Beauty Habits to Break-up With

Beauty Habits to Break-up With

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I Vow to Never go to Bed Without Washing My Face
If your sheets can display your past week's makeup color schemes, it's time to change your ways. There are no more excuses for this lazy habit. Stockpile makeup wipes in your nightstand drawer, gym bag or – for the really lazy – on the coffee table so you can take off your makeup and watch TV. These little miracle wipes clean your face and take off all your makeup in less than a minute. I highly recomend Estee Lauder "Take It Away Towelettes" and Ponds Exfoliating Cleansing Wipes.

I will No Longer Neglect My Neck
If your neck is starting to remind you of Thanksgiving, it's time to change your ways. About 20 muscles hold up the face, and a mere three muscles support the neck. Gravity is not your friend, so start giving your neck the same TLC you're hopefully already giving your face twice a day.

I Will Wash My Makeup Tools Twice a Month
If your blush brush looks like the Wicked Witch of the West’s hair and your powder compact has a gross, crusty film on top, it's time to change your ways.

It's time to start thinking of your makeup brushes as you would any kitchen utensil. You wouldn't eat from a bacteria-infested fork, so why use a bacteria-infested brush to smear bacteria-infested products all over your face? Ahh… suddenly you understand why you got that pimple last night.

Good makeup brushes are made from real hair. They can get pricey, but they are a good investment. If you take care of them, they will last you a decade. You can wash them with the same shampoo and conditioner you use on your own hair.

The sponges in powder compacts are major bacteria collectors. Wash them, too! You can use mild soap and lay them flat to dry. As for that nice little crust that starts to build up on your powder, lift it off with a piece of scotch tape. No muss, no fuss; just like new again.

Find a (Really Good) Hair Professional

First impressions are crucial in life and we all want to look our best. Updating your hair with a fresh new cut or color can make you look younger or, and – I can’t believe I’m saying this – older.

Here's a general rule I keep: If no one compliments my hair in a month, it's time to visit my stylist and get an update!

I Will Throw Away Old Products that Sit in My Drawers

If you haven't worn a lipstick or shadow for over a year, do yourself a favor and throw those dust collectors out. Lipsticks last forever, but do you need them forever? No. As a general rule, eye shadows and blushes last two years but that's pushing it. Foundations expire after one year. Mascaras will last three months, but pumping the wand will make it dry out faster. Swirl it around the edges, instead. Here's another helpful tip: Put a sticker with the date on it when you buy an item so you know when to throw it away.

I Will Get a Good Skincare Regimen and Stick to It

You can't have a beautiful, long-lasting house without a good foundation. The same goes for your skin. Find what works for your skin type and stick to it. Your makeup will look and wear better and your skin will love you for taking care of it.