Beauty Tools You’ll Love

Beauty Tools You’ll Love

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Finding the right type, color and brand of makeup is akin to ordering your particular latté: what you buy can be an expression of who you are.

Don’t complicate this beauty (or coffee…actually, why not both?) fueled search for self by not knowing how to apply said makeup once you’re chosen it!

Cincy Chic has four beauty tools Cincinnati’s makeup lovers shouldn’t leave home without.


Foundation Brush
You can’t start anything without a foundation — makeup especially. Unfortunately, some women apply this makeup essential using fingers, “rubbing” in the liquid makeup. This leads to not only bacteria and dirt from your fingers being literally massaged into your pores, but also the pulling and tugging on your skin can lead to wrinkles. Instead of using your fingers, use a brush instead.

That way, you can literally "paint" on the foundation, producing complete, even, all-over coverage, without the germs and tugging. Experts recommend cleaning your makeup brushes often to rid them of dirt and oils from your skin and keep the bristles from sticking together. Use a cleanser made specifically for makeup brushes; you can find one for just $10 at Origins.


If, like me, you’re fond of eye makeup (liner, shadow, highlighter, etc.), this staple will become 0208GIBBERMAN.gifyour best friend; especially if, like me, you have a tendency to get not mascara not only on your lashes, but on your upper and lower eyelids. Why? Because Q-tips are excellent for getting rid of unsightly black marks that don’t belong on your lids.

Dip a Q-tip into a bit of the liquid makeup you use for foundation and simply dot it on the marked areas. Q-tips are less cumbersome than say, your foundation brush, which can be too large for those hard-to-reach areas around your eye or even your finger. Q-tips are also useful for applying eye shadow, especially in the crease. They have the added advantage of not taking up as much room as an eye shadow brush; feel free to tuck them into your clutch and go!

Eyelash Curler
For women who like the look of mascara, but not the clumpiness that goes with it, one tool that should have a place in every makeup bag is the eyelash curler, which makes eyes look bigger and brighter. Of course, you can still use the curler along with mascara, if you so wish, for that extra oomph.

Remember to bring the heat. Warm up your curler beforehand with a blow dryer for a few seconds (literally, just a few seconds is all you need) for best results. Or, check out this battery-powered heated eyelash curler.

Make sure your lashes are completely clean. Mascara-ed lashes will break off if curled. Our makeup expert, Trina Paul suggests applying waterproof mascara for a longer-lasting curl. And if the curler you use is metal, change the pads on it every two months.0208_INSTORY_makebelieveball.gif

You’ve brushed on your foundation, Q-tipped your shadow and curled your lashes, but the overall effect of this look can be ruined by out-of-control eyebrows that make Chewbacca proud! The solution? Slip a pair of tweezers in your makeup bag.
But don’t start pulling away; especially if you have sensitive skin. Before tweezing, soften skin (and hair follicles) with a lukewarm washcloth to make the process easier. Then, disinfect the tips of your tweezers in rubbing alcohol. Handle your tweezers so that you are tweezing in the direction of the hair’s growth; pull gently with a quick motion. If skin becomes red or swollen after tweezing, hold a cold washcloth or ice pack over the area for quick relief.