give yourself skin problems just because you don’t feel like washing off your makeup? It’s a terrible habit that many women do and it will only make their skin worse, which in turn, will cause them to go out and spend more money on products in vain. It’s so important to make the time to see this final step in skincare through. It’s not hard at all to do.”


Source: Skincare-News.com