Beauty on a Budget

Beauty on a Budget

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Of course you want to look like a million bucks, but you shouldn’t have to spend that much to get there. It’s not easy to be beautiful on a budget, though, especially when you’re strolling through a department store and you see it: The latest “must-have” beauty product with a triple-digit price tag. Resist the urge; there’s no need to break the bank to look beautiful. Follow these tips for the best beauty buys on a budget.

Get Schooled

Beauty schools are a great place to get beauty treatments at a discount price. Western Hills Beauty College has some amazing prices for services by their talented students. I can personally recommend Nancy Dawson, one student who really knows what she is doing. She is available for microdermabrasion, spa facials, massages and waxing. And if you are looking for expert eyebrow advice she is your woman! Here is a list of prices and services the school offers:

  • Eye and spa facials – $21.95
  • Add a paraffin mask to your facial – $10.95
  • Acne treatment facial – $19.95


Western Hills Beauty College also offers body treatments:

  • Full-body one hour massage $39.95
  • Hot stone one hour massage $49.95
  • Body buff and bronze $39.95
  • Salt glow scrub $29.95
  • Brazilian or regular bikini wax $22.95
  • Leg waxing $19.95
  • Brow, lip or chin waxing $6.95


Microdermabrasion is taking day spas, doctors’ practices and medical spas by storm! This popular procedure uses fine crystals with vacuum pressure to remove dead skin cells and promote new skin growth. It is excellent for unclogging pores, brightening your skin and reducing hyperpigmentation (age and sun spots). There is no down time when doing this procedure – which I love – and when you are finished, there is no pain! The procedure feels like when a cat licks you, a light scratching feeling.0208GIBBERMAN.gif

The Plastic Surgery Group offers $100 gift certificates at all Cincy Chic ladies nights, which will get you a free Microdermabrasion procedure at their Sharonville, Red Bank or Northern Kentucky office. You can’t beat free!

The Western Hills Beauty College also offers Microdermabrasion and it’s $39.95 a treatment. Four treatments are $140, six treatments are $160 and eight treatments are $180. These treatments are usually $90 each at a regular spa!
Facial the Issue

You can get an amazing facial downtown at Saks Fifth Avenue for free as well. They have a private facial room in their cosmetics department. Each cosmetics line usually does facials once a week. For example, Feb. 9, Estee Lauder booked 45-minute Renutriv firming facials with expert makeup application afterward.

I can personally recommend some amazing makeup artists at Saks if you are looking for a new look or just some general help or questions: Veronica Iezzoni at Estee Lauder, Michael Clifton at Bobbi Brown, Jane Durham at Laura Mercier, and Daryl Churchman at Yves Saint Lauret. Because I am a makeup artist, I am the biggest makeup critic. Take it from me, all of these people are true miracle workers… and part of the miracle is being able to try it out for free! 


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes Granite Spring Model Home
Model: Michelle Landon, BeautiControl Spa Consultant