Say “I Do” to these Bridal Beauty Tips

Say “I Do” to these Bridal Beauty Tips

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Brides typically leave their flowers, invitations and dress-making to the professionals, but for years, many brides have applied their own makeup on their big day. Thankfully, that tide is turning, and many brides-to-be are (finally!) leaving the makeup application to the professionals.

“When it comes to planning a wedding, brides leave no stone unturned to find the best professionals to make their day special. With this in mind, why would a bride ever do her own makeup for her wedding day?” says Jocelyn Sparks, makeup artist and founder of Zoë Custom Cosmetics. “Modern brides should always consider the benefits in having a professional makeup artist for her wedding day.”
Sparks says a makeup artists’ knowledge goes far beyond the makeup. “A typical bride isn’t going to understand photography, video and the effects of the lighting, as a professional makeup artist would. There are many important techniques utilized during a professional makeup application that assures that the bride will really ‘show up’ in her cherished wedding pictures and video.”0208GIBBERMAN.gif

Makeup artists also have access to unique cosmetic options, such as airbrush makeup. This makeup is utilized for occasions such as weddings because it makes the skin appear flawless, is feather-light, never cakey, minimizes oil production and, most importantly, it’s tear-proof. “That’s right, tear-proof and transfer-proof. No worries about crying or smudging off on your dress or his tux. You are set for hours upon hours,” says Sparks. “This foundation is worth its weight in platinum!”

She says another great reason to consider a professional makeup artist is for the simple fact that on your wedding day it is a wonderful thing to sit back, leave things to a professional and look forward to saying “I do.”

But not all makeup artists are alike. Sparks says to first look at their qualifications. “Even if someone in your family or a friend of yours loves doing makeup, your wedding is not the time to employ his/her help,” she explains. “Look for a makeup artist that is licensed in Esthetics or Cosmetology first with additional training in makeup artistry.”

The price of makeup artistry is also not alike. Wedding day applications can range from $50 to $150 for the bride, and $50 to $70 for the bridal party. “Price is no indication of quality,” says Sparks. “You must always look at where your makeup artist studied and be sure that you are getting what you pay for.”

Also, Sparks suggests you find a makeup artist that can balance the difference of looking perfect for the camera, yet not over done. “You want to feel comfortable and look like yourself on your wedding day,” says Sparks, “so finding a makeup artist that understands this is half the battle.”

According to Sparks, bridal makeup artistry is much different than your everyday makeup application. Makeup for a night out usually indicates some trends, says Sparks. But makeup trends of any kind are a big no-no on your wedding day. “This day is all about classic timeless beauty, but an average makeup user may not know the difference,” she says. “Brides will want to look back in 50 years at their wedding album and say, ‘Wow, I looked beautiful’ not ‘Wow, that’s what people looked like in 2008!'”