Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

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All women deserve to be treated to a day of pampering at the spa any time they wish. Unfortunately, a spa day ties up several hours, and will usually can put a nice little dent in your bank account. So, unless you are blessed with hefty funds and lots of free time, you may have to settle for a day at the spa only once in a blue moon.

But don’t get discouraged. You can now fit in a spa-style treatment on your busy schedule from the comfort of your own private sanctuary: your bathroom.

You'll need these tips most when you feel that all-too-familiar feeling of stress, irritability and "unpretty-ness" rush over you. You may look down at your month-old toe nail polish and unruly cuticles and realize that you haven't had much "you time" lately. That's the day you need to set aside at least 20 minutes for yourself. Begin by setting up the perfect spa scene. Gather all the items you want to accompany you in your relaxing journey, and place them in and around your tub.

Penny Dunlevy is a consultant for both Arbonne and Heaven Essence, two companies geared toward pampering women and their bodies. Dunlevy is also a massage therapist who uses the products she promotes in practice. She suggests having at least one massage oil candle on or around your tub.

There are a few unique things about these massage oil candles. They are made from 100 percent soy and natural oils, and go from candle to massage oil or lotion. They have pure cotton wicks so they become warm enough to melt but won’t burn your skin. The melted candle pours directly onto skin – in or out of the bath – to deeply moisturize. The candles should be lit for at least three minutes before using, in order to melt sufficiently.

Bath salts are another must-have for a serene spa day in your bathroom. Aromatherapy unwind bath salts by Arbonne, create a relaxing environment by blending natural oils with ylang ylang and chamomile. Also in the same line, there is body lotion, bath and shower gel, massage oil and mist. The ladies say it's even good to spray your robe and slippers with the mist to keep the aromatics with you after the bath.

040207beauty.jpg For the women who think a good book or trendy magazine is an essential part to any relaxing day, Heaven Essence provides a great little device to help you do just that. Their adjustable bathtub book rack adjusts to fit almost any size tub and is placed in front of you while you unwind. By the name, it's obvious that this book rack has places to hold books or magazines. Not so obvious however, is that it also has place for wine glasses, tumblers, candles or other items you might need nearby to help you relax.

A spa day wouldn't be complete without the classic clay mask to deep clean those pores. As a helpful tip, steam from your bath can help the effectiveness of the mask. There are a few products out on the market to help you get the feeling of a real spa facial. Lisa Massa, an Arbonne consultant, suggests NutriminC RE9 RElease deep pore cleansing mask from Arbonne. Not only is it a cleansing mask, it’s also anti-aging and completely organic. You'll come out feeling and looking like a baby! Well, maybe it won't take the anti-aging to that extreme, but it will help to firm up those problem areas for you.

So, chill some wine, set a plush robe and slippers next to the tub and light the candles. Run the water, add the bath salts and don’t forget your favorite reading material or relaxing CD! Once the tub is full, step in, lie back and enjoy your very own spa!